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Hillbilly Copper John

Hillbilly Copper John
John Barr
Year of origin
Tied by
Martin Joergensen
A little difficult
Target species
Brown trout

HookCurved nymph hook size 14-20
ThreadBlack 8/0
BeadBrass bead to suit hook
Extra weightHeavy wire for extra weight
BodyCopper wire
TailBlack goose biots
BackClear flash straw
BackClear vinyl shell back
ThoraxPeacock herl
LegsPartridge feather

Tying instructions

  1. Run the bead over the hook point with the large hole to the rear
  2. Cover the front bit of the hook with tying thread for the bead to fit tightly
  3. Whip finish and cut thread
  4. Varnish or glue the bead in position over the thread base in the absolute front of the hook
  5. Add a few wraps of heavy wire to the shank and shove into the rear opening of the bead
  6. Start the copper wire right behind this wire and run it in tight turns to the rear of the hook
  7. Cover the whole thing with tying thread to secure it. Make sure the thread is as even as possible
  8. Prepare two goose biots and tie in as tails on each side of the hook
  9. Run the thread back to behind the bead and follow by the copper wire in tight, even turns
  10. Tie down the copper and break off surplus
  11. Tie in a piece of flash straw on top of the hook
  12. Tie in shell back on top of this
  13. Tie in 1-3 peacock herls depending on hook size
  14. Wind the herl forwards to form a thorax
  15. Tie down and trim
  16. Prepare a partridge feather by removing the tip to form a V-shape
  17. Tie it in to form legs protruding from the side of the fly
  18. Trim surplus feather
  19. Pull shell back and flash forwards and tie down
  20. Whip fishing and cut tying thread
  21. Cover the shell back and upper body with epoxy

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