Hanafi Saleh

Hanafi Saleh's Floating Shrimp

Hanafi Saleh's Floating Shrimp

One of Hanafi Saleh's patterns is the "HS Floating Shrimp" which is very suitable for fishing just above the bottomweeds, or just above the bottom without the risk of getting snagged at underwater obstacles.

As fly lines can be used:

  1. A floating line with a sinking leader. (Roman Moser nr. 3/2)
  2. A sinktip line (Teeny)
  3. A regular sinking line
  4. A sinking shooting head line
This Shrimp is being fished with a short, jerky retrieve. Strikes are mostly ferrocious and the hook should be set very carefully.

When being fished fast and with longer retrieves, the floating properties of the fly can be increased by applying some liquid fly floatant (Permaflote), so as to avoid the bottomweeds.


Hook TMC 2487 #10, Partridge GRS12ST #8 or 10, or K12ST #8 or 10
Thread Brown 6/0 or 8/0
Tail Short tuft of Deerhair
Underbody Strip of Plastazote Foam
Body Natural Fur (tan), like Hare's Ear
'Shell' Softex

Tying instructions:
Steps 3, 7 and 9 in the tying process

  1. Cover the shank of the hook with tying thread until a point in the bend of the hook, well beyond the barb.
  2. Tie in the tuft of Deearhair for the tail.
  3. Tie in the strip of Plastazote where the tail is tied in.
  4. Move tying thread forward all the way.
  5. Cover the shank of the hook with a coat of 20/50 second semi instant glue.
  6. Pull Plastazote strip forward and tie off. Clip excess. Then clip the underbody to an oversized shrimp shape.
  7. Wind tying thread backwards in close wraps, (not too tight), to the point where tail and foam strip wwere tied in.
  8. Lightly wax thread, apply dubbing, and wrap forward over foam to form the body of the fly. The front part of the body should have some guard hairs sticking out to simulate the legs of the shrimp.
  9. Whip finish and trim body on top and sides. Apply some "Softex" clear flexible coating on top to form the shellback of the shrimp and let dry. Trim body some more, if required. Put another thin layer of "Softex" over the body. Let dry for a while, and stroke to shape with a wet finger.
This pattern has proven itself to be successful, as can be witnessed from the picture of Hanafi.


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