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Rhody Chovy

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Rhody Chovy
TypeCold saltwater fly
Page Rogers, Rhode Island USA
Tied by
Chris Edghill
Target species
Sea trout (sea run)
Steelhead (sea run)
Striped bass

HookMustad 34007 or equivelant no.4/0 to 8
ThreadWhite mono waxed thread
bodyPearl or silver mylar tubing
EyesPrismatic stick on or equivalent
WingFishhair, Angel Hair, Lite Brite or any synthetic fibers to match length required
AdhesivesSuper glue and Epoxy

Tying instructions

  1. Tie mono thread onto hook shank, and leave a long tag end or rib coming off rear end of fly
  2. Tie in sparse amount of tail material. Tail should be no longer than the hook shank. Keep the thread back, behind the point of the hook.
  3. Cut a piece of Mylar tubing 2.5 times the length of hook shank.
  4. Slide tubing over the hook shank. Tie down and tie off thread.
  5. Work the hook eye through the tubing, and tie the mono thread back on, right behind the hook eye.
  6. Cut 10 strands of Krystal Flashes to suit bait fish colour.
  7. Folding it over your tying thread, tie the flash in at the head, right at the hook eye.
  8. Whip finish the thread and tie off.
  9. Pull the wing materials back tightly and smoothly and tie them down with several wraps from the tag end.
  10. Flip the fly over in the vise.
  11. Pull the remaining Mylar tubing under the hook shank, so that it forms a nice little swag belly.
  12. Secure the tubing with a few wraps from the tag end and whip finish the tag end.
  13. With scissors, trim all extraneous tubing, as close to whip finish point as possible.
  14. Place prismatic stick on eyes close to hook eye.
  15. Paint on gill.
  16. Cover entire fly body with the epoxy. Bring epoxy a little past end of fly body to prevent tail materials from fouling. Watch out for the formation of a bubble right around the fly's eye.

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