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April 28th 2014

Wet Flies

Fly Tying: Wet flies are once again very popular, but most we see are tied for presentation and not so much for fishing. Bob Petti enjoys tying wet flies and tries to style his after the fishing flies that are popular in the UK using colors and materials that work well in the water.
May 3rd 2014

A World of Pike Flies

Review: Truly a remarkable gathering of pike flies, and another very personal view on pike fishing and pike fly tying from Dutch pike angler and artist Ad Swier.
May 8th 2014

Mouse flies

Furry: Somewhat an oxymoron - a fly that's a mammal - but still a fun fly to tie, and not least to fish when the large fish are tuned in on a mouse menu.
May 13th 2014

Foam Caterpillars

Terrestrial: Caterpillars aren't the most common type of fishing flies, but like a good ant or beetle pattern they can be a killer by an overgrown stream bank on a warm summers day.
May 19th 2014

Rio Grande Revisitado

Big river: Argentinean fly-fisher Pedro Alfredo Miles has visited that most famous of all South American rivers again - Rio Grande.

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