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Kai's Green Terror

Kai's Green Terror
TypeCold saltwater fly
Kai Nolting
Year of origin
Target species
Sea trout (sea run)

HookStinger hook, size 2-6
TailRed or orange yarn
BodyGreen flash chenille

Tying instructions

  1. As usual – start your thread on the hook shank
  2. Tie in a patch of orange or red yarn for the tail
  3. Now position a single grizzly hackle.
  4. Protect the the hook shank with a layer of varnish. Necessary or not?
  5. Tie in the chartreuse body material.
  6. Wind the body material forward in very close turns
  7. Leave enough space for the head
  8. Cut the body material after having secured it with the thread
  9. Now cut the tail off In my experience it has proven very well to: - let the body material end in the position of the hook point - and end with the bobtail where the arch is Following this instruction you get a rather small fly in comparison to the size of the hook. But as long as I fish these flies I got more hook-ups and lost quite less fish then before. And on the other hand it seams to me, that a larger hook doesn’t bother the fish at all
  10. Comb the body material with a brush.
  11. Normally I gave the body a torpedo like shape
  12. Now wind the hackle round the hook
  13. Again, leave enough space for the head knot
  14. This is crucial! Secure the hackle separately with a good amount of glue; otherwise it will obviously come lose within a few takes
  15. Make the whipfinish knot
  16. Secure all again with glue

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