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Published Jan 1st 2001

About The Streamer List...

Email lists are great ways to share information with other folks on the internet. Lists are generally set up on specific topics of discussion, such as this one...The New England Streamer List. Each person who subscribes to a particular list receives email messages as they are sent to the list by other members. I've set up this mailing list to provide another way for those folks who choose to share information regarding New England Streamers and Bucktails to do so via email.

The Rules...

Every list worth its salt has some basic guidelines for use, and the rules for the New England Streamer List are:
  • No Flames: As in any group of people with different opinions, there are bound to be times when you disagree with someone else's point of view. That's expected. It's also expected that the members of this list will conduct themselves as adults...meaning, No name-calling, profanity, harassment of others, or anything else that gentile-folk don't do. Violators will be removed from the list immediately.

  • No Commercial Advertising: This list is intended to be a discussion forum of streamers and bucktails. It's not intended to be used as a place to advertise your business. Materials or Equipment for sale notices are welcome if they are personal materials or equipment, but no prices are to be discussed on this list. Please provide your private email address for interested parties to obtain pricing information via private email. (Having said this...please be aware that the service provider which is providing this mail list service may attach up to 3 or 4 lines of advertisement on each post sent to the list as a condition of operating this free forum from their server.)

  • Suitable Content: This list is intended to be a means to discuss streamer and bucktail tying and fishing techniques, or other related subjects. Please refrain from posting your religious or political views. There are other forums for this.

  • No Attachments: Please don't include binary attachments to your posts such as images, programs, or non-ascii documents. The streamer list has been configured to strip any attachments from your posts, so it's only wasting your bandwidth to send them. If you have files you'd like to share with the other listmembers, then please upload them to your web server and send a URL to the list so that those who'd like to view your images can go there to get them. Another alternative is to upload the images to the Streamers List "shared files" area on the ONELIST server.

About This List Service....

The streamer list is hosted by a free mailing list service offered by ONElist. The only "cost" to list members is having to ignore up to 3 or 4 lines of advertisement attached to each email by ONElist when routed through the list. To subscribe to the list, ONElist requires a "registration" process (free)for each user. Some assurances about your privacy from ONElist are as follows:

"ONElist strongly believes in privacy and will never disclose an individual's registration information to anyone without their express consent. "

Ready To Join Us?

The list on Onelist is dead... well, Onelist is dead at least.
Streamers@ seems to be running on Ning now. You can join on