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Largemouth Bass caught at a local pond with an EP baitfish
Submitted by: Sami Homsi

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Golden Dorado Fishing in the river Dorado, Salta Argentina. One of the few places in the world where Goldens Golden fish in crystal clear water. Equipment use # 6 for saltwater and tropical lines afloat. In this photo my partner Hernan Garcia Garonne, is returning a fine specimen
Submitted by: Hernán Tula

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This is a fresh run sea trout caught in the Thames River, London - downstream of Richmond Lock on 6th May 2013. It measured 53.4cm and according to the length weight charts, should weigh circa 3lbs 10oz. It was in full health and was successfully released after a few quick photographs. It is my first ever wild sea trout, hopefully one of many that are returning to the Thames!
Submitted by: Mark Minshull

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Limay River, middle section - Patagonia - Argentina
Submitted by: Gonzalo Flego

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Last Summer the family went on a camping trip in New Hampshire. My wife snapped this picture of me showing my daughter how to tie flies. Anyway, this picture captured what turned out to be the best trip we've ever had as a family. This picture looks exactly like a memory, which is why I like it. Hopefully you do as well.
Submitted by: David Hallet

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Watercolor Study of a Northern Pike by nature artist, Thom Glace
Submitted by: Thom Glace

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Under the bridge, fishing for Great Lakes' Steelheads
Submitted by: Gonzalo Flego

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Dave Porter and my son Kaleb chasing down some redfish at sunset. Using home made crab and shrimp patterns.
Submitted by: Dave Porter

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