Our Children's Streamers

This feature organized by Stan Jakubaszek, provides some artistic streamer patterns inspired by the contributors' children or grandchildren.

By Stan Jakubaszek

Our Children's Streamers Logo
Submitted By Chris DelPlato
HOOK Partridge CS15, Size 2
THREAD Black Uni 8/0
BODY Pearlescent Mylar Tubing
TAIL Peacock Sword
WING Purple Marabou on top of Pink Marabou, both covered by 2 Light Blue Saddle Hackles
TOPPING(BACK) Peacock Herl
BELLY White Bucktail
THROAT Red Hackle
SHOULDER Silver Pheasant
CHEEK Jungle Cock

Comments About This Pattern From Chris:

The task at hand was to design a streamer that had some significance with respect to our children.

This was my approach....

Information Gathering:

I first asked ‘my three girls’ (Allison - 9 yrs., Haley - 6, and Lauren - 3) what their favorite colors were. Their responses - purple, pink and blue, respectively. "Perfect for a ‘smeltish’ flair", I thought. I then looked up their birthstones. They are opal, pearl and emerald.

Creation Process:

Armed with that information, I applied it to my streamer design. Starting with the body, I used some pearlescent mylar tubing with a white floss underbody to represent both the opal and pearl birthstones. A peacock sword tail would take care of the emerald. Leaning toward a smelt look, I added a white bucktail belly (which can also signify white pearl) and a red hackle throat. On to the wing...

Using marabou for the pinkand purple seemed 'girlish' to me - the purple on top of the pink. I needed to include the youngest one's favorite color - blue. This child is just a bit less girlish, and a tad tougher, than the other two. That meant hackle, as opposed to the soft & fluffy marabou. Light blue saddles were added over the marabou to 'shroud' it, in effect. I then added peacock herl topping, again in the ‘smelt tradition’ (also having emerald tones). Lastly, I slapped on a silver pheasant & jungle cock shoulder/cheek assembly (bowing to tradition) and finished off the head. And there you have it!

By Chris Del Plato  (Jan.’99)

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