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Taming the Humpy

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The Perfect Transparent Bait Fish

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Squid Plus Three

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Microjig nymphs
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·A Black Fly
·A few from Ora Smith
·A New Look at the Grannom
·A Pheasant Under Glass
·Action Emerging Caddis
·Alan Petrucci Streamers
·Allan's Winter Shrimp
·An experiment
·Angel Body
·Baby Buggers
·Barrel Full of Bucktails
·Bass bugs
·Bastard Crab
·Bates' Art
·Beginner's Buzzer
·Bert Quimby
·Better-Winged Olives
·Big Hole Demon
·Big Mike's streamers
·Black Frede
·Black Funnel
·Black Ghost Tube
·Bloody Butcher
·Bon Aventure flies
·Bonefish Bitters
·Boney Flies
·Bow River Bugger
·Braid a worm
·Brown Spinner
·Brush eyes
·Bullet Head Magnus
·Bunny Leech
·Bunny Split
·Burning Man
·Carrie Challenge II
·Carrie's Challenge
·Catalog of fly patterns (outdated)
·Catskill Tube Flies
·CDC Mayfly
·Charlie's Bead Head Scud
·Charlie's Phesant Tail Nymph
·Charlie's Prince Nymph
·Cheapskate Heron
·Chilli Pepper Flies
·Chinese White
·Chinook in the salt
·Chris Edghills salt water patterns
·Christmas Tree
·Chubby Fishing
·Chuck's FlutterStone
·Classic Wet Flies
·Clouser Deep Minnow
·Cluster Egg Fly
·Cone head flies
·Cone head flies
·Coney flies
·Coney Snowbugger
·Convertible tubes
·Copper Frede
·Crazy Dane
·Czech nymphs
·Dalby Revenger
·Danish Pastry Fly
·Darth Vader Nymph
·Das Cephalopod
·Deep in my heart
·Discovering the Marbury Lake Flies
·Doing the Limbata
·Domestic Fly
·Double K Reverse Spider
·Double Legs
·Dual Tube Phlyz
·Edwards' Little Ant
·Epoxy Miracle
·Euro BWOs
·EZ quintet
·F&K Caddis
·Fall Streamers
·Fatal Attraction
·Favorite Dad
·Favorite Flies for Baltic Seatrout
·Favorite Streamer Swap
·Fishing the Muddler Minnow
·Flats in the cold
·Fleye Foils
·Fly gallery
·Fly gallery 2002
·Foam Caterpillars
·Foam flies for panfish
·Fox swap
·Francois le Ny
·Full Metal Jacket Nutria Muddler, variations
·G-String Eyes
·Gapen's Muddler Minnow
·Genner Bug
·George F. Grant’s Flies
·Gift wrapping string fly
·Glitter John
·Glitter Shrimp
·Goldmine Crab
·Grantham's Sedge
·Great Lakes Irish Invaders
·Green Machine
·Grey Duster
·Grey Frede
·Grizzly Streamers
·Hairwings & Tubes
·Hare's Ear Bug
·Hen Hackle Demystified
·Henning's Snot
·Hillbilly Copper John
·HiVis CDC Midge
·HKA Sunray/Bismo
·Honey Shrimp
·Hoppers with Foam
·Hospitalized kids need your flies!
·How simple can it get?
·How to submit a pattern to GFF
·Innovative Saltwater Flies
·Internet Flies
·IQ Dawn series
·Jack Plotts' Foam flies
·Jan's Emerger
·Jan's Giant Buzzers
·Jan's GP
·Jim Warner flies
·Jim Warner Swap
·Jock Scott
·Kai's Green Terror
·Ken's Cuteling
·Ken's Incredibly Simple Shrimp
·Kern's Perfect Leo Shrimp
·La Muerte
·Lake Champ
·Lake Erie Shiner
·Linked flies
·Little Devil
·Loch Dhu Salmon
·Magnus Classic
·Magnus Muddler
·Mart's CdL Hen Caddis Emerger
·Mart's Parachute Ant
·Mart's Peccary Paraloop Emerger
·Martin's Mundane Crane Fly
·Martin's Mundane Crazy Dane
·Martin's Mundane Fly Project
·Martin's Mundane Sand Eel
·Martin's Mundane Shrimp
·Martin's Mundane Zonker Worm
·Martinek's CS streamers
·Mart´s Bibio
·Meko Special
·Merry Christmas
·Messy Pike Fly
·Mickey Finn
·Micro Tarantula Crab
·Microjig nymphs and small streams
·Mike Boyer Streamers
·Mini Pig
·Mini Streamers
·Miss Ring
·Monster Muddler
·Monster Muddlers
·Monster's Bug
·Morrisfoam Diver
·Mouse flies
·Muddler mania
·Muddler mania - Full Metal Jacket Nutria Muddler
·Muddler mania - Small Polar Muddler
·Muddler spec.
·My Fly Box
·Neguinha Fulô
·New Streamers
·Niels' flies
·Ninja Toe Biter
·North Country flies on blind hooks
·Nutria muddler
·Omoe Brush
·One Mallard Shrimp
·Opossum Shrimp
·Orange Twist
·OSA Nymph
·Our first mullets
·Para-Hackle Emerger
·Peeete's Pheather'n'Phlash
·PeeMew Midge
·PET Blue NJ
·Pete's EZ Hopper
·Phar Side Phly
·Philatelic phlies
·Pike Duster
·Pike streamer
·Pinky Pain
·PK Mysis Variant
·Polar Perch
·Portraits of Salmon Flies
·Poul Jorgensen's General Practitioner
·Prince Nymphs
·Raven NJ
·Real Enough!
·Realistic Flies
·Red Tag
·Red Tag Palmer
·Redfish Puff
·Rolled Muddler
·S&L's Lost Flies
·Salt Water Caddis
·Salt water spiders
·Salty dreams and glassy shrimp
·Sand eel/lance
·Sawada tubes
·Screwhead Matuka
·Sea Trout Munker
·Seatrout flies for 2012
·Sexy Crab
·Shark's Caddis Larva
·Shark's Wasp
·Sheep hair flies
·Shrimp anatomy for the fly tyer
·Simo Lumme
·Simple Streamers
·Sinister Phly
·Small and large flies for sea trout
·Small flies
·Small muddler
·Smallmouth Jump
·Smelt swap
·Spey & Dee
·Spey Hackles
·Spider NJ
·Spotless fly
·Squid Plus Three
·Squid Vicious
·Squirmy nymphs for black bass
·Squirrel streamer
·Squirrel Zonker
·Squirrel zonker
·Staring Sunray Shadow
·Steelhead Beetle
·Strange X-Mas
·Strange X-mas
·Stream flies for sea trout and steelhead
·Streamers 365
·Sunray Shadow
·Surf Candy
·Susquehanna Smallmouth patterns
·Sydney Opera Mouse
·Tabou Daddy
·Taming the Humpy
·The Barbell Tube
·The Bat Fly
·The Bjarke
·The Black Frede
·The Bloody Zonker
·The Bottle Cleaner
·The Bumble Bee
·The CDC & Elk family
·The Charlie Fly
·The Chicken or Pasta Fly
·The Christmas Tree
·The Clouserish
·The Copper Bully
·The Crab
·The Dalby Dribbler
·The Dirty White
·The eel smelling shrimp
·The evolution of a fly
·The Fair Fly
·The Femmer Crab
·The Flasher
·The Flatwing style
·The Flee
·The Flex Hex
·The Floating Shrimp
·The Fluff
·The Gladiator
·The Gold Nugget
·The Green Inchworm
·The Grey Fred
·The history of the gold bead
·The Idiot
·The IQ shrimps
·The IQ Zeb Macahan
·The Jassid
·The Junior Mysis
·The killer fly
·The Killer Mantis
·The Killer Shrimp
·The Lab
·The Locofoam Story
·The Magnus
·The Mango
·The Match Shrimp
·The Mia Fly
·The Moor Fly
·The Moyerfokker
·The Munker
·The Mymph
·The New Flee
·The Omoe Brush
·The Orange Silver
·The Oscar Fly
·The Overtaker
·The Perfect Transparent Bait Fish
·The Perfect Woolly
·The Pink Pig - Pattegrisen
·The Plipper
·The Polar Conehead
·The Poly Dodger
·The Real Deer Hair
·The Real Rag Worm
·The Red and Copper Shrimp
·The Red Fly
·The Rocket
·The Ronker
·The Sabot Fly
·The Shank
·The Simplest Fly
·The Super Pupa
·The Tabou Caddis Emerger
·The Terrible Muddler
·The Test Tube
·The Triangle Fly
·The Universal Nymph
·The Welded Phly
·The White
·The Zuddler
·This fly is NOT called Europe!
·Thunder Creeks
·Tight Line Shrimp
·Tom's Hopper
·Tooth & Nail
·Très Bien
·Tribute to MOM
·Trout beads
·Tube Muddler
·Twist of Lemon
·Two flies in one
·Tying a muddler
·Tying the Matuka style
·Umbrella for streams
·Une Création
·Upgrading the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear
·USD Shrimp
·Valeur's Pike Streamer
·Vintage Streamers
·Waddington shanks
·Wasp Year
·Wet Flies
·Wiggle Jig Worm
·Wingless Wets
·Woodduck Flank
·Yellow Marabou Special
·Zonker patterns
·Zoo Cougar