Winter fishing

Ways to fight the cold and ways to catch fish in freezing water

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Fishing on the coast in the winter is very close to some obscure kind of self torture. There are only vague chances of catching anything, it's usually pretty uncomfortable and you would mostly be better off staying home tying flies. But I defied the elements and last year's experience with 19 (nineteen!) skunked trips in a row in January and February and went fishing in February anyway.

Images for this day's podcast
Caught in the act - Myself with the recorder and the microphone - no it\'s not a huge mouse fly!
Caught in the act
Fishing - But in vain. No fish were seen or felt that day
The winter coast - Yes, it is cold
The winter coast

More about winter fishing here

Published February 25th 2007
Duration 40 minutes and 05 seconds
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User comments
From: Matthias Kaul · ukaul1·at·  Link
Submitted March 4th 2007

Feedback: Martin, you asked for it.....I really do like your broadcasts....I live here in Southern California, but I used to go every spring to the Baltic Coast in "Schleswig/Germany" to fish for Seatrout. Every time I hear one of your broadcasts I remember the old days. One thing you could do is to talk a little bit about the flies you are using.....maybe even make a danish sea trout fly flytying podcast.....why not?

Cheers from San Diego, CA


GFF staff comment
From: Kasper Mühlbach  Link
Submitted February 28th 2007


maybe you should look at the tactics and flies used on Lake Taupo, New Zealand.


From: Chris · cadamec·at·  Link
Submitted February 27th 2007

Hi Martin,

I have been enjoying listening to your podcasts. I live on Lake Michigan in the US and am wondering if the style of fishing you do for sea trout would work on the coast of the Lake here for the lake run browns. I have been searching high and low for information about fly fishing the coast on the Great Lakes and am coming up with nothing.

Best regards,

From: Dave · hwy20coc·at·  Link
Submitted February 27th 2007

Hi Martin,

I also heard your request for feedback on your Winter Fishing episode and figured that it was time that I thanked the guy who is providing such enjoyable podcasts for me and others to listen to. Each new episode comes to me through I-Tunes and I listen on my I-Pod. I look forward to each new program and listen to them as soon as they arrive.

I've been investigating podcasting myself over the past few months, reading about it and listening to plenty of internet samples. I think I enjoy yours most because you actually take your listeners fishing. What a wonderful way to capture memories! I purchased a new Eridol R-09 MP3 recorder a couple of weeks ago. I've had it out to record one fishing trip, recording on the stereo speakers built into the machine. I now know I need to add a mono microphone that can be clipped to my clothing as carrying the recorder on my person using the built in mics makes too much noise.

I look forward to future podcasts. Perhaps in time I'll be able to put something up that others can enjoy as well. Thanks for all you efforts. It is amazing that we can share in this way even though we're far apart geographically.

Tight lines.

Sweet Home, Oregon, USA

From: Adam · salmophile·at·  Link
Submitted February 26th 2007

Hey Martin,

I hear your plea for feedback at the end of the episode and I wanted to say that the podcasts are great. They have especially sparked an interest in seatrout fishing and I would love to try it, freshwater brown trout are my favorite and those chrome fish are beautiful. I love winter fishing and here in Colorado we have great winter tailwater fishing for big fish feeding on the smallest midges, an exercise both frustrating and exciting. I agree with you about the breathable waders, much more versatile and comfortable in the winter, especially if you have to hike and climb around. Keep up the good work.

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