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Submitted By Lindsey Grandison

UNDERBODY Lead strip or a strip of any other material which is mounted on the hook shank. The underbody is shaped to represent the general outlines of a bait fish.
BODY Gold mylar tubing stretched over the underbody. The tubing is cut flush and tied in at the hook eye. The tubing extends slightly beyond the bend. It is tied in at the bend and the additional material beyond the bend is unravelled.
CHEEK Brown pheasant feather
EYE Stick-on mylar eye or a doll's eyes.
WING A olive strip of rabbit hair, a zonker strip. This is tied in at the hook eye, extends along the hook shank, is tied in at the bend and extends passed the bend for approximately a hook gape or more.
COMMENTS This is one of the Dave Whitlock's Match the Minnow series. The distinctive feature is the placement of the body on the shank opposite the hook point. Consequently the hook point rides upside down. This construction eliminates any reduction in the hook gap resulting from the deep body. This series like the rest of Dave Whitlock's designs produces very realistic flies. The Match the Minnow series can be found in Dick Stewart's "Bass Flies".

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