Published Jan 1. 2001

GFF partner Steve Schweitzer

One of the original founders of the Global FlyFisher.

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Steve - one of the guys I work with was in your shop last week and gave me some chick-a-bou for your emerger. That stuff is so good even dumb Nebraska trout are in awe.


thank you very much for your informative presentation at Jax today. i would very much appreciate any information you could send me or refer me to on the salt water minnows you had at class.

thank you in advance.
dennis baker

my email is

Steve! I think the materials for the Tabou Caddis Emerger need clarification. I can't find the colors you have listed. Also, is the chick-a-bou and soft hackle 2 different purchases? Thanks

Steve, Thanks for sharing your hard work in leader calc. I am an engineer and it seems as if I am going to be plagued with being a detailed oriented person forever. I was inquiring this type of information form the local fly shops and it seems as if some do not appreciate the science behind it."just fish", they say! I understand the rational for stiffer material for butt and taper sections and softer for tippets. However it is unclear to me using your table exactly where the cutoff is. I plan on reading it once more as I may have missed it. But for now I wanted to send my thanks.

I downloaded leader calc about 4 years ago- is it the latest version?
Also, I have a formula for leader calc that is not on your list and would like to put it in but the program is a write only and I don't have the password, please help

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