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The Underwater World of Trout

Discovery and Feeding Lies

I've heard of Ozzie's filming before. I believe he has done some of it in Long Island's Connetquot State Park. Everyone who has mentioned his TU presentations gets that "this is really amazing" look on their face. There are two DVDs: "Feeding Lies" and "Discovery". I can't wait.

Instructor, narrator, producer etc.: Wendell 'Ozzie' Ozefovich
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Wendell 'Ozzie' Ozefovich
The Underwater World of Trout
UnderwaterOz Productions, 2004
63 minutes
US$ shipped (US/Can)24.95

GFF rating: 6 out of 7
Global Class

Two of the best trout educational videos I have ever seen.

Reviewed by Bob Petti

Several years ago, a friend of mine was telling me about a video seminar he saw at a local Trout Unlimited meeting given by a man from New Jersey who liked to film trout in the water. "Unbelievable", he said. "The underwater shots are amazing.". As the years went by, I heard this sentiment from more and more people who were lucky enough to see these presentations, all given with the same "you really gotta see" emotion. Well - I really wanted to see them - but I'm not a member of any clubs where this man would be presenting.

That man from New Jersey is named Wendell "Ozzie" Ozefovich, and he has become somewhat of a legend among those who have seen or heard about his video presentations. Lucky for the rest of us - he has made these seminars available on DVD. I gotta say - it was a long wait for me - but it was well worth it. The buildup was justified.

The first DVD - "Discovery" - is a compilation of chapters on different subjects dealing with wild trout - including a fascinating look at how a one eyed trout can survive in the fast paced world of a trout stream. However, for me, that was not the highlight of the DVD. The highlight for me was the segment dealing with a trout stream along a highway that was at risk from road construction. Years after the construction was complete, the "new" stream still holds wild trout. I can only imagine the sense of satisfaction felt by Ozzie and the others. That so many people came together to make sure the trout would be protected is a strong statement that maybe the future of our fisheries are in good hands afterall. I was also interested to see the very first footage Ozzie shot in a trout stream, surprised at how many small wild brook trout he was able to observe with his camera. For those who want to see big fish - and lots of them - there is a chapter on sea run trout during their spawning runs. I don't know for sure - but I think some of this footage was filmed in Connetquot State Park on Long Island, which gets good runs of sea run trout of three species of trout - brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

The second DVD - "Feeding Lies" - is a master course on how trout survive in the water. What the eat - how they move - how they position themselves - and what we can learn from how they "rise" and "take". There is some simply amazing camera work here. There's one spot where the camera is just barely above the surface of a shallow riffle and you can see a trout's head breaking through as it is rising to take spinners, then the camera slowly dips below the water and you see the whole fish and how it is working in the currents, rising with just a shift in fin position. Even cooler about that scene is the camera just below the surface, you can see the spinners coming toward the camera, just as a fish would see them! A trico spinner is a tiny bug - but they look like big black blobs on the surface of that stream - easily detectible.

There is simply too much information in these DVD's to condense in a single review. If a picture if worth a thousand words - then how much is a couple hours of moving pictures like these worth? More than I can guess. These are not your typical "Bob goes fishing" DVD's. These are videos of fish - doing what they do in a natural setting - and we as anglers can certainly learn from every frame. Ozzie takes us into The Underwater World of Trout as has never been done before. Global Class? Oh yeah.

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User comments
From: kenneth westlin · westlin·at·  Link
Submitted January 8th 2007


got this dvd to day, a nice movie. I will hope for more of this nice movies.
big thanks to ozzie and co.

From: Masi Hast · masi·at·  Link
Submitted December 20th 2006

Rob de Graaf: I ordered Feeding lies -dvd directly from to Finland. Just send e-mail to Ozzie and ask about sending to your country.

Feeding lies is nice dvd, thanks to Bob and GFF for review, this is where I found about it.


From: john heaney · jpheaney1962·at·  Link
Submitted December 13th 2006

New york state guide and friend of ozzie, these dvd are simple the best . i highly recomend them to my stundent. the some of the footage was taken at the Connetquot State Park on Long Island on trips we did, and the Little leigh river in allentown pa Ozzie is also a dedicate state voleenteer in New Jersey .the footage will give the best understand where fish hold , there feeding habits .and reaction to moment and preadtor prey response . will take years off a beginers understanding how to read a stream , and there food . simple the best instructional dvd to come along in years no true trout fisherman should be without it .

From: John Maki Outfitters · troutmontana·at·  Link
Submitted December 11th 2006

Ozzie fishes with me in Montana and I'll say he is the most dedicated fish photographer and fisherman I've seen in 30 years of guiding. Wonderfull films for fly fishers!

From: Rob de Graaf · r.p.degraaf·at·  Link
Submitted December 10th 2006

Has anybody had any luck getting these dvd's sent to Europe? (Netherlands in my case)
Mike Hogue states he sells them. Went to check out the website, not listed
Any help would be appreciated.

Enourmously enjoy your website Global Flyfisher, excellent stuff!!

From: Mike Hogue · mhogue·at·  Link
Submitted November 25th 2006

I sell these and I can ship to Denmark or just about any other place that has mail. Mike

From: kenneth westlin · westlin·at·  Link
Submitted November 23rd 2006

nice dvd, but sad, that i cut´n get this dvd i Denmark or sendt to Denmark :o(

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted November 22nd 2006


Look in the fact box to the right - under the cover. There's the link directly to Ozzie's site.


From: Tom · racernj·at·  Link
Submitted November 22nd 2006

Where do I buy it?? Why don't you list his website?? Does he have one??

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