Published Aug 25. 2015 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 22. 2016

The Marion Pranksters

A gathering of merry pranksters, fly tyers, and fly fishers from all over the world in the bar of Hotel Marion on the bank of Dutch Lake Oostvoorne.
The Marion Pranksters
Bas Verschoor


Martin, Here the ...


Here the names (standing people)
Marvin Nolte, Linda Foote, Peter Vroeg in de Wei. Arthur Greenwood "Shuck Raider", Herman Schibli, Paul Slaney "Taff", Richard Ross "Hopper", yourself, Bas Verschoor "B4sure" and Wim ter Haar "Spidey,
The row (sitting people)
Tomas Modic, [can't remember], Colin Sure, and Bart vd Schriek.

Maybe "Taff" knows the other names/nicknames

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Wim, I can't reca...


I can't recall all names and none of the VFS nicknames, but I see from top left:

Marvin Nolte, Linda Foote, [can't remember], Ad Swier, Herman Schibli, Paul Slaney, Richard Ross, myself, yourself
Tomas Modic, [can't remember], [Colin can't remember surname], Bart van der Schrieck, Bas Verschoor

The unknowns might be known to you since they were both members of the NVG club where we met them.
You can see them here too.

I'll see if I can dig out the originals and scan them in a better quality.


Howdy Martin, I w...

Howdy Martin,

I was one of these mVFS chatters: Spidey. ( last right of these photo)
Is it possible to see the others nickname of the chatters