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Submitted By Chris DelPlato

HOOK Martinek Rangeley 8xl
BODY Large Holographic Gold Mylar Tinsel
BELLY Yellow Bucktail, under which is White Bucktail. Sparse.
THROAT Red Schlappen
WING Two Yellow hackles inside. Covered by two lightly marked, slightly iridescent Honey Badger hackles.
TOPPING Three or Four Peacock Herls
SHOULDER Mallard Flank, lightly marked
CHEEK Jungle Cock (optional)


Designed by 'yours truly' for use on Cobbosseecontee Lake (Kennebec County, Maine) which has a good golden shiner population, as well as large and smallmouth bass that feed on them. My intent was to create a larger pattern, since this baitfish can grow to a fairly large size. The fly proved to be quite productive during a two week trial in July '99. Both types of bass seemed to take the fly readily, including its first victim - a 3 lb. smallmouth.

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