QUEBEC SAPPHIRE streamer pattern(s)submitted by Bob Petti - Attractor Streamer Swap

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(Slightly Modified)
Submitted By Bob Petti
Originated By Mike Martinek, Jr.

HOOK Mustad 3665A, #6
THREAD Black Danville 6/0
TAIL Red Hackle Barbs
RIB Silver Mylar Tinsel
BODY White Aunt Lydia's Sparkle Yarn
WING Small bunch of pale pink bucktail over which is a bunch of pintail flank tied flat
HACKLE Guinea Fowl and Silver Doctor Blue hackle, folded and tied back.
HEAD Black w/ painted eyes


My fly is modified from Mr. Martinek's original only in the use of some substitute materials. I left for home for the holidays with what I thought was a complete list of materials, but I discovered upon opening my tying box that I had forgotten embossed tinsel. Also, not being a huge fan of chenille bodies, I opted for a sparkle fuzzy yarn instead. The only pale pink suitable hair I had was bucktail, and I selected pintail in place of the teal, as I have a far greater selection of appropriate flank feathers. The hackle color calls for "silver doctor blue" in the original, but the photo in Mike's book "Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling and Casting, Volume II" shows a definite Kingfisher Blue hackle. This is picking nits obviously, hardly worth mentioning. Even with such a nontrivial number of substitutions, the fly sent in for the swap seems to be a fair representation of the original.

The original pattern as shown in Mike's book is:

Hook: Casting Streamer, Sizes 4-8
Tail: Red Hackle Fibers
Body: White Chenille
Rib: Embossed Silver Tinsel
Wing: Small bunch of pale pink polar bear or calftail, over this is a teal flank tied flat in a bunch
Hackle: Guinea Fowl and Silver Doctor Blue hackle, folded and tied back.
Head: Black, red throat, white eyeball, black pupil

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