Fly fishing pics submitted by Stephan Dombaj

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I took this foto while we were on a trip at the Austrian Koppentraun river with the guys from austrian outdoor sports (AOS) Alexander Haider caught this lovley Rainbow on a tiny dryfly - probably a parashute midge. Overwhelming clear water... Stephan Dombaj
Submitted by: Stephan Dombaj

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A beautifull and absolute wild Browntrout caught in the high-alpine G÷▀nitz River near by Austrians highest mountain. Though we use lighter Tackle than AFTMA 5 you have here the seldome evidence that we┤re also equiped with normal tackle. The G÷▀nitzriver is one of Austrians highest white- and wildwaters which is totally isolated from non-domestic trouts... It┤s impressive when you┤re able to take a minute and chill out there, where the mountains touch the sky...
Submitted by: Stephan Dombaj

Rated Excellent (4.5) with 28 votes.
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