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Nada, Nada! The tarpon win again...

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A selection of surplus pictures from the trip to Ambergris Caye in Belize.
All the pictures from the trip can be seen in this overview.

Ready to go! - More than ready to go, Kristian happily signals OK to Joachim while Ramon backs the boat out of the canal behind our resort where we were picked up early every morning.
Ready to go!
Rocky coast - Not all the coast is sand or flats. The water in front of this rocky part held many smaller fish, mainly snappers. The rocks were, by the way, extremely sharp and not to be fooled with.
Rocky coast
Release - Kim Rasmussen releases a bonefish into the clear water after a tough fight where the fish managed to tangle the leader totally in a mangrove tree, but still stayed on!

Air! - Divers need air, and air is plenty on Ambergris Caye - both natural and bottled. The oxygen bottles were lined up by the hundreds, ready for action, behind most of the dive shops on the piers.
Dog - There were lots of dogs on Ambergris Caye - both wild and domestic. They were usually no menace. This one sat patiently on our stair and was very nice and calm although not exactly clean.
Flowers - Flowers on the beach in front of a flat north of Journey\'s End, where we spotted a respectable number of decent bones, but were cheated by jacks and shad every time we managed to lay out a decent cast.

Bonefish closeup - A closer look at a decent bonefish. In the right light you see the mirror effect in the scales of the fish. This mirror effect is the reason for the fantastic camouflage of these fish: they simply reflect the color and pattern of the surroundnings!
Bonefish closeup
Hermit crab - Joachim showing a large hermit crab that has occupied the shell from a large shell.
Hermit crab

Heavy weather - The sky is not always blue in the tropics. We saw dramatic cloudes such as these on several occasions, but rarely the rain that they must contain. The biggest problem with the cloudes was that they make it impossible to spot the tarpon.
Heavy weather
Heron - The birdlife in Belize is very rich - even on the small island of Ambergris Caye. The herons are common and come in many sizes and colors. This small heron seemed very aware of its own beauty in the water.
Kim tying - Kim Rasmussen changing the tarpon fly during a few hectic minutes with tarpon all around the beat. None would take, and in one instance we managed to cast three different flies to the same school of fish.
Kim tying

Us - Birgitte and myself in the remote southern part of the island, where the sense of a tropical paradise is somewhat more present. The beach is right behind us.
Something big - Kristian lifting something big from the bottom of the ocean.
Something big

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