Fly patterns

An ordered but outdated fly pattern list

An oldie pattern from GFF

By Martin Joergensen

This is an almost complete list of all flies ever featured on Global Fly Fisher. On the main page of the fly section you'll find the most recent entries and in the old B/W Fly Catalog you'll find some of the oldest. There are also some general considerations and a lot of tips on tying. Also try the new section with my experimental flies - The lab.

This list contains seleveral categories of flies (even though the salt water patterns still dominate):

Salt water patterns
Small and low water flies Extremely suitable for fall sea trout fishing
Moyerfokker A big, ugly and efficient fly
The Mia Fly Tying salt water flies with dog hair
The Dalby Dribbler A grub like sea trout pattern
The Kluting Another sculpin imitaion
Glitter Shrimp A fly for the cold season
Salt Water Caddis An oxymoron that catches fish in the ocean
FMJNM, again The best sculpin imitaion
Small Polar Muddler, again A very good fly for night fishing
Tube Muddler, again Yes, you can tie a muddler on a tube
Monster Muddler, again A pike fly - or even a tarpon fly
Morrisfoam Diver The perfect night fly...?
Chilli Pepper Aaron Adam's salt water fly in a trio of Chilli's
Sheep Hair Flies Long, light, moveable sheep hair
Opossum Shrimp A translucent spring pattern
Red Tag Palmer A classic that works in salt too
The Red Fly The cod fly over them all
The New Flee A new simple shrimp/gammarus pattern
The Femmer Crab A smaller variation of the glue gun crab
The Black Frede A black variation of the Grey Frede
The Crazy Dane Do you know the Crazy Charlie? Here's the Danish version.
The Omoe Brush A clamworm imitation - and much more
The Fair Fly A good sculpin imitation
Grey Frede Peter Loevendahl's fabulous fly
Crab A very special fly for a special kind of fishing
Mysid The Mysid is an imitation of a small, active, marine crustacean.
Mymph 'My nymph' became 'The Mymph' - a pattern that has proved succesfull as an autumn sea trout fly.
Magnus One of the all time favourites in Denmark. Father of many of my flies.
Magnus muddler As the Magnus, but tied with muddler head in stead of bead chain eyes
Muddler spec. Muddlers are for the summer nights. They can catch fish on other times too... This is the basic muddler
Small muddler Great fly for night fishing. Not a big fly, but efficient.
Full Metal Jacket Nutria Muddler A muddler that's tied with special conical beads. Hard to throw on a fly rod, but a nice looking fly that really dives
Nutria Muddler A combination of a muddler and a zonker. An imitative and suggestive fly.
Bjarke My own pattern and my best catching fly. The little brother of Magnus
Bottle Brush Simple year-round fly. Works well in the winter in spite of it's lack of color
Bunny Leech The infamous bunny leech, used for steelhead in other parts of the world. A good spring fly.
The Flee A small imitative pattern. The isopodes are very common in the Danish sea and high on the sea trout menu.
Christmas Tree A winter fly par excellance. Flashy and very easy to tie. One material only.
Opossum A small universal pattern. Late summer and autumn.htm is its best seasons.
Squirrel streamer A typical autumn streamer. Inspired by the 'classical' hair wing type.
Umbrella A pattern of my own. Beautiful fly, if you ask me.
David A pattern using rabbit hair and a technique inspired by some of Davy Wottons salmon flies.
Chillimps This is actually a stream sea trout pattern, but I use it in small sizes for garfish

Lake patterns
Bob Petti's great monsters for bass

Stream patterns
The Real Deerhair
Sven Ostermann's sedge pattern utilizing only deer hair
Tube Muddler
A large muddler tied as a tube fly
FrÝken Ring
Danish Mrs. Simpson
EZ Peter Ross
Classic wet fly with a shortcut
EZ Blue Charm
Another classic wet fly with a shortcut
EZ Bloody Butcher
One more classic wet fly with a shortcut
EZ Medicine
Yet another classic wet fly with a shortcut
EZ March Brown Silver
The last classic wet fly with a shortcut
The Moor Fly
Classic Danish sea trout fly
The Idiot
Classic Danish sea trout fly
Hexagenia limbata flies
Doing the Limbata
The Flex-Hex
A Hexagenia imitation by John Nebel
Coney Flies
Cone head flies - by Bas Verschoor
Chile Pepper Marcos Vergeras' South American trout fly in the trio of Chilli's
Chilli Pepper Bob Root's trout and bass fly in the trio of Chilli's
Several matuka flies - by Bob Petti
Fatal Attraction
Dan Blanton's fly - tied by Bob Petti
Charlie's Bead Head Scud
Charles Garwood's convincing bead head pattern
Charlie's Pheasant Tail Nymph
Charles Garwood's variation of the classic of all classics
Charlie's Prince Nymph
Modified by Charles Garwood for an easier tie and more visibility.
CDC&Elk Hans Weilenmann's amazingly simple, but yet efficient dry fly. With background and description by Hans himself
Mouche Saumon de l'ellé A fly from the hand of the French fisher/tier François Le Ny described by Preben Torp Jacobsen
Sedge Pupa Finnish Simo Lumme's sedge pupa pattern described by Preben Torp Jacobsen
Nalle Puh (Winnie the Pooh) Simo Lumme's dry sedge pattern described by Preben Torp Jacobsen
Jassid Vincent Mariano's famous minutae pattern described by Preben Torp Jacobsen
Grey Duster A CaŽnis imitation with a parachute hackle described by Preben Torp Jacobsen
Simulium sp. imitation Two flies in the act of sex described by Preben Torp Jacobsen

Salmon patterns
IQ Shrimps
Ismo Saastamoinen's shrimp flies for sea trout and salmon
IQ Zeb Macahan
Ismo Saastamoinen's logotype fly for a Swedish shop
Here's looking through you, kid
Click for article I have been fooling around with flies that are all signified by simple feather wings and the use of classic materials. The aim of these flies has been to make something simple and fishable which is yet pleasing to the eye. The Silver Orange is a continuation of this line of development.
Black Dose
Jock Scott
Sir Richard Sutton
Marvin Nolte's stunning classic salmon flies
IQ Dawn
IQ Thunder Dawn
IQ Yellow Dawn
IQ Red Dawn
IQ Green Dawn
IQ Black Dawn
IQ Blue Dawn
Ismo Saastamoinen's beautiful hair winged salmon flies
The Flasher Bob Kenly plays with something maybe not quite a fly
The Gladiator Bob Kenly's fascinating mix of sequins and epoxy.
Sir Conrad Poul Jorgensen beautiful classic. Tied by himself.
Temple Dogs The Temple Dogs are large tube flies used a lot in Scandinavia
Orange & Heron I never fished for salmon, but some of the flies shure are beautiful. This is one of my humble tries

Other patterns
Bass Bugs Bob Petti's fancy flies for Bass
Pike Streamer A flashy fly for pike
Monster Muddler A large fly for pike fishing

User comments
From: Alessio Falorni · 3385409458·at·  Link
Submitted August 13th 2007

I'm very impressioned by yours full dressed claassic salmon flies! I never seen perfection in ever little particolares like this ones. Simply the best that i've seen so far! best regards.

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