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Rio Traful rainbow trout.
Submitted by: Juan J. Serra

Rated Above average (3.7) with 12 votes.
The Cap
Submitted by: Henning Eskol

Rated Average (3) with 6 votes.
Trachinus Draco. Nice little fellow - but don't come too close
Submitted by: Henning Eskol

Rated Excellent (4.8) with 10 votes.
Chillimps, Xi2, and garfish
Submitted by: Henning Eskol

Rated Above average (4.2) with 6 votes.
The semi-Swedish Kasper with a fresh seatrout
Submitted by: Henning Eskol

Rated Above average (4.1) with 7 votes.
Big smile.. GFF Martin with a nice seatrout
Submitted by: Henning Eskol

Rated Above average (4) with 5 votes.
Huge Peacock Bass are not the most "handsome" fish, but certainly they are the champions of the river, like this twenty five pounder.
Submitted by: Carlos Heinsohn

Rated Average (3.2) with 6 votes.
Sardinata Real (Pellona castelnaena) is the great prize when you fish in the Orinoco or the Amazon and their tributaries. Great fighters, ready for topwater flies and really beautiful shiny silohuettes. Unfortunately this one (15 lb.) couldn't survive after swallowing a Dahlberg Diver to its gills.
Submitted by: Carlos Heinsohn

Rated Above average (4.1) with 16 votes.
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AnglersThe proud fly-fishers901
Bank, beach, coastAt the water's edge302
Casting and fishingCaught in the act310
FightingFish on!169
FishFish, dead or alive1419
FliesOur creative creations612
GearExpensive toys for poor boys278
Getting readyGetting into the dress, rigging the gear63
GFF SummitPictures from the meeting of GFF anglers28
Insects and other animalsCreatures which aren't fish185
LandingBringing fish to the hand148
Landscapes, mountainsThe firm stuff around the water472
NightWhen the sun doesn't shine, but the moon maybe does41
Plants and flowersBoth green and colorful98
ReleasingThe fish which are allowed to survive281
Rough weatherHale, wind, rain, lightning, snow37
Stream, lake, oceanWaterscapes, scenes with fishing water612
Sun up or downOn the fringe of the day162
UnderwaterIn the wet element102











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