The Temple Dog

Not quite like the original

An oldie pattern from GFF

By Martin Joergensen

The Temple Dogs is a series of huge hair winged salmon flies tied on a tube. Tube flies are very popular for large flies in scandinavia, and a tube will enable you to tie a very large fly, that still doesn't weigh too much to be casted.

There's a color photo and a larger B/W JPeg picture of the temple dog

Hook 1.5" tube. I make mine from cotton swabs.
Equip with a piece of silicone tubing and single or treble tube fly hook according to taste or rules.
Thread Black
Butt Yellow wool (I use the underfur from the icelandic sheep used for the wing)
Body Silver tinsel
Rib Oval silver tinsel
Body hackle Brown cocks hackle
Wing Polar bear, icelandic sheep (yellow and orange), peacock herl
Front hackle Furnace hen hackle
Cheeks (optional) Jungle cock
Head Black

  1. If you use a cotton swab, cut off the cotton and melt the plastic tube lightly in both ends to form a small collar.
  2. Mount the tube in a tube vice or on a heavy needle in a standard vice
  3. Cover the tube with a very smooth layer of thread
  4. Dub the thread with yellow wool and form a small butt
  5. Tie in ribbing material
  6. Wind the thread forwards to the front of the fly. Leave space for head
  7. Tie in flat tinsel for body
  8. Wind the tinsel to the butt and back again to form a smooth body
  9. Tie in the body hackle butt first
  10. Wind hackle to the butt in open turns (4-5)
  11. Wind the rib the opposte way to lock the hackle
  12. Tie down rib and cut off surplus rib and hackle
  13. Tie on the wing, which has to be very long 2-3 times tube length
    • Polar bear, remove underfur and short hairs
    • Yellow sheeps wool, very sparse but long
    • Orange sheeps wool, very sparse but long
    • Peacock herl, 6 barbs
  14. Tie in hackle tip first
  15. Wind it 3-4 times and tie down
  16. Tie in jungle cock cheeks pointing slightly upwards
  17. Finish the fly with a fairly large head
  18. Varnish several times
The original recipe says that the wing should be tied on in the reverse order pointing forward, and then bent over and tied down. This should give a higher wing and a better profile. It gives me nothing but trouble. I tie in the wing as always: polar bear for support and sparkle, wool for color and movement and herl for flash and a clear, dark line.

The large tube flies are normally equipped with large treble hooks in Scandinavia. These hooks have been banned on many streams, but they are still the most popular. I don't fish for salmon, but my experience from sea trout fishing has learned me that single hooks catch just as many fish and makes gentle catch and release much easier.


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