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There are currently 3,544 pictures submitted by 504 photographers. They have been viewed 17,063,838 times altogether.

51,422 votes have been registered for 3,384 pictures, and the average is a rating of 4, which corresponds to "Above average".

With the Global FlyFisher's fly fishing gallery - GFFPix - we're trying to create a homestead for the best fly fishing pictures on the web, and we welcome you to contribute to the collection.

The idea is to create individual galleries from each of the submitters as well as creating a steady flow on new, nice pictiures for our visitors to look at.

We also use the pictures as a feature on our front page and offer our viewers a "picture of the week, day or even hour" - depending on the inflow of pictures.

We welcome anybody - anglers, non-anglers, children, spouses, amateurs, pros. Basically anybody with a relevant picture can take part as long as the picture adheres to the rules.

Please notice: this service is NOT meant to be a picture file deposit, where you can "borrow" free web space for your pictures to be displayed elsewhere. We welcome you to share your photos with us in this context, but will take measures to ensure that this service will not be turned into temporary free web space up for grabs.

We urge people to vote for each other's pictures and comment on them if so inclined. Having your own pictures evaluated by other photographers is always fun and educating. We hope this can become a forum for critique amongst fly fishing photographers.

You can only vote for a certain image once, and even though it might be technically possible for a person to cast more than one vote for a certain picture, we will not tolerate excessive voting for one picture, and will disqualify what seems to be artificially high vote counts.

All that said we welcome you to GFFPix and hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as we do.

PANCORA, good bite for a brown trout!!!
Submitted by: Jorge Pitton

Rated Average (2.8) with 6 votes.
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