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    - Articles tagged video (http://globalflyfisher.com/keywords/?keyword=video)

    - Bob Popovics Ultra Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/6552)
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    - Fyfishing ICELAND 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1291)
    10 days / travel & flyfishing / 2 guys

    - Summer fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/2160)
    Yet another diary entry. 26th of July 2012. Hot and calm. But I caught pikes. One bit me, aouch!

    - Barrios Tarpon Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/2229)
    Brian Elward has tied a couple of great flies in front of our camera. This week it’s one of his favorite tarpon flies for fishing the mangroves: The Barrios Shrimp! In the protective surroundings of the mangroves and estuaries shrimp seek shelter and food. They thrive between the roots and are washed out via rivers into the sea. Easy pickings for predators such as tarpon and snook who feed on them heavily. This fly has it’s roots in Puerto Rico. An innovative and excellent tarpon fisherman Orlando Barrios first posted some pictures of this shrimp. The way it pulsates through the water just beneath the surface will entice many tarpon to come and brake the surface. A first tie on for backcountry waters!

    More suggestions...

    - One night with you (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/2172)
    Short but nice video about fly fishing for sea trout in the dusk on a summer evening, outside Gothenburg.

    - Autumn Dun Wet Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/2173)
    Materials Used; Hook: Kamasan B170 size12, Thread: Uni-Black 8/0, Tail: Natural Black Hen Fibres, Body: Natural Peacock Quill, Wing: Waterhen or Starling, Hackle: Natural Black Hen

    - Fabulous British videos (http://globalflyfisher.com/reviews/books/bookbase/show_single.php?id=49)
    These videos are the best fly tying and fly fishing videos I have ever seen, period! Oliver Edwards is an extraordinarily good fly tier and instructor, but first and foremost is he an extremely entertaining and pleasantly knowledgeable person to listen to.

    - GFF video Channel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=all)
    The Global FlyFisher video channel features the best online videos from the whole world.

    - Epoxy Thunder Creek (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/3079)
    A step by step tutorial for tying the Epoxy Thunder Creek streamer.

    - La Lumine (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1969)
    Caddis hook, Bead head, Copper wire,Transparent elastic thread, Opposum black dubbing.

    - A dodgy rainbow trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/984)
    Watch how Carlo handles this rainbow trout when it starts heading under the anchor rope.

    - Jacked Up Hare's Ear (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7484)
    Here is a quick variation of the Hare's Ear Nymph that I like to fish. Tied on a Partridge Jig hook using a metallic red slotted tungsten bead, this pattern is an attractor pattern that has caught a lot of fish. Just a little different variation of a great pattern.

    - Fly-fishing for bass in Florida (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7379)
    Fly fishing for bass in Florida in a little lake

    - Tying a Blea & Black Wet Fly with Davie McPhail (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7683)
    Materials Used;Hook, Kamasan B170 size 14Thread, Uni-8/0 BlackTail, Golden Pheasant Tipper/CollarRib, Silver TinselHackle, Black HenWing, Grey Mallard QuiMaterials Used; Hook, Kamasan B170 size 14 Thread, Uni-8/0 Black Tail, Golden Pheasant Tipper/Collar Rib, Silver Tinsel Hackle, Black Hen Wing, Grey Mallard Quillll

    - Dialed (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7380)
    Big water. Thick trout. Great memories.

    - Marmoratas of the Fall - Slovenia - September 2014 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7381)
    Just a little Trip alone for "hunting" a Marmoratas of The Fall...on Dry Fly and Sight Fishing... Pics + videos made with GoPro Black Edition 3+ (Format 720S 120fps ) with Filter Polarized and iPhones ...

    - TRAVEL to FIND a BIG CHROME part II: TOTAL RECALL OSENKA (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7382)
    Hi that's the short clip about my last rip in russia to search a big OSENKA....

    - Bosnian Journey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7384)
    The Catch My Fly's Team in Bosnia. Friends, wonderful landscapes, trouts and amazing rivers, such as the Pliva, the Sanica, The Rybnik and the Sana.

    La team Catch My Fly en Bosnie. Des potes, des paysages magnifiques, des fishs et surtout des rivières mythiques comme la Pliva, la Sanica, la Rybnik et la Sana.

    - Pike on the fly in Ireland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7385)
    May 2014. We're back in Ireland for a week of pike on the fly from the belly boat. Strong winds from the East and cold temperatures is not exactly ideal pike weather. We get wet and cold, but hold on and fish many lakes. The few strikes we get are heart warming and the pike we catch are mostly good ones. When that happens we wouldn't want to be anywhere else doing anything else... We managed to get some great Go Pro shots of jumping and hard fighting Irish pike.

    - Pepefly - Laguna Bombilla NOV 2014 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7386)
    LAGUNA BOMBILLA, is located 75 km away from the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. The Laguna Bombilla, is an annex of Lago Fagnano, has very good fishing for brown trout, rainbow Fish with a rod Burkheimer # 595 ", a line of floats, leader of 9 feet and fly microtube black / yellow, with hook Daiichi X510 # 10

    - BAck Country Fly Fishing in Cypress Hills (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7387)
    Fly Fishing enthusiast Nick T takes you on a tour of some the back country fishing spots available on Battle Creek in the Cypress Hills Inter-provincial park near the Alberta/Saskatchewan in Canada .

    - Pacific Krill (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7389)
    This fly is one I developed after reading about euphausiid pattern that a fellow tyer angler tied and fished successfully for Coho Salmon in Puget Sound. This fly is a little different but substantially the same effect as his – and this fly has earned its keep here offshore Oregon of late. Like any non-batfish fly, this is an offshore fly to consider when Rockfish and salmon seem un-receptive to their usual and typical prey types. Shrimp, Krill, Crab Spawn and all the terms anglers use referring to such foods can be a selective target to ocean predators, and when they want the little stuff, you’d better be offering it up on your tippets, cuz the best Clousers and Deceivers will often be ignored over a fly of this style. Sometimes I will tie this fly with bead Chain (black of course) or Black Pseudo Eyes, but when fishing in the top few feet of the ocean or estuary, the EP eyes will give me a fly that will stay in the proper depth zone longer than a fly with heavier eyes. The EP shrimp dub brushes are a marvelous discovery to me, and I’ll be surprised if you don’t find a lot of uses for them in your tying as well. Jay Nicholas Thread: Fine Mono Hook: #6 Daiichi X-Point Eyes: EP Mono Crab & Shrimp Eyes Body: Chartreuse Ice Dub Gills: EP Shrimp Dub Brush Cure Goo: Hydro

    - Olive Biot Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7390)
    Hook: 2xl Nymph #12 - #18 Bead: 3mm Copper Weight: .020 Lead Wire Thread: Olive Tail: Olive Pheasant Tail Abdomen: Olive Turkey Biot Thorax: Olive Antron Wingcase/Legs: Olive Pheasant Tail

    - Belly Scratcher Sculpin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7391)
    The Belly Scratcher Sculpin is a more realistic pattern than previous ones and very effective.

    - Ray Charles "Let the Good Times Roll"
    Meat Loaf "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"">Everglades Fly Fishing Snook, Tarpon, Redfish and more
    Miami Fly Fishing and Everglades Fly Fishing Guide
    (561) 789-2983
    Fly fishing the waters of Everglades National Park via Flamingo for tarpon, redfish and snook, largemouth bass Capt. Mark Giacobba
    Music: The Who "Eminence Front"
    Ray Charles "Let the Good Times Roll"
    Meat Loaf "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"

    - The After Work Special (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1756)
    With spring....springing and the sun setting around 8 pm, the after work special is again a viable option. Getting into to work by 6 am and setting off alarms, so you can get out on the water by 3 pm. You know, "The After Work Special." This edit features four separate after work specials fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout on the Bitterroot. Some trout were caught. Some were lost.

    - Grey Turkey Adult Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/6045)
    Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B110 size 12 Thread, Black Uni-8/0 Black Rib, Fine or Small Silver Wire Body, Grey Turkey Tail Sooty Slate Thorax Cover, Grey Turkey Tail Sooty Slate Wings, White Cock Hackle Tips Thorax, Natural Rabbit and Mole with UV Lite-Brite or Angel Hair Mixed Hackle, Whiting Sub-Coq de Leon Hen Cape http://www.feathersmc.com/products/Slate

    - Twitchy Chicken Soft Hackle Stonefly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/6046)
    This is a great stonefly pattern that utilizes Coq De Leon soft hackle. Fun pattern to tie!

    - Coho Salmon Bucktail Trolling Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/6047)
    Trolling Bucktail style flies for Coho Salmon is an art that has come out of practice here off the Oregon coast since both wild and hatchery silver salmon runs tanked in the 1990s. Improved regulation of ocean fisheries and better survival conditions have resulted in some fairly robust runs of wild Silvers in most Oregon coastal rivers. Although the reasons for the improved runs and the health of the individual populations remain subject to debate, anglers in the ocean offshore Oregon now often find that regulations permit fishing for hatchery and/or wild Coho, albeit the regs sometimes only permit retaining fish on a few days per week and usually require use of de-barbed hooks. For more fly tying tips and videos, check out www.OregonFlyFishingBlog.com and to buy materials, visit www.CaddisFlyShop.com.

    - Western Lakes Feb 2014 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/6048)
    - "Improved" Pheasant Tail nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/6049)
    Featured in this fly tying tutorial is the "Improved" Pheasant Tail nymph, which is a classic in the fly fishing world. Using the word "improved" is where I tread softly because Frank Sawyer's original is a tough pattern to revise. With that said, in the video I substitute Coq de Leon as the tailing fibers for two reasons. First, the material is extremely durable and resistant to tearing. Second, the mottling featured on Coq de Leon is excellent, and very representational of mayfly nymphs. Please feel free to comment on this pattern and share any modifications that you have made to improve the original Pheasant Tail. This pattern is one of those I feature in the "Two Minute Tying" series. These flies are more of "guide flies," meaning they can be tied in a short amount of time, and more importantly, catch fish. Thanks for viewing this fly tying tutorial of the "Improved" Pheasant Tail; feel free to leave any questions/comments on this YouTube page, or email me: tcammisa@gmail.com

    - Drift (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/154)
    Trailer for the fly fishing DVD Drift

    - Rise (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/155)
    7 minutes from the 70 minute DVD Rise featuring fishing from north to south in the Americas.

    - Redfish Can't Jump teaser (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/156)
    Fly fishing for redfish. Cruising around on a skiff, sight-casting on big reds. Life CAN be good...

    - Miramichi Fall (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/5321)
    Check out Jeff and Derek’s new adventure as they enjoy the cold crisp mornings fishing the Mighty Miramichi as well as the Cains River in New Brunswick, Canada. With fallen leaves covering the ground as far as the eye can see and the smell of a campfire on the shore of most pools you visit it is truly a magical time of year to be on these rivers. Follow these two good friends as they get into some beautiful fall Atlantic salmon including the fish of a lifetime for one of them!
    Voici la dernière aventure de Jeff et Derek sur la Miramichi et la rivière Cains. Avec les feuilles multicolores qui recouvrent le sol et l'odeur des feux de camp sur les rives de la plupart des fausses, vous allez voir comme l’automne est un merveilleux temps de l’année pour capturer des saumons au Nouveau-Brunswick. Les deux bons amis ont eu la chance de capturer quelques poissons, et Derek à même eu la chance de capturer son plus gros à vie!!!

    - Tsunami gear Bag & Diablo Paddlesports (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/929)
    Our first day out on the water with the new Chupacabra & Adios paddle boards from Diablo paddlesports. We took out the New Tsunami gear bag Storm Seris from William Joseph to see how it handled the wet weather.

    - Smoky Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1737)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, grey, Collar: Whiting Brahma hen barbs, mottled, Rib: Krystal Flash, opal - doubled to form a loop - smoky grey mink inserted, twisted, Rear thorax: Rabbit, dark grey, Wing: Snowshoe hare, natural Front thorax: Rabbit, dark grey

    - Fishporn Teaser (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/107)
    "Hustle and Fish" is obviously a movie about making a fishing movie, but this teaser concentrates on the fishing and nothing else. As it says: fish porn! The full movie is available from Rollcast Productions.

    - Carp from a kayak (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1008)
    Some golden bonefish from a kayak on a 7wt fly rod.

    - Casts that catch fish : fly casting instruction (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/356)
    Leuk Cast that Catch Fish :: Fly Casting Instruction :: Roll casts, Curve casts and more! From: Bumcast | 12 augustus 2010 | 371 weergaven Laden...Casts that Catch Fish, a new fly casting instructional video from Master Fly Casting Instructor Carl McNeil that turns the instructional DVD genre on it's head and gives it a well needed kick up the ass! Stunning shots by super clever cameraman Earl Kingi. Fly casting, Roll cast, Switch cast, Wiggle cast, Reach casts, Tuck casts, Curve cast, casting into the wind - it's all there and executed with super high production values, ear tingling audio and plenty of slick effects and animations - courtesy of the funky people at On the Fly productions :: http://www.onthefly.co.nz ... (meer info) (minder info)

    - Dry or die (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/889)
    Dry fly fishing, yooooooh!

    - UV Booby (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/888)
    A booby fly from Flyblaster

    - French Nymph Variant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/887)
    A nymph from Flyblaster

    - Fishing Diaries Part 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/886)
    Steelhead Tour - Fishing Diaries Part 2 - Skeena River. Second part of the excellent diary with lots of swearing and action.

    - Fishing diaries Part 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/885)
    Pink Salmon RULE! - Fishing diaries Part 1 - Vancouver Island. Beautifully filmed, well produced.

    - Whipfinish video (http://globalflyfisher.com/tiebetter/whipfinish-video/)
    This short video shows you how to whip finish with your fingers rather than using a tool. It's quite easy, looks cool and saves you trying to localize that whipfinisher on your messy tying table - that is if you are like the rest of us...

    - Sunburst Cascade (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/740)
    Tying the Sunburst Cascade by Davie McPhail.

    - videos on GFF (http://globalflyfisher.com/gallery/videos/)
    We\'re entering the online video age. The plan is not to produce our own feature length DVD\'s in HD quality, but to expose the best online videos from other sources. So browse our first videos here and help us make this new feature better by pointing us to great online videos.

    - Heads or tails (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/3)
    HD quality permit fishing in Australia

    - The Source - Making of (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/5)
    Great behind the scenes video from The Source - Tasmania

    - Heli-fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/8)
    One minute of heli-fishing for Alaskan King salmon. Short, but sweet.

    - The Source - Iceland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7)
    Nick Reygeart's upcoming video from Iceland makes the North Atlantic island look as good as ever.

    - Norwegian ambiance (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/6)
    A neatly filmed video from Norwegian salmon river Orkla.

    - Earned a well deserved "Global Class" in our review.">Once in a Blue Moon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/9)
    Stunning and fascinating DVD filmed in an exquisite quality. Earned a well deserved "Global Class" in our review.

    - Kamchatka teaser (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/11)
    Nice HD footage from the very eastern part of Russia. Wild bears and wild rainbows!

    - North Umpqua River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/12)
    Nice scenes from a famous river

    - Takes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1)
    If there's a thing called fish porn, this is the cum shot compilation (if you'll pardon my French!). One long row of fish taking flies. Neat!

    - Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/19)
    Neat little feature from Colorado.

    - Upstream nymphing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/16)
    Oliver Edwards shows how

    - Surf and inshore (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/15)
    Fly fishing the surf and inshore waters of NY, CT and RI in 2009.

    - Tuna! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/14)
    Fly Fishing for Tuna in Key West - the Ultimate Challenge! That's what they say, and judging from the video, it's a lot of fun!

    - Raising The Ghost (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/13)
    Steelhead on dry flies. And that's like in green drakes - not bombers!

    - AEG in Iceland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/18)
    Angling Exploration Group (Trout/Fish Bums) goes to Iceland

    - user's image gallery has been a huge success, so why not a video gallery? So, what we essentially do is gather the best fishing videos from all the different sources on the web. We don't host them, we just embed them and link to them, so this is really kind of an index. But that can be OK too, can't it? It's also a desperate measure to get some content to the site. We've been all too busy this year with tonnes other things than publishing on GFF... but that's a whole other story. For now we invite you to add fishing videos to this new part of the site. We'll review them as we do with all user submitted contributions. It filters out the worst spam.">Global Flyisher videos (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/10)
    OK, we know... it's not totally original, but since every other site out there seems to have a video page, we decided to have one too. After all our user's image gallery has been a huge success, so why not a video gallery? So, what we essentially do is gather the best fishing videos from all the different sources on the web. We don't host them, we just embed them and link to them, so this is really kind of an index. But that can be OK too, can't it? It's also a desperate measure to get some content to the site. We've been all too busy this year with tonnes other things than publishing on GFF... but that's a whole other story. For now we invite you to video/node/add/video">add fishing videos to this new part of the site. We'll review them as we do with all user submitted contributions. It filters out the worst spam.

    - Eastern Rises (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/20)
    - Catch the Moment (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/21)
    German anglers flyfishing New Zealand

    - Fjordland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/22)
    Flyfishing in Fjordland New Zealand

    - Stauffer Creek moment (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/23)
    Winter fishing on Alberta's Stauffer Creek

    - Jazz & Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/25)
    Clip from an up coming TV-series about a jazz band where every member is a fly fisherman.

    - T-Motion Issue #6 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/26)
    T-Motion Catch Magazine Issue #6 - Online Fly Fishing Magazine Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography & Film

    - T-Motion Issue #7 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/27)
    T-Motion Catch Magazine Issue #7 - Online Fly Fishing Magazine Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography & Film

    - A new breed (http://globalflyfisher.com/gallery/a-new-breed-of-videos/)
    Fly fishing videos have gone through an amazing development during the last five years. Once the recipe was simple: get hold of a couple of seasoned anglers, hook up with some upscale lodges and some guides needing some marketing and... action!

    - Rod on the Danish coast (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/28)
    Good friend Rodney Hsu of "Fishing with Rod" fame catches a nice one on the Danish Coast

    - Flyfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/29)
    Beautiful short about flyfishing in Kiruna, Lappland in Sweden.

    - Strip, strip, strip! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/30)
    Great little exciting video about tarpon fishing in Florida. Very nice quality video - and fishing.

    - Pike and asp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/31)
    Norwegian video about Roy and Robban who catches pike. This is the second part of the video.

    - Revolution (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/32)
    Crazy as ever and now on video! Sexy Loops have a trailer out for the DVD called "Revolution". Looks good and, eh... different.

    - Belize Flyfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/35)
    Nicely produced video from Belize and Turneffe - permit and bonefish and nice ambiance shots.

    - Flyfishing Europe Vol.1 - Northern Europe (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/34)
    Flyfishing teaser from the DVD "Flyfishing Europe Vol.1 Northern Europe." Produced by DANICA film AS

    - Pyrenea Flyfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/36)
    Short commercial for a Pyrenean fly fishing guide, but with some nice images and fish.

    - Fisherman Style (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/37)
    Neat little video from Utah wingith some great images of floating and fishing. Shot with a DSLR, which once again proves that these cameras can do wonders with video.

    - Downtown Carp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/38)
    Fishing for strong and beautiful fish in urban settings. Strong fish!

    - Lego my fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/39)
    What happens at night when lights go out in the fly tying room. Very cool stop motion video.

    - Fly Max Films (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/41)
    The Fly Max Films entry in The Drake Magazine's 2009 Fly Fishing Film Awards competition. Hectic and thrilling tropical saltwater fishing.

    - Highest rated videos (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=best)
    - Most viewed videos (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=most_viewed)
    - The Red Zone-Fly-Fishing for Red Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/42)
    Nice video showing fly fishing for redfish in Southern Louisiana. Nice strikes and beautiful fish.

    - FISH EYE 4 "Through Anglers Eyes" (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/43)
    Trailer for part 4 of a video magazine called Fish Eye featuring all kinds of different types of fishing.

    - Barbo Extremeo (Spain) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/44)
    Fishing example with dry fly of barbo in Extremadura (Spain)

    - Fly Fishing the Midfjardará River in Iceland for Atlantic Salmon - Fly Nation TV Preview (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/45)
    A teaser for Fly Nation TV episode, including April Vokey and Naoto & Yoshi Aoki as they explore one of the planet's best Atlantic Salmon Rivers - the famed Midfjardará in Iceland

    - Giants of the Em (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/46)
    The river Em in Sweden is home to some of the largest sea trout in the World, and this DVD-trailer shows some nice scenery and grand fish. We're currently watching the DVD and will publish a review soon.

    - Czech nymphing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/47)
    Trailer for a Swedish DVD on nymphing the Eastern European or Czech way.

    - Nervous water (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/48)
    A trailer for the DVD Nervous Water shot on location in Colorado, Texas, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We are currently watching this DVD and will soon review it.R

    - Running down the man (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/49)
    Short but sweet and very hefty. The DVD is only slightly longer than this trailer, but both are really worth watching. Men chasing the Elisabeth Hurley of fish!

    - Kiwi Camo (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/50)
    Trailer for the second chapter in Angling Exploration Group's fantastic travels, and just as entertaining and action-packed as their first adventure to Argentina.

    - The Search - Tahiti (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/51)
    New Zealand friends in foreign waters searching for bonefish in Tahiti. Nice trailer for a great DVD.

    - River Wolf (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/52)
    Trailer for AEG's DVD from a trip to Mongolia chasing Taimen - large Asian salmon. Fast paced and fun!

    - Red Gold (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/54)
    Trailer for the DVD Red Gold, which debates the Bristol Bay pepple mine project and illustrates the environmental impact of the project. Documentary as well as a fishing DVD.

    - A Salmon fishing atventure (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/53)
    Salmonfishing in Norway

    - New Zealand Spring Creek Bonanza (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/55)
    A beautifully filmed video from New Zealand (another one!) showing some exiting fishing and some amazing fish in smaller NZ streams.

    - Summer in Europe (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/56)
    Trailer from "Summer in Europe" a flyfishing DVD from Brothers in Flyfishing Production. Fishing in central Europe with a lot of nice flyfishing action.

    - Salmon Fly Fishing - Russsia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/57)
    Kola Peninsula june 2009

    - Carp on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/58)
    Fishing for carp in Colorado in this nice 8-minute video

    - Bonefish and permit (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/59)
    Soothing and sunny fishing in tropical waters catching bonefish and permit, Great quality video shot in Mexico.

    - Igor and Grayling (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/61)
    fly fishing in Wales river Wye and Irfon

    - Fishing Deschutes River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/62)
    A nice 5-minutes video from two days spent chasing native Redside Trout in Oregon.

    - salmon king, patagonia, chile, candyfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/63)
    Salmon King, Southern Patagonia Chile

    - Mayfly - a life story (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/64)
    A trailer for the third DVD in a UK series called The River Academy

    - The Lost World of Mr Hardy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/65)
    A trailer for the wonderful DVD about the UK factory Hardy.

    - Early Season Trout Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/66)
    Fishing small UK streams with Dean Andrews and John Tyzack in this DVD trailer.

    - Small Stream Trout Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/67)
    Fishing small UK streams with Dean Andrews and John Tyzack in this DVD trailer.

    - WorldAngling Everglades Flies and Fins Teaser (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/69)
    Not much fishing but a very promising trailer for at Fly Fishing Film Tour 2010 video about a bunch of guys sailing into the Everglades to fish. Can't wait for the full video.

    - Baby tarpon on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/70)
    Neat little video with babies caught in the mangrove.

    - The singing fly fishing guide (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/71)
    A fabulous song of the fate of a fisherman in Make-and-break Harbour. Newfoundland fishing guide Keith Cornier sings a traditional Newfie song at the banks of the Humber river. Priceless!

    - Redfish fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/72)
    Fly fishing for redfish on a windy day in Louisiana. Some great action and nice quality video. Shot with a Nikon D300s. I gotta upgrade my D200!

    - Fly Fishing for Redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/99)
    Slick water fishing for redfish in Florida

    - How to sell flies at 15$ each (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/100)
    Nice little video about fly tying, girl friends and what fly tying can lead to.

    - Dreamy December Day (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/73)
    Excellent video on redfish fishing a very productive day. I like the POV style video of the takes. Nicely made!

    - BIG TARPON ON FLY (HOLBOX. MEX.) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/101)
    Isla Holbox, 12 WT ROD, Peso Aprox £ 150. 1 hora (lucha), Negro de muerte en conejos 4 / 0 Hook

    - Sexy Loops TV - 5 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/74)
    SLTV episode 5: New Zealand to Tasmania. The usual semi-chaotic Paul Arden style video. This time kayak fishing in Tasmania.

    - Land of the Cutthroats (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/75)
    Trailer for "In the Land of the Cutthroats" a video about three native trout species in Colorado.

    - The guides' day off (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/76)
    Some adventure! 10 minutes of pure fishing joy from Florida Keys. Tarpon, permit, bonefish.

    - Winter fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/77)
    Yes, you can go fishing in the winter and you can catch fish! This is from Utah with knee deep snow.

    - Marcus Sies is a known profile in our picture gallery.">Fly Focus (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/78)
    Great video from a bunch of German guys. Beautifully filmed - again with a digital SLR-camera. Producer Marcus Sies is a known profile in our picture gallery.

    - Musky Chronicles (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/79)
    Trailer for a video about tiger muskellunge - muskie - on a fly rod. Covering the historic aspect, featuring interviews and the fishing of course.

    - Arkansas Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/80)
    Nice and action packed video of fly fishing at Spring Valley Anglers private fishing club in Northwest Arkansas.

    - Soulfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/81)
    Trailer for Mike Wier's Soulfish DVD. Adventurous fishing, beautifully filmed.

    - flyfishing for carp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/83)
    flyfishing for carp in korea

    - The Dead Drift (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/84)
    Trailer for a DVD on New Zealand fly fishing with stunningly clear water and breathtakinly beautiful fish.

    - Oregon Water (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/85)
    A nice video about Oregon fising. More than 12 minutes of steelhead and trout from the Northwest US

    - Secret of sea trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/86)
    From Niels Vestergaard's Danish videos about sea trout fishing in the salt comes some beautiful underwater shots and lots of action. Unfortunately these DVD's are not available in English, but can be found in Danish, Norwegian and German.

    - Adventure guides: Fishing McCoy's Spring Creek (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/89)
    Great episode from Hook.tv where John Dietsch and guide Steve Summerhill fishes for trout and rainbow using dries and small rods, on small water!

    - Sept. Spring Creeks (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/91)
    Beautiful film created by Robert Thompson, fishing for brook trout in the fall.

    - 2009 Wrap Up (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/92)
    8 months of fishing condensed into 5:50. Great footage, great ambiance.

    - Off the grid trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/93)
    Breathtaking shots of trout smashing dries during some spectacular insecthatches. Created by the renowned R.A Beattie.

    - November brown trout tributary fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/94)
    This day follows a client & guide fishing a Wisconsin tributary for lake run browns. The photography and editing are excellent.

    - Flyfishing by Niklas K. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/95)
    Flyfishing in Sweden at its best:

    - Polish grayling (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/96)
    Nice footage of grayling fishing in the Polish river San

    - Spooled TV - "Bonefish" (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/97)
    Fishing bonefish on longshallow flats in Mexico. An episode from the fly fishing website SpooledTV.

    - Oregon fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/98)
    A nice little video of some guys chasing steelhead under difficult circumstances in the deep temperate rain forests of Oregon. Don't get misled by the title. There's not a coast in sight!

    - Spooled (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/102)
    - High and dry (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/103)
    An episode from Spooled TV

    - Trophy hunting (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/104)
    Fishing for Monster Cutthroat Trout in Powell River, BC. An apisode from Canadian Spooled TV. High quality fishing as well as video.

    - HMS (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/110)
    - T-Motion Issue #8 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/111)
    Pey casting the big arm movements and very splashy way... I never really understood why it has to be so... big. Two hand fishing can be so much more elegant.. But never mind, the video is breathtaking.

    - pesca de carpas a mosca (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/112)
    - Fly Fishing for Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/114)
    A trailer for the Journey of a Thousand Casts Steelhead Movie.

    - Midwest Fall Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/115)
    I think this is a pretty cool three part video shot in the Midwest. The video captures three separate days that show off some great fall fly fishing opportunities. Once again, great photography and editing.

    - The Duckfly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/116)
    Fly Fishing in central Berlin, Germany

    - Japanese Conservation (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/106)
    It could be any club stocking a local stream in the US or Europe, but this nice little video shows Japanese anglers releasing Yamame, local trout, into a river and obiously having a very nice time on a beautiful winters day.

    - Bonefish POV (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/136)
    Filmed with a "helmet cam" this video gives you a unique perspective on catching a large bonefish.

    - Chasing hatches (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/108)
    Beattie offers even more footage from his upcoming video Off the Grid. As always sublime.

    - carp on fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/109)
    carpa de la pesca con mosca

    - Grayling in Lappland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/122)
    Nice Swedish video about fly fishing for grayling in Lappland.

    - Rivers of a Lost Coast (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/123)
    A preview of the documentary Rivers of a Lost Coast, a film about Northern California's fabled steelhead fishing.

    - Fly Fishing in Thailand (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/124)
    Can you flyfish in freshwater in Thailand? Yes you can! This video shows some very nice stream and lake fishing in Cheow Lan Lake in Thailand.

    - Carp on the fly, again (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/117)
    Fishing for carp in the UK Coventry Jubilee Pools, obviously a classical carp water.

    - On The Fly with John Bailey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/118)
    - Yampa River Winter (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/119)
    Fly fishing the Stagecoach Reservoir Tailwater on the Yampa River Northwest Colorado in early February, 2009.

    - Tailing Chromers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/120)
    A funky hip-hop fly fishing video! Yup! It may not be to everybody's taste, but I sure loved it!

    - Steelheadin' The Trinity (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/121)
    Great little video of winter fishing for steelhead in Northern California's Trinity River.

    - Fly Fishing Show Walking Tour (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/126)
    For those of us who didn't make it to Somerset NJ for the International Fly Fishing Show, here's an 8 minute walk of the show floor.

    - Upstream Battle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/125)
    Native Americans on the Klamath River fight for their fish – against an energy corporation. Their struggle may trigger the largest dam removal project in history.

    - Pike on the Fly with Barry Reynolds (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/127)
    Pursuing trophy pike on the fly. Hooking and landing a 50" pike on a top water fly in this look at some incredible top water action on the Innoko River in Southwest Alaska!

    - North Florida Redfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/129)
    Nice video showing fishing for redfish in the "Panhandle" region of Florida with Shallow Water Expeditions.

    - NZ South Island Otago Region (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/130)
    The Otago Region of New Zealand's South Island is a wondrously beautiful place with big brown trout and rainbows as this combined video and slideshow shows.

    - The Good Life (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/131)
    A fabulous collection of short bits of fly fishing along the US east coast. I looks like a preview for a DVD, but there is very little additional information to be found. Too bad!

    - Hopper Time (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/132)
    Another RA Beattie clip. This man sure knows how to get the takes! Fabulous video of a hopper "hatch" and hopper fishing.

    - Devil's Gold (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/134)
    Fantastically filmed and produced video on fishing for Golden Dorado in Bolivia. It might not seem so fishing related at first, but have patience - plenty dorado will jump!

    - Equilibrium (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/135)
    Beautiful teaser for the DVD Equilibrium filmed in Alaska.

    - Freestyle fish - Plsestrms ersttare (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/133)

    - Chasing Silver (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/137)
    In pursuit of large tarpon in the Florida Keys. Packed with action and high quality footage.

    - The good Utah life! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/138)
    A few Clips from February 3rd, 4th + 6th 2010, winter fishing the Provo in Utah. These guys sure know how to arrange a fishing trip! Good weather, nice fish and plenty to eat!

    - Redfish in Texas (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/141)
    Another Beattie clip of the same usual high quality. This time on Fly Fishing for Redfish on the Texas coast.

    - Fly Fishing for Mahseer in Thailand - Part 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/139)
    Mahseer fly fishing in the Rivers, of Cheow lan Lake,Khao Sok,Thailand.

    - Currents of Belize (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/142)
    Intro to a film about Belize and the problems this Caribbean country's nature is facing - with lots of nice fly fishing action.

    - Carp on fly Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/143)
    Trailer for an upcoming DVD from the boys at Segredosdapluma.com

    - T-Motion Premier Issue part I - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/144)
    Oregon Steelhead

    - Catch Magazine T-Motion Issue #2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/146)
    Remote and remarkable (Rainbow fishing in small streams)

    - T-Motion Issue #5 - Fly Fishing - Catch Magazine (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/150)
    Remote and remarkable - canyon fishing.

    - NZ Heli Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/147)
    Fishing for brown trout in remote streams on New Zealand. It takes a helicopter to get there.

    - T-Motion Issue #4 - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/149)
    Salmonfly: the name is somewhat misleading, the movie is about rainbow fishing using large stone fly patterns.

    - T-Motion Issue #3 part II - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/148)
    New Zealand Scenics

    - T-Motion Issue #1 part II - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/145)
    T-Motion World Mix

    - Dayz Off (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/152)
    A mixed bag of clips featuring rainbow, pike, roosterfish and more advertising a video due out in the fall 2010. Not bad in spite of the announcement "We know nothing about making movies...".

    - Fly Fishing Cheow lan Lake, Khao sok, Thailand (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/153)
    Fly Fishing for Mahseer in the Rivers of Cheow lan Lake, Khao Sok, Thailand

    - Alaska Fly fishing for Monster Pike (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/159)
    Alaska Outdoors Television heads high north of the Arctic Circle in pursuit of the mighty Alaskan monster Pike.

    - Alaska Fly fishing for Shark (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/158)
    Weighing up to 1000 lbs, and can reach speeds over 50 knots (57mph) in the water, these sharks are hard to catch.

    - Bass the Movie (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/160)
    - Green Tide (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/161)
    New Zealand's long awaited SALTWATER FLY FISHING DVD. Another Kiwi classic and the first NZ Swoffa production. You thought it was a trout fishers paradise. Wait until you see this! Finally a production that shows the true extent of New Zealand as the ultimate anglers El Dorado.

    - Wanaka Lake District (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/162)
    - Ahuriri River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/163)
    - Blue fin tuna heaven (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/164)
    the ultimate film about flyfishing for tuna.... bluefin in this case. if you can´t stand the sound of sreaming reels.... don´'t watch..

    - Currents of Belize - full version (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/165)
    We featured the trailer. Here is the full 27 minutes. A documentary about the rapidly changing coast of Belize and the people who cherish it most

    - Bellyboating the norwegian fjords (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/166)
    Flyfishing the norwegian fjords from a bellyboat for pollack , cod etc. low-budget saltwaterfishing , lot's of pleasure..

    - Green Drake Hatch on Utah's provo River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/167)
    12 minutes of sunshine, hatches, takes and beautiful scenery. Just what most of us need right now!

    - excellent hopper by dutch tyer Johan Put (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/168)
    excellent foam hopper pattern

    - Surf & Inshore Fishing part 3 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/169)
    Really beautiful footage of fishing in real surf! That guy must trust his tripod! There's also some calmer conditions and some nice underwater shots. From Rhode Island and New York during the Fall 2009.

    - Surf & Inshore Fishing part 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/170)
    Part 2 of Peter Laurelli's season surf and inshore fishing the waters around NY, CT and RI during the spring, summer and fall of 2009.

    - Surf & Inshore Fishing part 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/171)
    Fly fishing the surf and inshore waters of NY, CT and RI in 2009. Scenery, landscapes, fishing, POV, underwater shots. Nice!

    - metalhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/173)
    steelhead film by the guys from the aeg media group

    - in search of a rising tide (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/172)
    bonefishing cult-film from jamie howard.

    - saltwater flyfishing downunder (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/175)
    Saltwater fly fishing can at times be just as demanding and technical as any sweet water trout senario. Sometimes it is barely controlled chaos. When the rod bends at shocking angles and line is shooting through the guides at light speed, does it get any better?

    - flynation (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/176)
    A trailer of the upcoming Fly Nation TV: Stuart, Florida episode filmed during an epic week with StuartFlyFishing.com

    - Tying the Mysis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/177)
    video about tying the Mysis pattern.

    - Pike fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/178)
    Hungarian maybe, but a very nice and instructional video

    - Realistic Stonefly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/180)
    In Spanish, but very good and easy to follow. And

    - RS2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/181)
    Tying the RS2 emerger

    - Amy's Ant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/182)
    Amy's Ant is a favorite fly to tie and to fish with. It can be tied in many different colors and in many different styles. Change the color of the chenille, the foam, the legs and you can customize this as you need to. It's more a hopper than an ant, but who cares.

    - Woven Wire Weevil (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/179)
    This is a new pattern developed in 2008. It's based on the Jeremy Davies "Evil Weevil" but adapted for deep water use as an anchor fly in Czech nymphing applications.

    - Tying Soft milking eggs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/183)
    Walt Mueller tying some of his soft milking eggs at a fly tying demo on 12/12/09 at Ghillies Fly Shop. Walt is the inventor of the "soft milking eggs" for fly fishing.

    - Brun's Tipula (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/184)
    Norwegian Trut Bum Andre Brun ahows how to tie the polychenille extended body cranefly with its shivering rubber legs. This fly appeared first time in Flyfisherman magazine feb. 2002, and is still one of his all time favourite for brown trout.

    - Wool Head Sculpin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/185)
    Spanish step-by-step instructions, easy to follow

    - Crazy Leg Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/186)
    A slightly new spin to a Czech nymph. Nothing groundbreaking just some added flare to an already effective fly.

    - Classic Wooly Bugger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/187)
    The traditional Woolly Bugger with marabou, chenille and a stiff hackle.

    - KF Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/188)
    The KF Emerger is a great little winter midge pattern. It was made famous on the San Juan River. It also can be tied with a bead and in a chocolate color.

    - video (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/189)
    - Jock Scott (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/190)
    Not an instruction as such, but a nicely paced trip from a bare hook to a full dressed salmon fly.

    - Korean lenok (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/191)
    Fly fishing for lenok (local trout) in a snowy Korean mountain stream!

    - Fly Fishing New Zealands South Island (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/192)
    Fly Fishing on the west coast. Dry fly fishing with cicada imitation.

    - Louisiana Red Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/193)
    Fly Fishing for Red Fish in the marshes of Southern Louisiana with Capt. Bryan Carter and Capt. Shane Mayfield. Promotion for Tailwaters Flyfishing but very nice.

    - D-Rib Golden Stone Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/194)
    Carl Pennington Fly Tying Demo at Ghillies Fly Shop on Nov. 07, 2009, Colorado Springs, CO.

    - Rich's Winter Stone (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/195)
    A small beaded nymph for the winter stoneflies that hatch in February through March on most Eastern Streams. Tie this fly in shades of black or brown in sizes 14-20 and you can cover your bases.

    - Second Chance (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/196)
    Ed Engle fishing the trico hatch in 11-mile canyon.

    - The Shimmer Stone (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/197)
    The Shimmer Stone is two toned like a natural, and takes on a woven fly look without the weaving. Colors and sizes can be altered according to taste.

    - Closed Case (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/198)
    A cased caddis pattern that works wonders in the spring on freestone rivers in the northeast. Any river where these insects are abundant, this pattern will do the trick. Another great pattern that utilizes 3 materials. Also featured in Thomas Ames' book Caddisflies.

    - The "ST" Stonefly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/199)
    A stonefly nymph imitation that merges realistic and impressionistic concepts together to make a rather easy fly to tie. Most of the stonefly nymphs out there are either more impressionistic or extensively elaborate. This merges the two but doesn't take forever to tie. Tie these in sizes 2-10 on a 3x long shank hook. The best color combinations are golden with gold and black wire rib, brown with amber and brown wire, and black with black and gold wire.

    - Winter steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/200)
    Nice clips from some beautiful winter steelheading days put together by Steve Fraley.

    - Shorline redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/201)
    Exciting fishing for redfish from boat close to the beach off Destin/Panama City. Nice fishing, nice video!

    - Ponoi River salmon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/202)
    Very nice little video from the Russian Ponoi River on the Kola Peninsula. It might be a promotion, but it's sure looks great.

    - Wildlife and Scenics (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/203)
    Wildlife and Scenics from Argentina, Montana, and Alaska. Some fly fishing, but mostly nature. Bueautiful!

    - Mountain fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/204)
    Breathtaking footage shot in BC, Canada at Fortress Lake Retreat. The brookies are impressing!

    - Vincent Su Parachute (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/205)
    Vincent Su ties a perfect parachute using his 720 vise. The vise makes it easy to tie perfect parachutes. A 720 vise not only rotates on the hook axis but also horizontally.

    - Al's Swimming Baetis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/206)
    Al Ritt ties his swimming baetis nymph.

    - Living the Dream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/207)
    Samuel Ebersole's entry for the Oregon Fly Fishing Film Festival, 2010. Beautiful and thoughtful - bamboo rodmaking and lots of fishing.

    - Deschutes Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/208)
    Fly fishing for steelhead on Oregon's Deschutes River with Fly & Field Outfitters.

    - Shucked Up Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/209)
    A concoction Richard Strolis came up with last March prior to leaving for the Bighorn and the olive hatches that he were to fish there. Something a bit different from the norm. And it worked very well. Tie em all the colors and sizes to imitate your prevailing mayfly hatch.

    - Smith River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/211)
    Nice video of guys floating the Smith River in Montana. Looks really appealing.

    - The Troutmen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/212)
    Very nice little video of some spring fishing in PA. Beautiful weather, scenery and fish.

    - tying a stinger steelhead fly by jeroen wohe (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/213)
    tying a stinger fly by dutch steelhead guide jeroen wohe.

    - Winter steelheading (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/214)
    Man, do these guys eat well! It makes you hungrey just to watch. And the fishing ain't bad either...

    - Stepping into the stream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/215)
    Trailer to a video about women in fly fishing, their reflections on their connections to rivers, life's experiences, and nature through their favorite sport. An ode to fly fishing.

    - Tak's Go 2 Prince Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/216)
    Rick Takahashi ties his version of the Prince Nymph. This variation is quick and easy, very durable and it catches fish.

    - More Korean lenok (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/217)
    Another trip to Korea, fishing beautiful, clear streams for the local trout lenok.

    - Clear Cure Goo Flexible Surf Candy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/218)
    Very nice and simply fly tied with a very convincingly looking material: Clear Cure Goo. You cure it with a UV light and it does look very easy.

    - Bonefish - a fishing odyssey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/219)
    Trailer for a DVD showing the quest after the catch of a lifetime, a giant specimen of the most spooky fish in the whole wide-blue ocean – the bonefish, ghost of the flats – a fish that will mess with your eyesight, your nerves and your sanity!

    - Wisconsin Early opener/Camera test (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/220)
    Another great video from this guy. The video is a test of a new HD camera while fishing the Wisconsin trout opener in March.

    - Provo River Midge Hatch (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/221)
    Catching a midge hatch on the Provo River. Nice winter action.

    - Woven Mayfly Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/222)
    A woven mayfly nymph that can be tied to fish in many disciplines based upon how it is weighted. The video shows the basic weave method. The beauty of woven flies is they provide a near perfect two toned fly very similar to the natural insect.

    - In The Round Stonefly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/223)
    A simple stonefly pattern that works great as an anchor in a euro rig, or under an indicator, or without the bead as a wet fly. A very, very versatile and simple tie. Back to basics on this one, and with some influence by Joe Brooks and his Brooks Stone, and Jack Gartsides sparrow.

    - Pintar PT Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/2981)
    It’s a jig-style pattern, so it’ll ride up-side-down, and therefore not snagging on the bottom that much. Next to the “Simon Templer nymph” and “La Bomba” it has become my go-to fly for fast water. It’s a real killer! The CDC gives this fly something special under water. Also try some more color variations. Same fly, but with an olive abdomen has given me great results for grayling. You can fish it in a team of flies, as a point fly or middle dropper, but you can also fish it as a single fly. In Slovenia you have this fly as a single, because it is not allowed to fish with multiple flies. I’ve fished this fly mainly in a French/Czech nymphing setup, but you can also fish it the old fashion way, on a dead upstream drift.

    - White River Longboats (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/224)
    Fishing on the White River North Fork in Missouri from longboats - and they are long! Nice video from some great looking trips. A promo, but a nice promo.

    - Shorts Vol.I trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/225)
    A nice trailer for XtreamAnglers' 2008 DVD Shorts Volume I.

    - The Forgotten Coast (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/226)
    Tarpon fishing on the coast of Nicaragua.

    - The Fly Fisherman (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/227)
    Small philosophical flick about a fly angler's thoughts on his pastime.

    - Tap Tap Tap! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/228)
    Great video of fishing for tarpon off the Floridan coast.

    - Spiro Fly Variation (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/229)
    A variation of a Classic Saltwater Fly used in the Barnegat Bay for Striped Bass and Weakfish.

    - EZ-body Sand Eel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/230)
    A good sand eel fly. Simple and fast to make.

    - Kind of a big deal (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/231)
    Fishing skating dries for steelhead on the Umpqua.

    - mayfly madness (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/232)
    Join Johan Klingberg and Ulf Börjesson during three seasons of fly fishing at the most thrilling time of the year. In early summer, when the Ephemera Danica and the Ephemera Vulgata hatches, theres a good chance of catching the very largest of trout in these rivers. Johan and Ulf travel to some of their favourite rivers in southern Sweden in the hunt for mayflies and giant trout.

    - orret jakt (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/234)
    A teaser from the film "Trouthunting in Norway and Sweden" Made by DANICA film AS in Norway

    - The Troutmen visit the Patuxent River in Maryland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/236)
    This is an epic tale of three young men who head to the Patuxent River for some trout fishing this past Sunday. I have put a lot of work into the editing of this film so I hope you enjoy all of the beautiful footage, transitions, music, and more! This is truly a masterpiece.

    - The Troutmen visit the Patuxent River in Maryland (Final Cut) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/237)
    Here is the Final Cut with some adjustments and proper ending. This is the second episode in the Troutmen series that we are working hard to create. This is a magnificent piece of film I am in love with its movement. The soundtrack works perfectly with each moment and I love the final 2 minutes of quiet sounds on the river. This short movie captures so well the spirit of trout fishing, my new love of film, and nature's beauty. I shoot primarily with a Kodak ZI8 and secondary with a Flip Ultra HD. They both have been modified to allow adaptive lenses and that is the fish eye and wide angle look you are seeing in the film. I also used a lot of interesting video coloration effects which I think turned out beautifully. I look forward to shooting more episodes of The Troutmen series it is my only time that I can really devote myself to fully shooting, since I am a little more limited on time when I shoot The Construction Diaries. I also want to thank my two main stars of the film, Charles Scilipote and Steve Cleveland. Both of these guys are top notch anglers which form the backbone to The Troutmen Series. I really hope you all enjoy.

    - a day with "The Junkie" (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/238)
    Just a few clips from a nice day out Steelhead fishing.

    - The Copper John (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/239)
    The Copper John fly is one of the most popular nymphs, if not the most popular nymph in fly fishing today. Its attractive qualities given to it by the copper wire and peacock herl make it irresistible to trout. The Copper John was originally designed by John Barr and has taken on many variations since its birth.

    - Royal Wulff (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/240)
    Lee Wulff redesigned the famous Royal Coachman into the Royal Wulff and made the old, difficult-to-float, Royal Coachman pattern into one heck of a fly. Lee once said the Royal Wulff looked like Strawberry Shortcake. Maybe that is why fish love it so much. Many of Lee's flies achieved a permanent place in fly-fishing. The Royal Wulff is one of the most popular of all time, probably because it floats high and is easy to see in the water.

    - Foxee Red Clouser (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/241)
    The Foxee Red Clouser - a super productive streamer. This is a Hi-Def, edited version of the tying video. A full length version is found on the home page.

    - Murdich Minnow (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/242)
    The Murdich Minnow was created by Bill Murdich for Umpqua Feather Merchants. This 10-minute video shows how to tie it. It was specifically created for striped bass, but also works wonders on smallmouth bass.

    - Fly Fishing Belgium (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/243)
    Yes, Belgium! Not the first country you would connect with fly fishing, but it sure looks nice.

    - Pursuit (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/244)
    A teaser of an upcoming DVD entitled "Pursuit" which captures the essence of mixing fly fishing and travel to exotic destinations around the world.

    - Inner city carp on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/245)
    Pursuing carp in the inner city on a fly! Big fish in clear (but probably not clean) water.

    - French reservoir fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/246)
    Beautiful video from the French fly fishing championships in lakes and reservoirs. Very good slow motion casting studies.

    - Idaho on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/247)
    Beautiful video about late winter and early spring fishing in Idaho. As always from RT: top notch filming and production.

    - The Ones That Got Away (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/248)
    The fishing looks good, great settings and beautiful water. But the food! Man, I've gotta fish with this guy some day!

    - The Troutmen visit Morgan Run (Part 1 of 2) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/249)
    Here is the latest of a two part episode of The Troutmen. We had so much footage, caught so many fish, we couldn't fit it all into one movie. I spent a lot of time in the editing room on this one so I really hope you can see the work put into these incredible series and they are only getting better. Enjoy and keep on fishing, stay tuned.

    - Fly Fishing Morgan Run with The Troutmen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/250)
    Here is the final cut of the Morgan Run Episode. This episode will be broken into two parts since I prefer to keep each movie under 10 min. I can only hold your attention for so long. Besides it takes me hours and hours in the editing room to produce a few minutes of final work. So for the sake of my sanity I will break this into two parts. I adjusted the music on this final cut since earlier versions felt too slow. I love the "how you like me now" track. Tell me what you think, I love all the responses I've received so far it keeps me motivated to make more! Enjoy!

    - Fly Fishing with The Troutmen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/252)
    Here is the final cut of the Morgan Run Episode. This episode will be broken into two parts since I prefer to keep each movie under 10 min. I can only hold your attention for so long. Besides it takes me hours and hours in the editing room to produce a few minutes of final work. So for the sake of my sanity I will break this into two parts. I adjusted the music on this final cut since earlier versions felt too slow. I love the "how you like me now" track. Tell me what you think, I love all the responses I've received so far it keeps me motivated to make more! Enjoy!

    - Riding the bulls (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/253)
    Tarpon fishing Costa Rica

    - El Lobo en Las Tortugas (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/254)
    Great little video about a DIY bonefish trip to an undisclosed location in the Caribbean

    - Bibio pattern (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/255)
    How to tie a nice bibio pattern. A must have fly in april/may on the famous lake Oostvoorne in Holland! But also usefull on other places.

    - Tying the Summerberry (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/256)
    How to tie the Summersby for steelhead with a very nice little fishing intro

    - April stripers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/257)
    Lost of anglers, lots of stripers and lots of fun.

    - Fly fishing Patagonia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/258)
    A nice video from Patagonia, Chile.

    - Tailing redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/259)
    Wanna see tailing redfish? Either go to the Mosquito Lagoon or watch this video. Lots of fish and nice action.

    - Jazz and Fly Fishing go for sea trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/260)
    Great music, great video!

    - Igor & ... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/268)
    - Fly Fishing The Gunpowder (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/269)
    A truly amazing journey to the gunpowder. The Gunpowder River in MD may not hold the largest fish, but they are beautiful fish and picturesque locations. This has to be my favorite episode to date partially for the soundtrack and also all of the editing that went into this one. I hope you enjoy my films and continue to subscribe and tune in. Category:

    - Brook Trouts in Fortress Lake, BC. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/264)
    Brook Trout of Fortress Lake, BC. Fishing for trophy brook trout at Fotress Lake, BC. Fortress Lake Retreat presents trophy brook trout fishing

    - Fly Fishing Conewago (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/270)
    Here is our final cut of our day at Conewago in PA. I have to say right off the bat that we broke off on a lot of huge fish this day and only landed maybe three including the one Luncker that Charles brought in. I didn't have much footage to close out this day but I added a few minutes onto the original to create this final cut. Enjoy!

    - Fly fishing is a Joke (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/267)
    - Brazilian Trout (bamboo rod) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/266)
    In a small stream, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, I caught this beautiful rainbow trout with a ant (CDC)#16 pattern.

    - Youth Flyfishing Competition (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/271)
    This documentary film looks at how a local program in British Columbia generates interests in flyfishing among youth.

    - The Silver Rush (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/272)
    The guys from Jazz & Fly Fishing are at it again. A great little B/W video with some excellent Duke Ellington jazz to accompany a sea trout trip.

    - Crazy Tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/273)
    Crazy indeed! 2½ minutes of mangrove tarpon action.

    - Rich's Mop-Head Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/274)
    A generalist streamer pattern that could represent a slew of different food forms for just about any species. Sculpins to minnows to crayfish, trout love it, and it's not too difficult to tie. This video also displays how to tie a veiled head on a streamer.

    - Jimbo's Can't Miss Damsel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/275)
    Jimbo Busse ties a simple and good looking damsel nymph

    - winter time (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/276)
    In south of France. Winter Time 2009 / 2010

    - Wintertime Redfishing - Charleston South Carolina (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/278)
    Sightfishing for Redfish on the Wando River in Charleston South Carolina.

    - The Source - NZ (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/279)
    Trailer for Nick Reygeart's upcoming epos on New Zealand. Beautiful and very promising. The full length feature is expected in August 2010.

    - Stripers in the river (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/280)
    Nice video about striper fishing in a river.

    - Small can be fun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/281)
    Small stream, small rods, small fish

    - our article here.">Tying the Green Machine (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/282)
    The famous Atlantic salmon fly from Canada. See our article here.

    - Healing Waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/283)
    Nicely filmed feature about a fly fishing project aiming for physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled American soldiers.

    - Winter pike (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/284)
    Forced to explore new waters and try new species during the hard winter 2009/2010, a bunch af Danes found big pike, the ultimate bad-ass of the river. They experienced some awesome fishing during the winter.

    - Green Highlander tube (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/285)
    A very thorough instruction video by Davie McPhail showing all steps of tying a modern Green Highlander on a tube.

    - Mosely May Wulff (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/286)
    Another very through Davie McPhail video, this time on the Mosely May Wulff dry fly.

    - Gray Ghost (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/287)
    Davie McPhail ties the all times classical streamer the Gray Ghost.

    - Urban Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/288)
    If you though urban fishing meant carp or panfish, thin again! Jazz & Fly Fishing goes trout fishing in downtown Oslo in Norway!

    - Fly fishing and mountaineering (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/289)
    Nice trailer from high and low in New Zealand

    - Trip to the NZ back country (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/290)
    Good mates go on a trip to a favorite spot for a couple of days relaxation and fishing.

    - The Waters of Greenstone trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/291)
    Trailer for Gambit Stone's first film that is taking place in New Zealand featuring fly fishing and mountaineering.

    - Secrets of sea trout, 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/292)
    Trailer for Danish Niels Vestergaard's sea trout DVD's, now in English.

    - Spring bass (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/293)
    Nice bass fishing video. Man, there's a lot of weed in them lakes!

    - Stansberry Pike Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/294)
    Predators like Northern Pike really key in on a bait fish's eyes. These big flashy streamers have huge pupils, great profile and durability with minimal weight.

    - Small stream fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/295)
    It doesn't have much explanation, but my guess is that it's Korean. Talk about crowded streams!

    - Estonian sea trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/296)
    Nice little video from a trip to the Baltic from Estonia.

    - Taiwaneses fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/297)
    Here's something you don't see so often: fly fishing in Taiwan

    - Cast Alaska Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/298)
    A beautiful trailer for a fly fishing show from Alaska.

    - Fly fishing Austria (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/299)
    Nice footage from some beautiful Austrian streams

    - karper fly fishing in mexico (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/300)
    si alguien me pide que pesque me vuelvo pescador porque pienso que el pescador que pesca lo que otros le piden es muy probable que olvide su oficio de sembrador ami m gusta pescar cuando algo me quema el pecho pero pescar sin derecho sin razon sin porques es algo que yo nose a pesar que otros lo han hecho el aplauso suele ser halagador pero tanta reunión y aplaudir tanta tonada que el pescador gosaba lo poble de su pesca las ansias de ser famoso otra razon puede ser ay quien pagaria por ver su nombre en letras de doradas pero al no estar bien pegadas el tiempo las hara caer hoy cuando escucho en un pescador narrando aquellas travesias yo que ando sus mismas huellas buscando lo verdadero les aseguro caballeros que esto sies un rreto unos graban un disco y se sienten profesores ya no son pescados que con el carrete lloraban al tener suerte Se engañan ya Secren unos dioses hoy que vivo entre carperos yo les puedo asegurar que es dificil aguantar la vanidad y la fama asta heroes de la cama buscan para hacerse nombrar y ya les dejo señores pero les pido un favor sipor hay un señor les pregunta por mi oficio diganles que asi lo edicho apenas ce pescar yooooooo.

    - Flyfishing for bass and perch in the rain (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/301)
    Both smallmouth bass and yellow perch are introduced into some lakes in British Columbia. I took a trip to St Mary Lake on Salt Spring Island recently and caught a bunch on the fly in the rain.

    - http://vimeo.com/12270517 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/302)
    Another video from Jazz & Fly Fishing. Fishing in the Upper Itchen, a small river situated a few hundred kms north of the arctic circle. Hooking into this season´s first decent dry fly trout.

    - Vitreus Soft Hackle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/303)
    A soft hackle fly used during the Yellow Quill hatches. The fly can also be fished as a nymph in the round and deep if you add a bead.

    - Ben Furmisky's BDE (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/304)
    Ben Furmisky's BDE pattern is a generic mayfly pattern.

    - Pecos fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/305)
    This National Geographic online video takes you on the river with a lifelong fly fisherman and see what life on the river is really like.

    - The Traffic Jam (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/306)
    A pretty cool dry fly imitating a cluster of tricos. Many small flies tied on one big hook. Nifty!

    - Spring trout in Whistler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/307)
    We visited a lake in Whistler BC and caught many rainbow trout and cutthroat trout.

    - Small stream trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/308)
    Nice video showing that even the smallest stream can offer some nice fishing. Not big fish. but great settings and beautiful fish.

    - Dry Fly Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/309)
    Swedish Johan Klingberg fishes dries in the UK together with renown English anglers Charles Jardine and Philip White.

    - The Rojo Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/311)
    Tying a neat midge, a very useful pattern. Unfortunately the sound is a bit bad, but the tie is nice.

    - Clear water carp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/312)
    Carp fishing in flat. clear water - almost like tropical saltwater fishing

    - Fly Fishing in Greece (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/313)
    - Kayak Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/314)
    Nice POV video of kayak fishing for redfish.

    - Rich's MBA (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/315)
    Rich's MBA can be both a march brown and a medium sized stonefly. It's moderately weighted and designed to be fished as an anchor in a "euro-style" nymph rig.

    - Flat Tops Wilderness (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/316)
    Fly Fishing the Flat Tops Wilderness Area in Colorado the last week of June. Steve Henderson of Steamboat Flyfisher hikes into a pristine alpine lake to fish for Colorado Cutthroat Trout. These fish have brilliant colors of red and gold and silver very beautiful. Plus their distinctive "cut" under the jaw. Great scenery and fish.

    - North Georgia Trout Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/317)
    A commercial for cabin renting in the southern US, but with some nice fishing footage and imagery.

    - Devil Spawn (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/318)
    A very productive bass fly tied using the Clear Cure Goo

    - Kola PENINSULA SUMMER 2009 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/319)
    This is a movie of my last holidays in Kola Peninsula.

    - POV redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/321)
    A great video showing a redfish spotted and caught - all seen from the anglers point of view

    - The Tequila Booby (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/322)
    Steve Cullen does a great demonstration of how to tie one of these crazy British Booby flies with large foam "eyes" (boobies). Amazing that these contraptions can catch fish!

    - Bellyboating the Norwegian fjord's part 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/323)
    The maker of the other film can fish olso

    - bellyboting the norwegian fjords II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/324)
    flyfishing for pollack from a bellyboat in the norwegian fjords

    - Appalachian Jewels (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/325)
    Appalachian brook trout. Neither the streams nor the fish are large, but certainly beautiful!

    - Emerald NZ waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/326)
    - Vintage marlin footage (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/327)
    Great video, newsreel style, showing the first ever filmed marlin catch on a fly rod.

    - Fly Fishing in Greece (Late Spring - Early Summer 2010) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/328)
    Fly Fishing in Greece (Late Spring - Early Summer 2010)

    - Fly fishing for pike (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/329)
    Hefty fish and hefty music. Hunting pike in Lake Esnagi

    - Slow Walking Water (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/330)
    Another great video by the Scandinavian jazzmen! Excellently filmed and edited and the guitar music in the start... love it!

    - Tom's Tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/331)
    Drake Mag's Tom Bie hunts and catches a tarpon.

    - Fly Fishing - ECB, Wisconsin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/332)
    It may be made for a series of Climate Change multimedia, but it's a beautiful video about fly fishing in Wisconsin.

    - The Source - NZ, making of (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/333)
    A featurette about the making of Nick Reygeart's upcoming DVD on New Zealand. As always this is top notch video. Looking forward to then DVD.

    - Sea trout fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/334)
    A nice video showing sea trout fishing on the Danish island Bornholm. Classical Danish coastal fishing... nicely shot and edited by German Tobias Herrmann

    - Feeding French fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/335)
    You certainly get a severe urge to cast a fly to these fish feeding in gin clear water. The location is Goumois on the border between France and Switzerland.

    - North Sweden (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/336)
    Great little video from the northern part of Sweden, complete with beautiful vistas, clear water, rising fish and lots of mosquitoes.

    - Crayfish Carp Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/337)
    Davie McPhail ties a crayfish-like carp fly.

    - Nuclear Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/338)
    One of the guys from Jazz and Fly Fishing goes fishing in gas mask and a full protection suit. Ils sont fous ces musiciens!

    - Yucatan backcountry (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/339)
    Fabulous fishing for snook, tarpon and permit in hard-to-get-to places in the Yucatan backcountry. It might be a Loomis commercial, but it's worth watching.

    - Danube Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/340)
    Fly Fishing for Asps on Danube River in Ruse, Bulgaria

    - Hares Ear Shipmans Buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/4404)
    Another pattern for when the fish are feeding close to the top. Hook - 12-16 down eye Dry Fly Hook Posts - CDC Body - Hares Mask Rib - Fine Pearl Rib Head Finished by Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV Resin www.deercreek.co.uk

    - The Comally Flamethrower (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/341)
    The Comally Flamethrower salmon fly tied by Davie McPhail

    - The Sunburst Kate McLaren (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/342)
    Davie McPhail ties the Sunburst Kate McLaren, a great looking muddler.

    - Carp in the surface (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/343)
    Pretty exiting footage of carp activity in the surface and the successful fishing for these fantastic fish

    - Yellow Stimulator (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/344)
    A truly classical fly pattern shown by Chris from the Caddis Fly shop in Eugene, Oregon. Not a new video, but a very nice tie.

    - Midge Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/345)
    A nice midge emerger tied with pheasant tail and CDC. Tied a bit large (probably for the sake of demonstration).

    - More great carp fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/346)
    A Simms commercial that shows some really nice carp fishing i an unnamed Wyoming reservoir.

    - Glacier King Preview (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/347)
    S Dombaj Production .....

    - Tungulaekur (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/348)
    Very nice video from Icelandic stream Tungulaekur. Niiiice fishin!

    - Amazon Sportfishing - Brazil (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/349)
    Fishing trips in the rivers of the Amazon. Various species. Casting, Fly, Spinning.

    - The Bahamas (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/350)
    - Foam Poppers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/351)
    Great technique using flat foam and a glue gun to form popper heads for some neat bass poppers

    - NSA volume 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/352)
    This is a preview of the upcoming film No Sports Allowed vol. 2. Very nicely filmed and produced.

    - Tarpon on Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/353)
    Heidi Nute with Capt. Paul Tejera in the Florida Keys Backcountry. Tarpon on Fly in Islamorada, Florida. 4 for 9 on Tarpon on a nice March Day. Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys, Key West, Islamorada. Fly fishing in the Keys. Flats Fishing

    - Catch The Moment / flyfishing - Bornholm (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/354)
    1 week flyfishing on Bornholm / spring 2009

    - Catch The Moment / flyfishing - New Zealand (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/355)
    5 weeks flyfishing -New Zealand

    - Salmon fishing on the River Test (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/357)
    Extra material from the fabulous DVD "The Lost World of Mr Hardy". Riverkeeper Donny Donovan fishing on the 'aquarium pool' of his beat on the lower River Test.

    - Kvarken International Pike Flyfishing Tournament (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/358)
    The first international pike flyfishing tournament ever held in Finland by Baltic Pike Flies, Vision and Eumer.

    - Summertime Smallmouth (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/359)
    Summertime Smallmouth in the Ozarks featuring Idylwilde Flies like the Bellydancer, Warm Water Whammy, Garage Door Opener, Bass Cracker, and the Mississippi Mudflap.

    - EP ASP Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/360)
    A flytying instructions video for a EP-Streamer

    - I Have A dream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/361)
    This is our new video. Watch more in our website.

    - Louisiana Redfish 2008 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/363)
    Willy went to college in Louisiana, and spent a bunch of time fishing the marshes south of New Orleans. In 2008 we went back to start work on a project, and I got my first taste of the bayou. This is what I saw...

    - Nera River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/364)
    A nice river in the italian heart

    - Tundra Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/365)
    Short but beautiful video about trout fishing on the tundra.

    - Tying a Thunder Dunkeld (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/366)
    Tying a Thunder Dunkeld with Davie McPhail

    - Splitcann i summer streams (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/367)
    Beautiful video of splitcane fishing in clear British streams.

    - One Magical Day (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/368)
    The Jazz and Fly Fishing guys go to the high north to fish the streams close to the polar circle. Lots of fish rising and some beautiful fish!

    - Alone in the river (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/369)
    A great video shot by the angler Albert Blanch himself with the amazing Go Pro video camera. I gotta have me one of those!

    - Winner of the Drake Award Best Fishing 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/370)
    - Road Trip to Eco Rapids (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/371)
    The Jazz & Flyfishing guys on a road trip to the beautiful streams and rivers of Eco Rapids, Ukkohalla, Kainuu, Finland in june 2010.

    - LA River fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/372)
    Yes! Fly fishing the renowned concrete banked drainage that used to be a real river, but currently is better known from movies such as Chinatown, Terminator and Transformers.

    - Aysen, Chile (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/373)
    I may be a promo for an outfitter, but it's a great watch... and it works. I makes me want to go to Chile!

    - Lake Oostvoorne, August 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/374)
    A short video-report from our fishing trip to Lake Oostvoorne

    - BC Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/383)
    A short video depicting some great British Columbia Steelhead fly fishing in August/September of 2010. Fishing toiok place in the Skeena drainge.

    - Dry fly bonanza (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/376)
    - Road Trip to Eco Rapids 2/2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/377)
    The second episode of the Eco Rapids road trip, this time we were going for Syväjoki (Deep River) a small forest stream with both trout and grayling. Some reeeaaaallly nice fishing.

    - A distant shore or Fifteen minutes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/378)
    It's me again out fishing. An illustrating little movie for my fishing diary. OK, a little bit out of the ordinary this time.

    - Solitude on the River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/379)
    Nice video about fly fishing on the Whitewater River in Minnesota.

    - Close to Home (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/380)
    Nice day fishing. B/W video accompanied by the band Grizzly Bear

    - Carp and barbel in Portugal (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/381)
    Nice video about carp fishing. The spoken words may be French, but the fishing is International! C'est genial!

    - Nina catches a cutthroat trout on dry fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/382)
    At the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Southeastern British Columbia, Nina anticipates for a rise by a westslope cutthroat trout during a heavy hatch in a small creek.

    - September 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/384)
    Nice video with quite a bit of talk, but some nice fishing too.

    - Musky on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/385)
    Really beautiful teaser for a feature that will be completed early next year and hopefully either go on the air and/or on DVD.

    - Spawning Trout--New Zealand. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/386)
    Short segment of the life cycle of trout-from the movie--Another Angle.

    - Umba Chrome (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/387)
    Nice footage from the Russian river Umba. Lots of action and lots of fish caught.

    - Flyfishing Norway (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/388)
    - The spawning cycle of trout in New Zealand. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/389)
    This is the complete sequence of spawning trout-from the movie in progress--Another Angle.

    - Fly fishing tuna Delta of river Po (Italy) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/390)
    A BIG DAY for saltwater flyfisher in the Adriatic Sea

    - Skeena Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/391)
    A very nice trailer for an episode of Fly Nation TV shot at the Dean Lodge on the Skeena. Nice place!

    - Fry pattern (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/392)
    Neat zonker fry pattern tied using Bug Bond, one of the new epoxy replacements.

    - Chartreuse Pike Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/393)
    How to tie a chartreuse pike streamer

    - Wabash College Fly Fishing Club (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/395)
    Great little vifdeo about an outing with Wabash College Fly Fishing Club. Lots of ambiance and fish!

    - Fly Fishing short (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/396)
    Great underwater footage and nice scenes of feeding fish. And one is caught too.

    - Bamboo Fly Rods Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/397)
    A very promising trailer for a bamboo rod making video. And there's even promise of a follow up fishing video!

    - Southeast Wisconsin Trib Fishing Fall 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/398)
    Flyfishing Salmon in southeast Wisconsin

    - IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT LOOP (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/400)
    Flycasting by FFF Master Instructor Christopher Rownes Location: River Doubs, France/Switzerland a FLY-FOCUS production fly-focus.com

    - Trutas lageanas Brazil (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/399)
    A nice video of fly fishing in the Serra Geral of Santa Catarina Brazil pruduced by Edevar Zorrer

    - Reds on the Rise (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/401)
    Fly fishing for Redfish in Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC.

    - The Everglades 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/402)
    Snook and redfish in the everglades. Nice water, nice fish, nice casting.

    - Touching the Soul (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/403)
    A nice preview of the documentary "Touching the Soul". A low budget film project depicting a group of friends as they travel to British Columbia.

    - Trailer for European Nymphing Techniques (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/404)
    Trailer for European Nymphing Techniques and Fly Tying with Aaron Jasper, an instructional video that is the culmination of over three years of research, practical testing, and instruction.

    - October Chrome in Umba (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/405)
    What a day, 4.5 hours fishing 7 Umba Whoppers.

    - Fall Salmon Fishing Wisconsin Tribs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/406)
    low flow tributary fishing for salmon in wisconsin

    - Andros Island Bones (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/407)
    Great video about fly fishing Andros Island for bonefish.

    - Fly Fishing Tasmania (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/408)
    Early in the season Tasmania's Lake Fergus features some of the best lake margin fishing and clear water polaroiding in the State. Join us as the weather clears and the fishing gets hot!

    - Syl's Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/450)
    - Biot Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/409)
    Fly tying video for my Biot emerger BWO.

    - Fly Fishing Redfish & Black Drum with Capt. Todd Fuller - Orlando,Florida (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/414)
    Captain Todd Fuller guides a fly angler on the waters of Florida's East Coast for Redfish and Black Drum. Just a taste of what is to come from filmmaker RA Beattie, Beattie Productions and Fuller's Angling Adventures. Enjoy!

    - Home for Salmon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/410)
    This is a short outtake of a feature-length film about conservation of wild salmon i Russia. This film is not commercial and it is not for sale. The film is given for free to dedicated people around the world on kharlovka.com

    - Home for Salmon II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/411)
    This is a short outtake of a feature-length film about conservation of wild salmon i Russia. This film is not commercial and it is not for sale. The film is given for free to dedicated people around the world on kharlovka.com

    - Home for Salmon - Big Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/412)
    This is a short outtake of a feature-length film about conservation of wild salmon i Russia. This film is not commercial and it is not for sale. The film is given for free to dedicated people around the world on kharlovka.com

    - Farquhar Atoll (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/413)
    mmmm ,flyfishing paradise ?

    - Advanced fly casting (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/416)
    Poetry in motion perhaps describes it best. The Jazz & Fly Fishing finally reveal the secrets of the new Shadow Cast. More like comedy in motion, maybe?

    - CP's Caddis Larva nymph tying video (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/417)
    Tying video for my newest caddis larva pattern

    - Chernobyl Ant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/418)
    How to tie a Chernobyl Ant

    - Crippled Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/481)
    - The "Ice-Pick" Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/469)
    - Tying the Mr Softy (Lure) with Davie McPhail. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/485)
    - Tungsten Trico Trio (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/528)
    - Egg Sac Spinner (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/533)
    - Zebra Midge Soft Hackle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/535)
    A soft hackled variation of the zebra midge. The sky is truly the limit in terms of color combos, rib materials, and body materials that can be utilized to match any midge activity on your local waters.Cast: Richard Strolis

    - October Chrome in Umba 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/592)
    This "movie" was shot in one of the very last days of the season in October where Steffen and Kåre went to Krivetz and fished Stick, Nick and Long Pool(mainly), what a day, 4.5 hours fishing 7 Umba Whoppers. We hope that both old kola veterans and new guests will consider visiting this pearl of a salmon river next season - a must in every Kola angler’s portfolio. Umba answers everything a salmon angler can ask for and really raises quantity and quality to a higher level. Many experienced salmon fishermen, who have fished on the Kola peninsula and its plethora of fantastic rivers, claim that Umba beats everything in terms of beauty, superb accommodation and – of course and not least – the dramatic and enjoyable fishing in the most breathtaking surroundings. To swing a fly through Umba’s gin clear waters is almost a surreal experience ranking amongst the most exciting moments in Russian Salmon Fishing. For more info, please contact sj@salmonjunkies,.comCast: Kåre Lundquist

    - Mikizha 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/661)
    Cast: filmtriks, Jan Ove Aarsether

    - Fly Fishing Tasmania....The Western Lakes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/664)
    Tasmania's western lakes offer the angler a true wilderness experience. The landscape is rugged and unforgiving and the fish are wary and even more uncompromising.Cast: flydogsdownunder

    - OCTOBER REDFISH REPORT (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/665)
    The Redfishing here along the Florida Panhandle has been epic this last month, the combination of warm Fall temps along with October low-water has been a recipe for incredible tailing action, here are a few clips from some recent trips. David MangumCast: SHALLOW WATER EXPEDITIONS

    - PESCA CON MOSCA EN RIOS CORDILLERANOS - RM (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/420)
    Pesca con mosca a 15 kms. en linea recta del alto las condes.Cast: CHILE 2.0UTDOORS

    - Great Lakes Steelhead November 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/421)
    Fishing for Steelhead in the Great Lakes. Not your typical Steelhead weather for mid November.Cast: FlyAddict

    - Fly Fishing North Maine Woods - Libby Camps (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/423)
    Fly Fishing the North Maine Woods for Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon.Cast: FlyAddict

    - Pike on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/422)
    French pikes, dutch flies!Cast: Tom

    - Fly Fishing Tasmania. The Western Lakes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/426)
    Tasmania's western lakes offer the angler a true wilderness experience. The landscape is rugged and unforgiving and the fish are wary and even more uncompromising.

    - Tailing bonefish video from the Keys 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/425)
    Tailing bonefish from the Keys 2010Cast: Sam Root

    - xxx Mikizha 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/424)
    Cast: filmtriks, Jan Ove Aarsether

    - Ed Engle tying a Stillborn Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/429)
    Ed Engle tying at Anglers Covey for the Autumn Splendor. Ed ties one of Roger Hill's patterns for the South Platte River.Cast: Juan Ramirez

    - Sticky Icky (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/438)
    A grub/caddis larva utilizing the new UV chewy Skin. Fun and easy

    - Rock Candy Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/439)
    A two material caddis larva pattern that is virtually indestructible. Was one of my top 2 anchor flies in 2010. Tie this bad boy in olive and green and hang on.Cast: Richard Strolis

    - Tying a Fry Pattern with Davie McPhail (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/468)
    Tying a Fry Pattern with Davie McPhail Tying a Fry Pattern with Davie McPhail Bug Bond Kit From: DavieMcPhail Views: 4432 37 ratings Time: 14:08 More in Sports

    - Wild Trout Trust (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/436)
    Wild Trout Trust trailer taken from Fish On Productions Urban Fly Fishing John and Deano discover some fantastic fishing using techniques such as duo, dry fly and competition style double nymphing - on an industrial urban river!Cast: Dean Hodson, Dean Andrews, john pearson and John Tyzack

    - The Lost World of Mr Hardy - the beginning (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/431)
    The first 2 chapter's of our film 'The Lost World of Mr Hardy' Once upon a time people made things with their hands, beautiful cane fishing rods and exotic salmon flies. Hardy’s did this the best and were loved the world over. Adored by royalty, maharajas and film stars, they employed an army of craftsmen, made their own movies and brimmed with confident pride. But globalisation means their heyday has long gone. Do we mourn the loss of the handmade? Could it reflect a deeper need in our everyday life? A documentary by Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier celebrating quality, the longevity of the craftsman's hand and the essence of angling The Lost World of Mr Hardy is being hailed as a 'modern classic', read what the critics are saying on our site: "Spectacular... I defy you to watch with a dry eye" Ken Russell, THE TIMES "Superb" Eric Sharp, The Detriot Free PressCast: Trufflepig Films

    - Fly fishing (lenok) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/437)
    fly fishing travel lenok Fly fishing guide Canon Eos5DmkII cafe.naver.com/​ds1fji.cafe fly-fishing journeyCast: Jen Sing Chen

    - Skate the Fly TV - Episode 3 Coach Duff (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/430)
    We sit down and drown a few beers with one of our best fishing buds on the planet, Capt./Coach Terry Duffield. The "Coach" tells it like it is when dealing with clients, his guiding operation, and MONSTER Hawaiian Bonefish. Also in this episode: Dylan spills beer on himself (as usual), and tries in vain to compose a thought from start to finish... Dave talks about his favorite subject... farting... and we try to not bust a gut from Duff cracking us up! [WARNING] This show contains more profanity than the last Quinton Tarantino movie. The Coach guides for trophy Bonefish on various flats around the island of Oahu. He strictly sight fishes for them and utilizes a custom built flats boat. Find out more at Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff Subscribe via iTunes: SkatetheFlyTV.blip.tv/​rss/​itunes/​Cast: Dylan Rose

    - Home For Salmon Outtake 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/669)
    This is a short outtake of a feature-length film about conservation of wild salmon i Russia. This film is not commercial and it is not for sale. The film is given for free to dedicated people around the world on kharlovka.comCast: Danica Film AS / Kristian Topp

    - Home For Salmon Outtake 3 - Big Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/668)
    This is a short outtake of a feature-length film about conservation of wild salmon i Russia. This film is not commercial and it is not for sale. The film is given for free to dedicated people around the world on kharlovka.comCast: Danica Film AS / Kristian Topp

    - Alaska 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/666)
    Through the eyes of a fly fishing guide in Bristol Bay.Cast: Chris Ringlee

    - The Knucklehead Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/441)
    A uniquely jointed streamer utilizing wiggle tubing, and the new Fish Skullz to make a really cool medium sized streamer. Vary the colors to have endless possibilities.

    - Tying the McPhail Pink Bug by Davie McPhail. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/501)
    Tying the McPhail Pink Bug by Davie McPhail. Tying the McPhail Pink Bug by Davie McPhail. From: DavieMcPhail Views: 1743 29 ratings Time: 12:43 More in Sports

    - Tying the Macaw Dabbler with Davie McPhail. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/564)
    Tying the Macaw Dabbler with Davie McPhail. Tying the Macaw Dabbler with Davie McPhail Irish wet fly.. From: DavieMcPhail Views: 2601 27 ratings Time: 11:37 More in Sports

    - Momentos (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/575)
    Cast: Pescandoenpatagonia.com

    - Fly Fishing New Zealand....South Island Revisited Volume 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/574)
    wo anglers return to some of their favorite NZ back-country rivers in search of wild kiwi trout.C

    - Hunting for Chrome - Umba Autumn 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/573)
    ollow us on this gem of a salmon river which have fascinated thousands of salmon anglers during the last Twenty years. One of reason is the very good chance for a big salmon in the 20lbs to 30 lbs breakage or more! 2010 many anglers dreams came true this season. The numbers of big salmon we saw recorded in the record book after every week indicated clearly that we are on the right track regarding the control of the river together with our conservation plan. Every week during the entire season we could celebrate new members in our Twenty lbs club, and several managed to be “Double member” in this exclusive club. For more info please contact Steffen Juhl on sj@salmonjunkies.comC

    - Spun Sally (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/576)
    A fly demonstrating how to tie a furled style extended body fly. This particular one is the simplest form of furling, with only one material utilized. Simple and effective.Cast: Richard Strolis

    - Rich's Super Simple Sulfur Nymph #1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/579)
    Doesn't get much easier than this, a very simple 3 material pattern that is super deadly. This video also serves dual purpose for those of you looking for a simple pattern to start with if you are a beginner fly tyer. Good luck and have fun.Cast: Richard Strolis

    - Hendrickson Soft Hackle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/581)
    A very easy soft hackle pattern that I like to fish during the Hendrickson hatches both prior to, during and while spinners are falling. This particular fly can be altered in size and color for any mayfly hatch not just the Hendrickson Mayfly, so experiment and find what works for you.

    - The R-F Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/580)
    Great caddis surface pattern using a couple new materials in a traditional pattern. Something different to throw at those finicky fish. Good LuckCast: Richard Strolis

    - Tying an Emerger Midge Shuttlecock (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/589)
    Tying an Emerger Midge Shuttlecock with Davie McPhail.

    - Rich's Simple Sulfur Nymph #2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/578)
    Round 2, similar to the first, but a bit different yet just as easy and maybe even more durable.

    - Spicy BWO (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/583)
    A spiced up version of a euro style bwo nymph utilizing some newer materials and hooks not readily available to those of us in the states. The construction of this particular pattern demonstrates how to lay down a quill styled body and how to construct a split thread dubbing rope.

    - Hatchmaster Mayfly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/599)
    Tying a Hatchmaster Mayfly with Davie McPhail.

    - Squirrel Tail Caddis-Sedge (DryFly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/597)
    Tying a Squirrel Tail Caddis-Sedge (DryFly) by Davie McPhail.

    - White Winged Akroyd (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/598)
    Tying a White Winged Akroyd with Davie McPhail.

    - International Bunny (Fry Pattern) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/595)
    Tying the International Bunny (Fry Pattern) by Davie McPhail.

    - Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/600)
    This is the trailer for a DVD that will hopefully hit the market sometime around Feb. 2011Cast: RT

    - The JBL (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/587)
    A blackfly larva imitation that takes about a minute or so to tie, imitates the natural very well and catches fish all year long. A very overlooked food source for trout and one that is very prevalent in just about every body of water. Tie a few up and hang on.Cast: Richard Strolis

    - McPhail Pink Bug (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/591)
    Tying the McPhail Pink Bug by Davie McPhail.

    - Hex fishing trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/601)
    This is a little trailer I whipped up yesterday for a show on fishing the Hex hatch in the midwest. I hope to get in on the air and/or in DVD form. We'll see.Cast: RT

    - Spent Gnat (MayFly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/593)
    Tying a Spent Gnat (MayFly) by Davie McPhail.

    - Tango with sea trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/602)
    Fly fishing Adventures in Rio Gallegos, Argentina. This Patagonian Sea Trout river holds big numbers of huge fish. Las Buitreras is our base for the trip and there will be a full length film (DVD) released in October 2011.

    - Fly Fishing Colorado (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/603)
    "Fly Fishing Colorado" is a feature-length video journal of major fly-fishing events and top destinations for all species. Fly fishers of all skill levels will benefit from this comprehensive look at year-round fly fishing opportunities in Colorado.

    - Sugarlump Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/594)
    Tying a Sugarlump Emerger with Davie McPhail. This is a good pattern to have when there's a Canis hatch

    - Wisconsin Driftless Creek (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/604)
    Fly fishing a spring creek in Wisconsin. I want to say this is late March or early April. It was unseasonably warm that day so called I called buddy, took a sick day, grabbed the dog and off we went.

    - Fly fishing for tuna (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/605)
    Blue water fishing for tuna. Man, are they fast! The speed that they have when they strike the chum! Whoa! But the sharks are also interested in both chum and hooked fish.

    - Yokanga Gold (Variant) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/606)
    Tying the Yokanga Gold (Variant) by Davie McPhail.

    - Posh Tosh (Salmon Fly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/607)
    Tying the Posh Tosh (Salmon Fly) with Davie McPhail.

    - Shield Beetle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/608)
    Tying a Shield Beetle by Davie McPhail.

    - Polish Pheasant Tail Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/609)
    Tying a Polish Pheasant Tail Nymph with Davie McPhail.

    - Crab Flush Tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/610)
    Fly fishing for tarpon during the crab flush. Part 1 of 4, but worth watching anyway.

    - DH Hopper Tying video (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/611)
    DH Hopper tying video

    - Mako sharks on the fy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/613)
    This video highlights some of the mako sharks fishing done with Capt Dave Trimble out of San Diego. There is some good sized sharks in this video that show just how big a fish you can catch on fly tackle. All of our fish are released in the water with a special tool which you can see in the video.

    - Fly of my dreams (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/614)
    Now, here's something different: A fly fishing music video! The band Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys performs the son "Fly of my dreams" by the water, fly fishing and everything!

    - An Atlantic Salmon Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/615)
    Tying an Atlantic Salmon Fly by Davie McPhail.

    - Tying the Phatagorva Salmon Fly with Davie McPhail. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/620)
    Tying the Phatagorva Salmon Fly with Davie McPhail. Tying the Phatagorva Salmon Fly with Davie McPhail From: DavieMcPhail Views: 4136 26 ratings Time: 17:19 More in Sports

    - Iceland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1146)
    The republic of Iceland, located in the mid-Atlantic ridge, is a photographers paradise. The long summer days casts interesting light over this volcanic island with its many waterfalls, sandfields, mountains and glaciers. Many big glacial rivers teaming with Atlantic salmon and sea trout carve their way through the valleys. Sheep and carousel coloured horses watch approvingly as Kathryn and her fishing buddy take time out from their fishing to photograph the first signs of spring.

    - A Tenkara Fishing Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/623)
    Tying a Tenkara Fishing Fly with Davie McPhail.

    - Black Pennell (Variant) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/625)
    Tying a Black Pennell (Variant) by Davie McPhail

    - Small Polish Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/622)
    Tying a small Polish Nymph with Davie McPhail.

    - August Dun (Dry Fly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/619)
    Tying an August Dun (Dry Fly) by Davie McPhail.

    - Pike on tube flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/626)
    Pike caught on humongous tube flies.

    - Louisiana 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/627)
    Fly fishing Louisiana for big redfish with Scott Crippen and Christian Yergens of Shallow Water Expeditions

    - Irish CDC MayFly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/621)
    Tying an Irish CDC MayFly with Davie McPhail.

    - West coast tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/628)
    L:ots of tarpon hookups from the west coast of Florida

    - August Dun (DryFly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/617)
    Tying an August Dun (DryFly) by Davie McPhail.

    - Daddy Snatcher (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/618)
    Tying the Daddy Snatcher by Davie McPhail.

    - The Daddy Snatcher. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/616)
    Tying the Daddy Snatcher by Davie McPhail..

    - Winter tailwater fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/629)
    Michigan Rivers like the Manistee River have a winter trout tailwater fishery that is under-utilized. Brown trout and rainbow trout feed heavily on midges, scuds, caddis, and baitfish. We enjoyed plenty of trout on a warm February day.

    - Upstream Nymphing with Oliver Edwards (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/630)
    Nice excerpt from Oliver Edwards' Masterclass videos

    - In the search of dinosaurs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/631)
    its about fly fishing for Tararira or Wolffish in our homewater lake salto in Argentine, casting, drills and some pictures.

    - Clear water (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/632)
    The Jazz and Fly Fishing guys find some frightfully clear water and some really nice but shy fish.

    - Several venues are still scheduled.">Rise Fly Film Festival (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/633)
    A very nice road movie and appetizer for the Rise Fly Film Festival with clips from the trip to Malmo and the featured films. Go check it out. Several venues are still scheduled.

    - Heads or Tails, II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/634)
    Another exiting trailer from the Australian video about permit fishing. Some really awesome footage in there!

    - Pike fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/635)
    This movie is made to remember the great fishing trips of 2009 and the great pikes we caught.

    - Extended Body Green Drake (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/638)
    Ben Furmisky's Extended Body Foam Green Drake. Ben ties up his awesome pattern for Green Drakes. This can also be tied for Gray and Brown Drakes.

    - Hare's Ear Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/639)
    A classic!

    - BH Golden Stone "D" Rib Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/640)
    Tying video BH Gold Stone "D" Rib Nymph

    - The BWO BDE (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/641)
    Ben ties the smaller version of his BDE. This is an awesome little fly.

    - The Greatest Migration (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/642)
    A beautiful feature about the Pacific salmon migration. It's much more than fly fishing.

    - Low & Clear trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/643)
    Winner of the "Film of the Year" 2010 Drake Flyfishing video Awards.

    - Two lost men (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/644)
    Nicely produced fly fishing adventure.

    - A Bug Pattern (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/645)
    Tying A Bug Pattern by Davie McPhail.

    - The Club Sandwich (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/646)
    From a "Working with Foam" class.

    - Dave and Ryan go Tarpon Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1787)
    This short vid. is a result of a last minute trip the Florida Keys. Capt. Joel Dickey had a last minute cancellation, so he invited us down to experience the Silver King! We are already scheming our next trip, hopefully its sooner than later!

    - Two hand rods on the Pitt (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/648)
    Beautiful floating down Pitt River. The two hand casting isn't impressing, but the scenery sure is beautiful.

    - Faceless - Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/650)
    Nice fishing scenes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    - The Gnasher Sedge Hog (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/651)
    Tying the Gnasher Sedge Hog by Davie McPhail.

    - Darlon Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/652)
    Jim Wallach shows us one of his favorite patterns to use during the winter. It's an easy fly to tie.

    - NZ Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/653)
    Nice fly fishing scenes from NZ

    - Kayak Fly Fishing for Redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/654)
    Nice POV video of kayak fishing for redfish in Florida.

    - Salwater fly fishing for redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/656)
    30milesOUT #14 Salwater fly fishing for redfish, Southe Padre Island, Texas On this episode Ty Southerland goes Site Casting, Fly Fishing in South Texas.... Ty is joined by Capt. Mark Becerra with The Flats Guide Service based in Harlingen TX... Ty and Mark launch in Arroyo City and chase the redfish in Rattlesnake Bay and along the gin clear flats of South Padre Island... Its Bahamas style Bone Fishing in TEXAS! WHAT!

    - Tying the Hopper Juan (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/657)
    Tied during the "Working with Foam" class on 12/18/09. The Hopper Juan is my signature pattern that works great as a hopper or stonefly. I fish this thing about 10 months of the year, usually followed by a tungsten Glossy Back Baetis as a dropper and have tons of fun fishing this way.

    - Tiny bass on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/658)
    Rod catches a tiny smallmouth bass on the fly. :)

    - Crab Flush (Part 2 of 4) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/659)
    Fly fishing for tarpon during the crab flush.

    - Chilean Patagonia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/660)
    Chilean Patagonia and western Patagonia is a subregion of Patagonia. It is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes, climates and ecosystems, from the pampas to the east, through mountains, fjords, channels and islands in the west.

    - When Guiding Goes Gangster (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/662)
    I think the name says it all... when guiding goes gangster. Produced for the Drake Magazine Fly Fishing video Awards - produced by Beattie Outdoor Productions.

    - Simms MIdwest Tour: Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/663)
    In June of 2010 we hit the road, looking for some of the best fishing the midwest has to offer... we quickly learned that two weeks would not be nearly enough time...

    - part one and part two.">Crab Flush (Part 3 of 4) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/667)
    Fly fishing for tarpon during the crab flush. See video/crab-flush-tarpon">part one and video/crab-flush-part-2-4">part two.

    - Big rainbow and brown trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/670)
    Fly fishing for big rainbow and brown trout in southwest Montana, with the crew from the Stonefly Inn and Outfitters.

    - Back Country Flying & Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/671)
    A short video of are trip into the back country of Idaho with my brother and friends in his 185 Cessna tail dragger. Fly fishing for Trout.

    - Tying the Snlda (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/674)
    Tying the Snælda (Salmon Fly) with Davie McPhail.

    - Redfish on shrimp patterns (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/675)
    30 MILES OUT - #10 FLY FISHING redfish on shrimp patterns

    - Topwater Redfish Louisiana (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/676)
    Had the opportunity to film with a few buddies down in Louisiana - unreal! Here are a few of the shots of redfish eating topwater flies.

    - Spanish mackerel on flyrod (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/677)
    30 MILES OUT - #9 Spanish mackerel on flyrod & rolling tarpon

    - Walt Mueller Tying Soft milking eggs. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/678)
    The "Otter" tying some of his soft milking eggs at a fly tying demo on 12/12/09 at Ghillies Fly Shop. Walt is the inventor of the "soft milking eggs" for fly fishing.

    - Kayaks & redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/679)
    30 MILES OUT - #6 kayaks and redfish on the flyrod in Texas

    - The Funnel Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/680)
    Tying the Funnel Dun (Dry Fly) with Davie McPhail.

    - Soulfish 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/681)
    Soulfish 2, Fish Mode is an around the world fly fishing adventure movie. Coming soon from BURL Productions.

    - Frosty the Snowman (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/682)
    Started tying this oversized lightning bug/north fork hybrid this past fall and had some great results. Seemed to work well on aggressive fall brown trout. This fly can be tied up to size 10 and is meant to catch a fish's eye. Fish this fly deep with an upstream nymphing style or fish it on the swing.

    - Jig Hook Clouser Minnow (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/683)
    This is a great bug for smallmouth bass. We have used it extensively on the Missouri River system. It has accounted for several of our biggest smallies. Try various colors, but this generic whitish color scheme works well. Be sure to tie this to your tippet with a loop knot.

    - Iron Maiden (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/684)
    A wired pattern which works pretty good in the winter months. This is a good attractor pattern when all else fails, but can also be a stonefly mayfly or dragonfly nymph. Does double duty as a great panfish fly.

    - The Simon Templer Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/685)
    One of my favourite Nymphs, the Simon Templer Nymph. A good allround nymph.

    - Fish Skull Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/686)
    Tying with Hans - Fish Skull Streamer. Wow. These fish skulls are the ticket. They make an ordinary streamer pattern have some pop. They are super easy to use.

    - Chewee Blackfly Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/687)
    Tying with Hans - Chewee Blackfly Larva. Black Fly Larvae are often overlooked as a food source for trout. Most of the streams in our area have an abundance of Black Flies. This pattern worked great on its initial outing and has earned a spot in the box.

    - Chewee Scud (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/688)
    Tying with Hans - Chewee Scud. This is a pattern that I have tied for quite some time, but it has been updated with a new material- UV Chewee Skin. Big fish love scuds. I fish this in our local tailwater and it works great.

    - Lower 48- A Fly Fishing Film (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/690)
    Many Fly Fisherman travel the world in search of a great fly fishing adventure. What they neglect to remember, is what they have right here at home. Join The Trophy Stalkers as they travel the "Lower 48" to catch trout, steelhead, snook, tarpon and jacks on the fly.

    - Fly fishing in Iceland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/691)
    Nice footage of lake and stream fishing in Iceland.

    - Fly Fishing Wisconsin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/693)
    Follow Peter Cozad, a fly fishing guide in Viroqua as he explores a few of the many trout streams in southwestern Wisconsin. Listen as he describes why fly fishing is important to the economy of the region as well as to him personally, and how it may be threatened by climate change in this multimedia video produced by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board. More info and educational resources available at climatewisconsin.org. Production Credits: Finn Ryan – director, producer, video David Nevala – photography, video, editing Asche and Spencer – music Special Thanks: Peter Cozad Driftless Angler Fly Shop © 2010 Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

    - Sipper Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/694)
    Tying with Hans - Sipper Midge. Our take on the bighorn river classic. This is a simple fly pattern that packs a punch. Fish this for selective trout feeding on midge adults or even emerging midges. Tie this in several body colors- namely black, olive, grey, and cream. Fish this with just a bit of floatant rubbed onto the post and hackle. Don't put floatant on the abdomen of the fly. That allows the body of the fly to hang below the waters surface. Fly tying videos by Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitter.

    - Asp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/695)
    Asp II (aspius aspius), action filled video of asp fishing

    - Bonefish Mexico (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/696)
    Nice bonefish hookup and landing in very calm water

    - Piketeaser (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/697)
    Teaser for a Norwegian pike fishing video with Roy & Robban.

    - T-Motion Issue #13 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/698)
    T-Motion Issue #13 - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen.

    - T-Motion Issue #9 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/699)
    T-Motion Issue #9 - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen

    - Season 2 - Catch Magazine DVD (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/700)
    Season 2 - Catch Magazine DVD. On sale now at the Catch Magazine Store!

    - A Drift Inside (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1911)
    Recently, we joined Göran Andersson of LOOP for a float trip down Oregon's Deschutes River. Göran invented underhand casting, also called Scandinavian casting, in the middle of the last century, and has been perfecting the techniques and associated gear ever since. His ability to fish with little to no back cast space, in addition to his near-superhuman oneness with the fly, have earned him the nickname "Magic Man". Key to his casting style are deep-flexing rods designed for a compact casting stroke. We feel lucky to have spent a little bit of time with him on the river, which, whether located in Sweden or central Oregon, is definitely his natural habitat.

    - Flyfishing for Albies (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/702)
    Alex & Robban flyfishing for albies summer 2008.

    - Hans' Spring Soft Hackle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/703)
    Tying with Hans - Hans' Spring Soft Hackle. This easy to tie soft hackle pattern takes early season trout feeding on midges or emerging baetis mayflies. The purple thorax seems to be a trigger to trout. This fly can be fished deep behind a nymph, on the swing, or as a dropper a few inches behind a dry fly. Happy Tying.

    - Hydropsyche Caddis Larvae (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/704)
    Tying with Hans - Hydropsyche Caddis Larvae. This has been a solid producer for me in areas with good populations of free swimming caddis larvae. This pattern is very similar to the caddis patterns of Oliver Edwards. Thanks for the great tips and instruction Oliver! The legs are a great addition to any caddis larva pattern, or stoneflies and clinger mayfly nymphs. Happy Tying.

    - The rise (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/705)
    Fly fishing with an imitation of a dry damsel in a small lake.

    - Trairas pampa gaucho - Brasil - dez/2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/706)
    A fishing expedition in the region of the campaign of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

    - Flyfishing in Latvija (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/707)
    About that as our company fishes on a fly in Latvia...

    - The Bull Trout of Bigfoot Country (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/708)
    The Humblefisherman is Fly Fishing for Bull Trout in Southern Alberta Canada

    - Jazz & Fly Fishing, Season One SneakPeek (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/709)
    Sneak peek from the tv show Jazz & Fly Fishing, Season One. You gotta hope this show will come to a channel near you! It looks very promising! Great music and great fly fishing.

    - Baby Tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/712)
    Baby tarpon clips from Mexico

    - CDC Beetle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/713)
    Beetles and Ants are some of a trout's favorite summer foods. This pattern has done me well the past couple of summers. It was my go to fly on the fish in our catch and release area. Fish that had repeatedly refused other offering would often take this fly on the first presentation. The fact that it is easy to tie is a bonus. Happy Tying

    - Pinkie Worm-Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/714)
    This fly tying video features the Pinkie Fly, but not the pinkie of Bighorn River fame. This fly came about after seeing small pink worms in stomach pump samples in our local tailwater Rapid Creek. While this is not a perfect match it works very well. Coincidently it also works very well on the Bighorn River. Fish might also be taking this fly in our tailwater as a mysis shrimp.

    - Macabi #1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/715)
    Neither fishing nor fly tying, but certainly fascinating: Miami artist Jorge Martinez partnered with Fish Porn to share the process of creating this saltwater scene.

    - End of the grayling season (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/716)
    The end of grayling season on the Dordogne river.

    - 2010 highlights (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/717)
    Fly fishing in Iceland, Kamchatka, Bonaire and some Norwegian rivers and fjords during 2010. Fish: Red salmon, char, sea trout, bonefish, brown trout, stationary char.

    - K-T Flyfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/718)
    Really nice footage of US stream fly fishing, but not much to describe who, where and what.

    - Chad Gauerke Tying Demo (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/722)
    Chad spins up one of his Gypsy Caddis in this video from a tying demo at Ghillies Fly shop on 12/19/09. Chad uses a lot of European materials to make some of the buggiest flies out there. They are a real treat to look at as well.

    - The Mulraney Pig (Wet Fly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/723)
    Tying the Mulraney Pig (Wet Fly) with Davie McPhail.

    - Chewee Worm (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/724)
    Let's face it, worm patterns can work well. Extremely well. Here is another pattern to add to the worm pile. It looks good and is easy to tie. Good in red or worm brown.

    - The Articulated Ice Pick (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/725)
    The jointed version of my Ice Pick Streamer utilizing the new Fish Skull streamer heads by Flymen Fishing Company. If you liked the single version, this one is even nicer and makes a much bigger baitfish pattern.

    - Trout Moments B+W (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/721)
    - Riverworks NZ (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/726)
    Fly fishing in theNew Zealand, North Island, Back country.

    - Secrets of the Skwala (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/727)
    Join Host Michael Hamilton from Troutdogs.com and Jenn the Fish Chick as they tackle Yakima Rainbows with the Skwala dry fly. Fun Stuff Shot and edited by Dan Conces, Concise Advertising Camera in one hand, rod in other!

    - The Spectrum Dabbler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/728)
    Tying the Spectrum Dabbler by Davie McPhail

    - Spey and Switch Fly Rods (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/729)
    This may very well be a promotion for certain rods, but it surely is a nice video! Catching a wild steelhead on a fly doesn’t happen on every cast, so choosing a great casting fly rod is paramount for enjoyment on the river.

    - An instant dry fly take (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/730)
    Right after the dry fly lands on the surface, this fat westslope cutthroat trout wastes no time to swallow it.

    - Life of a Zonker (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/731)
    A super great video about a sea trout fly and its fate. That last fish is close to 4 lbs. Nice!

    - Bunny Leech (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/732)
    Tying a Bunny Leech with Davie McPhail

    - The (Bug-Bond) Quilled Buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/733)
    Tying the (Bug-Bond) Quilled Buzzer with Davie McPhail. The Glasgow Angling Centre Now stock Bug-Bond.

    - The Lost Bonefish Lagoons (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/734)
    The Lost Bonefish Lagoons of Costa de Cocos. The Mayan Riviera is home to lavish resorts and some of the finest flats fishing on the planet. Unexplored lagoons, saltwater crocodiles and ultra-skinny water cannot keep Trapper Rudd and Daniel Randall from deciphering the secrets of the Mayan lagoons and finding fish. The tropical resort of Costa de Cocos serves as base camp as these two go on a "fish fact-finding mission" in search of new water (and fish) by kayak.

    - New Zealand Big Trout Hunting (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/735)
    The remote rivers of the South Island of New Zealand throw down the gauntlet of challenge.

    - Mysterious Marble Trout of Slovenia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/736)
    Slovenia is home to rare Marble Trout and "the usual suspects". Curiosity gets the best of Trapper Rudd as he heads to the Southern Alps in this European adventure.loo

    - Orkla salmon 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/737)
    Eight minute film of fly-fishing for salmon on some middle-river beats of Norway's River Orkla, shot in July and August 2010

    - How to Dye Feathers Sunburst (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/738)
    How to Dye Feathers Sunburst with Davie McPhail. Something different in fly tying videos.

    - Killer Mayfly Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/739)
    This is a great nymph from Solitude flies and it does a bang up job imitating small baetis nymphs. A recent diet study found that baetis nymphs and midges were the top trout foods in Black Hills Streams. We use this fly as a dropper below a scud or an attractor nymph.

    - Orkney Sunburst (Muddler) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/741)
    Tying an Orkney Sunburst (Muddler) by Davie McPhail Tying an Orkney Sunburst (Muddler) by Davie McPhail From: DavieMcPhail Views: 3568 34 ratings Time: 10:19 More in Sports

    - The Black & Red Hog Hopper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/742)
    Tying the Black & Red Hog Hopper by Davie McPhail

    - The Cellar Dweller Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/743)
    Vertical Jig Style streamer pattern. Can be fished for several species. Jig style streamers are very overlooked patterns and styles, and this one is a deadly one.

    - Iceland Trip (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/744)
    Fishing on Iceland to music by Sigur Ros. That can't ba all bad!

    - Mexico Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/745)
    My first attempt at fly fishing in the Pacific surf in Bucerias, Mexico. I really had no idea what I was doing, and I didn't catch anything, but it was a great learning experience. Shot with a GoPro HD Hero.

    - Stuffed Olive Tying video (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/746)
    - Tungsten Undertaker (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/747)
    This is a great little nymph that I started fishing about a year ago. It works well as a dropper behind a larger offering. I typically fish it in size 18. The tungsten teardrop adds a good dose of weight. When fished behind a weighted front fly in a two fly nymph rig the need for additional split shot or weight putty is eliminated. This patter is also well suited to use in a Spanish or French nymphing rig. Black is my favorite color for this nymph, however any number of color combinations or schemes would work well.

    - The Bloodied Baitfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/748)
    Just another fun streamer pattern to tie. This particular one uses the new aluminum sea eyes as they aren't as heavy as standard dumbbell eyes and they allow the tyer to uses larger diameter eyes in the dressing. A good representation of most baitfish with a quick alteration of colors.

    - The Yellow Dancer (Variant) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/749)
    Tying the Yellow Dancer (Variant) by Davie McPhail

    - Split Case PMD Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/750)
    This is a great nymph from Solitude flies and it does a bang up job imitating emerging nymphs. This fly works great for PMDs or BWO's. Change the body color to a dark olive for BWO's.

    - New Teaser 3 AITUE (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1932)
    The teaser 3 of 4 of the next Conservation and Flyfishing video of the Patagonia

    - Time Flies When You're Having Fun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1145)
    Kathryn is amazed to see how much her city friends have improved since taking a fly casting lesson. Kathryn promises them each a Flummy (a kind of bread made by hunters and trappers) if they catch the storied Atlantic Salmon.

    - Brazilian trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/754)
    Fly fishing Trip on Campos do Jordão- Brazil

    - Luring out the wolf (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/755)
    Is there a big bad wolf hiding underneath that log? Carlo Ng casts a big fly into it to find out.

    - Sterkfontein (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/756)
    A fresh water sightfishing utopia found in South Africa where you can catch smallmouth yellowfish also known as "fresh water bones" on dry fly.

    - The Bug-Bond Corixa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/757)
    Tying the Bug-Bond Corixa by Davie McPhail

    - Flytying with Floris v/d Berg (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/758)
    This is a good quality video on the how to tie a flashtail diver. video shows how to spin and stack deerhair very well, as wel as trimming the head into shape process

    - Trout Camp video Diary (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/760)
    A simple collection of video, stills, and humor depicting the annual R4PB Trout Camp in Northern Michigan.

    - TROUT BUM 4 - JURASSIC LAKE (BEHIND THE SCENES :-) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/761)
    A bunch of scenes from the making of the flyfishing dvd TROUT BUM 4. Scenes not shown before, scenes that never should have gone public in any case, and some clips from the actual film aswell. Only Norwegian language on this behind-the-scenes film.

    - The Beach Comber (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/762)
    A really simple streamer mainly designed to represent sand eels, but could easily be altered for bay anchovies or any smaller salt water or even freshwater baitfish. The fish skulls are also used in the construction of this particular fly and really make this one a real winner.

    - Carp fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/763)
    Carp fly fishing from Korea

    - Bow River: The Rising Part II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/764)
    Eats, hooks and misses on the Bow River. Dry fly fishing at its finest!

    - Black Drum on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/765)
    On this episode of 30milesout, your host Ty Southerland hits the Texas flats with New Mexico Dave and the fly rods.... Black drum are the fish of the day... A few specks and a mullet (thats right- mullet) end up on the fly rods as well! Ty tips: how to get mullet on the fly, and Ty's version of the Merkin Crab pattern... Gear used - Sage XI2 fly rod, Lamson Velocity 3.5 fly reel....

    - River Muddler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/766)
    Tying a River Muddler by Davie McPhail

    - Tungsten Squirrel Hair Leech (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/767)
    Tying with Hans- Tungsten Squirrel Hair Leech. On the small streams I frequent, it is hard to fish streamers. It doesn't seem like an obviously fly choice. However, once you start using them and catching fish they become a staple in your box. Rabbit Hair leeches and squirrel hair leeches work great. On smaller water I find myself fishing them more and more. I cast across, let them sink, swing, and then "jig" them back upstream. Tie some and you will be happy they did.

    - Small Claret Dabbler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/768)
    Tying a Small Claret Dabbler with Davie McPhail.

    - Silure on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/773)
    Silure glanis in the Rhône, Frances

    - Split cane day (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/961)
    Fly fishing with friends, and some unexpected company.

    - Salmon fishing in Iceland with underwater camera (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/772)
    Very instructive video about how salmons take a fly

    - Great video on fly fishing Dream Stream in Spring (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/771)
    Hilarious. Guide Scott Thompson sets out to catch a huge lake run fish in Colorado's famed Dream Stream. This guy is seriously funny. Part 2 is even funnier. He guides for Minturn Anglers near Vail, CO.

    - Midge Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1957)
    There are times in the summer months when the greatest hatch you can expect to find will be Midges. These Mosquito like flies hatch in abundance and the trout will sip them in for hours. Give this pattern a try I think you will be happy you did.

    - Streaking Caddis (DryFly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1958)
    Ethel The Streaking Caddis, Materials Used, Hook, Fulling Mill Super Grub size 14, Thread, Cahill Uni-8/0, Body, Caddis Life Cycle in Ginger, Wing, Roe Deer Hair, Head Deer Hair.

    - Guadalupe River, Texas - February 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/776)
    A short video of a rainbow trout caught on the Guadalupe River in Texas in February 2011.

    - CP's Soft Hackle "D" rib Golden Stone Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/777)
    - Green Peter Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/778)
    Tying a Green Peter Caddis by Davie McPhail.

    - Tungsten San Juan Worm (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/779)
    Fly Tying with Hans - Tungsten San Juan Worm. This is worm season. Flows are up, which stirs in the worms. Fish like aquatic worms, go figure. Tie some of these up and catch some truchas.

    - Jim Auman Tying one of his Midges (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/780)
    Jim Auman, of Ft. Collins, CO, puts a new spin on a couple of flies and comes up with this simple midge.

    - Beginning Fly Tying - Elk Hair Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/781)
    Al Troth's Elk Hair Caddis is a classic. This pattern is a stand-by that should be in every fly-fisher's box. The basic pattern shown in this video features a tan color scheme. The Elk Hair Caddis can be tied in several colors to match the caddis hatching, but the tan is a good all around fly. Tie in sizes 12-20. Tie with tan, black, or olive bodies. Experiment with Ice dubbing for the body to add flash to the fly.

    - The Sparse Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/782)
    Tying the Sparse Midge by Davie McPhail.

    - How to catch a diamond ring (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/783)
    Not really fly fishing, but certainly fishing related and well made.

    - Drömmen om Kaitum (The Kaitumdream) - Teaser trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/784)
    Teasertrailer for our upcoming movie about flyfishing in northern sweden (Kaitum, Lappland).

    - Wet Fly trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/785)
    Join Johan Klingberg in his interesting meetings with professional fly fishermen. In this unique film you'll get really close to Paul Procter and Malcolm Greenhalgh as they share some of their extensive knowledge in both classic and modern wet fly fishing.

    - The Buggy Arizona Prince Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/786)
    The Arizona Prince comes from Jeremy Davies and this is a variation of that pattern. I have added a bit of soft hackle to make it a buggier pattern. This is a lot easier and faster to tie than the original Prince. Give them a try.

    - Sucker Spawn (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/787)
    Sucker Spawn tying video

    - Hairwing Brown Turkey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/788)
    Tying a Hairwing Brown Turkey.

    - El agua de Franco (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/789)
    Lots of ambiance and beautiful images, looks like Cuba but could be many places in Central America.

    - Passion for fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/790)
    Nice little feature about Swedish angler Jonas Olsson. Nothing out of this world, but nice to watch anyway.

    - Bonefish on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/791)
    Classical bonefish and tarpon footage from Islamorada sometimes in the 50's or 60's. Them were the days!

    - Grand Slam (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/793)
    This nice video was shot over a three year period in multiple locations in Belize. The movie contains bonefish, permit, and tarpon action.

    - Addicted to Fishing on redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/794)
    20 minutes of nicely filmed redfish goodness.

    - Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/795)
    Winter fishing in the famous Pyramid Lake.

    - Fresh flats fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/796)
    Fishing for bass flats style

    - Sight Fishing 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/798)
    The Lapland Jam. Joona lost the huge sight fishing trout. Håvard gives it a go with the dry fly. An improvised lapland-joik sets the mood for this episode of Jazz & Fly Fishing. The trout in this clear-watered lake hover around like ghosts in search of food.

    - Fly Fishing with Gary Jones (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/797)
    Nice Montana fly fishing video

    - Schliske Bamboo (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/801)
    Matt Schliske makes fine bamboo fly rods and short films with his Colorado based crew.

    - Kids Fly Fishing -- The Next Generation (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/799)
    The next generation of our sport....some fly fishing highlights from Parker (7 years old) and Carter Wise(5 years old).

    - Surf Fishing 2010 - NYC Edition (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/800)
    This is the compilation of my 2010 fly fishing season in the surf zone around NYC. Locations covered the Hudson River and Long Island Sound in the spring and the south shore beaches of Long Island in the Fall.

    - Prince Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/802)
    Does anybody go fly fishing without a few prince nymphs in their box? I hope not. This is a fantastic nymph pattern that fools trout all over the world. The pattern is credited to Doug Prince. This pattern can be tied with or without a bead. It can also be weighted with lead wire.

    - The CDC Yellow May Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/803)
    Tying the CDC Yellow May Dun by Davie McPhail.

    - The Colorado Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/804)
    The Colorado Caddis, tied in either green or cream, will cover most of your caddis species during the hatch. This little bug will work well when there is not a hatch too. Tie it heavy or light, It will work well for you.

    - Mercury Midge - Glass Bead Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/805)
    Beginning Fly Tying - Mercury Midge - Glass Bead Midge. This is one of the best flies to begin a tying career. These flies are simple to tie. Tying a glass bead midge teaches how to wrap thread and how to rib a body. Probably the best reason for tying this pattern is, that despite being so simple to tie, it catches loads of fish. For the waters I regularly fish, it makes more sense to tie a few dozen of these rather than tying a box full of wooly buggers. Vary the thread colors to include black, olive, and red bodies. The availability of wire and thread colors makes for endless color combinations.

    - Carpe Diem | Fly Fishing for Carp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1959)
    Carpe Diem Fly Fishing for Carp video. Filmed on the South Platte River in Denver Colorado.

    - Black and Purple Tarpon Bunny (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/808)
    Tarpon Bunny Flies like this Black and Purple version, are one of the most simple and effective tarpon patterns an angler can tie. Infinite color, size and weight schemes can be created with this pattern. Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys is best during months April, May and June. The Black and Purple Tarpon Bunny is very effective throughout the year and especially during the spring tarpon migration.

    - Tying a Spey Style Salmon Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/810)
    Tying a Spey Style Salmon Fly by Davie McPhail.

    - Miami night fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/809)
    I've Got Work in the Morning But.... A little taste of some midweek, nighttime fly fishing in Miami.

    - Cranefly Adult (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/811)
    Craneflies are often overlooked by trout anglers as a food source. Craneflies, both in their larval form and their adult form, can be very abundant. On our local waters I have had tremendous luck the past several seasons fishing both the larva and the adults. This adult pattern came about after watching two large rainbows fight over an cranefly that was skittering down a riffle on our local tailwater. I tied up a couple of these and caught several fish on the next outing. On this video I used 210 UTC thread because my bench was such a mess that I couldn't find my bobbin with white 120 UTC thread. It was a bit too bulky at the front of the fly. Use 140 denier.

    - Ray Charles Sowbug Pattern (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/813)
    The Ray Charles pattern is a Bighorn River staple. It catches fish everyday of the year on the Bighorn. It works on many other tailwaters. It works to imitate small scuds as well as sowbugs. Tie this in tan, pink, gray, or white.

    - Aussie tuna (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/814)
    Australian Tie'n'Fly Outfitters go tuna hunting. They take a different (some say abstract) view of the concept "Staff Meeting". They dress up in our protective sun wear, sunglasses and hats on, rods in hand and set off at 5am to "Do some Staff Meeting stuff"

    - Rich's Chicken Finger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/815)
    A streamlined weighted mayfly pattern designed to cut through the water easily to get to the fish. This pattern can be altered in color and size to imitate various types of mayfly nymphs.

    - The Mahogany MayFly Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/816)
    Tying the Mahogany MayFly Nymph by Davie McPhail.

    - Meerforellenangeln auf Bornholm 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/817)
    First class seatrout fishing at one of the best sea trout coastlines in the world

    - The Bug-Bond Cdc Emerger Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/818)
    Tying the Bug-Bond Cdc Emerger Caddis by Davie McPhail.

    - seatrout at cold sunset (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/819)
    Line 6 / shrimp hook 6 location : Denmark / Als in early April 2010 74cm / 5,5 kg

    - Parachute Dry Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/820)
    Parachute style dry flies are some of the most versitile patterns in a fly fishers arsenal. Tie them in a few colors and sizes and you are ready to match many a hatch.

    - The Brown Trout and the Mayfly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/821)
    Astonishing pictures of mayflies, fish and nature in general on this DVD trailer from Norwegian Arnt Mollan.

    - Two miracles (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/822)
    This is a short teaser for a TV program from Norwegian Arnt Mollan. This is recorded in the nature of Norway over 3 years, and have several unusual and amazing scenes.

    - A tour of a Danish spring creek (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/823)
    A tour on a small spring creek that is full of brown trout in Western Denmark. The mayfly hatch in the evening was thick and beautiful.

    - Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/824)
    For the past several months this pattern has been very effective on my home waters of Rapid Creek. Where I fish it is best tied in sizes 14-16 This pattern is well suited to use in a Spanish or French nymphing rig. Feel free to alter the body color and change the color of the hot spot. I have had good luck with a black body and a purple thorax, as well as a black body with an orange thorax.

    - The Irish Snatcher (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/825)
    Tying an Irish Snatcher by Davie McPhail.

    - The Troutmen at The Casselman (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/826)
    Here is the intro to an incredible journey back at the The Casselman.

    - Super simple scud (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/827)
    As simple as they get: hook, thread, one material.

    - Inshore fly fishing for golden dorados (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/828)
    Golden dorado fishing. Spanish speech (and subtitles!), but also some nice action.

    - Weipa baitballs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/829)
    Crazy action in Australia as anglers catch all kinds of predatory fish going berserk on balls of baitfish.

    - The U.V. Pearl Jam Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/830)
    This is a variation of the Disco Midge that I call the U.V. Pearl Jam Midge. It works great during the winter when midges are always on the menu. Easy to tie, I make sure I have plenty of these on my midge box.

    - Ultimate Black bass fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/831)
    Nice footage most likely from southern France.

    - Gold Lite-Brite Sedgehog (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/832)
    Tying a Gold Lite-Brite Sedgehog by Davie McPhail.

    - Small Chunky Caddis Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/833)
    Tying a Small Chunky Caddis Pupa by Davie McPhail.

    - The Kamchatka Steelhead Project (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/834)
    Beautiful introduction to a project where anglers and scientists work together on preserving a pristine environment.

    - Tungsten Skinny Nelson (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/836)
    The Skinny Nelson is a Baetis nymph pattern developed for the Bighorn River in Montana by Tracy Peterson. It is a simple but deadly fly. It works great in any stream or river with small mayfly nymphs. It can be tied with or without a tungsten bead. Typically it is tied in sizes 18-20, but tying them in slightly larger or smaller sizes works too.

    - The Sunburst Coral Muddler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/837)
    Tying a Sunburst Coral Muddler by Davie McPhail.

    - Fanwinged Adams (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/839)
    Tying a Fanwinged Adams (Dry Fly) by Davie McPhail.

    - WAKE (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/838)
    A Bay Street Outfitters winter video. Capt. Tuck Scott, Capt. Owen Plair, and Capt. Richard Sykes take you through a dream of fly fishing the clear winter water of Beaufort, SC. Filmed the winter of 2010/2011. Bay Street Outfitters 815 Bay Street Beaufort, SC 29902 843-524-5250.

    - Overgrown II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1960)
    A second film on the same stream as last time. This one was shot on a cloudy afternoon about 10 degrees colder than the first video, but the Mayflies didn't seem to mind!

    - Bow River:The Rising (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/841)
    Fly fishing the Bow River (sorry, I just suggest the second part of this video but then noticed you have the second but not the first part)

    - Jnkping Fishing Fair Interviews 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/842)
    Jazz & Fly Fishing was at Sweden\'s biggest fishing fair at Jnkpings Fiskemssa. We had three questions to ask from everybody: 1. What\'s your biggest fish 2. Do you listen to Jazz? 3. Have you heard about Jazz & Fly Fishing We got some pretty good answers. Check it out.

    - Poppy's Red Shed (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/843)
    What does a retired truck driver do with a 300 square foot shed and a passion for steelheading?

    - Ohio Steelhead Drifters (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/844)
    Shot in NE Ohio this Spring 2011. Come join Ohio Steelhead Drifters for a day on the water, in Ohio's Steelhead Alley.

    - The UV Yellow Gosling (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/845)
    Tying the UV Yellow Gosling by Davie McPhail

    - Pheasant Tail Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/846)
    The Pheasant Tail Nymph is one of the most widely used nymphs on trout streams throughout the world, and for good reason. This fly is one of the most productive flies of all time. This version is tied in the newer american style. Al Troth is widely credited with creating this version of the pheasant tail nymph. Great fished in sizes 12 down to size 20 or 22. More videos to come of Pheasant Tail Nymph Variations.

    - Niels Have who has contributed to GFF.">Hervey Bay Tuna (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/847)
    Fishing with Gavin Platz from Tie 'n' Fly Outfitters in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Some very good Danish friends appear in the last section, amongst them Niels Have who has contributed to GFF.

    - A Day on the Rio Parismina (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/848)
    Nice video from the muddy-brown waters of the Rio Parismina, home to some of the world's biggest tarpon.

    - Olive Spider (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/849)
    Tying an Olive Spider (Wet Fly) by Davie McPhail.

    - The Kodiak Project Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/850)
    Beautiful trailer for an upcoming fly-fishing documentary: The Kodiak Project. Filmed on the Karluk River on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

    - Fly fishing at Paloma River Lodge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/851)
    Nice videos of fly fishing at Paloma River Lodge in Chile during March 2011

    - remembering (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/860)
    Short film about one cast.

    - Modern fly fishing: Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/853)
    Trailer for the last DVD in the series Modern Fly Fishing. We join Johan Klingberg in some exciting streamer fishing, and meet some of Europe's most skilful streamer fishermen.

    - Hans' Sowbug (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/852)
    Hans' Sowbug is an alternative to some of the more common sowbug patterns. This pattern has worked quite well on the Bighorn River. The Ray Charles pattern works great, but it is nice to have a slightly different fly to try if the fish get picky.

    - Jönköping Fishing Fair Interviews 2 - How to Sell Jazz to Fishermen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/854)
    There was thousands of visitors at the Jönköping fishing fair. So many that we were confident we would sell out our cd's in no time. After Joona had played a beautiful intro and solo on the Hatch followed by my excellent bass solo, we were expecting to see a long queue to for cd's and autographs. But what?! Not single one on the sales desk? A catastrophe! It seemed like they didn't even realize what they were missing: The only record in the universe that combines these two worlds - jazz, and fly fishing - in a perfect harmony. This wasn't going to happen. Not to us. We were bound to make a difference. Go fishing. Make music. Make love. Make peace. Buy the Jazz & Fly Fishing album "Slow walking water".Cast: Jazz and Fly Fishing´s Jazzcam

    - Gold & Orange Lite-Brite Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/855)
    Tying a Gold & Orange Lite-Brite Shrimp by Davie McPhail

    - Nice sea trout fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/856)
    Spring fishing for Danish sea trout

    - Fly Fishing Southern Spain (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1961)
    Enigmatic and Small genetic trout of Andalucía - Fine fishing for a small trouts. Rivers Borosa & Segura.

    - The Royal Gorgeous Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/858)
    This little caddis pattern works great anywhere there are caddis larva and pupa drifting around. It is based off of the Cimarron Special, a pattern from Greg Faught, one of my favorite patterns of all time. This is a very simple pattern to tie and the key is the buggy rubber leg dubbing.

    - Flyfishing Patagonia 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/859)
    2 month traveling & flyfishing in Chile / Argentina

    - Out of our element (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/861)
    DIY fishing is not for the faint at heart, especially when you are out of your element. We travelled for 3 days and took 4 flights to get to our final destination in Central America. We even managed to do some fishing between flights; in some cases we only had a few hours but managed to find some seriously good opportunities along the way.

    - The Juanna Be Hopper Juan (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/862)
    This is the little brother to the full grown Hopper Juan. It is designed for early and later in summer when fish have seen all the big hoppers that all the companies tie and sell. It pretty easy to tie, give it a try.

    - The Calvin Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/863)
    Tying the Calvin Shrimp (Salmon Fly) with Davie McPhail.

    - CDC Split Wing Sparkle Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/864)
    Blue Winged Olives (aka Baetis) create superb early and late season hatches. This simple but effective take on the sparkle dun pattern features a split CDC wing. Fish this fly as fish begin to feed on the surface. Its fine if the fly hangs a bit in the film. This fly can even be tied on a curved shank emerger hook to fish as an emerger.

    - Soulfish: Fish Mode (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/865)
    A trailer for Soulfish 2: This one of a kind adventure documentary follows some of the most dedicated and experienced fly anglers in the world as they chase some of the greatest Game Fish on this planet to waters around the globe. It’s a visual and sensual experience that lets you see through the eyes and explore the thoughts of some of Fly-Fishing’s greatest personalities.

    - Crystal Clear (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/866)
    A short fly fishing movie, filmed on a Radovna river, a true alpine fly fishing gem of Slovenia.

    - Fox's Caddis Poopah (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/5079)
    Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties Fox's Caddis Poopah

    - Deer Hair Ant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/4834)
    In this fly tying tutorial, less is definitely more! Featured in this video is a deer hair ant consisting of just a couple materials. The buoyant fly is realistic, easy to tie, and most importantly, effective. I first stumbled across this pattern in George Harvey's book and believe this to be one of the best ant patterns out there. You can also turn this into a high-visibility fly by adding some fluorescent yarn to the top. As always, if you decide to revise the pattern at all, please feel free to share the results! The hook that I feature in this fly tying tutorial is the N202 from Allen Fly Fishing. This hook is intended for terrestrials and really suits this pattern. You can view this hook (and more) at the following link: http://www.allenflyfishing.com/n202-nymph-dry-fly/ Thanks for viewing this fly tying tutorial; feel free to leave any comments/questions directly on this YouTube page, or email me: tcammisa@gmail.com

    - A snowy April day (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/868)
    A snowy April day on a NE Michigan river

    - Turk's Power Ant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/867)
    Montana Fly Tier and guide Josh Stanish ties a Turk's Power Ant from the Library of the Federation of Fly Fishers in this professionally produced episode from TheWeeklyFly.com

    - Trout, Bardu (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/869)
    Since we have had so much hard time finding the trout lately, I thought it would be a good idea to remind ourselves what it looks like. Here's one of very good quality from Bardu, Norway. Music by Jazz & Fly Fishing

    - Hendrickson Comparadun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/870)
    Just in time for the Hendrickson hatch, here is a modern classic that has a place in all dry fly boxes. Alter the size and color to imitate any mayfly hatch.

    - The Bloodshot Midge Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/871)
    Tying the Bloodshot Midge Pupa by Davie McPhail

    - Spring Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/872)
    From the mountain town of Stanley, ID downstream through the Salmon River canyon you will experience spectacular scenery while fishing for steelhead!

    - Mining for Browns (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/873)
    This is a video about brown trout. Big ones. Abandoned mining operations litter Montana's landscape. Surprisingly, some of the mining operations have provided fertile environments for trout to live, grow, and eat streamers. This is one such operation.

    - Steelhead Dreams (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/874)
    A very nice documentary style project about a mother, father and daughter growing up in the back country of British Columbia. 34 years later the mother/daughter team are still working harder than ever operating a world class Steelhead Lodge in Norhtern B.C.

    - Steelhead Dreams, part 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/875)
    Part #2 of the epic trip to Northern British Columbia. it was a glimpse into a life most people dream of; living within a short walk to stellar waters, seeing mountains in every direction, and sharing habitat with North America’s kings of the food chain – the grizzly bears and wolves who frequently visit camp. A great story about two amazing women.

    - The Alder Sedge Hog (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/876)
    Tying the Alder Sedge Hog (Muddler) by Davie McPhail.

    - RAW (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/877)
    - Nordic flyfishing tales (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/878)
    Harald and Tor Nylinder are drifting around in the north of sweden looking for trout. But sometimes you got to be happy with a dryfly moose instead!

    - The Costa Rica Challenge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/879)
    In the heart of Central America, 5 veracious trout fisherman, launch on a salty journey that most said couldn't be done. One Country, Two Oceans, Three Species, 430 Kilometers all in 36 Hours. Is it possible?

    - Fly Fishing Club (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/880)
    Nice video where members of the ASU fly fishing club describe why they enjoy the sport of fly fishing.

    - Shad Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/881)
    It's shad season! Fly fishing for shad is one of the most underrated thing in flyfishing. They don't call them 'mini tarpon' or 'poor man's tarpon' for nothing.

    - Spring Olive Spider (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/882)
    Tying a Spring Olive Spider by Davie McPhail.

    - Fly fishing New Zealand (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/892)
    Harald dry fly fishing down under!

    - Boat Anchor Scud (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/883)
    Fishing the Bighorn or other western tailwater? Hate using split shot? Use this scud pattern in place of weight and save yourself the trouble of digging for split shot or untangling rigs. The trout dig it. Caught some of the biggest fish of the past trip on this fly.

    - Crabby Patty (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/890)
    The Crabby Patty has been a very successful fly for me during the past year or so. It has gone through a few changes along the way but this version seems to be the ticket. It has caught a lot of redfish as well as speckled trout, snook, sheepshead, and even a few baby tarpon. I tie it in pink which is the first color I tie on and also in chartreuse. I match the color of the fur on top to the color of the bottom over which it is fished.

    - A Little Give and Take (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/893)
    Some tricky s,all stream fishing

    - Andros bones (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/894)
    Fishing the flats on Andros Island, Bahamas. Some great POV shots of hooking and fighting bonefish.

    - Fly Fishing for Pike - Saskatchewan, Canada (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/895)
    What a fight! 42" Northern Pike vs. fly rod No, my drag was not set light... this fish peeled off line like a freakin' bonefish! Took several massive runs and showed no sign of tiring. Ever time she neared the boat and saw movement, off she went again! I've caught hundreds of pike on a fly rod, but never had one fight like this... truly one for the ages.

    - Bass fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/896)
    Some nice POV shots of bass fishing in a very clear stream.

    - Searching For Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/897)
    A short film about a style of fly fishing that is nearly as brutal as it is rewarding...

    - Gone Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/898)
    A beautiful day fly fishing on the Rose River yielded more than a few fish.

    - "Grey Ghost" bunny streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/899)
    This fly comes from Flies that Catch Fish, but this version has dumbbell eyes to weigh it and keep the hook riding point up. I nicknamed it the grey ghost because of the grey bunny strip. It comes pretty close to imitating a striped finger mullet. I have caught redfish, spotted sea trout, snook, and flounder on this fly. It rarely fouls because the bunny strip is impaled on the hook. You can change the color of the bunny strip and flash to imitate your local baitfish. I use chartreuse and black barred olive versions too.

    - Welsh Thunder (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/900)
    Tying the Welsh Thunder with Davie McPhail.

    - Scandinavian Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/901)
    Promotion for a new Swedish fly fishing site. Nice shots... but these guys scream slightly more than the average Scandinavian.

    - UK Fly Fishing For Pike (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/902)
    Pike around 10lb taken on the last day of the UK coarse season - 14/03/11.

    - Steve Schweitzer as he demonstrates how to tie Steve's Chewy Golden Stone fly pattern using Chewee Skin by DS Flyes.">Steve's Chewy Golden Stone (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/903)
    Join GFF partner Steve Schweitzer as he demonstrates how to tie Steve's Chewy Golden Stone fly pattern using Chewee Skin by DS Flyes.

    - Steve's Chewy Green Caddis Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/904)
    Join GFF partner Steve Schweitzer as he demonstrates how to tie Steve's Chewy Green Caddis Larva using Chewee Skin by DS Flyes.

    - Circle 3 Spring Creek (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/905)
    An excellent promotion video for Circle 3 Spring Creek (or crick as the owner calls it), with some beautiful shots of landscapes and fishing as well as a great story about the restoration and conservation efforts put into this little pearl.

    - Springsteel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/906)
    A few of the CP crew got away for a week of steelheading, heres the fish porn cut.

    - Red Autumn (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/907)
    Watch Danish photographer Columbus Leth's fantastic video from Umba, from September last 2010, his first time in Umba and a remarkable trip it was. It's just like being there in autumn from the hazy Umba mornings to the lovely fights with salmon during the day. You are ready to jump in the boat and head for Brad's Pool and Doctor´s Pool, where most of the video was shot.

    - Cicada madness (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/908)
    Fly fishing New Zealand.

    - It's a Tenkara Thing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/920)
    Mission:Fish produced and hosted by our won Steve Schweitzer goes Tenkara fishing. Special guest host Karel Lansky (tenkaraonthefly.net) discusses the principles behind Tenkara fishing while catching a few fish using his Killer Bug.

    - A Nice Brace (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/909)
    Me catching two pikes on a rainy day.

    - Claret Bob's Bits (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/912)
    Tying a Claret Bob's Bits with Davie McPhail.

    - Large MayFly Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/913)
    Tying a Large MayFly Emerger by Davie McPhail.

    - Upper Keys Tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/914)
    Fly Fishing for Tarpon in the Upper Keys.

    - Fly Fishing on a Westcountry stream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/915)
    A windy days fly fishing on a small Westcountry river. Casting CDC & Elk and CDC duns to rising fish, and occasionally using a tungsten nymph to search the deeper holes. Lost a few caught a few.....

    - Weekly Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/916)
    - Sulphur Parachute (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/917)
    Tying instructions for a Sulphur Parachute dry fly.

    - Clouser Deep Minnow (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/918)
    A Clouser tied saltwater style

    - Flyfishing at the Ningaloo in WA (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/921)
    Flyfishing for Queenfish & co at the Ningaloo Reef in Australia with Christof Menz und Uwe Rieder www.pro-guides.com

    - Sneaky tiny rainbow trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/922)
    We stumbled upon a school of rainbow trout that eagerly attacked our fly but they didn't seem to want to stay on the hook!

    - The Christmas Tree published on this very site. ">Christmas Tree (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/923)
    A video made to accompany the article The Christmas Tree published on this very site.

    - Nina throws loops (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/925)
    Fly fishing the surf... nice POV video of surf fishing for Croakers

    - Kings of the River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/926)
    In the jungles of Bolivia, the rivers are ruled by a golden predator. Follow this expedition to see why the rivers and fish command such respect.

    - East Walker Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/924)
    Two young guys take a road trip to from the San Fransisco to the high sierra's in search of some early spring fly fishing on the famous East Walker River. They document with their camera's along the way, capturing not just the fishing, but some of the other things that go on on a fishing trip... like the waiting and the not catching.

    - City Life Blues (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/927)
    Nice video about 4 days in 8 minutes. The weather was uncooperative, and the Black Fly in full swing. Thus testing the patience required to dig out the camera. However luck was had in tricking a decent Lake Trout that was caught feeding shallow.

    - Twilight Estuary (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/928)
    Mission:Fish and GFF partner Steve Schweitzer takes a quick spin along Florida's west side beaches in search of tarpon and snook. A few other surprises find the business end of the fly, too.

    - Red Like Winter (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/930)
    Shot in December 2010 in the Louisiana Marsh, Red Like Winter captures on film some of the most amazing monster winter redfish caught on fly ever recorded. See the full length film on the 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

    - On the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/932)
    Redfish from New Orleans. A quick preview of footage for The Fly Fishing Film Tour.

    - Rio Gallegos (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/933)
    Nice footage from South America,

    - Just one pike (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/931)
    Just me again, catching another pike.

    - Dennart Beetle chub killer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/934)
    Very catchability beetle. From such a delicacy not withstand large chubs, redeyes, ides, big trout. Legs can be done differently, catchability does not change. Color of legs (plastic or latex) and back (foam) can vary. Captions in Russian and English will be added later. I am sure that everything is clear! Have any questions, welcome to the flyfishing-kld.ru, speak in English.

    - LFux Fanny Pack and some Nice rainbows (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/935)
    A short video about a William Joseph Fanny Pack that converts into a Stripping Basket and some nice Trout

    - 2 Fast 2 Furious (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/936)
    A huge storm was coming in from the North Atlantic, giving me just a few minutes to fish the calm before the storm. Driven to a frenzy by the river´s feasting trout and further aggrevated by the sound of some guy drilling a hole for a flag pole outside his summer cottage, I experienced some severe strike problems. Somehow, I managed to cool down just before the storm hit the river and made fishing and filming impossible.

    - GoPro test (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/937)
    Robert Thompson testing the GoPro Hero camera in this very nice POV video. In the end there's a review of the camera's performance, and Robert is not pleased...

    - Fly Fishing bonefish holidays in Belize (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/938)
    Nice Belizian bonefishing from some years back

    - The lost river (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/940)
    Nordic Fly Fishing Tales - episode 2. I tried to make some kind of a story in this episode. but it didn't really turned out the way I wanted it to be...

    - Ice & Chrome (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/941)
    Roadtrippin' Iceland with my three favorite allies

    - Escape (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/944)
    Fly Fishing/ Camping

    - Boom goes the Brownomite (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/942)
    A day of fly fishing on SW Montana's Beaverhead River with YGF and Evolution Anglers. Nothing too huge came to the boat, but a good time was had. Browns and Rainbows were caught. An 18-19" brown trout was the largest fish caught.

    - The Lite-Brite Buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/945)
    Tying the Lite-Brite Buzzer by Davie McPhail.

    - Midfjardara river (Iceland) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/943)
    My friend Simon catches a 94cm salmon on Midfjardara river (Iceland)

    - Les Vaches et les Mouches (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/946)
    "Cows and Flies" - Another beautiful spring day above the arctic circle. This time, the weather was on my side, and I had a fantastic day, catching several beautiful trout on the dry fly and communicating with the local cattle. Cows are much more intelligent than you might think!

    - Baja Flyfishing Adventure (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/947)
    La Paz, Baja Mexico for six days of flyfishing May 14 to 21. Despite two days of really tough fishing, and a day we could not even go due to wind, we had a great time, had lots of shots, and got some great fish. A super fine 60lb Rooster, a 50lb Rooster, a 45lber, a 35lb Durado and some nice large roosters and Jack Cravelle.

    - Smells like fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/948)
    Nice sea trout fishing from Sweden

    - The SuperPupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/949)
    Tying the SuperPupa with Davie McPhail.

    - Euro Jig Pheasant Tail (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/950)
    European nymphing is gaining in popularity here in the Estados Unidos, as it should. The techniques that have been used in France, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic deserve attention. They add a new perspective to nymph fishing and open up new opportunities on our home waters. The jig style nymphs employed in various tight line nymphing techniques give the angler the option to fish right on the bottom without fear of repeated snag-ups. The weight from these jigs keeps the the multiple fly rig taunt and allows for better telegraphing of strikes. The jig in this video is a pheasant tail style nymph. Many of our standard nymph patterns can be adapted to tying on these new jig hooks.

    - Steelhead Camp '11 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/951)
    Nice video from a steelhead trip, cabin ambiance, nice scenes from the river and altogether a very good portrait of a cozy fishing trip.

    - The Forgotten Pool... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/952)
    Evening on a forgotten pool, who knows what lurks in the depths of this small stream anomaly. Some shakey handheld footage...

    - Bonefishing Turks & Caicos Islands (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/953)
    Perfect day bonefishing Turks & Caicos flats, may 2011. Scoped for bonefish on this huge flat for about 3 hours. Once we found them, we had school after school passing by real close for about an hour. It was hard not getting spotted in this very shallow clear water and we did spook lots - still great fun :)

    - Itu's Bones Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/955)
    Whatever this is a trailer for, I'd like to see it! Not much fly fishing in the beginning, but once they start fitting th boat, you know where this is going! Beautifully filmed and well produced. From the Cook Islands it seems.

    - Buccaneers and Bones Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/956)
    Another Sol Duc Buck trailer with lots of action and beautiful shots.

    - Orange Ally's Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/957)
    Tying the Orange Ally's Shrimp with Davie McPhail.

    - Bearnes Men (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/958)
    This is our new video by Bearnishfly'sBlog

    - Tenkara Panfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/962)
    Join host Steve Schweitzer as he shares simple tactics that make a Tenkara rod perfect for fishing a small pond for panfish. Mission Fish - season 1, episode 4

    - Winnie the Pooh (Nalle Puh) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/963)
    Tying the Winnie the Pooh (Nalle Puh) Dry Fly with Davie McPhail. Winnie the Pooh (Nalle Puh) is consider as the national fly of Finland. This was developed in 1960's by Simo Lumme. This fly will float even in very fast water.

    - Beaverhead River Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/964)
    Spent the day on the Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges, MT, fly fishing with my brother. Fishing was good, and it was the first time screwing around with my new GoPro which is awesome!

    - Small Spinner (Dry Fly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/965)
    Tying a Small Spinner (Dry Fly) by Davie McPhail.

    - Tiger Muskie (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/966)
    Fishing for tiger muskie in a pond in Utah.

    - Tiger Muskie, 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/967)
    - Tiger Muskie, 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/968)
    - Tiger Muskie, 4 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/969)
    - Fly fishing Slovenia 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/970)
    Nice fly fishing moments from Slovenia June 2011

    - BC stillwater trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/971)
    In this video blog, we visit Onion Lake at Ruddocks Ranch just north of Lytton, British Columbia. Onion Lake offers good stillwater fly fishing for rainbow trout.

    - A Fisherman's Dream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/972)
    A Fisherman's Dream (a way of life)

    - Stripers Like Dominoes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/973)
    For graduation, my parents asked what I wanted. I said a fly fishing trip in my new home. Sara and I went fly fishing for striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay with Capt. Chris Newsome of Bay Fly Fishing. This was Sara's first time fly fishing and she did awesome! It was a beautiful day, and the stripers fell like dominoes.

    - 7 Minutes of Mayhem (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/974)
    This video is CONTINUOUS and UNCUT 7 minutes of baby Tarpon action at Isla del Sabalo in the Yucatan. Fishing was purposely conducted with a BLUNTED hook point on the fly. It shows the remarkable fishing potential and amazing density of willing baby Tarpon that inhabit this remote region of the Yucatan

    - Cloopers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/975)
    Join special guests Mark McMillan and Jeff Wagner as we fish for tailing and clooping carp on a Colorado eastern plains lake. Mission Fish - season 1, episode 5

    - Ryan's Fire Ant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/977)
    Fly Tying with Ryan - Ryan's Fire Ant Ryan Gabert ties one of his favorite summer time patterns. Trout seldom pass up the chance to eat an ant. Ryan started tying his Fire Ant last summer and had great success. As temperatures start to warm, trout will start to key on terrestrials. Ants patterns are so effective that they deserve ample room in your fly box.

    - Mayfly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/978)
    Beautiful video with stream fishing and mayflies

    - Scott rods behind the scenes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/979)
    Felt Soul Media (of Hatch and Running Down The Man fame) has had access to Scott's rod building facilities.

    - Jungle Beetle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1043)
    Tying the Jungle Beetle

    - Spudler Minnow (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1044)
    Steve from Flies and Pies tying at Rainbow Fly Shop: This is my "Spuddler Minnow" I originated this pattern to work like a suspending crankbait kind of thing, it's a killer fly for small- and largemouth bass and should also be a decent choice for trout as well.

    - Bow River Bugger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/981)
    The Bow River Bugger is an awesome streamer pattern that has proven its place in my fly box. I fish this pattern for trout and smallmouth bass alike.

    - Fly Tying videos (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/fly-tying)
    The best online fly tying video clips in our fly fishing video channel. Step-by-stpe tying of popular fly patterns, tricks for better flies and much more.

    - North Fork of the White River, Spring, 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/982)
    Join, Brian Wise, Head Guide at River of Life Farm on the North Fork of the White River for the ups and downs of the guiding season of Spring, 2011. From big brown trout and white bass to massive flood waters and massive hybrids!

    - Tying Brad Bohen's "Hang Time"....with a twist. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/983)
    Tying a spin-off of the Afton Angler's (Brad Bohen) "Hang Time" Musky fly....it's a long tie so we sped it up for you. :)

    - Father and Son (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/985)
    A truly beautiful video about a fishing father. The producer William J. Meyer writes: I was ambivalent about sharing this video publicly, but my Mother asked me to do it, so I will follow her judgment. Read the rest of his comments by clicking on to Vimeo after watching.

    - Hatch trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/986)
    A film documenting the world's most extraordinary insect hatches and the fantastic fly fishing that accompanies them. The first fly fishing film to be shot on a RED One Camera. A Gin-Clear Media production.

    - "Mayan King" - Yucatan Tarpon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/988)
    Here is a fun video of Yucatan Tarpon at destinations, Isla del Sabalo and Isla Blanca.

    - The Deschutes River Stonefly Hatch (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/989)
    Fly fishing the Salmonfly and Golden Stone hatch on the Deschutes River in Oregon should be on every angler's "must-do" list. For myself and my angling buddies it's on our "must-do till our arms hurt list". The takes are explosive and the runs are incredible. A product of their unforgiving environment, the Deschutes Redside is an incredibly spirited trout.

    - Hans' Cicada (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1042)
    This fly surprised me, it caught fish on the small streams that I fish in the Black Hills. It brought large trout to the surface when nothing else would. Do they take it for a cicada? I don't know, but it does catch fish. This fly is inspired by the cicada patterns I encountered in New Zealand. I tie it in a size 6 but it can be tied larger or smaller depending on the size of the bugs in your neck of the woods.

    - Fly Fishing Seychelles (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/992)
    Fly fishing the remote Farquhar Atoll, Seychelles. The outer atolls of the Seychelles offer some of the best salt water flats fly fishing on the planet.

    - CDC MayFly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/993)
    The author of this tied is Marc Petit Jean, and Arno Egon is a very good fly tier.

    - Canada Day Gar (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/994)
    Just a brief montage from the first day of gar season on the Bay of Quinte - Canada Day 2011! - with Rob O'Reilly. Awesome fun!

    - Dry or Die Rolf (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/995)
    The pure happiness of catching a Brown trout on a dry fly.

    - Clear Waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/996)
    A days fly fishing on very clear Westcountry stream.

    - Czech Nymph in Italian river (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/987)
    Czech Nyph technique applyed in major Italian Rivers

    - BASS Worm (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/997)
    Fly Tying with Ryan - BASS Worm. Nevermind the silly accent and the off centered camera view, this fly works. It works especially well on largemouth, but I have caught a few catfish on it too. Hmm. Guess you'd better tie some. Tie it on a size 4 or 6. Good colors to tie are purple, black, and olive.

    - 216 Cleveland, Ohio (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/998)
    Steelhead, obviously. Ohio, obviously... but not much else to know.

    - Parachute Palomino Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/999)
    Tying a Parachute Palomino Midge with Davie McPhail.

    - Flyfishing for chubby brook trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1000)
    Nina catches brook trout with chironomids in a British Columbian lake. The video is in Danish but subtitle is available by clicking on the "CC" button in the video frame to activate it.

    - Fly Fishing Baja Mexico 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1002)
    My third year down to the Sea of Cortez in Bahia de los Muertos. Rooster Fish, Jacks, Skip Jack, and so many other species call this place home. Jump on a Panga as the sun is coming up and go for a short boat ride and get started. Pacifico really does taste better in Mexico. Enjoy... This was all shot on the Go Pro Hero.

    - The Fox series (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1001)
    The Fox series is a simple fly tied with the fox tail and fur. The music its a composition of the fly tyer an flutist Eduardo Ferraro.

    - Submit your entry here.">The Shadow Cast Competition (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1003)
    Jazz & Fly Fishing's 2011 Shadow Cast Competition. Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Send them a video of your best and most creative Shadow Cast right now – eternal fly casting glory awaits you! Submit your entry here.

    - Ultra Violet Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1004)
    Based on nymphs from Czech fly tiers, the Ultra Violet Nymph is a very effective fly fished in the European or American styles of nymphing. It is also very effective fished as a dropper from a dry fly. This pattern works well to imitate mayfly nymphs as they rise through the water column on their way to the surface.

    - (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1005)
    My first Fly Fishing video. Although we didn't catch anything larger than 10" it was still awesome just to be out there. This was shot in souther Ontario about 2 hours north west of Toronto. My hidden jam loaded with trout 20 inches plus. Shot on GoPro Hero. Music by Jon Swift - Run River

    - Cutthroat Country (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1006)
    Just another weekend in the high country of Colorado beautifully filmed.

    - The Elk Hair Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1007)
    The Elk Hair Caddis is one of the most popular flies to fish during the summer time. Make sure you have some with you at all times! Simply change the color to match what you need.

    - Fishing the flats with Flip Pallot (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1009)
    Legendary fly fisher Flip Pallot fishes for bonefish in the wind. With commercials, but nice fishing footage.

    - Casting At Shadows trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1010)
    Short but very nce DVD-trailer. A Fly Fishing adventure to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) where we catch large Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Yellowfin Tuna and Sharks.

    - CP's Razor Foam Dry Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1011)
    - Bonefishing Los Roques 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1013)
    Bonefishing Los Roques 2011

    - South Fork Guided Trips (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1014)
    video of Ben Hardy and Ben McNinch fishing our newest private water. Great scenery, guides and fishing on our exclusive South Fork guided fly fishing trips.

    - Chubby Chernobyl (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1015)
    The Chubby Chernobyl is quickly becoming one of the more popular flies out there. You will probably hear more about this pattern out West this year. A simple fly to tie, this is my version and style to tie it.

    - Satori (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1017)
    - Fly fishing for Carp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1018)
    Another great morning chasing carp around the lake. The big flock of birds circling me as I fished made for a pretty cool morning.

    - Hans' Hopper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1041)
    There are many great hopper patterns out there. This pattern combines bits and pieces of several hopper patterns, with a couple of unique twists. As with most foam patterns, this hopper floats well. The accents of uv ice dub, cdc, and web wing add a few new triggers. Tie in Tan, Olive, and Yellow.

    - Varzuga salmon fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1019)
    Nice salmon fishing footage from Russian river Varzuga by Dutch Jos Vanrunxt

    - Fly Fishing in Fairfield County (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1040)
    Nice feature about father and daughter fly fishing

    - Sight Fishing Patagonia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1021)
    Another nice take on video. Sue from South Africa, hooks and lands this beautiful big brown on a beetle pattern, 4x tippet, 4 weight sage rod.

    - South Island 101, part 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1022)
    New Zealand's South Island presents the ultimate challenge in sight fishing to large brown trout. The learning curve is steep, but the rewards can be incredible. Join two Aussie anglers as they learn the hard way.

    - South Island 101, part 2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1023)
    New Zealand's South Island presents the ultimate challenge in sight fishing to large brown trout. The learning curve is steep, but the rewards can be incredible. Join two Aussie anglers as they learn the hard way.

    - Bone Fishing in Cozumel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1024)
    Bone Fishing in Cozumel

    - Salmon on the Bonaventure River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1025)
    All filmed on the Bonaventure river in Quebec, Canada.

    - DDshrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1026)
    Maarten Bruinenberg ties the DD (Double Dutch) shrimp, a Bonefish fly originally designed for the Yucatan Bonefish. Maarten designed his fly in 2008, just because he wanted to present something different to the fish. It has been his number #1 fly since that day!

    - Steelhead Stinger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1027)
    Maarten Bruinenberg ties one of his favorite Steelhead flies.

    - Salmo trutta (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1031)
    - Te Rumpelstiltskin Micro Tube (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1038)
    Tying the Rumpelstiltskin Micro Tube (Salmon Fly)

    - Fly fishing with friends (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1039)
    A day fly fishing with friends. No spectacular hatches or big fish, Just a day out with good company on a pretty Westcountry stream.

    - The grayling duel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1032)
    Very nice grayling fishing. In Norwegian, but definitely worth watching even if you don't understand the language.

    - Small pikes in the rain (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1034)
    Swedish Soren Essebo catching pike in Sweden to the music of a salty, sea shanty.

    - Rich's Busted Stone (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1035)
    A shaggy low riding surface stonefly pattern that could easily do double duty as a hopper.

    - Farmington Caddis Action (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1036)
    Just a teaser of what the fishing can be like during caddis time.

    - Large Parachute Black Ant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1037)
    Tying a Large Parachute Black Ant (DryFly) with Davie McPhail.

    - More rainy days pikes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1045)
    Me out wading and catching a few small pikes. In heavy rain.

    - Lite-Brite Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1047)
    Tying the Lite-Brite Shrimp (Saltwater Fly) by Davie McPhail.

    - The CDC & Elk Family".">Tying the CDC & Elk (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1048)
    Instructions for tying Hans Weilenmann's CDC & Elk fly. See malso the article "The CDC & Elk Family".

    - Mayfly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1049)
    This short film is a trailer for a chapter of an ongoing project. filmed and edited by Matt Dunkinson - mid May, on the Broadlands Estate, River Test, fishing the hatch is head Riverkeeper Jon Hall.

    - Baja Fly Fishing Adventures (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1050)
    This video was shot during May, June, July 2011. It was an amazing year for BIG roosters. A couple roosters were close to the 80lb mark and a lot more roosters weighed around 50 to 70lbs. Not only big roosters were eating for three weeks, there were yellow fin tuna topping the scale at 300lbs.

    - Pheasant Tail Caddis Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1051)
    Tying a Pheasant Tail Caddis Pupa by Davie McPhail.

    - June Fly Fishing re-cap (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1054)
    Robert Tomphson recaps June's fishing in this 18-minute video. A lot of talk, but also some really nice video and pictures.

    - CDC & Elk pattern.">Hans WeilenmannTying a CDC & Elk (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1055)
    Hans Weilenmann ties his CDC & Elk pattern.

    - ____ in a Barrel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1056)
    To say Monday on the Ruby was an epic day of fishing would be an understatement. It was overcast and the water had a little color to it. Perfect for streamer fishing for brown trout. Caught uncountable numbers of 14 to 19" brown trout and in the evening, Bucko caught a 27" Brown. Rainbows threw themselves at streamers and dries, as well. I can't remember a better day on the water.

    - Northern Exposure II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1057)
    Northern Exposure pt II: Trout Latency. On a blistering hot summer day last week, I travelled to one of my favourite trout rivers up north. The fishing was very slow indeed, but eventually I managed to find two big trout. The first one ignored my attempts completely in the ultra-bright conditions, making me feel clumsy. The second one was rising steadily in the late evening, gulping down whatever insects the stream carried. It took my mayfly pattern on the first cast.

    - The Beetlejuice Hopper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1058)
    Tying the Beetlejuice Hopper by Davie McPhail.

    - Go Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1059)
    Just a little edit for my fisherman friends. Cheers to all those good times!

    - The Aero-Wing Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1060)
    Tying the Aero-Wing Midge by Davie McPhail.

    - What else? (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1061)
    By Bearnishfly's Blog

    - The Norwegian Way - By TrOutcastz - Short version (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1062)
    Some dryflyfishing in Norway

    - Geofish Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1063)
    MOTIV Fishing is an independent media production company focused on the creation of progressive fly fishing films, and adventure travel series broadcasts for outdoor television. Our mission at MOTIV Fishing is simple: Create a new genre of fishing media that is appealing not only to fly fishing and conventional sport fishing enthusiasts, but also inspiring and captivating to general audiences, fishermen and non-fishermen alike.

    - The Bibio Diawl-Bach (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1064)
    Tying the Bibio Diawl-Bach by Davie McPhail.

    - Double Standard (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1065)
    Detailed instructions on tying a fly that is half pheasant tail nymph and half bead head hare's ear nymph. This pattern is very easy to tie and works exceptionally well.

    - South of the Junction 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1066)
    A Quick Look at High Desert Fly Fishing in Oregon

    - Davie's Damsel Nymph Muddler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1067)
    Tying Davie's Damsel Nymph Muddler By Davie McPhail.

    - Soft Hackled Pheasant Tail Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1068)
    This is a soft hackled "hot spot" version of the Pheasant Tail Nymph. The addition of the soft hackle adds movement to the fly and allow it to be fished on the swing as well as dead drifted. The hot spot is optional but it definitely adds a trigger to the fly. Great in sizes 12-20.

    - Olive Woolly Bugger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1079)
    Tying an olive Woolly Bugger

    - Trout on the Mad #2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1080)
    Nice underwater shots and fishing action.

    - Dry fly fishing - Malleo River - Patagonia Argentina (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1081)
    Some HD video taken while guiding Greg Lemond on February 2010 - Only Sight fishing and dries. Malleo river Northern Patagonia Argentina.

    - Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass with Popping Bugs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1082)
    Fly fishing with poppers for smallmouth bass can be fantastic in rivers and streams around the Smoky Mountain region of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

    - "Like a Surgeon" (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1084)
    This video explains some basic practices often overlooked by fly tyers.

    - Salmon fishing in Skjern Aa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1086)
    Fishing for (and catching) Atlantic salmon in the large Danish stream Skjern Aa, which has an excellen salmon fishing.

    - Steve's blog about urban fishing.">Urban Fly Fishing, Sheffield UK (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1087)
    Fishing withn the city limits in British Sheffield in the amazingly beautiful river Don. Remember to check out Steve's blog about urban fishing.

    - Fly fishing the Okavango Delta (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1088)
    fly fishing the Okavango Delta Botswana. Fly fishing teaser and first take, stand by for the real deal. Flying tiger-fish and huge flies!

    - Kayak Fly Fishing Neah Bay (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1090)
    Decided to take advantage of the calm weather forecast and take the kayak out to Neah Bay. The goal was to catch some salmon but settled for some nice rockfish on the fly.

    - PMD Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1091)
    A spin off of the chicken finger that worked wonders out west for a pmd nymph. Alter the color and size and you have one nice micro nymph

    - The Sweeny Todd Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1092)
    Tying the Sweeny Todd Streamer by Davie McPhail.

    - Quick Tie Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1093)
    Fly Tying with Ryan - Quick Tie Caddis. This high floating caddis is easy to tie and the fish love it. Ryan started tying this pattern a couple of years ago after seeing something like it in Wyoming. Tie it with the body color to match the caddis on your stream. Tan is a good all around body color.

    - Ryan's EZ-Bug Carp Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1094)
    Fly Tying with Ryan - Ryan's EZ-Bug Carp Fly. Ryan Gabert's Carp Fly is easy to tie. It looks great in the water. Best of all it is darn effective at catching carp. Developed on South Dakota's storied flats, this fly deserves to be in any carp fly fisher's box. Tie in a size 4-6. Tie in orange, olive, or tan.

    - The Stimulator. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1095)
    Tying the Stimulator (DryFly) with Davie McPhail.

    - Summer Dime (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1097)
    Dry fly fishing on the Deschutes River in Oregon for native Redside trout Ahh...Summertime on the Big D. The fish are jumping and the livin' is easy.

    - Catching Char (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1098)
    4 parts of film made from our trip to greenland 2011 40 gigabytes of filming ended up in four small videos containing our fishing for arctic char for 7 days in Greenland.

    - Part 2. in series of 4. Nico, Allan and Fredrik fooling around with dry flies skatet on the surface (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1099)
    From the series. Cathing Char.

    - Tungsten Mini Leech (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1100)
    Fly Tying with Hans - Tungsten Mini Leech. This is my version of one of our most popular selling flies, the Bead Head Mini Leech. This fly has proven extremely effective on the lakes and streams of the Black Hills. However, it will no doubt work well on most trout lakes. Take note of the "clump dubbing" technique that will make it easy to achieve full buggy dubbed bodies without the use of a dubbing loop. Tie in Black, Olive, or Blood. Sizes 12-14

    - Davie's Black Cricket (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1101)
    Tying Davie's Black Cricket by Davie McPhail.

    - Bonefish zonker fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1103)
    Maarten Bruinenberg ties an effective bonefishfly with just a zonker some flash and rubber legs. This fly does make a splash on the water so don't fish this pattern when the bones are super spooky! But when fished properly it is an absolute killer!

    - Tarpon fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1104)
    Maarten Bruinenberg ties a great tarpon fly. This pattern has so much movement they just can't resist this one! The color of this one is tan/sand and other great color combo's are, tan/yellow tan/orange and black/purple! Good luck tying!

    - Cathing char Part 3. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1102)
    One Minute with Allan

    - Hans Weilenmann's classic caddis.">CDC & Elk (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1105)
    CDC & Elk Caddis -- Fly tying lesson video tutorial by Curtis Fry. Another example of Hans Weilenmann's classic caddis.

    - Zaggin Zook (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1106)
    Fly Tying Lesson video Tutorial by Curtis Fry. Here's a topwater fly that will do the "walk the dog" motion similar to the Zara Spook lure used primarily in bass fishing. Try this popper style fly for some wicked topwater fishing.

    - Rabbit and Mallard (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1107)
    Fly Tying with David Strawhorn - Rabbit and Mallard

    - 4th. and final part of Catching Char Greenland 2011. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1108)
    Sunny day on the west coast of Greenland, upstream with the guys, catching argtig Char.

    - A Moorland Stream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1109)
    A Bright and very breezy days fishing on a small moorland stream. Fishing various dry fly patterns we caught small wild brown trout as we worked our way up stream. The most effective patterns were cdc & elk and a small black foam beetle which was probably the most effective of the flies we fished.

    - Fly Fishing Alaska 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1110)
    Fly fishing on the Naknek River out of King Salmon, Alaska.

    - The Melvin Zulu (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1111)
    Tying the Melvin Zulu (WetFly) by Davie McPhail

    - Lefty's Deceiver (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1112)
    Detailed instructions on how to tie a Lefty's Deceiver

    - A Season on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1113)
    Waterline Media presents a short film for the Drake 5 minutes of Fly Fishing in New Orleans in August, 2011. Filmed over the course of an entire tarpon season from the lower Keys to the Panhandle, Riding High shows the entire migration from the viewpoint of those that chase this amazing fish every year

    - Heart of the Marsh (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1114)
    Very nice video about the potential impact of the gulf oil spill.

    - Costa Fish Sculptures Behind the Scenes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1115)
    Super cool fish sculputres made from parts of Costa del Mar sunglasses!

    - Davie's Tan Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1116)
    Tying Davie's Tan Caddis by Davie McPhail .

    - Green Caddis Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1117)
    Instructions for tying a simple caddis larva fly.Cast: Tightline ProductionsTags: fly tying, caddis, larva, fly fishing, caddisfly, dubbing, ultra wire, UTC and rib

    - Intruder (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1118)
    Quick video of an intruder fly.

    - Rolf Nylinder (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1119)
    Frontside Fly Fishing presents Rolf Nylinder.

    - El roll cast (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1120)
    How to do a roll cast... in Spanish. But with some very clear visual instructions, which should be internationally understandable.

    - The Glades 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1121)
    Fly fishing the Everglades with Chris Ivey and Capt. Scott Crippen for redfish and snook.

    - Poons of June (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1122)
    Fly Fishing for Tarpon with Captain Scott Crippen and Captain Christian Yergen's.

    - Big Brown Bugs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1123)
    Showing up unusually late this summer, the Brown Drake hatch on Silver Creek is a must fish/see event in the West. Visit us next year and experience it for yourself! But be ready to wait, this year it was 3 weeks into June... Credits: Film by Ross J Reid RossJReid.com Music by Chris Stolz TiredEyesMusic.com Narrated by Jamie Briscoe silver-creek.com

    - The Loch Ordie Sedge Hog (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1124)
    Tying the Loch Ordie Sedge Hog with Davie McPhail.

    - Autumn Belle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1125)
    An orange and red autumn version of the Bonnie Belle salmon fly intended to fish the Miramichi river in New Brunswick, Canada. Tying sequence is the same as the Bonnie Belle but I tried to add a couple of new tying tips in this video.

    - Gurgler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1127)
    Detailed instructions for tying a Jack Gartside Gurgler.

    - Detached Bodied Caddis Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1128)
    Tying a Detached Bodied Caddis Pupa with Davie McPhail. Tying a Detached Bodied Caddis Pupa with Davie McPhail. From: DavieMcPhail Views: 3949 49 ratings Time: 09:02 More in Sports

    - Aysen Rivers Outfitter. season 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1129)
    Fly Fishing in Patagonia/Chile Season 2011

    - Bottom Bouncer Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1130)
    Fly Tying with Hans - Bottom Bouncer Caddis. This video features another variation on the Czech style jig nymph. The Bottom Bouncer Caddis is a suggestive imitation of a caddis larva or pupa. Fish this fly at the bottom of a 2 or 3 fly rig.

    - The Marsh (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1131)
    A quick edit from a day of fishing last week while attending a trade show in New Orleans. Wasn't able to take anything but the GH2 and the 20mm 1.7. No tripod, wide angle or zoom in the boat. All handheld. Tough work. Fishing was great with Capt. Gjuro Bruer and my partner Mark Raisler. Tons of fish caught, here's just a few.

    - Industrial Kayak Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1132)
    Took the kayak out in the big city to check out the pink salmon run. Hooked a bunch of fish and also learned how not to approach a school of salmon. Even with the close quarters fishing with that one boat, it was a great day on the water.

    - Fly fishing in Bondamölla (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1133)
    Fly fishing in Bondamölla, Sweden. First test with Go Pro cameras and first real video editing. All fish were caught on dry fly.

    - The Palomino Midge (Shuttlecock) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1134)
    Tying the Palomino Midge(Shuttlecock) with Davie McPhail.

    - Chasing The Run (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1135)
    Nice teaser from Patagonia

    - Mooneyes on dry flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1136)
    Fly fishing for Laquaiche AKA Mooneye (Hiodon tergisus).

    - Fly Fishing Dorado in Loreto Baja Sur (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1137)
    Fly fishing for dorado in Baja

    - Fly Fishing for Pinks (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1138)
    Catching Pink Salmon on the fly at the mouth of Chapman Creek, Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast. Late August 2011.

    - Grantham Sedge Hitch Tube (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1139)
    Hitch fly - tied on tube: The easy way of getting a salmon or steelhead fly to the top. Here FISHMADMAN.COM will show you how we have turned the famed steelhead pattern: Grantham Sedge into a Hitch tube fly

    - The Meat Helmet Sculpin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1148)
    Here is a new sculpin pattern utilizing the New Sculpin Helmet Fish Skull and Articulated Shank from Flymen Fishing. The beauty of this particular pattern is it provides you with many options in terms of number of hooks, hook placement and of course length and of fly and articulation point.

    - Reach Cast (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1149)
    Another How We Do It fly fishing video from Headhunters Fly Shop. Mark Raisler demonstrates the reach cast on the Missouri River. The reach cast is one of the most effective tools for catching fish on dry flies in technical situations.

    - The Willie Soft Gunn (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1150)
    Tying the Willie Gunn on Pro tubes

    - Pikebuster (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1152)
    A simple fly for pike. Tuned up with some new stuff.

    - Casting At Shadows - Extended Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1153)
    A Fly Fishing adventure to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) where we catch large Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Yellowfin Tuna and Sharks.

    - July Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1155)
    Great compilation of many kinds of summer fishing

    - Sundance (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1156)
    The sundance is for sunny days and clear water.

    - Dawn Patrol (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1157)
    Fishing for tarpon at dawn can be a sensational experience. On the best mornings, the water is absolutely calm, not the faintest ripple. As darkness slowly softens into pre-dawn, the mangrove shoreline is suggested by the soft edges between the paling sky and darkly ranging trees, the silence is broken by the sound of a tarpon rolling. Sound is different when not accompanied by sight - more distinct, but no sense of distance, vague sense of direction. Slow light warms the water to gold tainted orange. And the tarpon awaken. And the day begins. This is where we join a recent dawn patrol.

    - Sunray Shadow Variant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1158)
    A simple version of Sunray shadow

    - Small Jig Head Pheasant Tail (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1159)
    Tying a Small Jig Head Pheasant Tail By Davie McPhail.

    - Sunfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1160)
    Fly-fishing sunfish in Minnesota.

    - Fly Fishing Blue Water for Tuna (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1161)
    Fly fishing for all sizes blue fin tuna that are eating on the surface like crazy on the a Adriatic sea.... it gives us the chance to have the greatest experience in fly fishing.

    - Lee Wulff's Surface Stone Fly (Variant) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1162)
    Tying Lee Wulff's Surface Stone Fly (Variant) by Davie McPhail.

    - Saltwater Flyfishing - Australian Salmon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1163)
    A quick look at Hugh Treseder flyfishing for Australian salmon on charter with Sydney Flyfishing Tours guided by Justin Duggan

    - A video tour of Elk River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1154)
    The Elk River, and its tributaries, provides world class fly-fishing. In this video, local BC angling guide Randy Dolighan and Tourism Fernie's Will Barbour explain what makes this fishery so fantastic, and outline a few tips that every angler should know when planning a visit.

    - Limay Monsters Pataginia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1151)
    Fly fishing in Limy River Patagonia

    - Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1147)
    A little film about my favourite pastimes, film making and fly fishing

    - Flip-Flop-Fly in Brazil (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1144)
    Kathryn thinks outside the box to find a solution to her fishing fly shortage. Blonds do have more fun, even in Brazil!

    - Fly Fishing France (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1164)
    Memories from the 2011 season

    - Mini Candy Cat Boobie (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1165)
    Tying a Mini Candy Cat Boobie with Davie McPhail.

    - Sparse CDC Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1166)
    Tying a Sparse CDC Dun with Davie McPhail.

    - Filming Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1167)
    A little clip of some of the footage shot while Filming fly fishing with guides @ FWA (Fernie Wilderness Adventures) based in Fernie, BC Canada. This was the first time fly fishing with guides on a river and always wanted to know "what all the fuss was about" And now we do.... I (we) are believers now.. FLY FISHING is so cool.

    - CDC Emerging Mayfly Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1168)
    Fly Tying with Hans - CDC Emerging Mayfly Nymph. This has been a very successful pattern for imitating emerging late summer yellow mayflies, especially pale evening duns. It has fooled many selective fish on our tailwater. The body and thorax are made of CDC. This pattern can be tied in various color schemes to imitate different mayfly species. It can also be tied on a curved emerger style hook.

    - Iceland 2011 a flyfishing adventure (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1169)
    Iceland flyfishing for salmon in Midfjardara and Laxa in Dolum

    - A South African flytying journey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1170)
    A South African flytying journey with Ed Herbst and friends is a DVD released by Andrew Ingram and Ed Herbst. It shows Ed Herbst, Tom Sutcliffe, Dean Riphagen and Fred Steynberg tying and fishing 5 classic South African flies.

    - Parachute Humpy Ant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1171)
    This is a fantastic fly from Scott Sanchez. Got this pattern from his book "A New Generation of Trout Flies". But make no mistake, trout are not the only fishes that'll take this fly. Like Mr. Sanchez said "This fly isn't a revolutionary new pattern, but my version of a foam ant catches fish"... 'Nuff said :)Got this pattern from his book "A New Generation of Trout Flies". But make no mistake, trout are not the only fishes that'll take this fly. Like Mr. Sanchez said "This fly isn't a revolutionary new pattern, but my version of a foam ant catches fish"... 'Nuff said :)

    - Fly Fishing for Brook Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1172)
    Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in the Great Smoky Mountains - Fly fishing guides Ian & Charity Rutter go high in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina to catch native brook trout.

    - Summer Pilgrimage (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1173)
    Silver Salmon Fishing, Bristol Bay, Alaska

    - Montana Steel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1174)
    A steelhead sized rainbow trout was caught somewhere in SW Montana. This is that 28" trout. Music: Little People "Inutile et Indispensable"

    - The Trifecta (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1175)
    The Trifecta of favorite SW Montana waters: The Big Hole, the Beaverhead, and the Slough. It was sunny all weekend. Sun can make for some tougher fishing conditions for browns. We were able to manage some nice browns on streamers, dries, and nymphs.

    - Fly-fishing in Tromso Norway for Atlantic Salmon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1177)
    This is a fly-fishing video on salmon fishing in Norway filmed over two season

    - Fly-fishing for Salmon: Casting, hooking and releasing Atlantic salmon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1178)
    Fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland has the complete sequence of underwater footage of a fishing fly, casting, hooking, landing and releasing salmon

    - Castalia Rainbows (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1179)
    Fly fishing from Ohio's Cold Creek.

    - Two of My Favourite Dries (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1180)
    Tying two of my favourite dry flies which are not pretty but over the past 28 years have caught me many fish, the Grey Duster and the Lark & Grey.

    - Greenback Goodness (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1181)
    A salute to the native Greenback Cutthroat, state fish of Colorado, and the beautiful environs it calls home.

    - 100 fish days (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1182)
    Mission:Fish - 100 fish days (ssn1 episode 6). Join special guests Wes Wells and Shane Murphy as we hike 28 miles in and around the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park in search of Colorado River cutthroat. Fishing was off the charts, easily surpassing 100 fish days.

    - October Caddis Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1183)
    My go to October or Pumpkin Caddis Pupa. This is a very versatile pattern, strip it, swing it, dead drift it catches fish during an october caddis emergence. Brings up some big fish too.

    - Water Under The Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1184)
    Early season fly fishing on the Bow River, midges aplenty.

    - Hatch (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1186)

    - Mission... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1187)
    A personal quest to catch a grand slam turns into an absurd goal to make a film about it. Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish on fly in one day in the waters surrounding Key West, Fl. This is the long version of what was enetered in the Drake Magazine video Awards 2011.

    - Carpaholic (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1188)

    - Into Autumn (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1185)
    An early autumn fly-fishing trip to a local river.

    - Mid September fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1189)
    Floating the green..catching some trout..Just hanging out. Not the most productive day for drys.

    - Greenland bonus footage (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1190)
    - (Detached Bodied) S/HedgeHog Daddy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1191)
    Tying a (Detached Bodied) S/HedgeHog Daddy by Davie McPhail.

    - Windy day, fly-fishing carp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1192)
    More Korean carp fishing

    - Flyfishing in Western Australia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1194)
    Flyfishing for Queenfish & co at the Ningaloo Reef in Australia with Christof Menz and Uwe Rieder

    - Connect Tigerfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1195)
    Amazing tigerfishing footage from the Connect DVD

    - Extended Body CDC Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1196)
    This video features an extended body technique I came up with several years ago. It has worked quite well to imitate Baetis mayflies and PMDs. Change the color of the tubing for the species of mayfly you are imitating. It can also be used for a caddis or stonefly body.

    - Fly fishing Permiti in Australia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1197)
    The Permit is one of the most highly sought after sportfish in the world, and with good reason: they live in far away places, camouflage perfectly in their sandy domain, and are super fussy eaters. When eventually hooked they are the sneakiest fighter of them all. Rob undertakes a mission to some of the most remote and pristine beaches in Australia in search of the mysterious Permit.

    - Sunken Trico Spinner (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1198)
    This is an excellent pattern by Ed Engle and can be found in his book Tying Small Flies. Fishing a sunken spinner at the tail end of a trico spinner fall will extend the hatch. Trout continue to feed on the spinners as they become water logged and begin to sink. Excellent when fished as a dropper under a dry fly.

    - Slate Drake Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1199)
    My absolute favorite slate drake nymph pattern. Like most of the flies I gravitate towards, it is yet another versatile subsurface pattern that can be fished actively or dead drifted. Out of all the slate drake I tie and fish, this one is by far the one I turn to the most. Enjoy

    - Klinkhamer Special (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1201)
    Tying the Klinkhamer Special with Davie McPhail.

    - Trout vision and refraction (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1204)
    In this third installment of The Underwater World of Trout, we explore why what you see isnt what the trout sees. More importantly, youll learn to interpret what you actually see to better understand what really is happening under the water.

    - Love, Arctic Char Style (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1205)
    Spawning arctic char in beautiful Savalen, Norway. Music: "Ranjit Prasad" (F. Hamrå/H. Stubø) Performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing

    - Fly Fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1207)
    Just got back from the Spanish pyrenees where i shot a 3 day Fly fishing adventure as a favor for a very good guide there.

    - Skull Island Snook (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1208)
    Fly fishing for snook with captain Scott Crippen and captain Christian Yergen's in the Hull #1 Skull Island Skiff.

    - Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1203)
    The Smoky Mountains are as old as time and remain one of the last few wild trout refuges in the Eastern United States.

    - The Cumberland River Gorge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1202)
    The Cumberland River rises in the Otway Ranges on Australia's south east coast. It offers the the adventure fly fisher a unique wilderness experience.

    - Carl's UV Chewee Scud (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1209)
    Carl Pennington, a Montana Fly Company Signature Fly Designer, ties up a cool scud pattern using olive UV Chewee scud material.Cast: Juan Ramirez

    - River Dogs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1210)
    Another installment in my fly fishing video journal. This was filmed in southeast Wyoming, Sept. 2011.

    - Carp'n in June on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1211)
    video of carp fishing in June at one of my local lakes. Underwater footage of carp swimming right to the camera. The camera was a GoPro HeroHD with a flat lens housing

    - Fly fishing in Rocky Mountains (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1212)
    Nina experiences fly fishing for westslope cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish in Southeastern British Columbia.

    - Fly Fish New Zealand (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1213)
    Fly fishing south island New Zealand. South Island New Zealand brown trout. This video goes a little against our norm of softer, gentler music and video, with a little edgier music to strike harder.

    - Watson's Bumble (variant) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1214)
    Tying the Watson's Bumble (variant) by Davie McPhail.

    - Translucent Midge Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1215)
    This easy to tie midge pupae pattern combines flash into translucence an attractive and fish catching package. Tie it in sizes 16-22. Vary the color of thread to change the color scheme of the fly.

    - Tying the Brassie (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1216)
    - Tying the Mircale Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1217)
    - Day Dream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1218)
    A quick shot of Idaho fly fishing goodness.

    - Ice Out/Shoot Out (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1219)
    Simms Ice Out Guide event invited fishbite media to compete in the Shoot Out film contest. Teams of film makers given 2 days to shoot and one day to edit for the showing at Ellen Theatre in Bozeman, MT.

    - Spring fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1220)
    Fishing for big spring salmon on the fly rod in BC.

    - Olive Lite-Brite Buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1221)
    Tying the Olive Lite-Brite Buzzer by Davie McPhail.

    - Cuba (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1222)
    Teaser Cuba, Las Salinas - Paredon Grande - Cayo Santa Maria (July 2011)

    - Baltic Sea Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1305)
    German video with sea trout fishing. Lots of fishing, lots of fish.

    - Aysen Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1223)
    When we imagine the perfect spot to cast a fly, many settings come to mind. Whether you picture a small wilderness stream, a deep river winding its way through a virgin rainforest, rapids teeming with rainbows or a pristine lake guarded by majestic condors, this fisherman's paradise does exist and can be found in Chile's Patagonian Aysen Region.

    - A Backyard In Nowhere (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1225)
    Trailer for a flyfishing western due out in mid-october. Alaskan pike action.

    - Mais c'est de le drogue! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1224)
    Flyfishing is a drug

    - Baby Tarpon in Cozumel (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1226)
    A short movie about baby tarpon in Cozumel, Mexico. The big ones weren't around, but the small baby tarpon sure is a lot of fun!!

    - Doc of Drakes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1227)
    Beautifull moving flyfishing video about friendship and the joy of flyfishing

    - Jurassic River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1228)
    The Barrancoso river from Jurassic lake is as good as the lake and offers some great opportunities for monster fish.

    - RIO - Making the Fly Line (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1229)
    Ever wondered how a fly line is made? With great pride, RIO has opened its tightly controlled doors and produced a short film on just how a fly line is made. If you want to know what goes into making the fly line you fish with, check this fascinating film out...

    - Off the Grid Fly Fishing Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1231)
    For the past two years we have been shooting and editing our new film, called Off the Grid. It is about fly fishing in locations off the beaten path. We're proud to announce that the DVD is finally complete.

    - Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1232)
    Great video with Matt Stoecker telling about steelhead

    - BS Swinger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1233)
    A shanked trailer hook streamer, typically used in steelhead fishing. This is a very basic pattern that gives the tyer the tools to create stinger style streamers for use with a single or double handed rod. Stinger style streamers are often overlooked by trout fisherman, but are a very useful tool in ones arsenal. Vary the colors and have fun

    - Crane Prairie Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1234)
    Crane Prairie reservoir fly fishing by Daniel Biggs and Ryan Smith. Love the dog on the pontoon boat!

    - Irish pike on the popper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/7600)
    Fly fishing for pike with poppers is lots of fun! Strikes come sudden and swift. Pikes hammer a popper with bad intentions.... Not for the fainthearted!

    - Bottom Tickler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1235)
    This color scheme of tungsten jig is tremendously effective. Fish this fly as the bottom fly on a two fly rig, with a lighter nymph or soft hackle above it. I have had great luck with a small soft hackle on a dropper tag fished above this fly. Fish a larger heavier jig in faster or deeper water to get down faster.

    - 2011 Poon Season (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1236)
    POV tarpon action

    - Poonin' 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1237)
    Fly Fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Keys Feb-July 2011

    - New Orleans 2011 Redfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1238)
    A video about our trip to New Orleans Bourbon Street and some Redfish Fishing in Buras Lousiana

    - The Costa Rica Challenge - Exclusive Sneak Preview (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1239)
    In the heart of Central America, 5 veracious trout fisherman, launch on a salty journey that most said couldn't be done. One Country, Two Oceans, Three Species, 430 Kilometers all in 36 Hours. Is it possible?

    - Robert Comstock Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1240)
    Robert Comstock is a fashion designer who obviously also fly fishes, and gets some nice fish here.

    - April Jacks (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1241)
    Fishing for the humble jack can be a lot of fun!

    - The Driftless Region, Wisconsin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1242)
    Join Brian Wise, Kyle Kosovich, Aaron Scott and a few friends on the first leg of their whirlwind trip North...

    - Truites géantes en Nouvelle-Zélande (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1243)
    It may be French, and it may be an ad for a travel agency, but the fishing is pretty easy to understand. Giant trout of New Zealand.

    - Early Mornings (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1244)
    From the alarm clock rings over breakfast on to the first cast.

    - Hidden Waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1245)
    It's promotion, but very nice promotion from UK Wychwood Game. The quest of design/brand manager Paul Richardson, in his continual search of new fly-fishing ideas & design solutions for the brand portfolio when fishing some remote Tarns of the English Lake District.

    - Brown Trout on Streamers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1247)
    Nice POV video of saome Colorado trout fishing

    - Golden Stonefly Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1248)
    Tying a Golden Stonefly Nymph with Davie McPhail.

    - Trout 66 deg. N (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1249)
    Trout 66 deg. N with Christopher Rownes. BIG Trout fishing in Iceland.

    - Sick day... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1250)
    ..beats a day in the office...

    - Bonefishing in Black Fly Bonefish Club (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1253)
    Fly fishing for bonefish, Abaco, The Bahamas

    - Umba Summer Karma (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1254)
    When we arrived at the Umba River at the end of May it felt more like the end of July. Thanks God Umba’s backcountry is vast, so we survived with pride and good fishing. Our first two weeks in June produced a good number of fish and a very high number of Umba Whoppers (large fish). Very encouraging indeed. This "movie" was shot while preparing for the 2011 season in Krivetz in between cleaning the tracks and just before the first guest arrived. A 2.5 day of hard work and fun in between.

    - Waiting (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1256)
    Last day of the trout season and everything looked good for a final evenings fly fishing. A warm bright day with a gentle breeze, and as evening came on we started to see small Olives and Sedges laying eggs, we just had to wait.

    - The Blitz - a year on the road (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1257)
    This film chronicles a year on the road with Pete McDonald and Tosh Brown while they were shooting photos and gathering content for their new coffee table book, The Blitz, Fly Fishing The Atlantic Migration. We have a book review on the way.

    - Blue Charm (Low Water Style) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1258)
    Tying a Blue Charm (Low Water Style) with Davie McPhail.

    - Flyfishing with Julien Lorquet (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1259)
    Speed fishing with Belgian Julien Lorquet during the World Flyfishing Championships in Italy. Amazing how he traverses the river to get his catches registered!

    - Okavango tiger fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1260)
    Two Guys, Three Fly Rods, a Vans RV6 Aircraft, a GoPro and loads of enthusiasm, The flying/fishing adventure of a lifetime! The awesome Okavango River catfish run!

    - Rhapsody (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1261)
    Just me again, out catching a few not-so-big pikes ant putting them back in the water again.

    - Eastern Oregon Splendor (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1262)
    Fall Steelhead - and several dogs

    - Specks in Hand (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1263)
    A morning on the water. The speckled trout will be leaving us soon making way for the striped bass.

    - Drift This (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1264)
    Short video from Steelhead Alley taken on 10-18-2011. Music by: Chinese Man-Down.

    - The Avalon Crab Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1265)
    In this short fly tying video Barrett Christiansen of Caddisflyshop.com demonstrates how to tie the famous Permit fly made popular by the Cuban fishing group Avalon. The fly is used all over the world for bonefish and permit. It is said to have caught more permit than any other fly on the the planet.

    - Czech Quill Body Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1268)
    Fly Tying with Hans - Czech Quill Body Nymph. Here is a play on a thread bodied nymph with a hot spot. Most eastern European nymph patterns have hot spot to attract fish to strike the fly. This is a concept worth exploring. Try adding the hot spot while keeping the overall fly slender. These patterns are producing well on Rapid Creek in a two fly rig. I typically fish this fly above a jig fly.

    - Fall Fun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1269)
    Fall Fly Fishing for Cutties and Browns

    - Durham Ranger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1270)
    I know it's not a good video but I thought you could get something from it as it's a practice one that I had done to get a feel of how to film tying a classic style salmon fly. As you can see there's a few mistakes, the main one is that I forgot to switch the camera on when I was filming the tying on of the blue hackle sorry...

    - toxic (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1266)
    A foggy morning on the bitterroot turned into a tough day of fishing. No epic streamer fishing was to be had. Two streamer takes all day. A 17-18" brown was angry and/or hungry enough to take an original and a 20" rainbow wanted to become internet famous until it threw the streamer hooks. When 2:30 rolled around the BWOs started hatching and some fish were caught up top. music: yael naim "toxic" yukongoesfishing.blogspot.com

    - Nice fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1267)
    Just me again, having some nice, unspectecular fishing for pike.

    - Spalio 15 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1271)
    Fly fishing for Baltic salmon by Latvian Ernestas Keturka and co. Shot and edited by Paulius Mazuras

    - Four seasons of carp fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1272)
    Excellent compilation of Korean carp fly fishing

    - Salmon Fest 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1273)
    video from this years Salmon trip in Northern Michigan

    - The J-Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1274)
    Nice Clouserish streamer

    - Chippewa River, Wisconsin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1275)
    Join Brian Wise, Kyle Kosovich, and Aaron Scott on the second leg of their whirlwind trip to the North Woods in search of the illusive (very illusive) Musky on the Chippewa River....

    - Small Stream Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1276)
    Fishing small streams in beautiful Snowdonia in Wales

    - The Fly Fish Junkies Patagonia Adventure (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1277)
    The Fly Fish Junkies Patagonia Adventure with Kenny Simmons, Corey Roberts, Warren Coppedge and Justin Witt.

    - Fly fishing in northern Norway, Part 3 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1456)
    - Bringing it home (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1279)
    Fly fishing for Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Silver Salmon and just maybe some early steelhead on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

    - Softhackle yum yum (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1278)
    Fly tying with Igor Soldo

    - Fly Fishing Lake Vermillion, Minnesota (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1280)
    Join Brian Wise, Kyle Kosovich, and Aaron Scott as they complete their whirlwind trip to the North Woods in search of the illusive (very INSANELY illusive) Musky on Lake Vermillion, Minnesota.

    - Last train to Ula (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1281)
    Fly fishing it's not just fishing, it's a journey...

    - Wasp in 194 seconds (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1282)
    Tying killer wasp pattern for "los chubbitos" (that'¨s chub for the rest of us). Excellent tying video from Lithauania.

    - In to the wild Alaska style (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1283)
    The final video from the road trip of a lifetime. In this video we travel all over Alaska from Haines to Juneau. From Anchorage we fly to North Western Alaska to Bush Country to enjoy fishing and gold mining. No flyfishing, admitted, but still worth a watch!

    - Russian Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1286)
    Nice video from Russia.

    - French Nymphing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1287)
    A short film about an effective flyfishing method with Frank Williams

    - Fresh Water Bones (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1289)
    Spent this past summer chasing big carp in some pretty cool places. We met up with some amazing people including Carp expert Barry Reynolds. Here are a few of the highlights including one fish that tied the current IGFA All tackle length World Record.

    - Everyday fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1285)
    As the title says; everyday fishing. Pikefly fishing on the water and in the water.

    - Two (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1288)
    Obviously I'm running out of titles. And content, for that matter... Yes, more of the same. Me catching two pikes on my #5 rod and a zilverzara and releasing them again. But as long as nobody stops me, I will continue. Eh, both to fish, film and suggest videos here.

    - Surf & Inshore Fishing 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1290)
    This is the compilation of my 2010 fly fishing season in the surf zone around NYC. Locations covered the Hudson River and Long Island Sound in the spring and the south shore beaches of Long Island in the Fall.

    - Moments Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1293)
    Nice stream fishing clips.

    - Hunt for the Red October (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1294)
    Hunt for the Red October - Fly Fishing for Redfish in October in the prime location of Port Royal Sound in Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC. Anglers Clayton Poole & David W. Creed search the flats for the largest schools of Redfish in the sea. Captain Tuck Scott & Captain Owen Plair of Bay Street Outfitters keep us on Spot Tails for hours!

    - Springing Redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1295)
    This is a great video compilation of some great shallow water redfishing by Shallow South. Some great camera angles and beautiful in water redfish shots.

    - October in Styria (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1296)
    A few moments from my fly fishing trip to Austria

    - The Sparkle Braid Prince (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1297)
    This is a Prince variation that I have been fishing recently. While I love the original Prince, I also love to work with different materials and see if the work as good or better than the original. This pattern, so far, has worked just as well. Try them in red and chartreuse for an attractor and caddis color.

    - The March Brown (WetFly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1298)
    March Brown (WetFly) Materials used; Hook, Kamazan B170 size 12 Thread, Uni 8/0 Orange Rib, Flat Gold Tinsel Body, Hare's Ear or Fox Squirrel Dubbing Hackle, Brown Partridge Wing, Hen Pheasant

    - Lower Laguna Madre (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1299)
    Fly Fishing for Red and Black Drum in the early morning hours on the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas.

    - Viking FlyFishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1300)
    True Fly-Guerrillos with an irrepressible urge of salt. Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Norway's fjordes both sportsmen are on a mission. And as you know, there's nothing quite as deadly as a man on a mission. Bad weather and literally washed away they keep on going until their leaders are singing and their reels are screaming.

    - 11-10-25 several pikes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1302)
    Another set of pikes, gathered from different fishing occasions and days.

    - Tying the RS-2 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1301)
    - Lac de Saint-Hilaire les Courbes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1303)
    French pike and perch

    - Stillwater fly fishing Faroes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1304)
    Here's something we don't see every day! Lake fishing on the Faroe Islands.

    - Fishing the Skagit on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1307)
    My cousin, Nathan and I drove an hour into the mountains near Hope, BC to fish in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Took some video footage on my Canon 5D Mark II and thought I would something short together. The song is "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver. We were singing it all day so thought it would be a good fit.

    - Gaula - River of Silver & Gold (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1308)
    Short version of "Gaula - River of Silver & Gold" Finalist of the 6th Annual Drake video Awards 2011 Produced by Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher in cooperation with G+K Film Frankfurt Shot exclusively on the NFC waters, River Gaula, Norway

    - Gigantic Brown Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1309)
    I would get wet for this one too! This brown trout caught by Matt Heron in a small stream is huge!

    - mad (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1310)
    Some fall fly fishing for the Madison River's brown trout. The browns were on the feed as evidenced by the 18 inch brown that had an 8" rainbow sticking out of it's mouth. We never found the monsters that the Madison is known for, but some solid fish between 16 to 19" were caught.

    - A year in the business (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1311)
    Beautiful little video with various fishing clips

    - Grand: Steel in the Oregon Outback (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1313)
    Fly fishing for steelhead in Oregon. Traveled to remote parts of Oregon to spey cast for summer steelhead with swung flies. Found warm late October sun and some cold steel. No bobbers were used in the making of this film. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    - Rio Marron - Las Farios de Chiloe/La Vaguada (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1318)
    Fly Fishing in Patagonia Chile, Isla de Chiloe.

    - One day of fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1319)
    A day of fishing for snook on fly fishing using poppers and streamers.

    - Voice of the River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1321)
    The North Of Russia. The River. Trout.

    - Tributaries (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1322)
    Shot in the South San Juan Wilderness in Southern Colorado

    - CP's Pheasant Tail Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1323)
    - Poontastic (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1324)
    An episode of a show called Addictive Fishing fishing for large tarpon in Islamorada. US style with commercial breaks, product picthes and all.

    - Blood Midge Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1327)
    A fly tying video demonstrating a simple and effective blood midge pupa. Featuring the Daiichi 1273 red hook.

    - CONNECT Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1325)
    This is the trailer for the new fly fishing feature film CONNECT. Shot around the globe in Cuba, Africa, Yellowstone, Alaska, Japan and Maine.

    - Also notice the "Making of" video.">The Source - Tasmania (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/33)
    Fly fishing for huge trout in the wilderness of Tasmania. Movie clip from the full length feature movie "The Source - Tasmania". video/source-making">Also notice the "Making of" video.

    - FlyCastaway Farquhar GT (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1412)
    We hope you enjoy some footage we took on Farquhar during our 2011/2012 season. We had some truly memorable GT action over the past few months...Farquhar Atoll offers amazing fishing!

    - Tiny Dancer Caddis Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1406)
    My personal pattern to imitate the winter caddis that we get on our home river of the Farmington. The fly is intended to be skated, but can also be fished dead drift. The fly can be altered to imitate any pupa that is meant to be skated on the surface.

    - Chewee Caddis Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1328)
    Chewee skin is a great material for adding realistic bodies to fly patterns. In this video UV Chewee skin is used to create a simple to tie, but realistic looking caddis larva.

    - DNS Whistler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1329)
    A take on Dan Blanton's classic striper pattern. An all-purpose saltwater fly.

    - The wet ending (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1330)
    me out fishing for pike and as usual making a fool of myself. Right in front of the camera... How embarrising... That scene comes at the end.

    - Desroches Island Fly Fishing Adventures (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1331)
    Desroches Island Fly Fishing Adventures - Seychelles - Exclusive Untamed Angling Destination

    - Fish Skull Articulated Minnow (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1332)
    An articulated streamer pattern tied with the new articulated shanks from Flymen. This streamer is tied to imitate a minnow, but this fly can be tied in several colors.

    - Simple Hotspot Bead Head (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1333)
    A great fly for cold water.

    - A Steelhead Family (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1334)
    The Bob Clay family devoting their lives to steelhead conservation and steelhaed fishing

    - A camping and fly-fishing trip to Nordmarka (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1335)
    Scandinavia from a Belgian point of view! With the help of my Norwegian friend Jonas, I spent a few days camping and fly-fishing in Nordmarka. Nordmarka is a huge forest north of Oslo. It is full of wildlife and trout lakes. This is the first video I have ever made. The video is in English.

    - A Dock Forms a Career (An Interview with Capt. Tuck Scott (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1337)
    A short film on Low Country fishing guide Capt. Tuck Scott

    - Patience... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1339)
    ...and fly changes, and in the end the angler is rewarded.

    - trout of 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1340)
    The trout of 2011.....that I decided to take video of. Fly fishing in western, southwestern, and central montana. Includes a 23" brown, 25" brown, 27" brown, and 28" rainbow. It was a good angling year.

    - 2011 Fishing Compilation (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1341)
    Here's a few clips that we've compiled from the past season. Hopefully you all enjoy them!

    - Journey Home (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1343)
    A Steelhead, double handed Spey rod, fly fishing movie. Filmed in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Rivers fished: Campbell, Chetco, Clackamas, Cowlitz, Gold, Klickitat, Nimpkish, and Methow.

    - Why did the salmon cross the road? (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1344)
    A short film about salmon evolution, soon they will drive cars to the spawning places :D

    - The T-Motion Collection (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1345)
    The T-Motion video Theater is the cornerstone feature in Catch Magazine. Catch Magazine is an on-line fly fishing magazine seen around the world – catchmagazine.net. Todd Moen films and edits the most creative, action packed and stunningly beautiful fly fishing videos in the world. These films are part of the Catch Magazine experience. Todd travels to amazing fly fishing destinations, like Chile, British Columbia, Mexico and many others. Then, with an artists eye, he wraps the great fishing around an interesting storyline that brings out the relationship with the angler, their environment and why we all enjoy this sport so much.

    - The Fish & The Fly 3 Terrestrials (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1346)
    This is dry fly fishing at its best. Terrestrials are land based insects - grasshoppers, beetles, Daddy Long Legs etc. Imitations of these insects are natural additions to any flybox and Morten Oeland shows why. We join him as he uses his fantastic imitations on a number of fishingtrips in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland. We follow him as he chooses his fly, tactic and fishing technique in every situation. The film is packed with fact and information about fishing the terrestrial. Morten is a skilled and experienced flytier. The second movie on the DVD is about the tying of the imitations he uses. He shows step by step how he ties his original, simple and highly innovative flies. This is an instructive movie, which is also full of great moments and exciting fishing situations. Morten catches lots of beautiful fish in amazing surrouding. A film of the same high standards as the previous movies in this series.

    - The Fish & The Fly 1 Dry Flies (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1347)
    This is a trailer for a fishing DVD about fly fishing and fly tying. We have travelled the world looking for some of the best and most exciting dry fly fishing there is. We have fished in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland.

    - The Fish & The Fly 2 Nymphs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1348)
    This is a trailer for a DVD film about fly fishing and flytying. We have travelled to numerous exciting locations to finde the best and most varied conditions to show fly fishing with a nymph

    - Opening Day. NZ. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1349)
    The long awaited opening day for New Zealand's river trout fishing season.

    - Redfish Brownie (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1351)
    Redfish Brownie - Because Redfish love brownies - tying and fishing the fly

    - Patagonian Silver (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1352)
    DVD trailer: Rio Gallegos in Patagonia offers some of the world's best sea trout fishing. Using Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge as our base, we set off for an exciting adventure along the river. We struggle to get our flies out in the wind, which sometimes reaches speeds of 100 km an hour. And when the trout takes, it feels as if time is standing still, and even the wind ceases to exist.

    - November Pleasures (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1354)
    Fall Steelhead from the last few weeks of November 2011

    - A challenging spot (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1355)
    Stalking a nice NZ Brownie in a tough spot that required an approach from up on a cliff above. I tied a new terrestrial pattern the night before and was a good chance to give it a whirl... Always fun to see a fish give it the all clear.

    - The Simple Anchovy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1356)
    Simple Flies: The first in a series on fly tying. Flies don't have to be complicated to catch fish. The Simple Flies approach uses just a few materials and a few steps to create easy to tie flies that catch fish.

    - Grayling Nymph/Bug (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1357)
    Materials Used; Hook, Czech Nymph size 10 Thread, UTC 70 Yellow Olive Rib, 3lb Nylon Back, Scud Back Light Olive 1/8 Under Body, Lead Tape Body, Olive Hares Mask Fur and Light Olive UV Ice Dub Thorax, Natural Fur Fox Squirrel and Brown Olive Ice Dub Colour Thorax and Head with a Brown Permanent

    - Moose Hair Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1358)
    It might be in Italian, but it's an easily tied and beautiful fly. Two colors of moose hair make a really nice segmented body.

    - BH Prince Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1359)
    - It's only pike fly fishing but I like it (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1360)
    Me out again doing some blunders and bloopers handling pikes. But I like it.

    - Winter Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1361)
    In some of the world's best trout fishing area, Sun Valley, Idaho, we fish winters just as hard as the summers. This piece is hosted by the one and only John Huber of Ketchum on the fly. This was shot and edited in the winter of 2010.

    - Aysen Experience (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1362)
    Aysen has has an immeasurable beauty and no limits. Outdoors TV had the privilege of making another video from this region, this time about fly fishing.

    - How to apply dubbing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1363)
    Many fly tiers struggle to apply dubbing to thread correctly. This video demonstrates how to properly apply dubbing to thread.

    - WD-40 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1364)
    A great fly for beginning fly tyers. This simple mayfly nymph imitation is a fish catching machine. Tie it in a variety of colors to mimic the small mayflies in your favorite rivers and streams.

    - The Olive Quilled Cruncher (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1366)
    Olive Quilled Cruncher: Materials Used; Hook, Kamazan B175 size 10 to 14 Thread, Yellow Olive UTC 70 Tail, Cock Hackle Fibres dyed Golden Olive Body, Dyed Peacock Quill Golden Olive Wingbuds, Sunburst Goose Biots Thorax, Peacock Herl dyed Golden Olive Hackle, Light Ginger Hen dyed Golden Olive

    - Opening season NZ. Second Day. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1368)
    Fishing the backcountry--Opening Day.

    - Latex Caddisfly Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1371)
    Flymage Fly Tying video Series: Chapter #1. Latex Caddisfly Pupa by Mikel Elexpuru. From Flymage Fly Fishing Magazine. In Spanish but with English subtitles.

    - A River of Dreams (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1372)
    Tall tales and memories from another time. Dry Fly Fishing on the River Wye at Rowsley, Derbyshire.

    - Kamchatka Spring Creeks (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1373)
    The Best of Kamchatka Fly Fishing Spring Creeks. Marketing, but very nice!

    - Caddis something (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1374)
    Sinking caddis pupa. Works like hell :)

    - Egg Sucking Leech (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1375)
    Tying an Egg Sucking Leech with Jim Misiura. This is a popular patern where spawning fish are. The use of the Pom Pom makes this an easier pattern to tie. The weight put the fly to the bottom where the fish are feeding.

    - Cuban Action (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1376)
    It might be a commercial for an Argentinean outfitter and there night be some spin fishing involved, but there's lot of action. Lots!

    - Cheesman Dub (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1377)
    South Platte River / Cheesman Canyon

    - Griffiths Gnat (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1378)
    Tying a Griffiths Gnat with Jim Misiura. For a beginner fly tier this is the easiest and most productive fly to learn. Tie them in size 14 - 24. This is the most productive fly in my box. I tie them using both natural and olive dyed grizzly hackle. Tie alot of these!

    - The Only Way Is Up (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1379)
    We've started working on a brand new documentary about ourselves, and here's an edit of some the first material we recorded during winter/early spring 2011. We´ll record throughout 2012, and the film will be out in the early months of 2013.

    - Double trout fail (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1380)
    A tight little run is possibly packed with trout. Hooking them is not an issue, but landing them can be a challenge.

    - 60 cm rainbow on Tenkara rod. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1381)
    Catching a 60 centimeter or 24" rainbow trout In New Zealand, North Island, February 2011 using a Tenkara rod with leader + tippet 2 times the rod length.

    - Mercury Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1382)
    Great for tailwaters and during the winter

    - Fly Fishing In Alaska (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1383)
    A week of Wilderness Fly Fishing at Lake Marie Lodge Fishing Resort, Alaska in mid-August 2011.

    - Guided Fly Fishing with NOC (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1384)
    Guided fly fishing with Nantahala Outdoor Center and Hunter Banks Fly Fishing. Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    - Alpaca emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1386)
    Simple emerger using Alpaca wool, foam and CDC

    - Finnmark 2010 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1387)
    One week flyfishing in Finnmark (northern Norway) during the summer 2010. There is no story here, just some fishing action in one of the nicest parts of the world (for us fishermen anyway).

    - Flies into action (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1388)
    In the film using a new method of presentation of artificial flies.Method Buldo is floating wire and 4 artificial flies.I hope it develops in AMERICA.For more video with instructions enter the site.

    - Fox Squirrel Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1389)
    Tying the Fox Squirrel Nymph with Davie McPhail. Materials Uesd; Hook, Kamazan B175 size 14 Thread, Uni thread 8/0 Tan Tail, Small Bunch of Red Fox Squirrel Guard Hairs Tib, Small Gold Tinsel or Wire Body, Belly Fur from the Red Fox Squirrel Thorax, Red Fox Squirrel Body Fur Hackle, Brown Partridge Head, A tiny bit Red Fox Squirrel Body Fur

    - From cutthroat to steelhead country (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1390)
    We had a memorable walk between Wyoming and the state of Washington. We firstly encountered lots of beautiful cutthroats around the Yellowstone park, before moving on to the Grande ronde for the more elusive steelheads.

    - A Journey West (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1392)
    A 30 day journey west in search of some of the best fly fishing water in the lower 48.

    - Sipping Dry trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1393)
    Shot on the Missouri River near Craig, Montana, "Sipping Dry" attempts to articulate the true essence of dry fly fishing in a setting many consider to be one of the dry fly capitals of the world. The full-length version will be featured in the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour (thef3t.com).

    - Silver and Gold (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1394)
    What does Yukon Cornelius love? Silver and Gold. Silver and Gold. What does YGF like? Silver and Gold. Well, more like Rainbows and Browns. Close enough. A video filled with bumbles, abominable snowmen, miners, reindeer, brown trout, and rainbow trout. Consider this the pinnacle of the concept of YGF. It can only go downhill from here. Music: The Glitch Mob "We Can Make the World Stop"

    - Out of focus (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1395)
    Me again, this time depicting the toils and troubles of the lone flyfisher / videomaker. Like when the tripod gave up and gave in. Hence the title out of focus. Also me holding up a few nice pikes.

    - Olive Brassie Soft Hackle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1396)
    Tying an Olive Brassie Soft Hackle with Jim Misiura. Tip: You can get copper wire in many different sizes and colors at your local craft store. It is often much cheaper. I picked up a 12 pack for only $7.50.

    - Opening Day. NZ. Murky Waters. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1397)
    Fishing the back country after heavy rain in the ranges.

    - Jack & Alex Catch a Trout (or 2) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1399)
    A bit of footage from a day of Jack and Alex fly fishing.

    - When rhodani hatches (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1400)
    Nice Norwegian video about fishing the Beatis rhodani hatch

    - The Holographic Grey Boy Buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1401)
    Tying the Holographic Grey Boy Buzzer by Davie McPhail. Materials Used; Hook, Kamazan B110 size 10 Thread, UTC 70 Black Ribs, White Uni-Flexx and Small Red Holographic Tinsel WingBuds, Lite-Brite Hanks Silver Holographic and Red Marker Pen Cover all with Lite Bug-Bond and then a coat of Fine Varnish to finish..

    - A Thunder Creek Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1402)
    Fly Tying A Thunder Creek Streamer with Jim Misiura. This is a good minnow pattern.

    - "Reverb" fly fishing trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1403)
    This is a trailer for a show about three musicians who were all part of the late 80's, early 90's punk rock scene in Chicago...and they happen to all fly fish.

    - Milton Lake Lodge Fly Fishing promo (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1404)
    A fly fishing video created by Fly Nation for Milton Lake Lodge in the far north east corner of Saskatchewan. Check out the northern pike!

    - Grayling fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1405)
    This is part two in a serie where we light candles for different fish species. Be sure to enable subtitles if you don't speak swedish.

    - Chewee Cranefly Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1407)
    Craneflies are under represented in most fly angler's boxes. In my local streams cranefly larva are incredibly effective, especially in the spring when water flows rise. This chewee skin pattern was first seen as an offering from Brookside flies. With the availability of chewee skin we started tinkering with the material and figured out how to tie it. Tie a half dozen of these and make room in your fly box for them; you will be glad you did.

    - Snowy Road (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1408)
    Just a quick video shot with the GoPro2. I downloaded the second song, Photosphere, from vimeo music store, Charles Atlas was kind enough to provide this free download. Check him out at charles-atlas.com

    - Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1409)
    Having fished likely my last saltwater day in 2011, it was time to do some editing of the massive amount of images collected during the year. This is a first look at some of the footage from the 2011 season. There is a ton more to go through and some of the footage from the flats of NY&CT, Block Island and Montauk, especially underwater footage, is really interesting.

    - Fly Fishing Castalia Rainbow Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1410)
    We were fortunate enough to have won a lottery-chance to fish the pristine water of the Cold Creek in Castalia, Ohio. The fish were big and plentiful. All fish were hooked on dry flies.

    - Down & Across (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1411)
    A short featuring Sara Roholt fly fishing for trout using two-handed or "spey" rods on the Missouri River, Montana in Dec. 2011. This type of fishing is most commonly associated with Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon fishing, but we find that it is extremely effective for trout on our river, especially during the winter months.

    - Trout is All (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1413)
    frontsidefly.com some leftovers shots from a trip to "övre vindelälven"

    - Central Valley Bass'n on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1414)
    This video is a compilation of the GSF crew and our bassin adventures this past year. All of it was shot with GoPro video cameras and was only shot on small waters in the Central Valley in CA. No Delta. No Reservoirs. We basically took Google Maps and searched out small bodies of water within an hour of home and went at it and this is what we came up with

    - Fish Art - A Fly on the Wall (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1415)
    Watch a fish painting get completed in two minutes.

    - Hawaii Bonefish 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1419)
    Flyfishing with Captain Mike Hennessy of Hawaii on the Fly on Ohau for big bonefish..

    - The GRAB trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1420)
    THE GRAB is the story of an obsessed fly fisherman and his annual pilgrimages to the storied waters of Northern California in search of Wild Steelhead with a two-handed rod. THE GRAB will be released in 2012.

    - Streamers On The Arkansas River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1421)
    Fishing streamers in Colorado

    - Rackelhanen (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1416)
    Tying a Rackelhanen

    - Fly Tying: Kelly Galloup's Articulated Butt Monkey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1417)
    Brian Wise, head guide at River of Life Farm ties Kelly Galloup's Articulated Butt Monkey.

    - Fly Tying: Kelly Galloup's Articulated Circus Peanut (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1418)
    Brian Wise, head guide at River of Life Farm ties Kelly Galloup's Articulated Circus Peanut....an awesome streamer pattern.

    - Experience Spatsizi (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1422)
    Beautiful video from Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Park in BC

    - Flyfishing Pike DVD preview (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1423)
    This is an alternate preview for the DVD "Northern Pike FlyFishing Flagstaff Arizona" Filmed in 2011. Scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2012 for $19.99, but is available now at www.gethappyflyfishing.com at a special pre-release price of only $10.99!

    - New Zealand Wilderness Stream (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1424)
    his movie is opening day on a New Zealand Wilderness Stream 100 km from Gisborne. It's a rainbow and if you are lucky you might get browns. It really is a spawning location but if the weather stays bad the trout stay in the stream longer than usual. You sometimes have encounters with wild red deer and wild pigs. People negelect the most obivious places sometimes. This stream was found accidently by actually seeing a guide guiding a customer here mid week.

    - GT, Permit, and Bluefin Trevally in the Seychelles (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1425)
    Rarely the chance comes to explore a fantastic new fishery, but only once in a lifetime does that opportunity come in the Seychelles

    - Haystack Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1426)
    Tying the Haystack Emerger by Davie McPhail. Materials used; Hook, Kamasan B160 size 12 Thread, Olive Uni 8/0 Rib, Uni-Mylar Pearl n/14 Body, Med Olive SLF Thorax, Med Olive SLF Wings, Costal Deer Hair

    - Tan Compara Dun Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1427)
    Tying a Tan Compara Dun Emerger with Jim Misiura. No hackle, Deer hair wing emerger.

    - Winter flyfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1428)
    Excellent production showing winter fishing - preparation, driving out and fishing. Shot with a GoPro camera. Click on to Vimeo to read more.

    - December Steel... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1429)
    Got the chance to fish with an old friend that used to guide for us here at BBT. It was great spending time with him again and catching fish; Well, that was just a bonus!

    - Fly Fishing in Port Aransas (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1430)
    Here is LMP's first fly fishing video. Shot in Port Aransas, Texas. We rented a boat and headed out, we were lucky enough to hook up with some reds in the flats and catch a few Spanish Mackerel by the Jetties.

    - Fly Fishing Switzerland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1433)
    Neat little video from central Europe

    - Basswood Popper from Scratch: Part I (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1434)
    Part I of III, building a basswood popper from scratch.

    - Basswood Popper from Scratch: Part II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1435)
    - La Geisha (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1431)
    Fly patterns video : Ant with glue stick.

    - Breathe (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1436)
    A people film about fly-fishing and work. What do you do when the current of work grows so strong you start to drown in it? You take off fishing the scenic waterways of Montana where trout, and the people catching them, teach you how to breathe again. Follow the journey of one man’s fishing adventure that takes him across the state of Montana in search of the next fish, fresh perspective and a more fulfilling life -- after all, staying afloat in this contemporary world is a challenge. How do you Breathe?

    - Brothers In Fly Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1437)
    Brothers in fly is a fly fishing film based on 2 brothers Ben and Mark Hohnke who fly fish in the New England region of NSW. The full length dvd is due out in 2012

    - The Northern Angler carp fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1438)
    RA Beattie hooks up with the fine folks from The Northern Angler for some flats fishing, Great Lakes style. Produced by Beattie Outdoor Productions.

    - Sleep, Dreams, and Birthday Donuts (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1439)
    It's December in Montana and winter hitting us hard.....LIES. It was over 40 F this past weekend, so Bucko, Blakely, and Matt Breuer (of Ponoi River Co.) traveled over to the Mo to harass some of it's trouts. We stopped by Headhunters Fly Shop in the morning and then hit the water. It was a relaxing day on the water, for sure. Several good trout came to hand. It was Blakely's birthday, so we stopped and got a Birthday Donut from the Donut Hole in Helena.

    - Basswood Popper Part III (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1440)
    Part III of building a topwater bass popper from scratch using basswood.

    - Olive Pheasant Tail Upright Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1441)
    Tying an Olive Pheasant Tail Upright Nymph by Davie McPhail. Olive Pheasant Tail Upright Nymph.. Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B175 size 14 Thread, Uni-8/0 Olive Tail, Partridge feather Dyed Olive Rib, UTC Chartreuse Wire Small Body, Pheasant Tail Thorax, Olive Ice Dub and Squirrel Dubbing mixed together, Weighted with a 2.5 mm tungsten bead held on with 6lb Nylon

    - Smoke and Mirrors:Bulls on the Metolius (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1442)
    Late fall fishing with streamers for Metolius Bull Trout. You gotta love trout that will eat flies the size of a bird. Every fall I spend several days hucking large chunky flesh patterns and whitefish frauds to the native bulls. Although the bulls will gladly eat small nymphs all year I'd rather Go Big or Go Home when it comes to bull fishing and so I concentrate my fishing for this great native trout in the fall during the kokanee spawn.

    - Living the lucky life (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1443)
    I grew up in Alaska, was introduced to Fly fishing from Darcy Bacha. Last year I invited Darcy to come fish for big Rainbows near my place in AK. We had an epic time, come this year I had Darcy and John Spriggs come up with the idea of filming our adventures! The lucky life!

    - Tying a Bendback Fly with a Twist (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1445)
    Captain Mel Simpson demonstrates tying his variation on the bendback fly. By adding the extra bend to the eye of the hook, the fly takes on new life in the water. A great fly for Snook and other species that feed on minnows.

    - Tying the Mighty Mite Hellgramite (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1446)
    Diane Blair demonstrates tying Michael Verduin's Mighty Mite Hellgrramite pattern. This is a great pattern for smallmouth bass or any fish that feeds on hellgramites.

    - Stripping and Jigging Redfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1447)
    Sight fishing in the lowcountry

    - Vag Wing Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1451)
    A nice caddis pattern

    - Cased Caddis Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1449)
    Easy weighted Cased Caddis Larva

    - Tying a GSS Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1450)
    This is a good fly when trout are just under the surface.

    - One Shot (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1452)
    "One Shot" is what you get in this life. What's really important in the end?

    - mataura at nokomai (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1453)
    Mauro from Argentina and John from USA nailing the hardest south island brownies to catch from the almigthy Mataura river

    - Bulls on Top (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1454)
    Some "fish Porn" from the 2011 redfishing season in Louisiana. When things were right the Big 'Bull" reds were eating on the top!

    - November Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1458)
    Fishing with Ian, Chase, Cody, and myself

    - The Fish of a Lifetime (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1459)
    Members of the Appalachian State University Fly Fishing Club take a late-fall trip out the the South Holston River in East Tennessee to chase after the fish of a lifetime: the big brown trout.

    - Tying the Jack-o pupa with Johnny Utah (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1460)
    - The tangled trout tango. (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1462)
    Very short vid of how luck can play a part in Angling--Even after a less than delicate cast and a tangle up.

    - Montana Trout (2011 Remix) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1463)
    Montana has some of the finest trout fishing to be found anywhere in the world. Along with some of the most spectacular scenery the planet has to offer. Montana is a trout anglers paradise. Inspired by the endless valleys and sprawling vistas of the Northern Rockies. Beginning in early February on the Missouri River and all the way through summer and the fabled salmon fly hatches of the Madison river, outside of Ennis MT. Join us as we take a look back at some memorable moments and catches from the 2011 Montana fishing season.

    - Big Barramundi on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1464)
    Peter Faust Dam/Lake Proserpine, QLD, Australia. Fly fishing for huge Barramundi. Andy's Fly Fishing with Rodney Collings.

    - Fly Fishing Glacier National Park (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1465)
    Fly Fishing Glacier National Park on the Flathead River with Bigfork Anglers Fly Shop & Guide Service.

    - The Wolverine Salmon Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1466)
    Tying the Wolverine Salmon Fly by Davie McPhail. Materials Used; Thread, Veevus 10/0 Black Tag, Large Silver Holographic Tinsel Rib, Large Oval Silver Tinsel Body, Larva Lace Salmo Supreme-Hot Lime and Rainbow Black Dubbing Wing, Back Silver Fox, Blue Metallic Flash, Chartreuse and Black Goat Hackle, Silver Fox Body Hair Dyed Black Eyes, Jungle Cock Natural or Dyed Head, Larva Lace Salmo Supreme- Rainbow Black

    - CP's Gold Ribbed Harer's Ear Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1468)
    Tying video

    - Tying a grasshopper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1469)
    Imaginative Grasshopper

    - Twigging For Redfin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1470)
    Fly Fishing For Redfin/english perch

    - 2011 Year In Review (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1471)
    Just a recap of some of the fishing that I actually did in between guiding. Next year will be much more as I will not be guiding....Look out

    - Hog Snare Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1472)
    My double articulated streamer that I concocted last season, and it accounted for some rather stellar browns. Alter the colors and you can cover the bases. The color combo tied in the video is my all time favorite. This fly has both horizontal and vertical swimming action

    - Dyberry Special (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1473)
    This is one of the first fly's I ever tied that worked. It worked in the Dyberry Creek in Wanye Co. Penna. I was fishing the fly only section. It worked so good I gave a few to the veteran fly fisherman. I was just 20 at the time and 50yr old guy's asked me for one of my pattern, how cool was that? Anyway Hope you can come up with a special fly yourself.

    - Emerging Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1475)
    A pretty simple emergent midge pattern tied on a rather unique hook. A few slight tweeks in color of thread and rib material and you can cover any midge on any given river at any given time. Have fun with this one.

    - Tarpon on the fly in Tampa Bay (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1476)
    Tarpon fishing on the fly with Capt. Nick Angelo and Capt. Bryon Chamberlin along Florida's west central gulf coast.

    - Adams Cripple (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1477)
    The crippled mayfly is the easiest meal a hungry trout can eat. The first "Crippled Adams" I ever saw came from the vetaren fly fisherman, that asked me for a Dyberry Special. It was a fair exchange.

    - Adams Parachute (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1480)
    An Adams parachute is a good pattern to use after the mayflies have been hatching for awhile, and there is no immediate hatch happening.

    - Our IceLand trip in 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1478)
    Arnarvatnsheid region, drive 90minutes with 4wd on lavafields to reach this heaven

    - Impossible catch of big brown trout in New Zealand (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1479)
    Catching big brown trout in Central Otago- South Island of New Zealand under almost impossible conditions. Lot of action,fun and passion. Sometimes impossible turns to possible. You will never forget catches like this- so come and visit us in New Zealand.

    - Haspelmannen Official trailer (Horror version) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1481)
    A trailer for an upcoming horror/comedy/fly fishing movie called "Haspelmannen".

    - "The Kodiak Project" trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1482)
    Three fly fishermen (Conway Bowman, Kirk Deeter and Chris Santella) head up to Kodiak Island, Alaska to fish a legendary river that’s a bit like a unicorn – everyone has heard about it, but no one seems to have seen it, been there or fished its shallow waters. Along with local guide, Trent Deeter, the crew embarks on one of the most epic and prolific steelhead fishing trips of their lives.

    - Fly Fishing in Fernie, BC (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1483)
    Tourism promotion, bet very nicely filmed. Fernie in British Columbia offers the fly angler some of the world's finest fly fishing for pure strain Cutthroat Trout and Bull Trout. Freestone clear waters surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

    - Fishing hoppers at Whites Ranch (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1484)
    Fly Fishing Frenzy, fishing hoppers all day long to hungry trout.

    - Tying an Egg Pattern (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1485)
    This is the easiest egg pattern you'll ever find!

    - Tying a Muddler Minnow (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1486)
    - Green Royal Coachman (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1487)
    Tying the Green Royal Coachman by Davie McPhail Materials Used; Kamasan B170 size 10 Thread, Olive Uni-Thread 8/0 Tail, Moose Body Hair Body, Natural Peacock Herl dyed yellow and Uni-floss Hot Green Hackle, Dyed Dark Olive Cock Saddle Wing, White Calf Body Hair

    - Fly fishing in Brittany (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1489)
    Beautiful video from France

    - Mullet in the rain... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1490)
    Fly fishing for river mullet in the Brittany rain

    - laponia adventure 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1491)
    - Year 2011 in waders (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1492)
    This edit is a review of the year gone by. Some footage I have used before and most is just shots from the danish coast that i never got to use because we did not catch fish and some is from the summers greenland trip. In the end of the video my friend Andreas catch a nice 3,6 kilo seatrout off the coast of Moen and most of the atmosphere shots is from that same island, i love that place, it is breathtaking.

    - Mosquito (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1494)
    Tying a Mosquito with Jim Misiura Simple way to tie a mosquito. Good Luck wit yours. Jim From: TheFlymanJim Views: 34 2 ratings Time: 08:45 More in Sports

    - An Eye for Steelhead, Movie Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1495)
    A Fly Fisherman's Monologue. An “out of the box” personal, expressionistic exploration of Jeff Layton’s passion for Steelhead on a double handed Spey rod. Offering an unique perspective of what a fly fishing movie can visually present to its audience. This movie is interesting, funny, and like no other. Love it, or hate it, you will won’t forget it! Steelhead fly fishing scenes filmed in the Pacific North West. Filmed on the Cowlitz River, Deschutes River, Grande Ronde River, and North Umpqua River.

    - Fly Fishing for Sailfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1496)
    video of recent sailfishing trip to Guatemala. Includes catch and release of a sailfish on the fly. Guatemala is world renown for the best sailfishing in the world. The sailfish are so plentiful in fact that on March 11, 2006, IGFA Hall of Fame Captain Ron Hamlin set the daily release record with an unbelievable 124 sailfish.

    - In the heart of Europe: on the river Muerz (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1497)
    Nice video from Austria

    - In the heart of Europe: The Salza Lake (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1498)
    Lake fishing from Austria

    - December pikes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1493)
    Fly fishing for pike in december.

    - Spey Warriors in Umba (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1499)
    Follow the Spey Warriors in Junky World 2011, in Umba there is always a chance of catching a salmon over 20lbs. every day – Every week – From May until October. In the six-week period from mid August until first of October 2011 we caught 71 Salmon between 15 Lbs and 19 Lbs and 45 Salmon between 20 Lbs and 30 Lbs – Every week during the entire season we were able to celebrate new members in our Twenty Pounds Club, and we even managed to recruit several “Double Members” and "Triple Members" to our exclusive club.

    - Cinnamon & Brown Emerger Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1500)
    Tying a Cinnamon & Brown Emerger Caddis with Davie McPhail. Materials Used; Hook, Fulling Mill Super Grub size 12 Thread, Orange Uni-Thread 8/0 Rib, Clear Nymph Wrap or Tinsel Body, Cinnamon SLF Dubbing Thorax Cover, Cock Pheasant Tail Fibre or Antron Floss Wing, Deer Body Hair Dark Brown Legs, Summer Duck Fibres Thorax, Dark Brown SLF Dubbing and Bug-Bond Horns, Cock Pheasant Tail Fibres

    - Tribute..steelhead camp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1501)
    Once a year there is a camp where anglers come together from all over the West to reconnect...this piece is as much a tribute to the human element of fishing as it is to the fish that draws all of us together..

    - Eucumbene River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1502)
    A fly fishing road movie

    - Fly Fishing Colorado 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1503)
    A look back at 2011's adventures...it's more about the adventure than the actual fishing

    - Back on the river again (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1504)
    Trailer. This is a Fly fishing DVD, based at the top of New Zealand's South Island. We are in search for big wild Brown and Rainbow trout. This film is packed with Fly fishing action, and good clear, easy to see BIG TROUT FEEDING!. "Back on the river again" should be out sometime at the end of this season, or maybe next season. BUT! keep an eye out for it!

    - The Young river in NZ south island (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1505)
    Two days backcountry camping and fishing at the young river check the photos here http://troyfanclubfederation.blogspot.com/2012/01/gaylord-add-caption.html

    - Skating Flies for Steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1506)
    Nice intro to skating. John Hazel skates flies for Steelhead with a Spey Rod on Oregon's Deschutes River.

    - Baby Brown Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1507)
    Baby brown trout are a big part of a trouts diet.

    - The F Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1508)
    Oliver Edwards ties Marjan Fratnik's renown F Fly with CDC feathers harvested by Fratnik himself

    - Capt. Mel's Tube Knot (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1509)
    After years of seeing knots that either were so bulky they had a hard time going through the guides or worse they failed causing the loss of a good fish, I found a way to jam the fly line core up against an ordinary nail knot. This knot is as strong as the fly line, and as you will see it's also very small.

    - Once and Away (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1510)
    Hans van Klinken has this to say about his lovely little fly; "This fly I personally find one of my best and most beautiful emerging patterns". It's simple, it's different and it's not difficult to tie. Best of all, trout love it!

    - The Near Enough (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1511)
    There are times when the trout are taking nymphs at or near the surface. This fly was designed just for that situation. It comes Near Enough.

    - Best of the Blue Skiff 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1512)
    This video is a collection of clips form the 2011 fly fishing season around Twin Bridges, MT. The vid showcases a lot of my favorite people to fish with throughout the summer, and putting it together was a great reminder of how much fun last summer was. A big thanks to The Stonefly Inn and all of the great people that come out fishing with us all summer long!

    - Cutties are for Suckers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1513)
    A warm January day on the Bitterroot with Zach and Stan from False Casts and Flat Tires. For a while, it seemed like all I could catch were suckers. 4 or 5 of them in a row at one point. Big ones too - 21 to 22" on the high end. I will admit it, they were a worthy fish on the fly rod. But, eventually we found the trout. We caught our fair share of cutthroat and rainbows. I caught a couple nice 17 to 19" cutthroat and rainbows to end the day.

    - Fly Fishing v2.0 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1514)
    Floating, stream fishing, camp life.

    - Wilder on the Taylor (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1515)
    Not many words can supplement this video; it speaks for itself. Wilder on the Taylor, located between Crested Butte and Gunnison, CO is easily one of the finest river properties we’ve had the pleasure of filming. What not a better way to tell the story of this fly fishing paradise than with an aerial perspective. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did making it!

    - Duckfly Midge Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1518)
    Tying a Duckfly Midge Pupa by Davie McPhail. Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B175 size 10 Thread, Black Uni 8/0 or UTC 70 Rib, Clear Wrap or Tinsel Body, Dyed Black Pheasant Tail Wingbuds, Gosse Biots dyed hot orange Thorax, Black Seals Fur or Sub mixed with Flashabou Rainbow Dubbing Tail and Breathers, Glo-Brite Floss N/16

    - Fly Tying: Galloup's Articulated Peanut Envy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1516)
    Brian Wise, head guide at River of Life Farm ties Kelly Galloup's Articulated Peanut Envy

    - Fly Fishing the Ozarks Greatest Hits, 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1517)
    A mashup of the best clips of 2011 from Brian Wise, Head Guide, River of Life Farm.

    - The Toucan Salmon Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1519)
    Tying the Toucan Salmon Fly with Davie McPhail. Materials Used; Hook : Salar Double size 3 Tag: 4 turns oval gold Tail: GP tippets Body: Black floss Rib: Oval gold Wing: (Heron Sub) Greylag Shoulder Hackle: Dyed Black Blue Eared Pheasant or Golden Pheasant Breast Head: Black

    - About midges and bitches (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1520)
    This video is all about fly fishing for grayling in the wintertime, about mad and freaky enthusiasts who like the spirit of hunting this fishes with tiny little midges.

    - Two Swiss boy's try hard to get'm (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1521)
    Flatsfishing with fly for Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Snook and Shark. We hit the first coldfront of the year, bad luck - but we had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks to Scott, great Guide and compagnion on the water!

    - chrome for my dome (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1522)
    Willy Vallely and Tony Gugino do work in great lake tributaries. Steelhead and rainbow trout fishing at its finest.

    - bonefishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1523)
    Guiding for bones.

    - Indicator under films-Fly fishing: Small streams for small fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1524)
    Hey this is our first fly fishing video "small streams for small fish". These are few nature and set up shots from small streams in Oregon. We have already been embedded on orvisnews.com and we hope to get embedded here to spread our name and get our video some views. Cheers, Eli

    - Nordland tour 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1525)
    Fly fishing short.

    - Aussie Salt Water Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1526)
    The video magazine Adventure Bound Fishing goes fly fishing off the coast of west Australia.

    - Czeched Out Hare's Ear (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1527)
    This soft hackled Hare's Ear pattern, tied on a jig style hook, is effective and quick fly to tie. The bugginess from the hare's ear dubbing combined with the pink "hot spot" thorax make it irresistible. I typically tie it in a size 14, but it could easily be tied up to a size 8 and down to a size 16. This fly looks great when the body color is changed to olive or black.

    - The Ayrshire Man Salmon Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1528)
    Material Used; Thread - Black, Tag and Rib - Oval Gold tinsel, Tail - Polar Bear Fibre dyed Hot Orange or Bucktail dyed Hot Orange, Body- Black Floss, First Hackle - Chinese Cock dyed Sunburst, Wing - Black Bucktail, Pearl Krystal Flash and Hot Orange Arctic Fox, Cheeks - Jungle Cock, Front Hackle - Hot Orange Badger

    - The Old Post Fly Fishing Experience (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1530)
    A video ad for pike fishing in Ontario.

    - Shasta Trout Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1531)
    Shasta Trout is a family owned and operated fly fishing guide service based in the beautiful town of Mt. Shasta, California. Ideally situated in the heart of the finest fly fishing for trout and steelhead the Golden State has to offer, our guide service features the legendary rivers of Northern California and the finest local guides.

    - Ian Bisantz, Fly Fisherman (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1532)
    Ian Bisantz is a fly fisherman, currently living in Boone, North Carolina. Through this interview, he expresses his true passion for the sport of fly fishing. Ian quotes that it "changed my life," and he encourages others to try something new and potentially change their own lives.

    - The Spatsizi Experience (Full Version) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1533)
    This is the full version of the Spatsizi Experience. Welcome to Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge. Enjoy dry fly fishing at its best. Incredible wildlife. Scenery - Amazing. Daily flyouts.

    - Fly fishing in Patagonia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1534)
    Beautiful video from Patagonia with helicopter flights, stunning landscapes and some fine fishing.

    - Lovely Pita (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1535)
    This fly was designed by my wife, Lupita. She picked out the colors and materials and I put them on the hook. It has turned out to be a really deadly fly and my buddies and I have used it with great success on some very skittish redfish lately. It looks very shrimpy and it glows in the water so you and the fish can see it from far away. I have been using 1/0 hooks and large eyes but the smaller version makes less of a splash when it lands and is a little easier to cast on the 7wt that I use.

    - The Blue Lagoon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1536)
    Fly fishing for Morwong at Dampier, west Australia

    - April 19th on the Kickapoo (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1537)
    Just another warm spring day fly fishing in Southwest Wisconsin. Not a whole lot of a hatch going on but the little pink squirrels do a lot of damage on a day like today!

    - Arctic char mania (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1538)
    Random shots in a small edit from an epic may fly hatch.

    - Trout from the other side of the Tracks (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1539)
    Winter time trout from some unlikely places.

    - Frostbite Fishoff 2012 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1540)
    The 2nd annual Frostbite Fishoff was held on the Arkansas River tailwater near Pueblo, Colorado. Fly Fishing Team USA had a couple of teams participating, including anglers featured in this short video clip. Thanks to Anthony Naranja for letting me shoot a bit with his Red ONE camera...a very sweet piece of video gear. This footage, however, was shot with a Canon DSLR.

    - The Arctic (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1541)
    2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour Entry - The Arctic - by Beattie Outdoor Productions

    - Fishing with Rod: Best of 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1542)
    British Columbia has been great to us in 2011 and we look forward to fishing in 2012. Many thanks to our viewers for the support, and to our sponsors who have made our projects possible.

    - It's Your Fault (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1543)
    A short edit from Jazz & Fly Fishing\'s tour in Poland, September 2011.

    - A Tungsten Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1544)
    Not a pretty fly, but effective. This is a very good general purpose nymph, useful for getting deep on streams or rivers. The clipped body gives a nice profile without bulk, and the 3mm tungsten bead helps the thing to sink.

    - Quill Body Klinkhammer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1545)
    Quill body klinkhammer just another version. Good Luck!

    - Chewee Bloodworm (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1546)
    Bloodworms are extremely effective flies. They work well year round on most trout streams I fish. In the winter and spring months they account for a good share of the trout I catch. This simple to tie bloodworm works well in a czech nymphing rig.

    - Stripers on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1547)
    A weekend in late november saw warm weather and schoolie stripers funneling through. Fish on!

    - Tying an Intruder (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1548)
    Nate Morris of Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop ties an intruder style fly.

    - Pearl Core Cased Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1550)
    This is a cased caddis larva pattern tied in the Czech style. This nymph is tied on a jig hook with a slotted tungsten bead that causes it to bounce along the bottom with the hook point riding up. Cased Caddis patterns are very effective, especially in freestone streams. Fish this fly on point, with a smaller offering above it.

    - Dragonfish, flyfishing in Korea (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1551)
    On lunar new year, two friends embark on an icy fly-fishing expedition from Seoul to Donghae on the eastern coast of Korea, in search of the elusive native Korean trout.

    - Chrome Highlights (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1552)
    It must be the same anticipation with which we wait for spring that we wait for chilling nights that freeze the ground beneath us. Typically this drives all but the most menacing of fly anglers inside beside a warm fire to sip whiskey laden ice cubes, or apple cider drenched in rum. For those who choose frigid, windy and wet mornings to rise before the sun...The opportunities are endless.

    - Next Cast (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1553)
    A video ad showing dry fly steelheading. Created for Rio fly lines.

    - Fly Fishing the Bighorn River in Montana (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1555)
    Follow us on a winter day on the Bighorn River in Montana. We will be throwing streamers and nymphing for Brown and Rainbow trout. I hope you enjoy!

    - Fly fishing Arabian Pompano (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1556)
    Solo exploration of Southern Oman-desert, baby camels, coffee, beach, fly fishing, and lots of pompano action.

    - A film for Bethany (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1557)
    A short film about about my girlfriend's last visit to me here in Wyoming. featuring the usual suspects; dogs, a few browns and moose, as well as Bethany's first fish on the fly...

    - Cane Rod (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1558)
    A 6' 10" hollow built nodeless cane rod. Lovely small stream rod with a quick traditional taper

    - Heart of the Driftless Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1559)
    I had some time last night so I whipped up this trailer for the soon to be released DVD Heart of the Driftless. It probably deserves a little better effort but I'm burnt and just wanted to get it done. The DVD will also feature the full version of Reverb currently out on the 2012 Fly Fishing Film tour.

    - Enjoy The Harvest (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1560)
    Late Trout FlyFishing. Flyfishingswitzerland.com.

    - Riding High: A Season on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1561)
    Award winning Waterline Media presents F3T cut of one of the most raved and heralded Fly Fishing Journeys ever captured on film. Follow the annual Tarpon migration with the anglers that make chasing this fish one of their greatest passions. Catch this sneak peak of the full length feature film only on the 2012 F3T Tour.

    - Tying a Disco Leech (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1562)
    Hook: Eagle Claw Aberdeen -- size 6 Bead: 5/32 Tungsten -- black Thread: UTC 140 -- black Tail: Furled Craft Cord -- black/claret/red Body: Ice Dub -- Claret Ribbing: same craft cord used for the tail Collar: Rabbit Fur -- black

    - laponia adventure summer 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1564)
    - Plan B (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1566)
    It has been a crazy year for us. We have got a ton of support from both old and new friends, and we thank you. We are trying to stay true to the faceless style but still push ourselves to do things different I hope you like our latest offering and continue to follow our progress.

    - There - out of our element (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1567)
    DIY fishing is not for the faint at heart, especially when you are out of your element. We travelled for 3 days and took 4 flights to get to our final destination in Central America. We even managed to do some fishing between flights; in some cases we only had a few hours but managed to find some seriously good opportunities along the way.

    - Montana Wild Fish Reel 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1568)
    Here is an edit we put together showing some of our best fly fishing footage from 2011 and a recap on our 1st year filming our fly fishing adventures. We were not able to film any fall fishing due to hunting, but expect BIG things for 2012. This is just the beginning.....

    - Here - Faceless - Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1569)
    2010 Fly Fishing Calgary, Alberta Canada

    - Bobbers and Five Weights (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1570)
    Early January below the gate.

    - The Black Canyon of the Gunnison River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1571)
    This is a video my friends and I did of a float this past summer down the Gunnison Gorge in Colorado.

    - AGAINST THE TIDE (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1572)
    'AGAINST THE TIDE' is a short video, shot along the Hampshire coast, UK.

    - A Week In Montana (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1573)
    Not much fishing, I admit, but mans is Montana beautiful!

    - Soft hackle wet w/split thread rid (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1576)
    A very simple and beautiful soft hackle wet fly with a dubbed split thread rib.

    - Non-descript sofhackle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1577)
    A simple soft hackle wet fly with a one-strand flash material body and rib

    - Fly-fishing at Henderson Springs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1575)
    Henderson Springs is a fly-fishing paradise located in the remote northern California wilderness.

    - our article on wolf fish.">Wolf Fish - Tararira (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1578)
    Hunting the South American dinosaur fish. Also read our article on wolf fish.

    - 2011, Under Water (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1579)
    Some highlights from '11...

    - Chaing Mai Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1580)
    Promotional video for a Thailand fly fishing outfitter. Very nice introduction to the masheer fishing and some beautiful footage and images from the jungle.

    - Shooting star (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1581)
    Another nice softhackle fly from Hans W. Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Hackle: Ringneck pheasant neck feather, Body: Mole, natural, Hot spot: Golden pheasant tippets, dyed hot orange

    - Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1582)
    Frank Sawyer's Pheasant Tail Nymph, Hook: Partridge BIN (Barbless Ideal Nymph #10-#18, 'Thread'/weight/rib: Copper wire, dark, Tail/abdomen/thorax/wingcase: Pheasant tail barbs

    - BWO Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1583)
    #2 Wide Open Fishing TV - Chapter from the movie The Fish & The Fly 1 Dry Flies. Morten Oeland is tying BWO Dun

    - CDC Klinkhammer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1584)
    This is a twist on the original Klinkhammer Special. Both the post and hackle are made from CDC. This pattern sits nicely on the water's surface. The CDC hackle undulates and adds movement to the fly. The black color scheme works well in mid to late summer when an increasing number of terrestrial insects find their way onto the water's surface.

    - The Red Devil Spey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1588)
    Materials Used; Hook, Salar or Alex Jackson Single size 3 Thread, UTC Flo-Fire Orange 70 Tag, Gold Holographic Tinsel and UTC Flo-Fire Orange Thread Body, Flo-Red UV and Gold Micro Straggle Body Hackle, Golden Pheaseant Breast Dyed Red Throat. Golden Pheasant Rump Dyed Red Wing, Golden Pheasant Tippet Dyed Hot Orange and Golden Pheasant Rump Dyed Red Eyes, Jungle Cock

    - Calling Hogs (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1589)
    Spent this past Saturday on the Bitterroot with Matt Breuer and Blakely. Floating in the Breuer's skiff, we enjoyed the slightly seasonally warm temperatures, and to a lesser degree, the biting winds. While the float was a little hurried, we were able to stick some fish, including two solid rainbows who were both caught on streamers. Icing on the cake.

    - Fly Fishing Colorado Small Creeks (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1590)
    Small Creek Fly Fishing is one of the most rewarding ways to fly fish. Fish in small creeks readily take flies and do so with voraciousness. Do not be fooled though, creek fish are very spooky and you must be stealthy to get close to your target. Small creeks are found throughout Colorado. Chances are if there is year round water in it and it is cold, there are trout in it. Trout in Colorado can be found in areas that people still think do not produce fish. Keep an open mind and do some exploring!

    - McCoy Spring Creeks (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1591)
    McCoy Spring Creeks is located near Dillon in Montana’s fabled Beaverhead Valley, renowned for its stunning vistas, including the towering Ruby, Blacktail, and Pioneer mountain ranges. With an extensive variety of stream habitats – long, meandering pools, deep holes, riffles, sluices, and structure -- these waters present challenges worthy of the most dedicated trout anglers. They also offer opportunities for all of the classic fly fishing techniques, from dry flies to streamers and nymphs. Long beats and careful limits on guest numbers guarantee privacy and a world-class angling adventure.

    - Black & Green (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1592)
    A back and green salmon fly on a tube

    - Fishing the Bighorn River with my sexy wife Tracy and Guide Timmy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1585)
    Follow us as we float the Bighorn river in Montana while fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout. My wife Tracy comes with us this time and she is one sexy fly fishing lady!

    - Bluegill Popper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1587)
    - Furimsky's Fluttering Foam Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1629)
    A high floating caddis pattern designed by Ben Furimsky of Colorado. This is a favorite pattern of many in Colorado. By simply changing the foam colors, you can match your local hatch.

    - Rune's Libell nymph/RS Dragon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1594)
    This is an attempt on Rune's (Stokkebekk) Libellnymfe/RS Dragon. Before tying, I had tied 5 strands of antron yarn together with regular sowing thread.

    - Bluegill Olive Soft Hackle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1595)
    Another great pan fish fly. Can also be tied in any color. Tied it weighted if you want to fish deeper water in the 5 to 10 foot range.

    - Golden Trevally (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1596)
    Golden Trevally 86cm caught Fly Fishing, courtesy of Andy's Flyfishing. Shrimp fly on the flats, sight casting.

    - Damselfly Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1597)
    Fly tying insturctions on how to tie a damselfly nymph with Maria Rivas.

    - Tenkara is NOT dapping (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1599)
    There is a very common misconception that tenkara is simply dapping. In this video I wanted to highlight the method of fishing, as well as a few shots of casting with tenkara. Tenkara is not dapping!

    - Tweed opening day 2012 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1601)
    Fly fishing for salmon in river Tweed, Scotland.

    - Cast 'n Swim in Warmer Waters (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1602)
    We seek refuge in the warmer waters of southern countries when the winters begin to drag. Fly rod in tow, I tried my hand at tropical fish. We snorkeled and SCUBA dived to find the ones we didn't catch. If you keep your eyes peeled at 3:42, you'll see my elusive Permit swimming through the frame. Now, stop watching and go catch some fish.

    - CO Bass & Bluegill (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1603)
    Fly Fishing for Bass & Bluegill in Colorado

    - Slab Fly Variant (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1604)
    A deerhead streamer that works very well for me fishing for Pike or Bass. Fishes well on both floating or intermediate lines. Strip it slowly with a little twitch in the end for the best action.

    - Fly Tying: Kelly Galloup's Bottoms Up (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1598)
    River of Life Farm Head Guide Brian Wise ties Kelly Galloup's Articulated Bottoms Up

    - Devil Bug (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1605)
    Tying the Devil Bug

    - Big brown trout caught in New Zeland (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1600)
    Catching beautiful colored and big brown trout in Central Otago- South Island of New Zealand

    - August Fly Fishing re-cap (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1606)
    This is a turd...but at least it's done! (Ed.: RT's own words!)

    - Shuttlecock Buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/4405)
    Tying this devistating pattern for when the fish are up in the water feeding just below the surface. Hook - #14-18 Body - Black Thread Rib - Silver Tinsel Thorax - Deer Creek Northern Lights Seals Fur Shuttle - 4 x CDC Feathers. 3 for #16 hook, 2 for #18 hook

    - WeePa #28 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1609)
    WeePa (or Wee Pupa) - a pupa tied on a #28 Scud hook. Hook: Tiemco 2488 #28. Thread: Benecchi 12/0, olive. Abdomen: SLF Minky Dubbing #12 Mayfly. Wing buds: Magpie tail barbs - one barb, doubled, on each side. Thorax: Argentinean hare, olive

    - Fly Fishing the Patagonia (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1610)
    An unforgettable week with the bros in the Patagonia on the Futaleufu and Riva Davia rivers.

    - King of the Herd (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1611)
    New and completely fake terms are being coined. That monster group of whitefish you see huddled around a big trout. That's a herd. And that big trout flanked by those pesky whitefish is the King of the Herd. A day of fishing with the False Casts Flat Tires (FCFT) crew on the Bitterroot. It was generally slow with the exception of the 22" cutbow that Zach hooked and Anthony miraculously netted. We found some pike in some shallow backwater. All of us stung one, none of us caught one. That goal will have to wait.

    - February Day | Flathead River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1612)
    Fly fishing the Flathead River near Glacier National Park in February with Bigfork Anglers Fly Shop and Guide Service.

    - Go Hard or Go Home (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1613)
    Shot in Alberta, Canada.

    - Tying a Cork Popper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1614)
    Using Cork to make poppers is more time consuming. This video was 45 minutes cut down to 18. Sorry for all the editing.

    - An Arvo On The Carp- Leaked Footage From Brothers In Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1616)
    n Arvo on the Carp is a Fly Fishing short taken from footage that will be released on the upcoming DVD Brothers In Fly. Watch as Brothers Mark and Ben Hohnke wade the shallow edges of Chaffey Dam (Tamworth NSW's water supply) in search of big cruising carp with the Fly rod.

    - Troutbuster Special (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1615)
    A deerhead baitfish fly that will work for many species. I have had a lot of luck on Asp, Perch and Bass with it. Tied on a #2 Owner Mosquito

    - Deer Creek Caddis Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1617)
    Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B110 size 10 Thread, Uni-Thread 8/0 Chartreuse Body, Deer Creek Diamond Hard UV Resin Chartreuse UTC Wire Rib, Bleached and dyed Olive Peacock Herl Hackle, Hen Grizzle Dyed Olive or Chartreuse. Wing, Natural CDC Horn, Pheasant Tail Dyed Olive Thorax, Diamond Brite Bronze Peacock or Glister

    - One in Winter (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1619)
    A couple seasons ago I swapped fly rod for camera and followed my friend, Rich Zellman as he cast for winter-run steelhead. Over countless days, eye traced rod's path, over and over again. And over again. This is what came of that effort.

    - Precision (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1620)
    Sometimes its not always how many or how big. Special thanks to Jon Halker and David Halloway for a great day on the water.

    - CRAWFISH (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1621)
    Hello, I'm Marc ,writing from France.I made this video to show one of my creation to fish perchs.It's not only a fly tying video, i shows also how this fly works.Hope to make news videos this year.Thanks to GFF !

    - Tying the Oddball Quill Gordon with Johnny Utah (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1622)
    The Oddball quill gordon as described in Ed Engles book Tying small flies is a great fly for imitating all sorts of mayflies. Its one of my favorites. Sorry about the video being a long one, but i do give good instructions through out that i feel are very important to the tying of the fly. I can tie this fly in about 6-7 minutes when im not talking. lol. So dont be intimidated, Twist these guys up and fish them, the trout love'em. Tutorial and ingredients can be found here http://www.utahsflycorner.com

    - Rainbow Czech Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1624)
    This is a straight forward czech nymph tying sequence, nothing earth shattering. Weight and body taper are formed by lead tape. The color combination on this pattern has been particularly effective. This pattern can also be tied with a tungsten bead. Tie in sizes 10-16.

    - Early Morning Sipper (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1625)
    Fly fishing Penstock Lagoon Tasmania for early morning Sipping Brown trout.

    - February Fishin' (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1626)
    Some footage I took during a couple of short days on the Pere Marquette River fly fishing for Steelhead...

    - B-H ( Bend Hook) Midge Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1627)
    A great Midge Emerger patern that served me well on my fishing trips to Norway. Easy to tie, durable, easy to see, and a great fish catcher.

    - Pheasant Tail Midge Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1628)
    I can't recall where I first came across this simple pattern, but it has been very effective for selective fish feeding on midge pupa in the surface film. I grease the cdc wing and the fly hangs in the film. It is perfect for the start of a midge hatch when the rise forms are barely visible- just small dimples on the water's surface. In my neck of the woods I fish it in sizes 18-22

    - HOTD DVD sneak peek... (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1630)
    This is the first couple minutes of Heart of the Driftless. The DVD release set for March 4th. I made this for a presentation I'm giving at a local TU chapter in a couple weeks but decided to throw it on the web as well. The HOTD piece runs 61 minutes. The DVD also features the full 52 minute version of Reverb which is currently out on the Fly Fishing Film tour.

    - Cinnamon & Gold Traditional Wet Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1631)
    Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B175 size 12. Thread, Dark Brown Uni 8/0. Tail, Golden Pheasant Tippet. Rib, Small Gold Wire. Body, Gold Lurex/Mylar tinsel. Hackle, Natural Red/Brown Hen. Wing, Fiery Brown Quills or Cinnamon Coloured Quills.

    - Moto's Minnow Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1633)
    Detailed instructions for tying a Moto's Minnow streamer.

    - Rhythms of fly fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1634)

    - El Lago Yelcho (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1635)
    A fly fishing session on the Yelcho Lake, in the Chilean Patagonia.

    - Catch & Release (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1636)
    Pure catch & release of wild trout on the Truckee River. Fly Fishing in the Truckee/Lake Tahoe region provides ample opportunity to catch wild trout.

    - Eastern Idaho Water (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1637)
    Beautiful winter ambiance. Visuals of a precious resource. Snake River drainage system, Eastern Idaho.

    - Gotcha (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1640)
    Tying the fantastic Gotche. But hey, don't cut off the bead chain eyes before you tie them in! Make life easier to yourself...

    - Kayak Fishing Long Island (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1641)
    Fishing around the inlets and back bays of Long Island using spinning and fly fishing tackle. We caught and released striped bass, bluefish, fluke and saw lots of sand eels and blow fish.

    - BQ Bead Head (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1639)
    A quick, but great tie, that I mostly use for short-line nymphing.

    - Drop Bead Cased Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1642)
    This video will show you how to create and rig a 'drop bead' as well as how to tie a simple and effective fast sinking cased caddis using a 'drop bead' to make a standard wetfly hook ride point up, similar to a jig hook.

    - Trophy Danube salmon on the fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1643)
    Trophy Danubian salmon caught on the fly in Sava Bohinjka chasing rainbow trouts with light tackle. 4/5 weight rod and 0.16mm tippet - 5X!

    - A Passion Called Salmon trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1644)
    Filmed on some of the most magnificent rivers in Russia , Norway , Iceland and Canada, " A Passion Called Salmon" is a film about the people who are committed to save Atlantic Salmon for the generations that will come after us...

    - Reds on the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1645)
    A good day on the water getting our fly fishing fix!

    - Salmon Fishing in Wisconsin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1646)
    This is a salmon fishing video from the small rivers and streams of Wisconsin.

    - Kite's Imperial (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1647)
    Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B170 size14, Thread, Purple Pearsalls Silk, Tail, Honey or Rusty Dun Cock Fibres, Rib, Fine Gold or Copper Wire, Body and Thorax, Natural Grey Turkey/Sooty Slate, Hackle, Honey or Rusty Dun Cock

    - Derek DeYoung who we have portrayed here.">Canvasfish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1648)
    A beautiful 15 minute portrait of artist Derek DeYoung who we have portrayed here.

    - ED (Ephemera Danica) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1649)
    ED (Ephemera Danica), a large mayfly imitation. Hook: Grip 14723BL #12, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan, Rib: Uni-thread 6/0, brown - doubled and twisted, Abdomen: Argentinean hare, tan, Tail: Muskrat, guardhair - sparse, Thorax: Argentinean hair, dark olive, Wing/head: Deer hair, natural

    - Golden Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1650)
    Size 4 fly for Redfish. Deadly on sunny days.

    - Spring (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1652)
    A beautiful portrait of the Swedish coast in the early spring. Not a fishing video as such, but never the less filmed after a successful fishing trip.

    - Quill Body BWO Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1653)
    A very simple quill body style dry fly for the upcoming Blue Wing Olive Hatches in early spring. This fly like most, can be altered in size and color to represent any mayfly emergence. The construction of the fly demonstrates a couple of tips to ensure neatly tied and durable quill bodied flies.

    - DHE (Deer Hair Emerger) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1654)
    Hook: Partridge GRS 6A #12, Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, Brown, Rib: Tying thread tag end, Wing: Deer hair, natural, Abdomen: Hare, dyed olive (or color to match the natural), Thorax: Hare's ear, natural

    - Skullp-Zilla Streamer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1655)
    The Scullpzilla Streamer from Solitude Flies has tons of movement in the water and it drives brown trout crazy. This has been one of our most effective streamers over the past two seasons. This video shows how to tie a version of this streamer with a Fish Skull head. The two hooks are joined by a section of fly line backing or by braided fishing line. Our favorite colors are white or barred tan. The version in this video uses a size 8 Gamakatsu octopus stinger hook and a size 6 front hook. This works well for a fly 3" in length. For longer flies use a 4 or 6 stinger hook and a size 4 front hook. Use a small fish scull for the smaller flies, and a medium for larger flies.

    - The Carron Dabbler (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1657)
    Materials Uesd; Hook, Kamasan B175 size 10 Thread Uni Black 8/0 Tag, Chartreuse Holographic Tail, Chinese or Rooster Hackle Cock Fibres Body and Rib, Chartreuse UV & Silver Micro Fritz Body Hackle, Dyed Black Chinese Cock Hackle, Bronze Mallard Wing, Bronze Mallard Eyes, Jungle Cock Head, Black and UV Ice Dub

    - The Micro Straggle Invicta (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1658)
    Materials Used; Hook Kamasan B175 size 10 Thread, UTC 70 Flo- Fire Orange Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest Rib & Body, Uv and Silver Micro Straggle Body Hackle, Natural Brown Cock Throat, Blue Jay Wing, Hen Pheasant Quills Eyes, Jungle Cock

    - Tigerfish Exploratory (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1659)
    Jako Lucas and Tim Babich explore an unfished section of the Zambezi River and find more tropy fish than they could imagine. Watch this space for more information about this exciting area.

    - How to tie the Craigs Night - Time Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1656)
    http://www.rorkflyfishing.com.au/ Tying the Craigs Night - Time Fly. One of the most popular Flies in New Zealand and Australia, especially for using at night on Lakes for Trout.

    - Fly Fishing Australia Lake Banimboola with Alexandra Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1660)
    http://www.rorkflyfishing.com.au/ Fly fishing video. Fly Fishing for trout, Australia, Lake Banimboola in North East Victoria, Australia , right on Dusk. Nice Brown Trout caught on Gold Alexandra fly. Fly fishing australia trout. Nice size brown trout caught just on dusk on a Gold Alexandra streamer fly using 9 wt fly rod with sinking line with fast stripping retrieve. My dog "Bazza" was pretty impressed.

    - Gammarus (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1661)
    It may be in Spanish (w/English subtitles) and a little hard to follow, but man! That's one neat fly!

    - Simms Shootout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1663)
    A video that's been out for a hile, but still very nice. A contribution to the Simms Shoot-Out competition 2011.

    - Finnmark 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1664)
    Rolf and Gerhard spent one week during the summer 2011 in Finnmark (northern Norway) flyfishing for grayling and brown trout. Well, they had a wonderful time and caught a few big ones...

    - First Fish of '12 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1662)
    Just a short video with some trout and tree fishing here in Ohio.

    - Rainbow Ice Pick Swinger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1665)
    Here is the shanked trailer hook version of my ever popular Ice Pick Streamer. I spun this guy up for you swingers out there who like to fish for steelhead or any species for that matter on the swing. The video demonstrates how to effectively tie a shanked style streamer with a trailer hook, and how to properly position and set up the trailer hook on these types of flies.

    - Silver Invicta (Traditional Wet Fly) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1666)
    ilver Invicta a Taditional Wet Fly Materials Used; Hook, B175 size 10 Thread, Brown Uni-Thread 8/0 Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest Rib, Silver Wire Body, Uni- Mylar Silver Body Hackle, Natural Red(Brown) Cock Throat, Blue Jay Fibres Wing, Hen Pheasant Quill

    - Paloma River Lodge, Chile (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1667)
    A video montage from our return trip to the Paloma River Lodge in Chilean Patagonia in December 2011. It was a week of epic fly fishing and fun with family and friends!

    - Harrison River Kayak Fishing Trip (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1668)
    A Day on the Harrison River fly fishing with my Dad. It was his first time swinging flies for salmon and we had a blast.

    - Bead eye GRHE (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1669)
    - DHE 2.0 (Deer Hair Emerger 2.0) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1670)
    Bob Wyatt's updated DHE. Hook: Partridge GRS 6A #12, Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, Brown, Rib: Tying thread, Abdomen: Hare, dyed olive (or color , to match the natural), Wing/shoulder: Deer hair, natural, Thorax: Hare's ear, natural, Note: To fish, apply paste floatant to wing and thorax only - the abdomen should ride below the film.

    - The Leprechaun and the Yeti (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1672)
    Some fishing partners are tall. Some are short. Anthony of False Casts and Flat Tires is the Leprechaun. I, apparently, am the Yeti. A couple of days of fly fishing on the Bitterroot. We got into some solid rainbows and browns, but nothing too extraordinary. Things are heating up, but we could have said that about the entire winter. Although, it is good to have some dry fly fishing on the horizon.

    - Cozumel, Mexico - Fly Fishing Bonefish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1673)
    Cozumel, Mexico - Fly Fishing Bonefish - Adrift - No.3 - The Answer My Friend is Blowing in the Wind

    - Fly Fishing Arkansas River Pueblo Colorado (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1674)
    Arkansas River Pueblo Tailwater Fly Fishing. The Arkansas River below Pueblo is Colorado's best winter fly fishery. The Arkansas fishes great through out the cold Colorado winters. In the winter, Midges are the main food source for the large rainbow trout in the Arkansas River below Pueblo Reservoir.

    - The Quinn Shrimp (Variant) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1675)
    Material List; Hook, Salar Double size 9 Thread, Black Uni-Thread 8/0 Tag, Oval Silver Tinsel (Small) Tail,Legs, Dyed Red Golden Pheasant Breast Rib, Silver Wire (Small) Body, Silver Holographic Tinsel Veilings, Dyed Blue Grey Squirrel Middle Hackle, Pale Magenta Wings, Jungle Cock Front Hackles, Pale Magenta and Badger Cock Head, Black

    - Turks on the Fly! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1676)
    An amazing day of fly fishing for bones with Silver Deep's Arthur Dean out of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

    - Fly Fishing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1677)
    It's an ad, but very nicely done. Learn about the fantastic Fly Fishing opportunities in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A great place for the entire family you can spend the mornings fishing the Elk or Yampa River while and then all spend the afternoon mountain biking, hiking or even skiing in Steamboat's famous Champagne Powder.

    - Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1678)
    Michigan is home to many great freshwater game fish. In this DVD, Michigan guides Jon Ray and Kevin Feenstra explore some of the great waters of West Michigan for smallmouth bass. Both Jon and Kevin have a great deal of experience with these hard fighting gamefish. The complete DVD will feature tips and techniques, as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions for a handful of their favorite flies. Basics such as equipment and knots are also covered.

    - The Foamulator dry fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1679)
    John Ruff tying his version of the Foamulator.

    - The Green Spey (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1680)
    Materials Used; Green Spey Hook: Silver Alec Jackson Single Tag: Oval silver tinsel. Rib: Silver wire. Body: UTC holographic green tinsel. Wing: Chartreuse fox over chartreuse krystal flash. Collar: Dyed green golden pheasant breast behind chartreuse dyed teal or mallard flank. Cheeks: Jungle cock Head: Chartreuse and Black

    - Love Flyfishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1681)
    A collection of shots over the past 3 years, chopped, cut, and pasted. Much like a collage. A collage of Flyfishing, Fish, and Happiness. Shot in and around Southwest Alberta, and the East and West Kootenays in British Columbia.

    - Drum'n'Fish (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1682)
    Carp & pike on the fly…

    - Early Season Midge Pupa (Buzzer) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1683)
    Materials used; Hook, Kamasan B110 size 10 Thread. UTC Black 70 Ribs, Black Flex Floss and Grey Turkey Body, Black thread Wing Buds, Polar Pearl Lite-Brite Thorax, Black thread Breathers, Polar Pearl Lite-Brite

    - Fly Fishing the Upper Sac in California (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1684)
    Hitting the Upper Sacramento in a very hot September of 2011

    - solo mission in the skiff (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1685)
    I decided to go for a little solo mission in the skiff, trying to sight cast to fish while I poled myself. With flyrod and pushpole in hand I was able to catch a few memorable fish, when the school settled down, I stuck the boat out and caught a bunch from the poling platform. Another great day in the lowcountry, hope you enjoy the video. For guided sight fishing trips with fly or artificial in the Hilton Head area please contact HHI on the Fly at 843-384-4024. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    - Diving CDC&Elk, Hook: Tiemco 2499SP #12 (or equivalent scud hook), Bead: Tungsten 3.3mm, black, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, green, Abdomen/barbs: CDC, sparse, Wing: Deer hair, short and sparse, Thorax: Hare, dyed dark olive">Diving CDC&Elk (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1686)
    Diving CDC&Elk, Hook: Tiemco 2499SP #12 (or equivalent scud hook), Bead: Tungsten 3.3mm, black, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, green, Abdomen/barbs: CDC, sparse, Wing: Deer hair, short and sparse, Thorax: Hare, dyed dark olive

    - Mad River Staging (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1687)
    In our late February trip to the Mad we start to see some signs of Spring making changes to the river. Bugs flying, vegetation in bloom, and Mike casting into trees.

    - Cherry Picker (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1688)
    Hook: Sprite Scud hook #12 (or equivalent), Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Hackle: Cock, dyed black, Tag: Flash, fine, claret, Rib: Flash, fine, claret, Body: Argentinean hare, dark olive, Cheeks: Jungle cock nails, small

    - Houseful of Mirrors (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1689)
    There's a growing number of fly anglers who's love has something to do with Cheerio lips of a different kind. Over the course of the summer, this group of fishing guides found plenty of action to keep their addiction going.

    - Seabass Herring (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1690)
    A step by step tutorial for tying the sea bass herring.

    - Drifting and fly fishing the Elk River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1691)
    The Elk River system in the Southeastern corner of British Columbia is a fantastic destination for fly fishing. Your target species are westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout and mountain whitefish. In August 2012, we had the opportunity to drift down this beautiful stream with our Outcast Power Drifters and catch some trout on our dry flies.

    - The Stillborn Midge (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1692)
    This pattern is based on a Rene Harrop pattern. This version features an antron shuck and a foam back. It is effective for selective fish feeding on midges. My favorite colors are gray and cream. Tie in sizes 18-24.

    - Montana adventure..... Fishing, Moose, Golden's & my awesome wife!! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1693)
    Follow us on an adventure in Montana where we see Moose, Fish and have fun in the wild outdoors of beautiful Big Sky Country.

    - Fly fishing on the Vaal - South Africa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1694)
    A weekend on the Vaal with a bunch of mates. Fly fishing for smallmouth yellowfish.

    - Early Black Stone Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1696)
    Quick easy dry stonefly pattern. Can also be tied in brown, or yellow for when the yellow sally's hatch in the summer.

    - Dark Watchet (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1698)
    Hook: Kamasan B405 #12, Thread: Pearsall's Gossamer, orange, Hackle: Jackdaw throat hackle, Body: Pearsall's Gossamer, orange (the tying thread) and purple - mole inserted into the orange thread - wrapped side by side

    - Cinnomon Segde Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1695)
    - Bleaching (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1697)
    A short montage of a few hours on "De Ronde Bleek"

    - Blue Wolf Fish - Tararira Azul (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1699)
    Scouting the remote region of Uruguay. Our goal: the elusive blue wolf fish (Hoplias lacerdae). A life changing experience

    - Early spring steelhead OTF (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1700)
    A southern Ontario short film. This is my first edit ever for fly fishing. I used to edit short films for paintball but fly fishing has taken priority. I am triying to get the attention of fly fisherman/women all around the world by capturing unique clips and scenes of my time spent on lake Ontario tributaries. This is the first of many many more short and possibly long film edits i will be creating. I'm 17 years old and there is no where I would rather be than on a river. Fishing for those beautiful swimming specimens mother nature gave us. Thanks for your time and please subscribe and help me make this a lifestyle! Daniel Favato

    - Rinse & Repeat (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1701)
    A feel great short about fly fishing for trout in Swedish lapland

    - Walk (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1702)
    Fly fishing for brown trout in Oregon.

    - Egan's Rainbow Warrior (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1703)
    Lance Egan's Rainbow Warrior is an effective, easy to tie nymph pattern. Learn to tie this versatile pattern in this video from Dakota Angler & Outfitter.

    - Simple Buzzers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1704)
    Two easy flies that worked well for me last season. You can use any thread color you like.Cast: Igor SoldoTags: fly fishing, fly tying, fly, flies, trout, buzzer and midge

    - Gummy Caddis Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1705)
    Try out this material on for your caddis larva & rock worms. The material is cheap & streaches 10x the length than the at rest size. When considering the amount of fly's you can make with it, the price is pennies. it comes from Spirit River, I use the orange, green, & red.

    - The Ant-Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1706)
    Foam and elk hair caddis

    - Art of the Hunt - Fly Tying (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1707)
    Nice story about a fly angler's relation to fly tying and natural materials

    - Mike's Red Lucy Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1708)
    3.2 Tungsten Bead, Size 12 (12-20 size range), Red 70 or 8/0 Thread, Gold brassie size wire

    - Articulated Steelhead Leach (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1709)
    Guide Patrick McIntyre shows how to tie his favorite Steelhead fly, a purple tailed fuscia and UV Polar bodied articulated leach. This "go to" fly catches the big and wild Steelhead in Alaska. Tested on rivers such as the Sandy River, Aleutian Peninsula, Alaska it's proven over and over to be one of his best.

    - Patrick's Green Head Beetle (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1710)
    Guide Patrick McIntyre ties one of his Pyramid lake flies "Patrick's Green Head Beetle". This fly has proven to catch the biggest of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. The Green Head Beetle has a larger profile than any beetle on the market. Extra floatation with a sexy plus size profile make it incredibly attractive from a distance. This realistic subsurface terrestrial creates an irresistibly delicious looking meal that encourages rude and impatient table manners.

    - Vak Magasin F11: Finnmark (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1711)
    Buetiful video magazine - in Norwegian, but simply enjoy the pictures if Norse isn't your strongest language...

    - Fly Fishing 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1712)
    My 2011 fly fishing edit.

    - No Off-Season Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1713)
    The Realness... whatever this is a trailer for, I'll be looking forward to the full video.

    - fly minute - The Valley (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1714)
    A minute in the highlands of southern Brazil - a small valley, a small river, beautiful scenery and trout.

    - Let It Roll (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1715)
    Wading the saltwater flats of Grand Cayman fly fishing for bonefish. Basically. A few guide's days off shot with a (not-so-new) GoPro HD held in various creative ways. My good buddy, Capt. Tyler and myself (WindKnot) experience everything from tropical squalls to picture perfect bonefishing weather as we stalk the crystal clear waters of this tropical paradise.

    - Tummelweed (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1716)
    Hook: Kamasan B175 #16, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Wing: Partridge tail barbs, Hackle: Whiting Coq de Leon hen, medium pardo, Body: Mole, dyed chestnut

    - Stew's Glassy Spider (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1717)
    Hook: Kamasan B175 #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Body/hackle: Hen, glassy dun, peocock herl, and thread tag end - twisted togethe

    - Les Temps Sont En Train De Changer (The Times They Are A-changin) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1718)
    New video!!

    - Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1722)
    Nice belly boat fishing from Australia

    - Smells like trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1723)
    Some trout fishing footage from early spring nymph fishing in a little creek. The bow was caught on a 1wt and it was my first big laugh 2012.

    - Fly Fishing the Ozarks, Winter 2012 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1721)
    Join Brian Wise, head guide at River of Life Farm on the North Fork of the White River, his kids, family, friends, clients, and generally awesome people he fishes with as they fish Winter, 2012.

    - Fly Tying: Galloup's Fat Head/Heifer Groomer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1720)
    Brian Wise, Head Guide at River of Life Farm ties Kelly Galloup's Articulated Fat Head.

    - Fly Tying: Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1719)
    Brian Wise, head guide of River of Life Farm ties one of Kelly Galloup's most famous articulated streamer patterns...the Sex Dungeon.

    - Trutta - video Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1724)
    Trutta, the search for wild brown trout in the Western Pyrenees of Spain and France. A story of fly fishing at a very special location on either side of the border. Trutta DVD coming soon.

    - Olive Quill Jig Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1725)
    Here is the first in a series of Jig Style weighted nymphs for use with any euro or tight line nymphing rig. This pattern is a light olive version that is working quite well currently as a representation of a baetis type nymph or any olive colored medium to small mayfly nymph, or caddis larva. Jig style nymphs are very deadly fish catchers and should be in every nymph fisherman's rotation.

    - Olive & Yellow Glitterbug (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1726)
    Tye this great Pike pattern in less than 10 minutes.

    - Fritz Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1727)
    Step by step tutorial of how to tie the Fritz Shrimp.

    - The Big One: Trailer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1728)
    When you hear “The Big One,” you may think huge trout, steelhead, salmon, tarpon, permit or bonefish. But what if “The Big One” is not necessarily the size of the fish, but the size of the idea. The idea of being on the water – whether it’s searching the flats for bonefish or exploring streams and rivers of the west for trout. We asked the fly fishing community from guides to beginners, to fly fishing purists, what “The Big One” means to them?

    - Venema Fly-Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1729)
    Nice portrit/interview with Wyoming guide Brian Venema

    - Adrift - No.4 - Brooks and Done (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1731)
    A quickie Western Wisconsin brook trout outing.

    - East Walker River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1732)
    Brendan and I had beautiful day of fly fishing on the East Walker River near Bridgeport, CA and got a few trout in the net.

    - Improved F-Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1733)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, grey, Body: Mole, natural - slender, Wing: CDC, natural

    - Snowflake Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1734)
    Hook: Tiemco 102Y #15, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan, Tail: CDC, natural, Body: Argentinean hare, tan, Outriggers: Cock barbs, cree, Wing: CDC, natural, Sighter: Antron, clear

    - Mossback (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1735)
    Hook: Partridge Barbless Ideal Nymph #10-16, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan, Weight: Lead wire, thorax only, Rib: Copper wire, fine, Tail: European hare face guard hair, Abdomen: European hare face hair - in split thread, Wing case: Peacock herl, Thorax: European hare ear hair - in split thread

    - Trout Crack (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1736)
    Hook: Ashima F-45 #14 (or equivalent), Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan, Body: Hare/fine flash mixture, olive, Shellback: Liquid Lace, midge, light reddish/brown, Rib: Tying Thread

    - Davie's Dunt (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1738)
    Materials Used; Hook, Salar Double, Thread, Black Uni 8/0, Tag, Oval silver Tinsel, Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest & Dyed Blue Squirrel, Rib, Oval Silver Tinsel Body, Yellow, Red, Fiery Brown and Dark Claret Seals Fur, Hackle, Dyed Back Blue Eared Pheasant Throat, Widgeon, Wing, Dark Bown Fox Tail, Cheeks, Jungle Cock

    - Lava (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1739)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Hackle: Whiting Popper Pack barbs, red center, Rib: Flash, fine, red, Body: Seal's fur, black

    - Holographic red buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1740)
    The Holographic red buzzer for the Irish Loughs

    - Rogue Offshore Marlin (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1741)
    Blue Marlin artwork by Jason Tison. This piece took me over 5 hours to create and is a great addition to the collection

    - La Poitou (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1742)
    Hook : TMC 212 Y Tail : Moose Thorax : SLF Dubbing Wing : CDC fibres & Elk

    - Small Stream, Big Trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1743)
    A video featuring clips of fly fishing for big trout in Montana.

    - Fly-fisher's Patience - Awaiting Spring (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1744)
    The patient fisherman, awaiting warmer days. Chelsea, Vermont.

    - Caddis Pupa II (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1745)
    Flymage Fly Tying video Series: Chapter #5 Caddis pupa. By Mikel Elexpuru

    - Danish Salmon fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1746)
    How hard can it be? 10 minutes of Danish salmon fishing from Skjern Aa

    - Rogue Offshore trout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1747)
    Speckled Trout artwork by Jason Tison.This piece took almost 4 hours to create for a customer that wanted more inshore fish art besides the redfish that I have. This print framed and floated inbetween two pieces of glass will look amazing on any wall, in any room. To see more of my artwork and apparel please visit www.RogueOffshore.com.

    - Supervisor (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1908)
    Here is another Smelt Pattern, the supervisor has produced for me on brown trout streams.

    - caples, south island (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1748)
    last week fishing at the caples in the otago backcountry, new zealand

    - Fly Fishing Fremont Canyon North Platte River (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1749)
    Fly Fishing for Gigantic Rainbow Trout in Fremont Canyon, Wyoming. The North Platte River in Wyoming is one of the best places to catch monster rainbow trout. Thick shouldered and beefy rainbows gorge themselves on scuds and leeches in Fremont Canyon.

    - Mags (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1750)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Hackle: Hen, dyed black, Rib: Flash, opal, Body: Cock pheasant tail barbs, Wing: Magpie barbs,

    - The Shipmans Buzzers (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1751)
    The Shipman buzzer is one of the simplest midge patterns you could tye and worth having in your box, a great fly for beginners to tye.. Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan size B170 Thread, Thread colour to suit pattern Rib, Uni-Pearl Body, Seals Fur or Sub Breathers, Glo-Brite Multi-Yarn No16, White Etha Foam or Natural CDC Feathers

    - Tony's Crazy Critter (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1752)
    - Fly Fishing Montana (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1754)
    Fly Fishing in Big Sky Country can be an exciting and yet peaceful experience. We spent a week up in Montana on the Uknown and Uncharted Lakes and Rivers and have put together a short video of a few hours of success we had on an unmapped lake.

    - Winter In The Valley (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1755)
    It's almost New Years for trout in the Big Wood and other area waters. Another split or two in the pec fins, a few dozen new spots on the back and maybe even another inch or so between the tail and the nose. The fishing season has come to a close on many rivers now as wild trout around here are begin to spawn. A few months from now when anglers return to the water again over Memorial Day weekend, the dark timber of the valley's north slopes should be free of snow and greening with grass. It was a decent winter to be a fly fishermen here in the valley. Many days over the past months provided conditions even the dry flies found acceptable, and also a few days when the water stayed just warm enough to help fly line flow through the guides and not freeze. Plenty of sturdy rainbows and also a few browns came to hand for a quick pit stop and release. We appreciate these fish, and feel a sense of pride call these trout locals, and call this place home.

    - Olive & Brown Zonker (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1753)
    - Hungry for Umba Whoppers? (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1757)
    Yet another short movie from Salmon Junkies which we hope you will enjoy! This is actually part 2 of Umba Summer Karma, the first summer movie we shot in May/June in Umba. This "movie" was shot while preparing for the 2011 season in Krivetz in between cleaning the tracks and just before the first guest arrived, lots of sweat and lots of fish. Our first two weeks in June 2011 produced a real good number of fish and a very high number of Umba Whoppers (large fish) so we are very excited about this coming season and for all of you going, you will have a blast!

    - River Ayr Wet Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1758)
    Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B170 size 14 Thread, Pearsall Silk Wine Body, Mole Fur Hackle, Hen Mallard Covert

    - Where the wild fish are (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1759)
    A short storyline from the few clips captured during our week on the coast.

    - Cutt-Bugg (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1760)
    Here is a down-sized "buck bug" variant that has been very productive for site-fishing to feeding cutthroat in the salt'. There's just something about the colour yellow and cutthroat trout dry flies.

    - The Carson (Corrib) MayFly Dun (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1761)
    The Carson (Corrib) MayFly Dun Materials Used; Hook, Kamasan B175 size 10 Thread, Uni 8/0 Charteuse Tag, Opal Mirage Med Tinsel Tails, Bronze Mallard & Hot Orange Cock Fibres Rib, Small Gold Wire Body, Honey Olive Seals Fur Body Hackle, Pale Olive Cock and Hot Orange Badger Wing, Bronze Mallard Front Hackle, Partridge Dyed Olive Head, Pearl Krystal Flash

    - easter weekend chrome (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1762)
    great weekend on the river! stay tuned for more!

    - Hare'e Ice Craw (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1763)
    - The Butch Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1764)
    Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12.

    - Lumi (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1765)
    Hook: Tiemco 202SP #4, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Rib: Round tinsel, fine, gold, Tail: Lady Amherst tippet barbs, dyed golden - tied short, Abdomen: Muskrat underfur, Thorax: Seal's fur, yellow and grey mixed, Wing: Muskrat guard hairs, Hackle: Whiting Coq de Leon hen shoulder feather, medium pardo

    - Ovi-Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1766)
    Hook: Tiemco 102Y #15, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Body: Gudebrod G waxed nylon, chartreuse (or adjust color to match the natural), Wing: Hen hackle, ginger - tied flat, Collar: Pine squirrel, dyed dark brown-olive - in split thread

    - SLF Shrimp (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1767)
    - The Incomparable Ponoi (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1768)
    A commercial with 20 minutes of exquisite video from the Russian salmon river Ponoi and the Ryabaga Camp. Absolutely stunning!

    - Gateway to Salmon Heaven! (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1769)
    In the six week period from mid August until first of October we caught 71 Salmon between 15 Lbs and 19 Lbs and 45 Salmons between 20 Lbs and 30 Lbs!

    - Following RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival Through Europe (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1770)
    4500 km of driving, I flew over 10k air miles, and blew through countless cities to setup the 10 RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival shows I attended. Germany, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland. Whew.

    - The Wonder Larva (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1771)
    Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12.

    - the original article here on GFF.">The Shark Caddis (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1772)
    Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12. See the original article here on GFF.

    - Make Your Own Zonker Strip Cutter (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1774)
    Making a cutting tool for making zonker strips

    - A Mayan Prophecy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1773)
    MOTIV Fishing cuts their own path through some of the most rugged jungles of Belize in hopes of finding out-of-the-way locations—with fish, and escaping with captured memories. To make it home they have to keep moving, or the jungle will surround and overtake them, making you just another roadside casualty in the vehicular ancient Mayan burial ground. Belize is a contrast of extremes (beauty and pain), and the road you end up traveling may not be by choice, but as with anywhere that human interaction hasn’t overtaken, once you get there, paradise and unspoiled fishing are right at your feet.

    - See more about the fly in our article.">CDC&Elk (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1775)
    Hook: Tiemco 102Y #15, Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, brown, Body/'legs': CDC, natural (or color to match a natural), Wing/head: Mule deer, natural See more about the fly in our article.

    - See more about the CDC&Elk family here.">CDC&Elk Flash (opal) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1776)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan, Abdomen: Flashabou strand, opal - wrapped flat over bare shank, Thorax and strands: CDC feather, natural, Wing and head: Mule deer. See more about the CDC&Elk family here.

    - East End Lodge 2012 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1777)
    A day at the East End Lodge on the Bahamas.

    - Fly Fishing for Flathead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1778)
    Peter Morse explains how to fish for Australian flathead from the beach, and gives some excellent casting tips.

    - No Signs Here (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1779)
    Robert and Jeff go trouting for Brookies on one of the thousands of untouched, high mountain streams of Western North Carolina. The same caddis fly imitation (seen in the video) provided us with upwards of 30 beautiful brookies, and about twice as many misses. If you can stay out of the trees, an accurate cast will be rewarded.

    - Spirit of the Fly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1780)
    Jeff and Robert go trouting in Western North Carolina. Big Trout and Little Flies. Early March 2012. Temp: mid 40's. Patterns: Tiny Parachute BWO size 12-14. Even had some March Brown's and a few Winter Black Stones Popping off. Rivers: Avery Creek, The Lower Davidson, and Mills.

    - Best of winterspring pikes (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1781)
    Fishing for, catching and releasing some pikes. Caught up in a hailstorm. Nothing special. In other words, as usual.

    - Xtreme Bahamas Fishing - Episode 1 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1782)
    When a group of friends from the UK organise a fishing trip to the Bahamas, adventure ensues! (1/3)

    - Fly Fishing North Carolina Wild Rainbows (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1783)
    - Henderson Springs 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1785)
    An epic trout fishing trip to Henderson Springs

    - Fishing South Water Caye Belize (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1786)
    video montage of a great week we spent in late 2011 staying at Pelican Beach Resort, South Water Caye in Belize. The fishing here is super accessible with tailing bones right in front of your private bungalow style accommodation, you could even see them from the comfort of your own bed. The large flat on the western side was loaded with mid sized Bonefish and my partner and 6 month old daughter could watch me roam the skinny waters from the comfort of the balcony. The Bones on this flat were pretty spooky and had obviously seen their share of fisherman in the past, that said however they rolled over for the right presentation. The reef front was also home to plenty of Snapper, Barracuda and Triggerfish. Wandering the Caye North would also no doubt uncover a Permit or too. While you could spend a week self guiding on foot from the comfort of your accommodation, local guides are also available to hit the numerous atolls in the area for Permit, Tarpon and more Bones. This place is the perfect family destination for the fishing fanatic who has to balance family and fishing! Best of all it is at a reasonable price!

    - 12-04-12 Seatrout (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1793)
    This is probably the best movie I ever done. I had two camera teams working so it has to be. Or, at least two cameras. But unfortunately I have to warn the younger viewers. This film contain some cruel, brutal and violent scenes , not everyone's cup of tea. And worst of all; animals used to make this video did come to harm. Serious harm! And you who cannot stand the sight of blood, don't watch this video!

    - Saumon Noir (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1794)
    Nice salmon frishing from Restingouche/Matapedia

    - Red Ass Bumble (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1795)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #12, Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0, red, Hackle: French partridge, dyed olive, Body hackle: Hen, dyed dark olive, Rib: Wire, gold, Tail: Pintail barbs, dyed olive, Butt: Tying thread, Body: Argentinean hare, dark olive

    - Double Whammy (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1796)
    Hook: Partridge GRS6A #12, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan, Abdomen: Argentinean hare, dark olive, Wing: Deer hair, Thorax: Snowshoe rabbit (aka Snowshoe hare)

    - Glanrhos Palette (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1797)
    Hook: Kamasan B175 #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Hackle/wing: Starling, Body: Squirrel body fur, dyed olive; Glister, purple - mixed 1:1, in split thread

    - CDC Loop Wing Emerger (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1798)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Rib: Copper wire, fine, Shuck: Bronze mallard barbs, Abdomen: Holographic flash, pearl, Loop wing: CDC, natural - two feathers, Thorax: Squirrel body fur

    - The Wonder Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1799)
    Tied during the "Tying the Caddis Lifecycle Class" on 04/06/12

    - Bibio Marci (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1800)
    Hook: Kamasan B175 #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Abdomen: Seal's fur, dyed black, Legs: Magpie tail barbs, knotted (or any black feather substitute), Wing: Gutermann Holoshimmer, pearl, Thorax cover: Foam, black, Thorax: Seal's fur, dyed hot orange; seal's fur, dyed black Note: Imitates both Bibio Marci (Hawthorne Fly) and Bibio Pomonae (Heather Fly)

    - Partridge Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1801)
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #14, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Collar: Brown partridge barbs, Abdomen: Argentinian hare, olive, Thorax: Pine squirrel guard hair, dyed brown-olive - in split thread

    - Turning Tail (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1802)
    Throughout the east coast of North America, from Long Island Sound to the northern most point of Labrador if you look closely, you will find the chrome beauty known as Salmo Salar. The Atlantic salmon is arguably the holy grail of freshwater angling, a cultural icon and a great indicator of the effect of man's troubled history with his natural environment. This journey explores the outer most reaches from the wilds of Labrador, the Gaspe Bay Peninsula and New Brunswick to the inner workings of hatcheries and fish traps. From the rich sporting heritage to the mystery while at sea, this film will take you on an exploration of a lifetime, well beyond the leap.

    - The Giant Mayfly (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1803)
    The mayfly lifecycle, incredible amounts of hatching mayflies in an Hungarian river.

    - Du Saumon (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1804)
    Great French/Canadian salmon fishing video from the start of the season

    - The Kinermony Killer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1806)
    Jock Royan's Kinermony Killer.. Materials Used; Hook, Size 7 Silver Salar Double, Thread, Red Uni 8/0, Tag, Small Oval Silver Tinsel, Rib, Small Silver Wire, Body, Silver Holographic Tinsel and Black Floss Middle Hackle, Yellow Chinese Cock or Hen Hackles, Hot Orange and Blue Chinese Hen or...

    - Fly Fishing Cape Vidal (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1808)
    Baha Fly Fishing and the DFT headed to Cape Vidal (South Africa) for a long weekend of salt water fly fishing. It was an absolutely epic weekend with over 300 fish landed. We'll be back!

    - Tastes Like Skunk (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1810)
    Spey casting for winter steelhead in Oregon. Covered beautiful water well but no fish were landed. The pursuit for elusive winter steelhead continues.

    - Surf and inshore flyfishing 2011 (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1812)
    Another year of fly fishing the inshore waters of the Northeast

    - San Diego Surf Fly Fishing (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1813)
    Spring surf fly fishing in San Diego......one stretch of beach can hold several species!

    - Black Pennell (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1814)
    Hook: Mustad 94845 #12, Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black, Hackle: Hen, natural black, Tail: Lady Amherst tippet barbs, dyed hot orange, Rib: Wire, silver, Body: Tying thread

    - Deep Purple Nymph (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1815)
    This simple to tie nymph has held a spot in my fly box for the last 3 seasons. Purple flies work extremely well in certain situations. For me this purple nymph works well in the spring and fall, especially when fish are keying in on Baetis mayfly nymphs. Tie in sizes 16-20.

    - 2011 CANADA winter steelhead (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1817)
    2011 CANADA winter steelhead

    - Small Olive Dun (Parachute Style) (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1818)
    Materials Used; Hook, Daiichi Darrel Martin 1220 size 18, Thread, Veevus 16/0 Olive, Tail, Light Olive, Hackle Fibres, Rib,Olive Veevus Thread Coloured Brown, Body, Olive Thread and Hackle Fibres, Thorax, Mixed Rabbit and Mole Fur, Wing, Natural CDC Hackle, Light Olive Cock Hackle

    - Swimming Caddis Pupa (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1819)
    A nice caddis pupa

    - The Glo-Brite Glass Buzzer (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1820)
    A very simple and effective buzzer..

    - A dry fly love song (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1821)
    I bought a 30 dollar guitar during a trip in New Zealand, and my friend Peter had a mac with "Garageband". So obviously I had to remix/rewrite a song to spread the word about true fly fishing! Footage from 2 good days fishing in NZ

    - Rhythm 'n' Steppe (http://globalflyfisher.com/video/?q=node/1822)
    A beautiful day of fly fishing in the unique trout fishery of North America's Scrub Steppe habitat. A new angler al