The last Fly Fair? ...we hope not!

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Krüller-Müller and NVG
Rick Ross - Rick Ross checking his e-mail and the state of affairs from the hotel room during Fly Fair
Rick Ross
Mike Martinek - The definition of a streamer: Mike Martinek on a bike for the first time in decades. No, it is not the bike that is small...
Mike Martinek
Hungry foreigners - Marvin Nolte, Benji \
Hungry foreigners
There is one more tradition, which makes the Fly Fair a special event for the tyers, and that is the Fly Fair tour. For those who want to see a bit of the Netherlands, a program with sightseeing is arranged by Bas Verschoor and a bunch of his handymen.
I had the chance of joining the first day of the trip, which gave me the chance of seeing not only Darwin Atkin on a bike, but even Mike Martinek! The definition of a streamer. None of these gentlemen had been on a bike for decades.
We enjoyed the museum, the bike rides in the forest and a lunch of crepes in a nearby cafeteria. Our drivers took us for a nice ride in the beautiful countryside and back to the hotel. Here we prepared for another evening in the NVG.
This evening was a special banquet for the foreign tyers with a fantastic meal prepared by the club members themselves. After the meal there was an auction of things donated by local and foreign participants - and a couple from non-participants. The rest of the evening was spent tying flies. We foreign tyers set up our vices and tied away the whole evening.
Altogether an extremely enjoyable event and a great way to meet the local fly fishers and fly tyers. As usual on these events group photos were taken to add to the impressive gallery of photos on the old walls.

Off home
I had to leave Wednesday together with Mike Martinek and Jeff 'Bear' Andrews and his family. We said our good byes and drove off to the airport, where we parted. Mike and I had the chance to go shopping in the airport and keep each other company almost to the gates. Here Mike left for England and I found my way back to Copenhagen.
As always with the luggage filled with fond memories, freshly tied World class flies, pictures and a few books and magazines.

Darwin Atkin - Darwin Atkin was another big fly tyer on a seemingly small bike after the Fly Fair.
Darwin Atkin
Mike Martinek - The definition of a streamer: Mike Martinek on a bike for the first time in decades. No, it is not the bike that is small...
Mike Martinek
NVG tying - Tying at the NVG banquet. From the left you see: Kim Guilinger (barely visible), Mike Martinek, Chuck Echer, Terry Eggelston (back turned) and Kieran Frye. In the back Bruce Staples is talking to Jan Reniers.
NVG tying
NVG tying - Tying at the NVG - at the table end you see Stan Fudala, then Rick Ross and right it is Yours truly
NVG tying
Hope to see you all in a couple of years to whatever will follow Fly Fair.

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User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted January 20th 2008


I can comfort you with the fact that the show is back on track. Some of the people behind the old show have started planning a Fly Fair for 2008, which is taking place in the Netherlands in May on the 24th and 25th. So it's not as dead as it smells... ;-)


From: Butch Swieringa · lswieringa·at·  Link
Submitted January 20th 2008

It's very sad that you are ending the show. I have never been to your show but have read about it on the internet. Thank you for sharing the information. Wish you all the best and hope the show can continue in some form.

From a fellow fly fisherman, Butch Swieringa, Dyer, IN USA

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