Published Aug 25. 2015 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Dec 18. 2015

Bob Popovics

The father of the Fleye Foils and a renown US fly tyer
Lutz Schepers


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Odd-Julian, Even ...


Even though we're a popular site and I'm almost sure that Popovics has been looking in at some point, I'd be very (positively) surprised if he answered your question here.

But maybe I can help you. If you want to catch trout with a Fleye Foil fly you can use any of the foils. I honestly think the trout cares very little about the shape of the foil. If you want to imitate a trout the Anchovy or the Silverside will probably do the best job.


I am tying fly for m...

I am tying fly for my own use and since Bob Popovics has ben tying this type of fly I should like to ask him which of the
" Silverside, Sand Eel or Bay Anchovy " can be used for trout fly.
I loock forward to this answerd, Thank's.

Best Regards Odd - Julian Martinsen ( NORWAY )