The Mymph

Somewhere inbetween nowhere and a nymph

An oldie pattern from GFF

By Martin Joergensen

This has been my most successfull trout fly in the autumn of 1995. I've caught most of my trout from a float tube, and I believe that one of the keys to the success of this fly is the fact that it's weighted. This and the fact that it's actually very nymph like tells me that it would probably act fine as a stonefly nymph imitation, and this has given the fly it's name 'My nymph' or 'Mymph' for short.

Hook 4-8, straight eye streamer hook. Best is of course stainless hooks for salt water resistance
Thread Matching the color of the fly
Body Natural rabbit dubbing. In the front it's mixed with flash dubbing (Angel Hair or Lite Brite).
Tail A few (app. 4) clear flashabou straws
Hackle Spinning loop with rabbit guard hairs
Head Color of thread

  1. Tie lead thread on the front half of the hook shank. '1 ' layer will give the needed weight.
  2. Tie in the flash
  3. Dub the anterior half of body up to the lead to a tapered shape.
  4. Make a dubbing loop from the tying thread and put aside.
  5. Dub over the lead to a fairly thick cylindrical body. Use a mixture of natural dubbing and a bit of flash (Angel Hair or Lite Brite)
  6. Wax one thread in the dubbing loop
  7. Cut a bit of hair from the rabbit skin and remove underfur
  8. Catch the fur in the loop and keep flat.
  9. Adjust the hair length to hook length and trim the butts
  10. Spin the loop by holding tight on the thread under the hair and letting go when proper tension has built up.
  11. Turb the hackle in 2-3 open turns over the front body.
  12. Tie down, cut and make a small head.

This is an easy fly to tie, but I've gotten the idea that I'll tie it with copper thread in stead of the lead and the tying thread. This would make it even faster. The dubbing loop works fine on thin copper.
Also I've tied a set with hair as a tail in stead of flash or as a supplement. Say stonefly nymph again!
The colors can be varied. Use the same skin for both dubbing, tail and hackle. I've fished the lighter ones most, but a totally black one looks fine too. I prefer either clear or copper flash, but other colors will work OK. If the aim is to imitate a nymph the flash might be omitted or at least be neutral. It's originally supposed to act as intestines/gills on small fish.

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