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May 8th 2014

Mouse flies

Furry: Somewhat an oxymoron - a fly that's a mammal - but still a fun fly to tie, and not least to fish when the large fish are tuned in on a mouse menu.
May 13th 2014

Foam Caterpillars

Terrestrial: Caterpillars aren't the most common type of fishing flies, but like a good ant or beetle pattern they can be killers by an overgrown stream bank on a warm summers day.
May 19th 2014

Rio Grande Revisitado

Big river: Argentinean fly-fisher Pedro Alfredo Miles has visited that most famous of all South American rivers again - Rio Grande.
May 24th 2014

Meet the Booby Fly

Floating: A top producing outlaw with a catchy name. An excerpt from Michael Jensen's newly published book "Tying and fishing The Booby Fly"
May 24th 2014

Michael Jensen

Contributor: Danish writer an photographer
May 29th 2014

Sydney Opera Mouse

Architectural: A crazy foam construction that looks very little like a mouse amd a lot like an opera house
June 3rd 2014

Sid’s Fin Hack

DIY: Modifying float tube fins with better straps normally used on snowboard bindings. This article shows how you can easily modify the fins yourself.

The above articles are on the way on The Global FlyFisher. Have patience and return to find them on our front page on the dates noted above.

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