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for fly tying

Published: 2015-04-26
A couple of months ago
What should you look for when choosing fly-tying scissors? Well, that all depends on a number of factors. This article takes an in-depth look at one of the fly tier's most important tools.
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The LAW of attraction
Published: 2015-02-17
4 months ago
I was amongst the lucky fly-tyers who managed to lay my hand on one of Lawrence Waldron's LAW fly-tying vises while he made them - and they could be bought at reasonable prices.
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Threading a bobbin
Published: 2014-10-12
9 months ago
Considering how simple the goal is: to get the thread through the tube of a bobbin holder, there's a surprising number of ways to do it.
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Bobbin holders
Published: 2014-09-19
9 months ago
Most people use a bobbin holder when they tie flies. In spite of being a simple tool there are some pretty advanced models out there. 
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The tube fly needle
Published: 2013-01-01
More than 2 years ago
If you are embarking on the tube fly tying journey and don't have the tools, don't despair. A simple and inexpensive tapered needle is all you need - or maybe a couple.
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Christmas gifts
Published: 2012-11-25
More than 3 years ago
We haven't ever done any of these traditional Christmas articles before. Lists of stocking stuffers are very common everywhere, but this is the first ever on GFF. We have spotted 24 new and classic Christmas gifts for the angler, fly-tyer or just outdoors person.
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Everyday Fly Tying Tips
Published: 2012-01-10
More than 3 years ago
I am as likely to sit down and tie six different flies as I am to tie six of the same pattern. Speed is not a concern, but I don't want to waste my time either. There are things I can do to make my life easier which may be different from a professional production tyer.
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TMC Wingburner
Published: 2006-09-15
More than 9 years ago
Tired of making wings with too many divertions from time to time? See if the new tool from TMC can help you burn the wings perfectly every time or if you still have to fold and cut like an used hair dresser.
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Tool turning
Published: 2006-05-16
More than 9 years ago
Dutch Henk Verhaar finds that producing his own tools is just as satisfying as tying flies or building rods. Follow his small course in woodturning here and learn to turn hair stackers, bodkins and other beautiful tools in exotic woods
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My Eyes!!
Published: 2006-03-04
More than 9 years ago
Painting eyes on streamers is nothing new, but as with any other tying procedure, there are some tricks that can help, and some pitfalls that should be avoided. This article shows you how to do it on-the-cheap with readily available materials.
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The Cautery
Published: 2006-02-21
More than 9 years ago
Martin Joergensen writes: "I always wanted one of these tools. I have seen them used at fly tying shows and by a few tyers elsewhere, and found the tool to be an excellent companion for the lazy and sloppy fly tyer. Just my kind of tool!"
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Flexible bench
Published: 2006-02-07
More than 9 years ago
German Jan-Ole Willers wanted to be able to clear his vice, tools and materials off the dining table for such unimportant events as lunch and dinner. That made him think out and build his own inexpensive portable fly tying bench. You can do the same.
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Tying Station
Published: 2006-02-07
More than 9 years ago
A tying station is a small, mobile board where you can set up your vise and your tools, making it quick and easy to move your favorite tying spot around: from the dinner table to the TV to the office to... the bed? This article gives you some ideas on how to make one.
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DIY Epoxy Rotor
Published: 2005-03-17
More than 10 years ago
If you tie a lot of epoxy flies and have been glancing in the direction of the nice but expensive epoxy rotors in the local flyshop, you may want to consider building your own out of some scraps and a disco mirror ball motor.
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C&F tube body tool
Published: 2003-08-15
More than 12 years ago
The C&F extended tube body tool is more than two darning needles in a fancy holder. If you - like Dutch Henk Verhaar - like doing it yourself, this might be worth looking into. The flies tied with extended bodies can become very realistic and still be simple to tie.
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A portable fly tying kit
Published: 2002-01-01
More than 14 years ago
In the most simplistic terms, a flytying kit must only have the tools and materials necessary to tie the flies you may use on a single trip or a single river. However, like most of us, a travelling flytying kit consumes more space than 26 high-schoolers crammed in a Volkswagen Beetle.
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Turbo Block
Published: 2002-01-01
More than 14 years ago
Siman Ltd. has taken the Turbo dubbing twister a step further with this tool, which enables you to easily make your own dubbing brushes - stiff or soft and from almost any dubbing material.
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Whip fisnish with your hands
Published: 2002-01-01
More than 14 years ago
Whip finishing without a tool is not at all difficult. Lots of people use and praise the whip finishing tool which comes in many variations.
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Rotary vices
Published: 2001-01-01
More than 15 years ago
This section of Tie Better will deal with rotary fly tying vices. I will try to explain what a true rotary vice is, what its advatnages are and how it can be used in different steps of fly tying.
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Fisker tube tool
Published: 1997-10-05
More than 18 years ago
This Danish tool might be an alternative. In spite of some minor drawbacks, it's a very good tool at a very reasonable price.
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Stacking material
Published: 1995-12-28
More than 20 years ago
When stacking materials it is important to consider it as consisting of more than just one process. There are several steps involved: material selection, cleaning and preparing, selecting the right tool and performing the stacking process itself. By Wayne Luallen
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