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Ad Swier, Wim Maurer and Egbert Land
Some of the power behind the Fly Fair: Ad Swier, Wim Maurer and Egbert Land

Ari t'Hart reels
I feel for Ari t'Hart's reels like I feel for Bang & Olufsen stereos: they sure look nice, but I would probably never buy one.

Bart van der Schrieck and Herman Schibli
Dutch Bart van der Schrieck and German/American Herman Schibli getting ready to go fishing for bream in the Ijssel.

Bart van der Schrieck and Terry Eggelston
Bart van der Schrieck in deep conversation with Terry Eggelston during the meeting in the NVG fly fishing club in The Hague.

Charlie Chute
The size alone is enough to impress you when you look at Charlie Chute's full dressed salmon flies.

Charlie Hune
US fly tyer Charlie Hune doing his tying demonstration during the Fly Fair 2000 in Zwolle in The Netherlands.

Darwin Atkin
Darwin Atkin was another big fly tyer on a seemingly small bike after the Fly Fair.

Darwin Atkin and Allan Bramley
Darwin Atkin - a long time (lifetime, actually) member of FFF - and Allan Bramley - former manager of Partridge of Redditch

Darwin Atkin and Kim Guilinger
Darwin Atkin (left) keeping a close eye on Kim Guilinger - AKA Damselfly.

Darwin Atking and Benji "Bearcub" Andrews
Darwin Atkin and Benji Andrews onboard The Success during the Fly Fair 2000 Mystery Tour.

Diny and Bas Verschoor
Diny Verschoor and her husband Bas - hosts for many a foreign tyer and ever hard working organizers of the tour after the Fair

Dutch and American
A large section of the Dutch and American fly tyers and spouses attending Fly Fair 2000

Edward Thomas
US fly tyer Edward Thomas was one of the many Americans visiting Fly Fair 2000

Evening fishing
Catching and releasing a fish in the sunset over Lake Oostvoorne

Float Fry - side view
The most crazy fly I brought home: Welsh Paul Slaney makes this amazing fry pattern with one material and colored markers.

Float Fry - top view
The most crazy fly I brought home: Paul Slaney\'s Float Fry made from foam and superglue. The hook is attached with glue in a groove in the foam.

Fly Fair 2000 kids
The Fly Fair 2000 kids - one non-Andrews, two Andrews

Gaither Sherril - AKA Bucth
Gaither Sherril - by most known as Butch - for once in a serious mood.

Hans' sign
Some tyers have to be special. Hans Weilenmann could not do with the same cardboard sign as the rest of us, but brought a wooden luxury sign.

Harry Schoel
Dutch fly tier Harry Schoel whose beautiful fly plates were sold at the famed Fly Fair Auction Saturday night. Harry by the way ties on a motorized Renzetti vice of his own make.

Henk Verhaar
Dutch fly tier Henk Verhaar who followed the Fair's motto "Back to (bloody) basics" and tied only basic flies.

Herman Broers
The smile might be a little stiff after all the exposure. Dutch Herman Broers impressed the audience with his unusually large pike flies.

Herman Schibli
Herman Schibli with one of the difficult Lake Oostvoorne rainbows. These fish are large, fat and strong!

Herman Schibli
A typical location to hunt for IJssel bream. German American Herman Schibli seeks for them with heavy nymphs in the shallow, muddy water.

Herman Schibli
An IJssel bream bends Herman Schibli's rod. They are not big fighters, but fun to catch

Herman Schibli
Herman Schibli with a bream caught on fly in the Dutch river IJssel

Herman Schibli
Herman Schibli proudly displaying a bream caught on fly in the Dutch river IJssel

Herman Schibli
Herman Schibli with another of those hard-to-get Lake Oostvoorne rainbows. Herman did quite well on the lake.

Herman Schibli and Bas Verschoor
A conversation between German/American Herman Schibli - by less sensitive people nicknamed Herm the Germ - and Bas Verschoor - one of the grand old men in Dutch fly fishing and fly tying.

Hungry foreigners
Marvin Nolte, Benji "Bearcub" Andrews, Martin Joergensen, Rick Ross and Kim Guilinger awaiting their crepes.

IJssel nymphs
Heaviest flies I brought home: Typical IJssel nymphs used for bream and roach fishing. These are colorful and extremely heavy. Tied (a few bought) by Bart van der Schrieck.

Jan Reniers
Dutch fly tyer Jan Reniers always draws a crowd with his amazing prawn and shrimp patterns - some incorporating eel skin.

Kes Pootjes
Kes Pootjes explains a detail to a spectator. Kes is one of the many skilled Dutch fly tiers who appears on many international shows.

Kieran and Kim Frye with Benji "Bearcub" Andrews

Kieran Frye
American fly tyer Kieran Frye - sqinting a bit without his trusty glasses.

Kim Guilinger
Kim Guilinger shooting pool in the bar of the Hotel Postillon after the Fly Fair show.

Kim Guilinger
American fly tier Kim Gulinger - also known as Damselfly - tries to stuff all that tying material into a bag after the show.

Kim Rasmussen
Danish fly tyer Kim Rasmussen, owner of the shop Salmon Fly ties in silence as usual. He produces some extremely beautiful full dressed salmon flies.

Klaus Kristensen
Danish fly tyer Klaus Kristensen concentrated over the vice during Fly Fair 2000 in The Netherlands.

Lawrence Waldron and Martin Joergensen
Lawrence Waldron and myself fishing for those deceptive Oostvoorne rainbows.

Linda Foote
Linda Foote spent the Fly Fair tying tiny flies - sizes in the upper 20's and 30's.

Linda Foote
Linda Foote was one of the most succesful anglers in the party that fished Lake Oostvoorne. Thanks to the bellyboat and a sinking line she caught well.

Linda Foote
Linda Foote starts out in the bellyboat in the difficult pursuit of Lake Oostvoorne rainbows.

Marijke Roos
Dutch fly tyer Marijke Roos enthusiastically explaining a tying step to a bystander.

Martin Joergensen
The smile is wide and the bream is deep. I caught this bream in the murky water in front of the reeds in the background

Martin Joergensen
Bream seem to loose energy fairly fast as the bend on my 5 weight rod shows here in the Dutch river IJssel.

Martin Joergensen
Here I am lipping my first bream - a 3-4 lbs. fish - in the Dutch river IJssel

Marvin Nolte
Marvin Nolte did tie salmon flies at the Fly Fair. Usually he demontrates his skills with other types of flies.

Smallest fly I brought home: Olav Koster\'s mayfly is probably a 26 or smaller (Olav told me it\'s 32!). It sports the most fantastic extended, braided body.

Michael Hayes, Jeff "Bear" Andrews and Hans Weilenmann
Irish Michael Hayes, American Jeff "Bear" Andrews being closely watched by Dutch Hans Weilenmann.

Mike Martinek
The definition of a streamer: Mike Martinek on a bike for the first time in decades. No, it is not the bike that is small...

Mike Martinek and Chuck Echer
Mike Martinek and Chuck Echer - both American fly tyers - during the Dutch Fly Fair 2000 show.

NVG club meeting
VFS-chatters and non VFS-chatters at the NVG club meeting. One is obviuosly afraid of catching a disease...

NVG tying
Tying at the NVG banquet. From the left you see: Kim Guilinger (barely visible), Mike Martinek, Chuck Echer, Terry Eggelston (back turned) and Kieran Frye. In the back Bruce Staples is talking to Jan Reniers.

NVG tying
Tying at the NVG - at the table end you see Stan Fudala, then Rick Ross and right it is Yours truly

Olav Koster and Herman Broers
Two very skilled Dutch fly tyers: Olav Koster and Herman Broers.

On the deck
Bas Verschoor, Liz Andrews, Marvin Nolte, and Bas' wife Diny enjoys the mild May weather

On the shore of Lake O.
Bill Welborn, Hans Weilenmann, Paul Slaney, and Colin Russ on the shore of Lake Oostvoorne

Paul Morgan
Paul Morgan and his wife in the booth of his Welsh book shop Coch-y-bonddu - a dangerous and expensive place to put on a fly show.

Paul Slaney
Welsh fly tyer Paul Slaney doing his small Float Fry patterns made out of foam and superglue.

Paul Slaney and Tomas Modic
International top meeting at NVG - the fly tying club in The Hague. Welsh Paul Slaney and Slovenian Tomas Modic enjoying the wall of pictures and flies in the club house.

Paul, Martin, Hans
Paul Slaney, Martin Joergensen, and Hans Weilenmann. Hans suitably named the picture "fully dressed, low water and sparse..."

Pol Demeyer
Belgian Pol Demeyer prefers fishing the warm, tropic waters and ties flies to suit the task - beautiful and durable Crazy Charlies.

Preben Torp Jacobsen and Tommy Ohlinson
Danish Preben Torp Jacobsen in conversation with another Dane, Tommy Ohlinson.

Rabbit fry
Cutest fly I brought home: Paul Slaney\'s rabbit fry pattern in a trendy color

Rick Ross
Rick Ross checking his e-mail and the state of affairs from the hotel room during Fly Fair

Rick Ross
Rick Ross had a bit of lamp fever before his first tying session, but managed to forget time and space while entertaining and educating the interested audience.

Rick Ross and Paul Slaney
Two happy boys in front of the Fly Fair tent. American Rick Ross and Welsh Paul Slaney will not have to crawl under the canvas - they both appeared as tyers in the show.

Shrimp fly
Most amazing fly I brought home: Jean-Pierre Lagathu\'s shrimp is as close to the natural as I have ever seen a shrimp fly.

Steve Parton and Roger Loodmer
Steve Parton happy as can be flanked by Roger Loodmer - both from the UK.

The restored Steamship Success - an amazing ship whose history was documented through pictures, which could be seen onboard.

Success main salon
The main salon of the restored Dutch ship The Success was shining with polished brass and mahogany for the Mystery Tour participants after Fly Fair 2000

Success salon
A number of the foreign flytyers dining in the beautiful salon onboard the restored steamship Success after Fly Fair 2000

Success upper deck
The stunning upper deck on the steamship Success

The crowd
The tyer's tent was well visited during the Fly Fair 2000. Interested spectators could easily spend hours watching a large number of different World class tyers.

The Marion Pranksters
A gathering of merry pranksters, fly tyers, and fly fishers from all over the world in the bar of Hotel Marion on the bank of Dutch Lake Oostvoorne.

The Mob
Four flyfishing mafiosos - at least three of them looking like the just stole that Schmookler/Sils book. Colin Russ, Paul Slaney, Arthur Greenwood and Rick Ross.

The steam organ
The amazing - and charmingly noisy - steam organ of the ship The Success

Theo, Steve and Roger
Dutch Theo Barkelaar - AKA Mr. Goldbead - watching over British Steve Parton and Roger Loodmer.

Tight fit
A tight fit - Rick Ross, Kim Gulinger, Lawrence Waldron and his better half Pam, all on one back seat.

Tomas Modic
Slovenian Tomas Modic with a nice Lake Oostvoorne rainbow - probably caught on a San Juan Worm.

Ulf Pierrou
Swedish fly tyer Ulf Pierrou. Notice the "Dalar grayling" behind him. Usually these wooden figures are made as Dalar horses.

Wim Maurer and Allan Bramley
Wim Maurer and Allan Bramley enjoying the banks of the IJssel from the upper deck of the steamship Success.

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