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OE Deep Diving Shrimp

OE Deep Diving Shrimp
Oliver Edwards
Year of origin
Tied by
Kasper Muhlbach
A little difficult
Target species
Arctic char
Brook trout
Brown trout
Rainbow trout (landlocked)
Sea trout (sea run)
Steelhead (sea run)

HookKamasan B100 or Mustad CZ Authentic Czech Nymph Size 10-18.
WeightLead free foil.
Thread8/0, color to match the dubbing.
TailBarbs of brown-grey partridge hackle.
AntennasAs tails, but smaller clump.
RibClear nylon mono, 4-6 lbs.
ShellbackFlexibody, clear.
BodyFine dubbing, like MC 14.
LegsBarbs of brown-grey partridge hackle.

Tying instructions

  1. Add weight 6-10 wraps. Make two layers, the upper one shortest. Secure it with some super glue
  2. Tie in tail well down the hook shank.
  3. Take the thread to the eye. Tie in the antennas.
  4. Take the thread back to where you tied in the tail.
  5. Tie in the rib.
  6. Cut out the shell back. It should be oval or shaped like a long drop stretched in both ends.
  7. Tie in the shellback.
  8. Make a dubbing loop.
  9. Dub the body.
  10. Prepare 6-8 partridge hackles by removing the fluffy parts.
  11. Wax the dubbing loop.
  12. Get the hackles into the loop.
  13. Make sure they do not come out or move. Align the points and ajust them to the final lenght of the legs.
  14. Cut off the stems 1-2 mm from the dubbing loop.
  15. Spin.
  16. Take out the hackle points.
  17. Spin again.
  18. Turn the dubbing loop towards the eye in nice equal turns.
  19. Secure it at the eye.
  20. Moisten your fingers and make the fibres point down.
  21. Pull the shell back towards the eye.
  22. Secure the shell back.
  23. Whip finish.
  24. Rib the fly in nice turns.
  25. Whip finish.

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