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Mullet? Not!
Published: 2008-08-30
More than 7 years ago
In this the first pocast in months Martin goes scouting for mullet and sea trout after a long summer which has been sunny and calm or cold and windy. It developed into a nice day at the beach with little fishing and no catching at all.
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Two for one
Published: 2008-05-15
More than 7 years ago
The follow up to the "Early Morning" pocasts. Not everything works out as planned. The early morning trip planned in the latest podcast worked out to become a full night's fishing - evening and morning. And as a bonus I recorded this podcast on the following trip, so you get a lot more than promised.
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Early Morning
Published: 2008-05-09
More than 7 years ago
Martin is planning to go out fishing at sunrise, and recorded a few thoughts on how to prepare for such an early morning fishing. He has to be very meticulous in his preparations, because if he's not, he will forget something...
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Not really fishing
Published: 2008-02-17
More than 7 years ago
A short podcast from a fruiteless February trip to the cold Danish coast. It was an extremely beautiful day, and a lot of time was spent lying on the back in the sand, staring into the blue sky and the blazing sun.
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Last trip 2007...
Published: 2007-12-30
More than 8 years ago
December is not the month to go fishing for sea trout if you have set your mind on catching anything, but GFF partner Martin Joergensen took another fruitless trip anyway and wound up skunked but with a last podcast for 2007 in the bag.
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South Platte Podcast
Published: 2007-12-02
More than 8 years ago
Colorado's white winters shouldn't give you the blues! Follow GFF partner Steve Schweitzer as he and his family fish the snowy Cheesman Canyon. Steve discusses the 4 plights of the river, flies to use, his "On-Air Hat" and how GFF has over-glorified the fishing gods.
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A Patience Game
Published: 2007-11-24
More than 8 years ago
This foggy November day Martin is out scouting for rainbows, and even though the podcast starts out with no real subject, it turns into a podcast about patience. He plays the patience game with the fish that aren't there, but finally manages to find a school of small fish.
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Catch and release
Published: 2007-11-10
More than 8 years ago
Martin spends some time - almost an hour, actually, and he excuses that - talking about killing fish, releasing fish, fishing ethics, spawning fish, endangered fish, escaped hatchery fish and many other aspects of fishing to eat and fishing to release.
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Steve's Summer
Published: 2007-10-30
More than 8 years ago
This podcast contains highlights from GFF Partner Steve Schweitzer's summer in Colorado, USA. Steve covers various subjects such as the irony of fly fishing and silence, hydration in the mountains, fishing, listening to podcasts and a few other topics.
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Published: 2007-10-23
More than 8 years ago
Another podcast from talking partner Martin. This time about the anticipation and potential disappointment of fishing. You always look forward to going, but know that even though any trip can develop into the trip of a lifetime, it can also become the opposite.
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Danish Flies
Published: 2007-10-12
More than 8 years ago
Martin talks a bit about the flies he uses and which one would be his first choice if he could bring only one pattern. There's a bit about fly sizes, different types of flies and ways of using them. As usual recorded by the water.
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At long last
Published: 2007-10-02
More than 8 years ago
GFF partner Martin managed to get his hands on a great new recorder and immediately went fishing and recorded his first podcast in months! The podcast is mostly about that: recording again, but also covers the recently held GFF Summit in Denmark and a few other subjects.
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Distance casting
Published: 2007-05-27
More than 8 years ago
A newly recorded podcast about distance casting and casting distance, made on the Danish coast by GFF partner Martin Joergensen who talks about casting while he fishes a bit. He also spends of time getting his dog under control (cows on the field behind them!) and loosing a fish.
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North Platte, WY
Published: 2007-04-28
More than 8 years ago
GFF partner Steve Schweitzer has brought his sound recorder and his good friend Kurt Legerski to the North Platte River in Wyoming in the pursuit of rainbows. Join them on this sound recording from this April trip - Miracle Mile, Gray Reef, fish, nice music and everything.
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Published: 2007-03-25
More than 8 years ago
A wise friend of mine once said after a day of unproductive fishing: "That's why it's caled fishing and not catching". True enough. We often fish without catching, and while most of us have come to terms with this, we mostly also want to turn fishless days into fish-rich ones.
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Winter fishing
Published: 2007-02-25
More than 8 years ago
Fishing on the coast in the winter is very close to some obscure kind of self torture. There are only vague chances of catching anything, it's usually pretty unconfortable and you would mostly be better off staying home tying flies. But GFF partner Martin Joergensen went out anyway.
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Getting wet
Published: 2007-02-03
More than 8 years ago
Global FlyFisher partner Martin Joergensen found a subject for this new podcast in a very uncomfortable way: he fell in! So from the dry front seat of his car in newly changed clothes he this time brings you a podcast on getting wet - or rather: not getting wet.
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Published: 2007-01-06
More than 8 years ago
Martin Joergensen ponders a bit about crowding and how to avoid anglers congesting in certain spots on the water. His main advice is to walk and avoiding fishing close to parking lots, because anglers seem to find these easily accessible places the most productive.
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Morning podcast
Published: 2006-12-07
More than 9 years ago
A podcast recorded on a quiet October morning on the Danish coast where GFF partner Martin Joergensen talks about getting up early - advantages and drawbacks - and a lot of other things of course. He even managed to get out again later the same day and did catch a few fish.
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Summit Podcast
Published: 2006-10-30
More than 9 years ago
The second installment of the GFF Summit report is this collection of sound bits recorded during the weekend on Fyn. Not concentrated on any subject in particular, but just whatever hit the microphone during this great weekend. As usual hosted by Martin Joergensen.
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Published: 2006-09-27
More than 9 years ago
A podcast about helping foreign friends and visitors to get a better experience and helping yourself to better trips abroad by networking. And a podcast about fishing a small stream with a cane rod. Spoken by Martin Joergensen by the stream.
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Night fishing
Published: 2006-06-21
More than 9 years ago
Night fishing for sea trout is one of Martin's favorite types of fishing. In this podcast he will take you on a night fishing trip and let you get some of the impressions that he got during the dark hours of a night on the Swedish coast.
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Knots and
Published: 2006-05-31
More than 9 years ago
Since we have been quite annoyed by the copying of site content from GFF lately, Martin decided to to talk about that in this podcast. But in order not to let down the listeners completely, he also talks about knots and a bit about fishing.
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1000 garfish
Published: 2006-05-23
More than 9 years ago
A trip to the Danish coast in May means garfish. This particular day was quite windy but sunny and nice most of the time. Perfect weather for garfish. It started off as an orgy with so many fish that we lost count, but slowed down later on.
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First Podcast Fish
Published: 2006-05-07
More than 9 years ago
It finally happened. GFF partner Martin Joergensen got the first fish while recording a podcast. The fish was a large sea trout and you can hear the whole incident plus more on this recording from the coast of Southern Sweden,
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Strange X-mas
Published: 2006-04-11
More than 9 years ago
Martin Joergensen talks about the fly that broke a straight row of 19 skunked trips. Nothing ingenious, nothing really new and nothing exceptional, but obviously a producer.
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Windy casting
Published: 2006-03-27
More than 9 years ago
Since Martin Joergensen was fishing in quite a wind whis past weekend he thought that a small talk about casting in the wind was in its place for a podcast. Contrary to most fly anglers he actually prefers some wind when fishing in the ocean.
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Published: 2006-03-23
More than 9 years ago
A small podcast from Martin Joergensen while he's packing for a weekend fishing trip. Thoughts about various preparations, practical advice about packing, getting rods, reels and lines ready and bringing fly tying stuff. Including coffee brewing and the whole works!
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Material shopping
Published: 2006-03-15
More than 9 years ago
Another podcast featuring GFF partner Martin Joergensen, this time pondering about the absurd prices of some fly tying materials - particularly synthetics, which can often be found on doll's heads, in craft stores and other places at a lot less than in your local flyshop.
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Shooting head talk
Published: 2006-02-21
More than 9 years ago
Shooting heads give a couple of advantages, which GFF partner Martin Joergensen will try to explain in this podcast episode. You can join him on the Danish coast in his usual pursuit for sea trout while he introduces you to the world of shooting heads.
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Wading podcast
Published: 2006-02-15
More than 9 years ago
A trip to the southern coast of Sweden inspired Martin to do a podcast about wading on slippery surfaces in still and running water. Unfortunately the recorder broke down (drowned!) after a few minutes of recording, so most of the podcast is actually recorded in the harbor of Copenhagen.
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The Tabou Caddis Emerger
Published: 2006-02-06
More than 9 years ago
Made with only two materials, this highly effective caddis emerger pattern will take only minutes to tie and allow you to load up your fly box with Global Fly Fisher's hottest new pattern.
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Cold but no ice
Published: 2006-02-04
More than 9 years ago
Another winter outing for sea trout. It demands patience to corner those silver bullets in the winter, and for the listeners who have that, Martin Joergensen has recorded another session from the Danish coast where a dull and overcats day turns sunny.
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First GFF podcast
Published: 2006-01-16
More than 9 years ago
This first ever GFF podcast takes you with GFF partner Martin Joergensen to the Danish coast on a cold January day. Listen to the waves. Meet his dog Divus and hear him tell you why it might be a very silly idea to go fishing for sea run brown trout in water, which is almost freezing.
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Podcast intro
Published: 2006-01-16
More than 9 years ago
Go fishing with Global Flyfisher on your mp3-player, your iPod or just download our podcast to your computer and listen. The first test is up, and you can enjoy 20 minutes on a cold Danish January-coast with GFF partner Martin Joergensen and his dog.
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