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Strange contraptions for your tippets

This link takes you to "Martin's Mundane Sand Eel"

Martin's Mundane
Sand Eel

Click to go to "Martin's Mundane Zonker Worm"

Martin's Mundane Zonker Worm

Find "Une Création" here

Une Création

Go to "A Black Fly"

A Black Fly

Go to "An experiment"

An experiment

This link takes you to "Sand eel/lance"

Sand eel/lance

Click to see "Bullet Head Magnus"

Bullet Head Magnus

Jump to "The Spade - Green GP feathers"

The Spade - Green GP feathers

Proceed to "Salt water spiders" here

Salt water spiders

Find "Gift wrapping string fly" here

Gift wrapping string fly

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Linked flies

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Content page

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·Vintage Streamers
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·The Munker
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·Mouse flies
Tie Better
·Threading a bobbin
·Bobbin holders
·Don't tie flies
·Fly Tying Thread Blues
·Mouse flies
·Wet Flies
·Preserving Feathers
·So you wanna tie a big fly?
·DIY stick-on eyes
·Silver Tip Fly Company
Book Reviews
·Saltwater Flies
·Das große Trockenfliegen-

·Steelhead Dreams
·Fly-Fishing's Final Frontier
·Fishing in Grayling Paradise
·Fish Flies I and II
·Flyfishing for Coarse Fish
·Take the Fly
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