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Very Nice Seatrout at Nightfishing
Submitted by: Mathias Burmeister

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tying on the fly
Submitted by: Don Paradise

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Searching for the right fly
Submitted by: Rolf Kalkhove

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Catching Rainbows, Brookies and Brown Trout with Guide Mike Wlosinski from Cumberland Drifters
Submitted by: Christian Thalacker

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Lough Sheelin sunnset in June
Submitted by: Mark Wilson

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This y is the "Golden Sally" tube fly. The tube I used is a small clear flexible liner tube. I used white 6/0 thread. The body was built using white hackle feathers tied on by the tip and palmered forward to within 1mm from the front tip of the tube. Next, I used golden pheasant cape for the wings and longer strung feathers for the over wing or antennas. The eyes are halographic golden self hadhesive size 3/16" or 5 mm. The head was finished off using Loons UV resin light and set with a laser UV torch. The book is a dry hook size 12. Instead of using a hook tube to fasten the hook to the tube, I heated a scratch awl tip and inserted it into to end of the tube. This process stretched the end of the tube allowing me to set the eye into the tube.
Submitted by: Richard Katzman

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My brother Rick with a very nice Yellow Tail Grayling, Shiskid River Mongolia.
Submitted by: Dwayne Schafers

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a nice Marmorata (Marble Trout) hooked last April on the Varmo a chalk stream in North of Italy, using a beaded harehair nymph #12.
Submitted by: Marco Magnini

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