Published Nov 12. 2004 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 27. 2015

GFF 10 years old

GFF was kind of founded back in 1994 by two people far apart

Today I suddenly realized that Global FlyFisher is turning 10 very soon. I'm not really sure how soon, but certainly this or the next month. The foundation for the site was laid down back around late 1994 in the form of a site called "Fishing Denmark" and another one referred to as "The Midwest Flytyer". The first one was mine, the second one Steve's. Later we were joined by Raske's New England Streamer Page, which dates back almost as far. This fact is actually quite awesome, as very few sites on the web today can trace any of their origins back that far. In 1994 there were hardly any web servers out there and very few people were browsing the web in a form that we would recognize today. The resr of us were using the Mosaic browser and having a hard time getting TCP/IP and sockets running on our computers. The most common form of Internet use was mail and my own first experiences with fly fishing and the Internet were on the mailing lists too - through the famous FF@ mailing list - and through the newsgroups - namely also known as r.o.f.f. The adventure and contacts spawned a small document, which I mailed to people inquiering about fishing in Denmark (hence the name Fishing Denmark) and that again spawned a web page, which later developed into a part of The Global FlyFisher. I intend to wirite up that story before this year ends, so that we ourselves and you readers can enjoy a fantastic time travel back to when nobody had any idea about what the net was going to be. And still we were there... Amazing!

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