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The Test Tube
Published: 2013-02-05
More than 2 years ago
A weird and futuristic construction from the archives. Really easy to tie... eh, make... uhm... construct... Metal, plastic and glue.
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Martin's Mundane Shrimp
Published: 2012-04-07
More than 3 years ago
Another simple, three-material fly. This time a shrimp, well suited for seatrout and probably fine for a number of other saltwater species not least bonefish. Super simple to tie and with easily accessible and cheap materials.
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Martin's Mundane
Sand Eel

Published: 2012-02-09
More than 3 years ago
Sand eels are very common in most waters around the world. This is a very simple flatwing style sand eel that can be tied easily with very few, common materials, and make a great imitaion that is easy to cast on a light rod.
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Martin's Mundane Zonker Worm
Published: 2012-01-19
More than 3 years ago
For many saltwater anglers the term "worm hatch" has a magical ring to it. When the polychaete worms swim freely to spawn, the fish usually go berserk, be it trout, stripers, tarpon or a number of other species. As one writer puts it: It's like yelling "free lunch" to a high school football team.
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Une Création
Published: 2005-12-29
More than 10 years ago
We crank out some strange flies every now and then. Get an idea, dig through piles of materials and tie up a handful of slightly different flies, each one better than the previous one, but none of them really good. But sometimes one comes out OK.
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A Black Fly
Published: 2001-09-09
More than 14 years ago
I've had little experience fishing with this fly which is quite recent in my collection. It has all the characteristics of a good night fly, it's fast and easy to tie and durable too. It should be a fly worth having in you box.
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An experiment
Published: 2001-09-08
More than 14 years ago
What else would you expect to find in a lab...? This fly is one of the many that I seem to crank out at random. Most of them end up as garbage and never even find their way into my fly boxes, but this one had something. Just a little something.
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Sand eel/lance
Published: 2001-09-07
More than 14 years ago
The sand eel or lance - called the tobis in Danish - is one of the most common fish on the Dansih coasts, and is an important part of the diet of especially larger sea trout and cod for that matter. Because of that it is an interesting fish to imitate.
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Bullet Head Magnus
Published: 2001-09-05
More than 14 years ago
The Magnus is a pattern always present in my fly box. I've caught a lot of fish on it, it's simple to tie and surprisingly durable. It's normally tied with ball chain eyes, but after I found a good supplier of bullet shaped bead head, I tried tying some with bullet heads.
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The Spade - Green GP feathers
Published: 2001-09-03
More than 14 years ago
The fly will probably look like something the cat dragged in, when it's been cast a couple of times. But still: I'll give it a try. I've always loved tying with golden phesant (GP) feathers.
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Salt water spiders
Published: 2001-09-02
More than 14 years ago
The least dressed fly of all The classic spider fly has to be one of the least dressed flies of all times. A slender body and a thin hackle - and that's it.
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Gift wrapping string fly
Published: 2001-09-01
More than 14 years ago
I have some remote relatives in Boston who occasionally sends over christmas gifts to my kids. This year the gifts were packed with some particularly interesting string. This string was braided in the colors red and green with some shiny material laid in. It said "flies" all over it! I scavenged the remains from the unpacking and stoved it away between my fly tying materials.
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Linked flies
Published: 2001-01-17
More than 14 years ago
The flies on this page all have one thing in common: they have a linked body. Many of us strive to add life to our flies - the sense of something living. This can be done by using soft materials or adding long tails like on zonkers. These are all fine techniques that work well. But something urged me to try something different.
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Content page
Published: 2001-01-01
More than 15 years ago
An outdated content page for The Lab. Use the section front page in stead.
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Picric acid
Published: 1997-07-21
More than 18 years ago
Dyeing with picric acid yields colors between a gorgeous olive and an electric yellow.
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