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Cast Alaska

A fly fishing movie as epic as its location

A very fine video from the stunning Alaske where avid anglers chase rainbow trout under all kinds of conditions - from excellent to not so good. Beautifully filmed and with some really interesting anglers portrayed.

Instructor, narrator, producer etc.: Dave Holsman (lead angler), Kevin Morris (producer), Charlie Hewitt (narrator)
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Dave Holsman (lead angler), Kevin Morris (producer), Charlie Hewitt (narrator)
Cast Alaska
Cross Current Fishing Adventures, 2011
80 minutes
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GFF rating: 5 out of 7

Reviewed by Martin Joergensen

This DVD has definitely stimulated my urge to go fishing in Alaska sometime in my life.

Some fly anglers are crazy, and some are normal. Most fall somewhere in between.
Meet Dave and Bobbi, who are a really normal couple, husband and wife, down-to-earth people and with a seemingly normal relationship... and at the same time just as crazy as the rest of us... and then some! Just as we like it!

They are amongst the people we meet in our entry to this great DVD, and we get to meet them already in the first section where they put words on the fascination of fishing and the love of nature and the outdoors. As the title of the DVD indicates we're in Alaska, and the fishing adventure lies just a couple of hours drive away from Anchorage. After having heard Dave and Bobbi talk about their common pastime, we follow them out on fishing trips hunting Alaskan rainbows.
We get acquainted with the log jam where a big fish is hiding and escaping their repeated attempts to catch it. Like any crazy angler they return three times to pursue the matter and we follow all three attempts.

We meet several other anglers - Mike Jolin, Chris Cravens, Marv Kneaper and Mike Guest who all have their relations and obsessions when it comes to fishing.

This is in now way a where to or how to, but much more a portrait of the common angler with his or her more or less eccentric ideas about fishing. The opinions and behavior of the featured anglers resonate fine with me, and will probably find sympathy with the majority of the people watching. We may not go hunting for that elusive 30" rainbow in the ice free part of a lake on a cold winter's day, and we may not return to the same log jam three times to catch our fish, but we certainly understand why the participants in the video do so, and follow every step and every cast with almost the same thrill as they do.

Beautifully filmed in a place that most of us want to visit, the footage represents both the anglers, the fishing and the nature in the best way. The DVD has definitely stimulated my urge to go to this wilderness state sometime in my life. It's not an action packed tour de force, neither is it a glorifying commercial trying to sell Alaska. It's basically the story about fly fishers like you and me and a very good explanation of why we do what we do. There's action, OK, but there's also quiet moments with talk and conversation.
And an excellent mix of it in my eyes.

Sample shots from the DVD

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