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Raske's New England Streamer Page

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Streamers 365

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Alan Petrucci Streamers

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Long Flies

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Mike Boyer Streamers

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Pinky Pain

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A few from Ora Smith

More about "Oatman's Silver Darter"

Oatman's Silver Darter

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Jim Warner Swap

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Carrie Challenge II

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Barrel Full of Bucktails

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Yellow Marabou Special

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Favorite Streamer Swap

·Mart's Peccary Paraloop Emerger
·OSA Nymph
·Sea Trout Munker
·The Munker
·Sydney Opera Mouse
·Foam Caterpillars
·Mouse flies
·Wet Flies
·The Oscar Fly
Fish Better
·Merging fly lines
·Sid’s Fin Hack
·Meet the Booby Fly
·Welding your loops
·What is a switch rod?
·FlyOn tube fly system
·Portrait of a fishing dog
·Henning's Setup
·February Red
·Stripers on the flats
·Lough Conn trout fishing
·A spring trip
·Letter From Scotland
·Bronze Ides
·The Green Inchworm
·Another Year of the Giants
·Springtime In Detroit
·Pretty in pink
·My Time on the Mountain
·Lake fishing in Sweden
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