Published Aug 25. 2015 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 19. 2016


The dorsal fin of a weever. These spines contain a venom, and the sting can be very painful.
Henning Eskol


i got stung by a wee...

i got stung by a weever at porthtowan beech and it really hurt. i didnt no what to do because there was no lifguards around. i had to go to the public toilets and wash my foot in the sink. my whole foot swelled up but i just left it a few day and i got better.

i got stung in newqu...

i got stung in newquay by one of them and it hurt so bad but i jus walked it off, my foot swelled up and i could feel it pumping!

I was stung at sandb...

I was stung at sandbanks and it caned like hell

i had 2 sit on a sink in 43C temp - IT HURT!

I got stung in deep ...

I got stung in deep water and it well hurt.
Had to put my foot in boilin hot water and walk around on it to squeeze out the poison, That was the lifeguards advice...and it worked.

i got stung and it w...

i got stung and it was painfull.

my dad got stung by ...

my dad got stung by one we were fishing for mackeral with feathers and they were all on the bottom all of his hand swelled up