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Bunny Split

See how to tie the Bunny Split here

Bunny Split
TypePike fly
Mark Dysinger
Year of origin
Tied by
Joe Kissane
Target species
Largemouth bass
Smallmouth bass

HookDai-Riki #810 or equivalent, 3/0
Tail guardWire loop
Lower tailMagnum zonker strip
Tail flashKrystal Flash
Upper tailMagnum zonker strip
CollarThree layers of marabou
EyesDoll eyes
Head5 minute epoxy

Tying instructions

  1. Fasten the hook in the vise and start the thread about one third of the hook shank behind the eye. Bend a short piece of wire to form a loop, and secure the loop to the top of the hook shank towards the bend with a series of thread wraps. Place a smooth layer of flexcement or equivalent on the wraps that secure the loop guard.
  2. Prepare a magnum zonker strip that is twice the length of the hook shank by tapering the end to a point in the hide. Place the strip hide side up on the shank and about one third of the shank back from the hook eye. Secure the strip with a series of tight thread wraps, and finish with the thread back near the hook bend. Place a smooth layer of flexcement or equivalent over the wraps that hold the zonker strip to the hook.
  3. Tie in about a dozen strands of Krystal Flash on top of the zonker strip. Keep them long so that the ends of the strands extend a bit past the end of the zonker strip.
  4. Prepare a second magnum zonker strip as previously done in step 2. Tie this one hide side down on top of the Krystal Flash so that its length is identical to that of the lower zonker strip. Secure it as previously described in step 2.
  5. Start layering the marabou collar by tying in four bunches of marabou: one on top of the hook shank, one underneath, and one on each side. Tie them in at the farthest thread wrap back that holds the tail components in place, and put each subsequent layer a bit farther front than the previous. This method will not give a perfectly rounded collar at each individual layer, but as each layer is added any gaps will eventually be filled. The collar is complete after four layers are tied in.
  6. To complete the fly, build up thread ahead of the collar and add eyes. Lightly coat the head area with 5 minute epoxy. Use the epoxy to taper the head as necessary.

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