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gold fly and finger print
Submitted by: Petr Stava

Rated Average (3.4) with 7 votes.
Well known bug on the bank of river Skjern in Danmark. Notice his food below him!
Submitted by: Hans Bock

Rated Above average (3.9) with 13 votes.
Close up of a "waterskater". They appeared to be even more spooky as a brown trout!
Submitted by: Hans Bock

Rated Excellent (4.8) with 22 votes.
Some of the best dubbing fur available. An Aussie Brush Tail possum in Winter coat.
Submitted by: Dave Cook

Rated Average (3) with 10 votes.
What are you doing in my canal??????
Submitted by: Martin Carranza

Rated Average (2.7) with 6 votes.
This is a female Darter Dragonfly, the male is more colourful, having a blue body. The only one I have seen this year.
Submitted by: Neil Nice

Rated Excellent (4.5) with 13 votes.
February red (stonefly, Taeniopteryx nebulosa) just after hatching
Submitted by: Masi Hast

Rated Excellent (4.6) with 8 votes.
A Dragonfly on the banks of the Vaal River (South Africa)
Submitted by: Dirk Le Roux

Rated Excellent (4.8) with 17 votes.
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