Published Aug 25. 2015 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited Dec 17. 2015

Perfect morning, perfect fish, 16lbs of trophy


Tigerfish cant breed in temperate waters.. if they were accidentally/deliberately released into US waters they would be able to cope south of the 39th Parallel. They are also very selective feeders and seem to be able to co-exist with most other predators as opposed to fish like the snakehead. Normal Tigerfish (hydrocynus vittatus ) do NOT have a reputation for attacking humans as opposed to pirhana's even though they are related. The Goliath Tigerfish, found in the Congo and other lakes in central Africa however, has been known to attack humans, usually because they were wearing something shiny that the fish mistook for prey.
In my opinion they are the pinnacle of angling, at least in Africa and are easily the most exciting fish ive ever caught. Cant complain in the looks department either ;) they are a beautiful fish.

thats a scary fish

jeezus thats one big ass fish

what's on your bucket list? when i mean bucket list i mean something exotic! what's in my bucket list is the devil Tigerfish they have huge teeth and can rip my 2000 dollars worth of mylar,bucktail,feathers and tinsel in a single strike! (pic below it's jaws!)

I agree with jsholland. I hope every country foreign to these monsters keeps them out of their borders. Not just the US.

Goddamn!!!dats one big fish...wer did u catch it???

nice! wotcha catch it on?

Keep this fish out of our pet stores and out of the U.S.Some idiot will release them in our rivers.