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Czech Nymph DVD

Modern Fly Fishing vol. 1

Introduction to Czech nymph fishing with Swedish Johan Klingberg and several Czech experts. Covers the flies, the rig and fishing methods.

Instructor, narrator, producer etc.: Johan Klingberg/Jussi Sjölund
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Johan Klingberg/Jussi Sjölund
Czech Nymph DVD
Mountain Media, 2009
77+78 minutes
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GFF rating: 6 out of 7
Global Class

Reviewed by Martin Joergensen

Quiet and easygoing. Entertaining and educating. High quality and Global Class!

If you ever wanted to know about this Czech nymphing style of fishing, which has been talked about so much (OK, let's say hyped) the last 20 years or so, this is a very good place to start.

Swedish Johan Klingberg and photographer/producer Jussi Sjölund have done a very good job of conveying both the fascination and the technique of this much debated fishing method. I write much debated not because there's a conflict, but because the method is much talked about, and most people who have heard of it, seen it practiced or tried it themselves seem to have an opinion. I have often turned to the short cast Czech style when appropriate, and even though I'm nowhere near being proficient, I must admit that it's a very efficient method, and I can only encourage you to try it when the water is suitable - which this video shows that most running water is.

The video gets around the subject and covers all relevant angles, both the history, the flies, the rig, the people and of course the techniques. We get a gentle and nice introduction to the seemingly simple movements during a fishing outing in Bohemia in the Czech Republic where we meet some local masters of this fishing method. The Czechs have demonstrated the efficiency of this nymphing style since it was introduced into competition fly fishing back in the eighties. The people introduced all seem to be either participants or coaches to Czech national teams and can boast all kinds of titles from the world championships in fly fishing.
Now, I'm not an avid fan of competing in fly fishing, but I have to respect the fact that the Czech nymph method has been adapted by most of the teams and has proven its worth many times. There might be waters and conditions where this is not the best method, but in any densely populated water where you can get within close range of the fish without spooking them, this is bound to be efficient.

The video demonstrates this by showing anglers literally hauling in fish. Many small ones, admitted, but some of the fish caught are more than decent, especially once the scene moves from eastern Europe to Sweden where the target is rainbows. Johan utters an occasional "uh" and "ah" as he gets into bigger fish and the pressure on the light gear increases.

The extra material is as long as the main feature itself, and contains some valuable tying examples as well as an instruction in setting up the multi-fly leader.

This video earns a Global Class rating in a very quiet and modest way - Scandinavian way so to say. It doesn't have hectic hand held scenes or fast paced rock music, but it has a well defined scope, a consistent style and a lot of educating content. Once you have watched it you will be much wiser on the efficient art of nymphing the Czech way, and whether you're watching it in mid winter with frozen water all around like I am or in the peak of the season with easy access to water you will immediately want to go fishing.

A schoolbook example of an instructional fishing DVD!

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User comments
From: Axel Voges · axelvoges·at·  Link
Submitted January 25th 2010

Good morning
I have bought the DVD two weeks ago. Good quality at all and a lot to think about. The part about the leader is a bit short.
My recommendation.

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