IQ Shrimps

The IQ Shrimps for sea trout and salmon

By Ismo Saastamoinen

Both IQ and Orange shrimp are excellent Sea Trout flies. They are easy and quick to tie. I've used them as a secret weapon for several years now. Weather conditions will dictate the size of fly I prefer. You may tie these patterns on any type of hook, singles, double including trebles in small sizes 10 to 14.

My preference is to tie singles and doubles using the Mustad 80000 series. I use Partridge X2B trebles for the small sizes. The big singles has been a popular favorite on my line in the late fall and early spring and these days may include rain or snow conditions.
Another good example of how successful the Orange shrimp can be, comes from my father. He has hooked several sea trout during the years, using the small trebles as a trailing hook on spinning lures. We use the small trebles under warm and sunny days and clear water condition. Usually fishing the fly very slow. The take is very careful and you will have to be alert all the time. The smallest drag is almost certainly a fish taking the fly.

I hope you'll have the same success as we have had. Take care and tight lines.

IQ Shrimp
Tier and originator: Ismo Saastamoinen

Materials needed

  • White and red Uni 8/0 tying threads
  • Danville's 4 strand's burnt orange floss and flour orange floss
  • Uni oval gold tinsel small
  • Two Mustad 80 500 BL size 4
  • Crystal Seal burnt orange and orange
  • Golden pheasant tippet dyed orange and burnt orange
  • Cock caps dyed burnt orange and fluorescent orange
  • Fox tail dyed burnt orange and orange
  • Pearl flashabou
  • Very thin varnish

    Hook Mustad 80000 series or equivalent
    Tying thread White Uni 8/0
    Tail Burnt orange fox tail as long as hook shank and two pearl flashbou.
    Body 5/6 burnt orange crystal seal, 1/6 orange crystal seal.
    Ribbing Oval gold tinsel small Uni or similar.
    Wing 1; Under wing, burnt orange fox tail.
    2; Over wing, burnt orange fox tail and two pearl
    3; Golden pheasant tippet dyed burnt orange extending to hook bend
    Hackle Burnt orange cock hackle, tied as a collar
    Head Red tying Uni 8/0 with a stripe of burnt orange floss

    IQ Brown Shrimp
    Top: The IQ Shrimp with brown and burnt orange materials
    Bottom: The IQ Orange Shrimp

    IQ Orange Shrimp

    Tying instructions

    1. Set hook in vise
    2. Fasten thread on the shank above hook point, three wraps towards hook bend, cut surplus
    3. Tie in the ribbing under the shank, wrap three turns forward to the head and leave the working material hanging past the bend. Note; cut the surplus ribbing where the head will start
    4. Cut a small bunch of fox tail as long as one and one half the length of the shank
      Note; to keep the length of the finished tail equal to the length of the shank
    5. Fasten the tail with three wraps towards the hook eye
    6. Tie in two pearl flashabou extending to tail end
    7. Wrap tight turns of thread towards the head, no shank should be seen between the wraps.
      See picture below
      IQ Shrimp tying step photo
    8. Go back with thread towards hook bend stop just in front of the tail
    9. Mix the crystal seal and dub the thread
    10. Wrap the body forward towards head. Stop at the same place as the underlying tying thread, allowing space for the head
    11. Rib the body with five even turns of ribbing.
      See picture below
      IQ Shrimp tying step photo
    12. Tie the under wing first, under hook shank, cut surplus. The wing should extend to just beyond hook bend
    13. Tie the over wing extending just beyond hook bend, set two pearl flash at the length of wing and cut the surplus and lacquer at the head
    14. Tie in the golden pheasant tippet low against hook shank, cut the surplus and lacquer.
      See picture below
      IQ Shrimp tying step photo
    15. Tie in the cocks hackle as a false hackle but do it like a collar, trim the surplus and lacquer the hackle butts
      See picture below
      IQ Shrimp tying step photo
    16. Tie a nice striped band of floss using one strand of the floss only, fasten the front of the floss band with two wraps of thread.
      See picture below
      IQ Shrimp tying step photo
    17. Change thread, by first letting the white thread hang. Take a new bobbin with red thread, secure the red thread on the shank, just in front of the hackle ends. Build a nice head by wrapping several times from behind the hooks eye back towards the white thread and floss stripe. Go round the white thread once and secure with two wraps of the red thread. Cut the white thread. Wrap the red thread forward and form the rest of the head.
      Finish with a whip finish.
    18. Lacquer the head three to four times with very thin varnish.

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