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What is a switch rod?
Published: 2014-04-13
A couple of years ago
There's single hand and two hand rods. The one in between should be the switch rod, right? This article is about how salmon guide Nils Jorgensen sees it.
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Sea Trout Gear
Published: 2011-08-13
More than 4 years ago
This article will try to point you in the right direction when choosing equipment for coastal fishing for sea trout in Denmark and the Baltic.This kind of fishing usually involves a lot of casting. A lot! So the gear has to be easy to cast with - time and time again.
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How to look good
Published: 2011-03-17
More than 4 years ago
Appearance and behavior are two very important aspects of fly fishing. Act or look the wrong way, and fellow anglers will immediately judge you as an amateur. This first chapter of two will teach you what to wear and carry.
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The Graphite Fly Rod
Published: 2008-12-13
More than 6 years ago
A nicely produced DVD set (2 discs) covering in depth all aspects of building a graphite fly rod featuring Russ Gooding of Golden Witch Technologies. Gooding builds modern rods in the bamboo rod style. Very thorough and very instructive.
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Shooting head talk
Published: 2006-02-21
More than 9 years ago
Shooting heads give a couple of advantages, which GFF partner Martin Joergensen will try to explain in this podcast episode. You can join him on the Danish coast in his usual pursuit for sea trout while he introduces you to the world of shooting heads.
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Published: 2005-12-16
More than 9 years ago
This past season, I had the pleasure of fishing rods built from two blanks from Lamiglas, the XMG50 and the "Blue Ridge". These two blanks are Ying and Yang, fast and slow, high modulus graphite and fiberglass. As different as can be.
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Four stream rods
Published: 2005-10-31
More than 10 years ago
This is not a review as such, but then again. GFF partner Martin Joergensen got the chance to play with four great and very different rods from ECHO, Harvest, Partridge and Scierra. All are light stream rods, but they still display large differences when fished side by side.
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Rod care
Published: 2005-02-28
More than 10 years ago
The first part of a three part harmony about maintaining your precious fly fishing equipment - Rod, Reel And Line - by tropical fishing guide Roland Henrion. Learn how to prolong the lifespan of your fly rods.
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Rising Star
Published: 2004-06-11
More than 11 years ago
The Austin blanks from All Star Rods are quickly gaining a reputation among custom rod builders as being among the best performing blanks on the market, regardless of price. Bob Petti had a chance to build and fish a 4wt recently.
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Lamiglas Appalachian
Published: 2003-11-17
More than 12 years ago
On your knees, casting to a small spot fifteen or twenty feet away. Float the line behind you and then "flick" the line foward. Man, I love this rod for that kind of fishing. It's like it knows what I want to do and casts a perfect narrow loop with impressive speed.
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Choice pike fishing tool
Published: 2003-01-08
More than 12 years ago
The Sirrus COMATRIX 9 wt. is in many ways the perfect pike fishing tool - able to lift and cast large and heavy flies, and with one serious butt section. Dutch Henk Verhaar test fished it in his favorite pike waters and was very pleased.
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The Making of a Prize Rod
Published: 2002-12-06
More than 12 years ago
The grand prize for the Flymeister 2001 contest was a custom built fly rod made by Neal Hall, owner of Classic Destiny rods and president of the Custom Rod Builder's Guild.
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Rainshadow Xcel
Published: 2002-11-10
More than 13 years ago
Not only do all the major rod companies sell their blanks, there are several companies that produce and sell only blanks. Where to begin? Rainshadow might be one choice. Great, afordable blanks.
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Tough rod!
Published: 2002-11-10
More than 13 years ago
You do not get to fish a 12 weight one hand rod every day. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has had the pleasure of field testing a Sirrus 12 wt - an impressing rod at a very good price.
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Lamiglass Ti2000
Published: 2002-10-30
More than 13 years ago
A rod with a titanium section built in! Strange maybe, but the reviewer's verdict is clear: "All I know is that it's better than most other rods I have fished with." Read the review here.
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DIY Rod Tubes
Published: 2002-10-10
More than 13 years ago
You have one extra rod with no sock and rod tube. You've been putting off buying a tube...why don't you just make your own?! With $4.00 and about a 1/2 hour's time, you'll have a DIY rod tube. These won't win beauty contests, but they work just as well as any retail version. Read here how to DIY.
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Sirrus Co-Matrix
Published: 2002-10-07
More than 13 years ago
"While the mention of modulus does continue to pop up from time to time in advertising, most anglers, and indeed most rod and blank manufacturers, have gotten over their numbers fetish.". Read Bob Petti's review of the excellent and interesting Sirrus Co-Matrix 9' 2pc 6wt.
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St. Croix Legend Ultra
Published: 2002-01-01
More than 13 years ago
St. Croix has long been known for superior spin-fishing rods... until know. Read the review here.
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East Branch Rod
Published: 2001-01-01
More than 14 years ago
"I had heard about East Branch's $20 "test drive" program so I gave them a call. Sure enough, come the Friday before opening day, the mailman delivered a large tube with a pair of fly rods." Read Bob Petti's review of the 9' 3pc GTX 6wt.
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The Technology of Fly Rods, by Don Phillips
Published: 1999-05-05
More than 16 years ago
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Spring preparation
Published: 1999-04-01
More than 16 years ago
This time of year is usually accompanied by a boost in personal energy level. Though sometimes difficult to describe, we can "smell" spring in the air. As our semi-hibernation comes to a close we notice an increased desire to plan for upcoming outdoor events. By Roman Scharabun

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