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Make 'Em Swim

A turbo disc-o DVD

Instructor, narrator, producer etc.: Guideline - Mikael Frödin
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Guideline - Mikael Frödin
Make 'Em Swim
Mountain Media, 2008
123 minutes

GFF rating: 5 out of 7

Reviewed by Kasper Muhlbach

Two hours of fly-tying. My wife says that it is the best way to fall asleep - meditative with those monotone voices and repetitions over and over. Not this time.

A small river. Clear water. An angler casting and fishing his way downstream. He's wearing a cap - a known silhouette. Swedish Mikael Frödin sets his hook and fights a very nice salmon. As he releases it, the salmon never leaves the water and it swims back after the tube fly with a chartreuse disc has been removed.

This an introduction to the next couple of hours of fly tying and demonstration of how to use new materials such as cones, flash and hair in combinations. Isn't a tube just a tube? In Frödins eyes: No.

A tube fly has to be so much alive, that you get the impression that the fly could swim downstream by itself any minute. A good point and the reason for inventing the turbo discs which add vibration and water movement to a tube fly.
Frödin still respects well known flies as a classic Garry, which has caught many salmon and sea trout over the years. He also respects and gives an example of a very easy to tie tube which will definitely work. The tying technique very similar to the one I used in Bon Aventure.

From that point he lifts the tying tubes to another level and takes the viewer through the tying sequences of five of his favorite patterns. It is easy to see what he is doing and he talks slowly and explains lots of relevant details and thoughts behind the specific fly or tying step.
The turbo disc and spey plumes made from mini ostrich herl are the newest fly tying materials introduced on this DVD along with the colored tube system (FITS). It looks great and make nice flies.
Cone heads have been used for year so it would have been interesting to see the difference in movement between the turbo disc and a normal cone and a tungsten cone. Frödin has set up a mini aquarium where it is possible to see some of the movement in the fly and how it is balanced but it would be completed if he made the comparisons mentioned.
He goes from one fly to the next. Some watchers might have desired some variation. Maybe some clips from rivers, salmon fishers, interviews with other tube tyers and their experiences would make the DVD more varied, but then again, the DVD is meant to be on the fly tying, meant to help and support you while tying your first tube fly.

The DVD is not only for beginners. Even experienced fly tiers can get something from it, especially when it rains and storms outside. There will be some learning points if you take your time to watch it.
Some of the content is old wine on new bottles, but it is always a pleasure to watch a real skilled fly tier tying nice flies meant for fishing. Frödin covers every step and does it in a cozy and warm tone and atmosphere in his own Frödin-style.

For the beginner who is about to tie his or her first tubes or have only tied a few there is lots of information on this DVD.

I'm awarding it to a big four which gives a five. I would like to have more variation, but as an inspirational DVD for the one who wants to learn how to build up nice tube flies, it is a great buy.

It is fly tying season, so go get it - or put on your wish list.

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User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Kasper Mühlbach  Link
Submitted February 13th 2009


the DVD contains an English track, also. I bought mine at but there are many other places.


From: zc · lowspark·at·  Link
Submitted February 11th 2009

A couple of questions..
is this in english and what is the best way to buy it? tried going to the production site but was unable to find it? Thanks for your great review!

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