Rules for submitting pictures










  1. The picture must be of a fly fishing relevant situation or motif.
  2. The picture must be of a good photographic and technical quality as subjectively defined by the Global FlyFisher staff.
  3. Only JPG-files are accepted.
  4. The original picture file must be between 600 and 2400 pixels on the longest side.
  5. We recommend that you upload a good quality picture 1024 pixels on the longest side.
  6. The system will scale all files larger than 1024 pixels on the longest side and delete the originals
  7. The original file can be no more than 2.5 megabytes in size.
  8. Pictures can be portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) - or square for that matter...
  9. The system will rename all files uploaded
  10. The Global FlyFisher will need the name and a valid email-address of the submitter of each picture.
  11. The email address will NOT appear anywhere on the pages. We just need it for validation.
  12. The Global FlyFisher will need a description of the picture (caption) and preferably an indication of where and when it was taken.
  13. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that copyrights are respected and that people in the pictures have agreed to have the picture published.
  14. The Global FlyFisher will accept no responsibility if an infringement on anybody's copyright or lack of consent takes place. That is the sole responsibility of the submitter.
  15. The Global FlyFisher staff will evaluate every single picture and accept or reject it. Our decisions are final and not up for discussion. We will try to give a reasonable cause to the submitter.
  16. No picture will be released to the public before this evaluation.
  17. The Global FlyFisher may use the pictures in other parts the site, but will not use the pictures elswehere - online or in print.
  18. The picture remains copyright of the original photographer, and The Global FlyFisher will not use it in any other way than here described without the original copyright owner's clear permission
  19. The Global FlyFisher staff will reject any picture that does not adhere to these rules and exclude any submitter who repeatedly breaks the rules.

To further point you in the right direction:

We do not reject pictures of catch and kill fish, but certainly prefer Catch&Release-pictures where appropriate. We will gladly publish a good portrait of dead fish by the water, but will hardly accept a picture of the same dead fish taken in someone's back yard or kitchen. This is not a place to advertise your large trophies, but a place to share nice experiences.

Fish pictures with people in them have a strong position compared to pictures with fish only. We like to see catches, but are much more biased towards catchers

Landscapes and sunsets are also welcome, but will we prefer pictures with fly fishing relevance in the form of fishermen, water or other fly fishing elements

Pictures of common tourist attractions may also be welcome if they are good and have relevance, but ordinary snaps from hollidays are not our favorites.

You can read more about the process of uploading pictures in the User Guide and a little about the thoughts behind this service in the About-section.

Rules for voting
Since the voting system is installed for viewers to be able to express a fair opinion on the pictures, we will try to keep it that way.
Unfortunately some people abuse the system and cast numerous (often very good or very bad) votes for a single picture. This is not the idea!
Use one vote per picture, and refer from voting several times for the same image.
We track IP-numbers and GFF- and Pix-cookies of all users and failing to comply with this simple rule will lead to an exclusion from future voting based on this information.

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