Published Nov 3. 2003 - 12 years ago

Thinking and not doing

great ideas, wrong priorities

Here's my dilemma...I am working for 2 clients right now, trying to eek out a self-employed living. But all it seems it is doing is waste valuable flyfishing time. I fished 56 days last year; 8 this year. I built 4 rods last year, none this year. I tied oodles of flies last year; a dozen this year. Yeah, I tell myself, it'll change soon I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'll get to fish next week..yeah, yeah, yeah. I have a rod on my kitchen table that still has many guides to's been there for 4 weeks. I am on the wrap-a-guide-a-week program. I have a half-dozen articles in some random state of completeness not even fit for publishing on GFF. I think about finishing them, but I don't do it. Today, this blog is my therapy. I am not doing what I like to do...or enough of it. I am caught in the working world rut. Now is the time I love to flyfish the most...Nov-Feb. Midges hatch, big fish sip, I fish 7x on top with a black dot-of-a-fly, I see animal tracks in the snow, I snowshoe back to an unfrozen section of river...ah, I think, but I don't do. time to change all of that. I wonder how my partners are doing...I am even out of the loop on my closest of all flyfishing GFF brothers.
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