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By Doug Saball

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Submitted By Bob Skehan

HOOK Mustad 94720, size 4
TAIL Two small matched olive-dyed mallard flank feathers, mounted vertically.
BODY Pearlescent braided mylar tubing secured at both ends with olive thread.
THROAT Sparse orange, then black, then white calf tail.
WING 4-5 strands of peacock herl, then sparse orange calf tail, then a single olive-dyed mallard (well-barred) flank feather tied flat on top.
DORSAL FIN Two small matched olive-dyed mallard flank feathers with half the barbules stripped, then mounted vertically.  
HEAD Olive Thread
EYES Silver prismatic stick-ons.

Raske's Comments On This Pattern
When the interest in this feature started gaining momentum, I immediately knew I wanted to include something "new".  Given the effectiveness of the smaller flatwing streamers in casting sizes, and the larger flatwings such as Joe's Smelt for trolling, I was struck by the absence of a brook trout fry in this style.  I decided to make one.

At first I though of making a huge teal-strip "look alike", but when rummaging around in my bag of olive mallard flank I noticed a small feather that looked just like a brookie tail.  I quickly found a match to that one, and since they're not really appropriate for use as Teal Strip wings, I used them to simulate a tail.  I have no idea how this will affect the streamer as it is dragged through the water, but would assume that if mounted properly, it would ride correctly with hook point down

I used the pearlescent mylar tubing for the body because it's darn fishy.

Emulating the trout fin patterns, I chose the tri-colored throat to simulate a brook trout pectoral fin.  (I know....brook trout fry don't have spawning sue me.)

To add support, color, and contrast to the wing, I chose to use some magical peacock herl.  The orange calf tail there adds the color and support.

I planned to simply finish off the head at this point, but thought the pattern needed a dorsal fin.  I found a slightly larger pair of olive-dyed mallard flank feathers from the bag, placed them concave sides together, and stripped off the barbules on the bottom half of the feathers.  This was then tied vertically on top of the wing at the head.

Finally....I applied prismatic stick-on eyes which were nicely in proportion to the streamer overall.  A couple coats of epoxy, and it's done!

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