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Danish Fly Festival 2001... and much more

Editor and GFF webmaster Martin Joergensens asks: "Is there anything better than to invite fellow fly fishers into you country and your home? Well, OK... there may be... but it sure is great fun no matter how!"

By Martin Joergensen

These are my stories from a week of fly fishing and fly tying in connection with the Danish Fly Festival 2001.

Up to the Festival there was the usual commotion on the e-mail. Messages coming and going from and to friends who wanted to come to the show and to sample Denmark and the Danish flyfishing.
Dutch Bas Verschoor and Bart van der Schrieck had inquired into the possibilities already a year before the show, at FlyFair in the Netherlands, and I was prepared for the phone calls and e-mails:

Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 12:29:57 +0100

Hi Martin!

Bart and I enjoyed talking to you on the phone yesterday about our forthcoming seatrout adventure. Making plans to go fishing always is almost as much fun as the fishing itself *S* Here is some information about our travel plans, and we also have some questions ... of course :-)

To my surprise and great joy he continued:

Our mutual Slovenian friend, Tomaz Modic, will join us. He availed himself of the opportunity to get a special deal Ljubljana/Copenhagen.

Great! Two Dutchmen and a Slovenian! We have a spare room, and by juggling a bit with mattresses, blankets and the local residents (my family!) we would easily manage to have them all three in the house. The details were discussed and arrangements were made. Tomas was obviously also looking forward to the trip:

Hello, Martin!

It looks I'll be arriving in Copenhagen on at 2 pm from Frankfurt.
I will also be tying at the show in Kolding! This time I'll be better prepared for it ;-)

Looking forward to wet my line at your waters and 'specially at the sea!
At the moment I am tying some secret weapons and building some rods for people here.

Greetings from Ljubljana


To top the whole arrangement, we had a phone call from Welsh Paul Slaney, who was invited to tie at the show, and would arrive in Copenhagen before the show to drive with us from Sjælland to Jylland and Kolding where the show took place. Altogether a potentially very enjoyable, International gathering in Brønshøj.

The Bartmobile
Tomaz was the first to land in Denmark. I picked him up in the airport as scheduled and we went back home to the residence in the suburbs. Tomaz brought gifts for the family and a nice book about his home waters - the gin clear streams of Slovenia. We caught up on the talking and Tomaz had the first of many cups of coffee during his stay in Denmark.
The two Dutchmen arrived as planned just before dinner. I had pinned out an exact route for them, and flying low over Europe, Bart's large Citroën XM zoomed towards Brønshøj. Bas and Bart arrived safely and were greeted by the Brønshøj family and Tomaz at the garden fence.
Dinner was served - a Danish lasagna - which obviously left an impression, especially with Tomaz, who wrote this after he returned:

I'll never forget my first seatrout in my life, I'll also never forget your lasagne and will probably tie you by my kitchen table when you get here ;-)

And yes, seatrout were caught. Already the next day was planned to be fishing day - and so was actually every single day from Sunday the 22nd to Friday the 27th.

The first trout
We were lucky with the weather already the first day. Later that week it was going to show itself from all the nice and nasty sides the Danish spring weather can mobilize.
The first day was nice though, and we fished one of my favorite spots with some luck. Both Bart and Tomaz got onto fish, and we all had a very nice day on the coast.
The guests were learning to fish the Danish way.
The ocean is large and intimidating to most fly fishers, because it is so wide stretched and seemingly eternal. But as the visitors would learn, there are fish within casting distance and there are structures to focus on and features to look for... as well as visible fish to fish for.

They also learned that a seatrout can be a hard-earned prize for many hours of work. Often we had to fare the raw Danish way and fish off vast stretches of water expanse to locate the fish. We also had to endure some really nasty Danish weather with wind and rain. But determined as we were, we fished through the raging of the elements. Bas Verschoor was the only unlucky guest. In spite of an energetic and weeklong effort over some very promising spots, I did not manage to put him onto a fish. But it was a great pleasure for me to set all the visitors onto some fish.

For his comfort I have made a little series of pictures. Click on the picture below to see them:

Click to see what Bas really caught

After our succesful days of fishing we set the direction towards the main course - The Danish Fly Festival. As always this event was a pleasure to take part in. The show is very professionally arranged, offers a lot to see and usually attracts a huge crowd.

AK and Hans - AK Best listening intensely to Hans Weilenman who is describing the virtues of the LAW vice with his usual enthusiasm
AK and Hans
Hanley and Berg - Ken Hanley and Ed Berg had taken the long trip over for the second time. \
Hanley and Berg
Henk - Henk Verhaar tying a linked pike streamer at the Danish Fly Festival 2001, his son Floor watching patiently.
Jan Reniers - Dutch Jan Reniers tying at the Danish Fly Festival 2001
Jan Reniers
Ken and Martin - Ken Hanley and Martin Joergensen in coversation during the show
Ken and Martin
Torp and Joergensen - Preben Torp Jacobsen and Martin Joergensen exchanging opinions during the Danish Fly Festival 2001
Torp and Joergensen

This year was no exception. The show was great fun, and to many of the visitors meeting old a new friends is the main purpose of participating. I enjoyed meeting many good friends from all over the world - none mentioned, none forgotten. Strolling around the floor of the exhibit revealed a wealth of inspiring tying and many new methods and materials. The shops were well visitid and as always you need to guard your wallet as it seems to get a life of its own, constantly bouncing into your hands and offering itself to more than helpful sales clerks. I managed to avoid the worst temptations even though my visit with Paul Morgan in the Coch-y-Bondhu as always cost me a bit.

As Little As Possible - When people asked Martin Joergensen what he was going to tie at the show he would answer: \
As Little As Possible
I spent some time tying in the booth of Kim Rasmussen's shop Salmon Fly, which was quite well visited. I tied my usual Danish coastal flies - some for the tyers who were going fishing during the show. I did actaully 'invent' a new pattern during my tying sessions, which I dubbed 'As little as possible'. When asked what I was tying I found great fun in replying "As little as possible". The fly was tied utilizing some neat cross cut fur strips, which Kim sold in the booth.

During the Sunday - the last day of the show - I was apporached by my friend Søren Glerup. He wanted to know whether I could help set up some acommodation for AK Best and his wife Jan.
I actually ended up offering our guest room to AK and Jan, and before I knew I was setting up return trips for the two, myself and Welsh Paul Slaney. We returned Sunday night where my darling wife Birgitte awaited us with a luxurious meal and the cozy comfort of nicely made beds.

The following days just emphasized the fact that hosting foreign fly fishers and fly tyers is a joy. Many glasses were emptied and many cigars were smoked. Flies were tied and fish were caught.

Paul\'s 1st - Welsh Paul Slaney with his first Danish sea trout. Not big but certainly a fish. We saw them bigger later the same day.
Paul's 1st
Paul\'s 2nd - Paul Slaney caugth his second Danish sea trout after a couple of long days of trying. We ran into a school of absolutely respectable fish in the 2 lbs. range.
Paul's 2nd
Welsh C&R - \
Welsh C&R

I can only repreat myself: Is there anything better than to invite fellow fly fishers into you country and your home? Well, OK... there may be... but it sure is great fun no matter how! Thomaz' mail says it all clearly:

Wed, 9 May 2001 06:40:07 +0200

I want to say that you have probably no idea how much all that you've done for me while I was in Denmark really mean to me!
I want to say thank you again, but it is only two words in just another foreign language. We here have our ways of explaining, but you will not be able to understand them.

He continues:

All organization that you arranged so well in that week was probably the best that I had ever on my fishing WWWtrips EVER - (which puts you just in the league our friend from Wales)

That goes also for Bart and Bas for all the driving thay did for me.

I will also ask you here to say thank you to all your friends especially Ken and Henning for letting me fish the best spots in front of them and all the small things that only you guys know you did for me!!!!!

Greetings from my part of the world
yours truly


Any time, guys... any time!



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