Neguinha Fulô

Published Dec 1st 2013

This fly is very simple to tie, very good for beginners, and uses very few tying materials. A lot of people in the Brazilian forum Fly Fishing Brasil really enjoyed it.


Neguinha Fulô

This fly, first of all, needs a good dictionary or thesaurus to find the meaning of the name. Or just leave it to the original name. It sounds funny in Brazil, almost folkloric and below is a very coarse translation of what "Neguinha Fulô" means.

If we bring it to modern "politically correct" times (read: hypocrisy empire) we can explain the term as a young African-American girl "Neguinha" with the beauty of a flower "Fulô". A regional way to refer to the gracious young women living in Northeast of Brazil. The name Cute Blackie wouldn't be totally off in English.

Complicated explanation of the name given, I've created this fly aiming for Tilapia. But it can in fact be used for Bluegill, Oscar, and even Carp or any less-aware trout. Or even any other fish that gets interested. This cute blackie is very teasing… at least to aquatic life.
This fly is very simple to tie, very good for beginners, and uses very few tying material. A lot of people in Brazilian forum "Fly Fishing Brasil" really enjoyed it, so I had to share it here with you guys.

It's time for this cutie to take the world!

It's time for this cutie to take the world!

Carp, Tilapia, trout and peacock bass

Neguinha Fulô (Cute Blackie)
TypeWet fly
Guilherme Wadt
Very easy

HookMaruseigo (Maruto 6113HC) #12. The closest shape would be TMC 206 #10, although other short nymph hooks should work.
ThreadUni-thread 8/0 black.
WeightOptional: black bead or lead wire
AbdomenMarabou Blood Quills - Black
WingsKrystal Flash (I used rusty brown, but you can be creative here).
HeadFlat waxed nylon- 210 denier black
FinishHead Cement (the first model used a kind of Super Glue, as I was out of cement. I made one with Softex and it got perfect).


Well, so let's go for the tying itself.

If you intend to use a bead, ensure you install it first.
This is the unweighted version.

Tie the 8/0 thread all the way down the hook shank to the bend. If your heart (or water stream) tells you to add some lead wire, this is the time!! If not, or if aiming for ponds or any Stillwater skip the wire for near-neutral fluctuation.

Step 1 - thread

Tie a soft marabou feather at the hook bend, avoiding the afterfeather and hollow shaft..

Step 2 - marabou

Cut loose the afterfeather and the hollow shaft.

Step 3 - trim

Twist the thread around the marabou, as to form sort of a "rope".

Step 4 - rope

Tie this "marabou rope" around the shank towards the eye, tying it tightly just close to the eye.

Step 5 - wrap

Tying it tight, use the remaining marabou to form the head. First backwards, tying a few tight turns where you want the "neck" to take place:

Step 6 - head

Now tie it forward...

Step 7 - forward

And another one to the back.

Step 8 - back

Now comes the time when it is almost irresistible to leave it as it is. The remaining marabou forms a pretty nice shape, almost a Marabou Minnow.
This hook is too short. I tried to leave it when developing the fly, and ended up with a crappy hairy thing worth nothing at all. Fly fishing is freedom of the soul, detaching from small-minded, routinely worries... So just cut that thing off! And shave some "extra beard" that eventually don't look nice.

Step 9 - trim

Take one strip of Krystal Flash and fold&cut it, like this:

Step 10 - flash

Tie the Krystal Flash in the back of the fly, taking also chance to reinforce the "neck".

Step 11 - tie in

Last move, form the head with the flat waxed nylon, until you have a nicely shaped insect head. This one in the photo was not so good, but take it easy, guys!
I made these photos after 10PM, and with more or less 7-8 pints of beer soaking my brain…
Whip finish it. I usually finish it in the neck rather than close to the eye, but I leave you guys free to choose. Apply your dearest head cement...

Step 12 - head



The author and originator - Guilherme Wadt
Voilà! Here's the Neguinha Fulô
Now it's ready for some action!
VERY simple fly, and uses ONE feather and ONE Krystal Flash strip.
The simpler the better!
Hope you enjoy…

Hugs from Brazil!


User comments
From: Guilherme Wadt · guilherme.wadt·at·  Link
Submitted December 2nd 2013

Thanks Martin for the nice editing and the "broadcast" of this pattern!

I would like to encourage everyone that tries tying and fishing this pattern to send me news (and eventually photos) of the experience.
Share with me your stories of success! It will be great for me to see what is achieved with this one and help me develop further patterns.

All my best!


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