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Test Tube

Test Tube
TypeCold saltwater fly
Martin Joergensen
Year of origin
Very easy

Tube Bidoz brass or aluminum tube, short version, lined with plastic inner tube
Front red accent (optional)Red/orange 6/0 thread or red/orange flash
EyesStick on eyes, flat, 3D or doll´s eyes type, 3mm or 1/10-1/8 of an inch in diameter, covered with LCR
BodyJunction tube of your choice. Translucent, milky or colored
HookTube hook of your choice, suitable sizes are #4-6-8
Rear tying threadBlack or grey 8/0
TailFlash and/or chickabou/marabou, grizzly or in a color of your choice

Tying instructions

  1. If you want a red or orange accent to the fly, wrap some tying thread on the middle of the tube and whip finish. Just a few wraps will suffice. Alternatively you can wrap a single strand of red flash into the LCR before curing it.
  2. Stick on the eyes in the front of the tube.
  3. Cover the whole head with LCR in an even layer
  4. Cure the LCR
  5. Burn a small collar on the inner tube
  6. Draw it through the head
  7. Cut it in the rear, leaving a small bit
  8. Melt a collar to lock it.
  9. The head is done.
  10. Tie a small bunch of flash or soft feather barbs to the hook.
  11. Whip finish and varnish.
  12. Stick a piece of junction tube onto the metal tube. 1½-2½ centimeters or about an inch is fine.
  13. The hook mounts when you tie the fly to your tippet.
  14. Pass the tippet though the head and the junction tube from the front
  15. Tie on the hook
  16. Pull the hook into the junction tube

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